Would anyone be interested in a Book of Thoth study group?


Since I'm on the forum a lot recently, I have the opportunity to post regularly. Since there have been other study groups, I don't think this one has been tackled yet.
If anyone is interested, please suggest how we would go about this, as previous formats don't really work here. We can't quote the entire book here, like was done with the Book of Law, or what was done with the Æthyrs. Would we cover just the cards, or the long introduction, too? Maybe a "book club" kind of deal, where people read a proscribed section in advance and prepare questions?

It could be interesting to go into the nitty-gritty, hunt up all the obscure references (poems and the like) and analyse it in light of his other works.

I just haven't a clue how it would work.


There was a study group set up a few years back. I don't think it went very far though. And, if my memory serves me, I think the introductory section was skipped altogether.


I think I remember something of the sort, but it makes sense to have a new one, since people have changed and it wasn't completed.

I think the introductions are important as they shed a great deal of light on the general mindset of the latter portions of the book. They certainly aren't the most "glamorous" or exciting portions, to be sure, but I think new students would gain a lot from delving into them.


You're the boss now. If you want a fresh start, you don't have to get permission any more. ;)


You're the boss now. If you want a fresh start, you don't have to get permission any more. ;)

Rubbish, I'm no boss. But I also don't enjoy talking to myself, so I'm putting out feelers to see if there are any takers.

And nobody needs any permission anyway for that kind of thing. :)


I'd be interested in following along, I don't think I can contribute anything other than perhaps some non-inane questions. Well I hope they won't be inane. :D


I'd be interested to participate, but only as a newbie still only dipping their toes into this. :)

'Book club format' sounds fine to me. If this book is not under copyright and is freely available on the Internet, perhaps, a link to the relevant chapter at the beginning of each thread would be a good substitute for lengthy quotes, allowing to keep things neat and accessible to those who don't have their copy of the book with them?

As for the actual how-to, it's up to you, closrapexa. :) If I were doing this, I'd probably start a thread on each chapter, with a link to the text and some 'highlights' - things I found important/unusual/questionable/noteworthy etc., and then others would post their ideas, comments, questions, answers, and discussion points. Something like that.

And the introduction is interesting, it would be a shame to skip it.

Babalon Jones

If you do this I agree about starting with the introduction. It is actually one of my favorite things about the book; there is so much in there.


I agree with the previous two posts. The Introduction definitely should be included.


Alright, sounds good. Today I'll be a dumb jock and work out (fulfilling my Will to have a six-pack), tomorrow I'll start. The posts will be along the lines of the Book of Law posts with section name, chapter number, maybe page number (the Weiser edition seems to be the most standard) and links to Sacred Texts. Once a week is the target, but depending on how involved the threads are (as they tended to be with the BoL threads) we'll allow for more time. With every post I'll also include the following week's selection, so people can prepare, if they wish.

Short sections, of course, as every paragraph packs a punch.

Good luck everyone, you're gonna need it!