What is the deck ...


When we started our Voyager Tarot study group in central Massachusetts last year, I bought two copies, one to keep in order for study and the other to shuffle for the exercises. The second one I bought for around $6 on the Amazon Marketplace, and both are the larger format. If you find the deck you want, I recommend getting the expanded companion book as well, The Way of the Great Oracle. I've been using this deck for my daily work over the last few weeks, and it's decidedly different. I'm finally starting to learn it without falling back on RWS "filler," although since it's nominally Thoth-based by James Wanless' own admission in an e-mail he sent me, my Thoth experience adds some value.


due to my brothers birthday now 4,30am into next day not been able to post heading off to la la land.
I will compare later today and get the camera working.


Don't worry about it - we have established what the deck is.


Took pictures will log off tablet to PC update post

updated some pictures. I realise deck has been Established Gregory yet sometimes people do want to see comparisions between decks.


Purple version later 80s is deeper printing I noticed the colours are much richer the border is more pale green around the cards and comes with a free book in the box set. Books size much larger. I dont see the cards as a different size to the 86 version and the card stock is around the same and backs too.

the way of book both books have 330 pages whether purple or black , I don't know if there are small alterations within the books since 330 pages seems unlikely except for an update on the cover design.

hope it helps if anyone decided to buy a voyager deck. May as well upload as already taken the photos and spent time checking them.

I paid pittance for the purple set with extra book about 10.00 a month ago sealed. someone just simply didnt want it and I assumed it was used and it wasnt.kindly threw in extra book too. Im thrilled with both.

Thanks Gregory you might want to see pics to its just nice having new info


Hi MizGrace,

I cannot see the pictures you took of the deck... When I follow the links in your post, it takes me to the picture of a very beautiful cat, but no tarot ?


Thank you very much for the pictures MizGrace !


Thanks to Logiatrix watching out for me, the Voyager is now winging it's way to me! Thanks everyone for all the answers and pics and stuff! Great help!