What happened?


I picked up my deck to ask a question of it and three cards fell out.

Okay, this is not too unusal of late for me. But these felt like they had to be out. So I picked them up and looked at them:
1) The Singer of Healing
2) Faery Guide
3) The Faery Godmother
I felt so blessed by those cards, I really did. Though I didn't read up or look at the meanings I felt it was a good thing; thanked them and put them away.

Looking at them now I'm getting an overriding sense of strength and power from them! I cannot describe it. I feel so blessed and loved.


Hey - I know what you mean.
We can feel that way from the faerie realm sometimes. When ... they want us to.

With this deck I have had cards actually jump out of the deck in my hands. Fly out! When they want to be heard, heard they will be.

In other decks I have cards refuse to go back in, refuse to be shuffled; the Faeries are the only ones that I have had leap out! Most ... interesting, wouldn't you say? ;)



I agree with Skydancer ... when they want to tell us something they will jump out of the deck if they feel the need to do so (meaning we are too dense to get it any other way *LOL*)