Will the wedding go ahead ?


I glanced very quickly. Again, for a planned marriage to not happen, there must be some very strong interference in the chart. I see no such. Moon sextile Sun as traditional "partners" and luminaries is always a favourable sign. Moon in same sign as Saturn, Saturn is in his own terms and face and nowhere peregrine (not to mention mutual reception with ruler Jupiter!), ruled by Jupiter, the greater benefic, and will conjunct (yes, not applying yet but she will and prior to that will have a sextile with the Sun which is by no means negative and is Venusian in nature and rules the 3rd! so some documents will be dealt with/submitted), then will aspect venus which is a benefic and ruler of gthe 5th and of Jupiter... While there is plenty of time ahead, with aspect to L3, a favourable one, with good rulership, and Mercury (intercepted is Virgo in the 4th! house) in the 7th to boost (natural ruler of contracts and agreements), I see no reason to doubt the marriage. If I take the square to Venus, L5/12 as anything more serious than a short flirt in a dim lit bar, to me it could bring a bump but with the woman being Saturn, I doubt she will give up easily on the groom. :D

I don't use planets beyond the traditional ones in horary.


Well, this is your opinion, mine is different. Saturn's face is in the last 10 degrees, he is within. He is dignified although yes, will be in term slightly later, hardly a problem really as she doesn't need to be dignified as she is already engaged. And dignity systems differ - Ptolemy, Dorothean, etc. Them being in the same house foretells conjunction, hardly a better option could there be. 6th is a placement that signifies service and everyday life and I've written on this forum a number of times about significance of 6th house when people are actually going to face everyday life together. It is not all 5th house romance and 7th house agreements. Reality hits afterwards. Again, they do not need at this point to prove anything, they are engaged. Positive aspects between luminaries are always a good omen in horary and Sun and Venus are co-significators in questions about marriage. Mercury is a natural ruler of contracts and agreements and is in the house of contracts/agreements and marriage while Virgo is intercepted in the house of family. Jupiter is excellently placed in a very favourable house, if you take it as 11th (why flip the chart???) the house of wishes and God's will delivered actually. As 5th house, it is equally explicit. I even wonder if there is pregnancy in the picture or a very serious consideration of it. I really wonder what else is needed.

To add, the Moon will connect the Sun (through sextile) with Venus (through square) to boost! These are her two upcoming aspects. So, all significators and co-significators will connect. yes, the marriage will happen.

Overall, it sounds you are seeking a denial of the marriage in the chart but I simply don't see it.


Sure, if you say so. :D Let's see if the marriage will happen or not.

P.S. It is absolutely irrelevant to the question who/what is in detriment. Just saying.