What's the Most $$$ You've Made in 1 Day from Tarot???


Just like the title says...

What's the Most $$$ You've Made in 1 Day from Tarot???

Could be readings, teaching, speaking, selling decks/books/art...

Be sure to include which method and to keep it fun it's just a 1 day high point! 😊




hmmmm...I can't really remember the most I've made, but when I read at the New Age store, I often made $200.00 a night--cash. I would read for a few hours and could only charge $20.00 a reading per store rules--($30.00 actually, but $10.00 went to the store)--and I use to work about 4 hours each time, giving 30 minute readings. During the months from about May to the first part of November, $200.00 a night wasn't so unusual tbh.

As for what method I used--*shrugs* I just took in a few various tarot decks, allowing the customer to choose which deck I should use. I never read with spreads, I just threw cards till I felt it was done. I never had the customer tell me outright what their question was--just to think of it as they shuffled. Then about 1/2 way through the reading-but before it was done, I'd ask if the reading made any sense to them and rarely did they say no--that it did definitely answer their question and then I'd continue on.

I am also an empath and psychic-medium, so often would get some extra information through out the reading, which I would share as well, of course--so it wasn't always just a card reading with me. I was the only psychic-medium, empath reader there at the time, so I did get quite popular when reading in the store.

Keep in mind that the cost of a reading will vary depending upon where you live. $30.00 for a 30 minute reading, was actually a decent price and lower then most other places. However, I have a friend who lives in New York City, who got $300.00 per reading/client and it was also only a 30 minute reading at the same time I was reading in the store. And the card reader I go to was in the same state as I was in, but she was/is expensive and earns on average $500.00 a day cash and over $100,000.00 a year from reading the cards. :bugeyed: WOW! :D My hub would retire if I could pull that off! ;)


I once made $8 selling on some I found cheap in a store. That's my high.


In 24 hours (Friday night and Saturday morning) I made $320


Since I returned to pro reading last year, my high points have been during seasonal psychic fairs at a local shop. Although it varies with store traffic, the best day was six consecutive 20-minute readings with a total take of $180, split 70%-30% between me and the store owner. I'm mainly doing it for fun and to help her stay in business. It pays for new decks and books, and an occasional dinner for me and my wife. I understand that if I make over $400 in a year at the shop, I have to receive a tax reporting form, and I'm already paying the government way to much.


In My Humble Opinion

I have been doing professional readings for about 10 years give or take, but i have been reading since age 19 i am now 32 my point being money is energy when you understand this and believe it in your conscious and subconscious, it flows easily. Ive put in work in my face book page, my youtube channel and ads for promoting, although i prefer in person readings versus through video chat, skype readings etc not because my cards are not precise but on a personal level i prefer the human connection. If you put effort the amount you can make in one day depends how much you put in example i don't do more than 25 readings a day because i become energetically worn out and therefore performance is not to a point as i experience in my early years. As with anything in life if you go wholeheartedly in you will get the same in return. I hope this assist you and though i don't mention how much i feel the message i'm giving you does its purpose. Sky is truly the limit and beyond when we talk about energy! Light and love to you.


I'd have to say that my max was about $40. Since I have a regular job that pays pretty well, I don't really charge for my readings and I don't generally do all that many at one time. But I've had two of my sisters-in-law pay me for readings. One paid me $25, the other $40 (these were actually over a year apart).

Then again, I've done readings at a friend's fall party several times. He brews his own beer and throws a party for the folks who he works with every year, neighbors too and I almost always take my Rohrig Tarot. When one considers the food, beer, home-brew beer and whisky I consume, it's probably a fair bit more than $40. :party:

Julian Jaymes

Well, this bleeds over into a donation, but a friend of mine paid me $50 to do a very in-depth reading. I usually charge $1/card or so but it only wound up being like 40 cards.

But I also did a $10 reading the same day so I guess $60 would be my maximum so far. :)


Just like the title says...

What's the Most $$$ You've Made in 1 Day from Tarot???

I've done gigs as the Hired Entertainment in venues, being paid fees of $200 in one place and $300 in another place, to work three hour shifts and do quicky "free" readings for their patrons.


I've done long 12-hour-ish sessions for charity events that have brought in around £1000. For the Charity, that is - I don't keep it for myself!

The arrangement was a donation for a question, and people are usually very generous. I'd just sit at my table with my deck from the opening to the end of the event and usually do 3-card readings.