What is CURRENTLY on your Reading Table?


Aside from some decks, a reading mat, a sunstone, a crystal, just plain cool rock I found outside, a kind of modern/asian/small box kite looking lamp.

Le Fanu

As we speak...

A gorgeously soft black velvet reading mat - the sort you would want to sink your head into and weep - an antique key, an obsidian scrying mirror in an ebony stand, an amonite fossil, a vintage crystal ball (1930s) in original wooden stand.

In terms of decks, it's the Smith/Alstrop Moon Oracle and Tarocchi Perrin.


I'm getting a most lovely visual, Le Fanu!

It sounds amazing and a great atmospheric table for readings :)


Cup of coffee (Strong)
Macbook Pro

Urban Tarot
Dark Carnival Tarot
Fountain Tarot
The Book of Kaos Tarot
Tell-Me Tarot
The Tarot of the Vampyres

Le Fanu

oh yes - I forgot; TEA! White or Lapsang Souchang...


Um, :|

My reading happens where I am. Might be on my lap - in which case, nothing - or on my desk - keyboard, all sorts of junk - or the coffee table - several DVDs, a few books and the newspaper.

Tarot is part of my REGULAR life.


Right now the table I formally read at only has a crystal vase filled with purple flowers and wine colored plate chargers.

-My dining room table.



Ok, I just sat in front of my reading table, with my epad on my knees, to answer this questions.
So this is what is right now on my reading table :

- the Japaridze tarot, inside a special pouch that also contains a small notebook and a pen
- the tarot of a Moon garden, inside its homemade pouch
- the Steampunk tarot (Charissa Drengsen version) inside its handmade pouch that I recently modified to make it snugglier
- Charissa Drengsen companion book
- the Dreaming Way lenormand
- the Clair de Lune lenormand
- one homemade turquoise and white cotton reading cloth
- my small safebox containing my precious tools for trimming decks (three pairs of excellent scissors and a corner puncher - I keep scissors under lock because otherwise my husband and kids take them to cut things like metalic cables or to use as can openers, and ruin the blades) - but it should not be there, it's not its place
- two notebook for journaling (one for tarot, one for lenormand) (should be in the drawer)
- a nail file (should not be there)
- two bookmarks that need to be fixed and colored (shoud not be there)
- my little sewing kit in its handmade pouch
- a ziplock bag full of ribbons of different lenghts and colors (I have been sewing tarot pouches today....)
- several handmade tarot pouches at diverse stages of completion
- my diary
- a math textbook
- a trumpet music score (the last two items belong to one of my sons, and should not be left lying on my reading table)
- a roll of sellotape (obvously misplaced - should not be on that table)

In the table drawer :

- a box of matches
- crystals
- pens and other writing material

What is missing :

- a candle (it got displaced and ended up somewhere else)
- incense and incense holder (it probably got stolen this morning by my husband who is in love with my incense)

I also have to admit that several tarot decks and some sewing material has creeped on the family sitting room table, where they shoud not rest for too long. But, my tarot things have a way of invading multiple spaces in the home....


Kudos to you for all your reading "spaces", Gregory!

I often do online readings and it is easier for me to just use a small table next to my computer I think of as my reading table.


Oh my lord! You don't even want to know.

I have a laquered table made in Korea that's got folding legs, so I have that on my bed to use for just about everything. Right now it's my Tarot and Lenormand working surface but also where I do my beadwork, so there's my 4- foot loom, lots of beads and thread and other stuff----I'm staying with a friend right now so I have to make do with what's available.

I do use my window sills for Buddha, plants, stones and other spiritual things, though.