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  1. Resurrection!
  2. shuffling
  3. Do you use special rituals, etc before starting a reading?
  4. Seasoning a deck
  5. Reading for Skeptics
  6. tarot beliefs
  7. FAQ - Tarot reading rituals - info please!
  8. Tarot in Literature
  9. Readings for the curious/skeptical
  10. Readings for teenagers/young adults
  11. Stating the question aloud vs. keeping quiet...
  12. PET PEEVE!!!! ARGH.
  13. Missing person spread?
  14. Others touching my cards
  15. 1111 different uses for the cards.....
  16. Umbrae goes on a Rant about LWB's
  17. Why do they come to us?
  18. More tarot on TV!
  19. Tarot and Alchemy?
  20. Differences between Thoth and Rider Waite
  21. Umbrae asks: "Why do you read Tarot?"
  22. How I began with Tarot
  23. The Process (Part One) The Skeptic
  24. The Process (part 1.5) The Skeptic
  25. The Process (Part Two)
  26. Does anyone use Tarot as a card game?
  27. The Process 2.5 (interlude)
  28. How do you "display" your collector decks? Not a simple storage question *s*
  29. The Process. Part 3 – The Blank Spot
  30. The Process: Beginnings
  31. The Process: Beginnings Part 2
  32. 'The Process' threads by Umbrae: ToC
  33. The Process: In the Camp of the Enemy
  34. RWS suitability for beginners - Why?
  35. Aggressive Shufflers
  36. Studying the Marseille deck as essential to studying Tarot!
  37. OK- A Poll for Tarot Readers' Sun Signs
  38. Celebrities who are into tarot
  39. Asking the correct questions
  40. Getting on to Wicce's site
  41. What are you like?
  42. Shuffling & *When* to Layout the Cards
  43. Tarot Book on Audio CD?
  44. Finally! A moon sign poll!
  45. Tarot, the mind, and when the mind's messed up.
  46. Unpleasant Tarot Shopping Experience
  47. Tarot & Cats, do they attract like minds?
  48. Tarot and Handicrafts
  49. negitive energies
  50. Reading without God/ess
  51. Tarot:Astrology:Numerology
  52. Tarot and Jung's Psychology
  53. Leo Ferré Tarot (by children)
  54. Death year
  55. I hope this is in the right place!
  56. Tarot vs. Religion
  57. What tarot decks have you bought or seen at garage/yard sales?
  58. Fundamental
  59. Your favorite Tarot and Tarot-related websites?
  60. The Happy Squirrel card
  61. Tarot - Cosmic Joke or Sustainable Truth?
  62. Is Tarot a Science or an Art?
  63. What is your preferred mystical origin theory for tarot?
  64. If but one deck... which one?
  65. Have you ever...
  66. Fool & Devil = Santa Claus??
  67. Tarot and Book of Genesis?
  68. Orion tarot card technique
  69. from neruda to playing card suits to the fairy tarots
  70. Help Mojo Name His Tarot Book
  71. your favorite phrases for specific tarot cards
  72. Toronto stores
  73. Should be Tarot
  74. Series - Charmed!
  75. Is tarot a woman's domain?
  76. Tarot is MAGIC because...
  77. Would you go underground for tarot?
  78. Pips and their value
  79. Search Engine Optimization
  80. What do you base your tarot interpretations on?
  81. rubaiyat of omar khayyam
  82. Starting a shop for readings. Need input.
  83. Tarot Spotted at the movies...
  84. What card is TAROT for You?
  85. Got My Scissors Out Again - this time, the THOTH gets it!
  86. Tarot and the Internet
  87. tarot for writers
  88. POLL: Buying and selling tarot decks on ebay
  89. Naming the Courts
  90. Which kind are you?
  91. If you could speed the release of one deck...
  92. A Fool's lesson, on Cliff Jumping
  93. The Hermit
  94. The Devil made me do it
  95. How do you organize your spreads?
  96. where can i find professional corner cutters?
  97. Decks you thought you just must have, then realize you don't connect with them...
  98. Professional Readers: A Thread on Acquiring Clients
  99. How often does everybody read?
  100. The Wrong Cards
  101. Numerology Year Cycle Question
  102. Tarot Decks in Film, Literature and Song.
  103. Tarot Journal
  104. Tarot & role playing
  105. The reading Event
  106. Who reads professionally (either PT or FT)?
  107. business name
  108. Legend: The Perfect Bag and/or Box
  109. You can't have one!!!
  110. Tarot Scrapbooking
  111. Discerning sexuality using tarot
  112. Trimmed off borders of decks: Worthwhile? Tips & Pictures.
  113. Sleeping on a card
  114. Wear on your cards
  115. Happy Birthday, Pixie!
  116. Journals: have one? describe yours, advice to others
  117. Son of The Process Returns: Reading – The Event
  118. Iran and cards?
  119. Tarot Deck Extras
  120. Emily Dickinson & The Tarot
  121. putting cards under the pillow
  122. What is the most important posession to have to be a good reader?
  123. Lost and the Tarot
  124. The Enneagram and the Tarot
  125. How do you store your collection?
  126. Making Bags and Boxes
  127. The quickest decision to buy a deck
  128. Struck by this for a tarot image...
  129. Kid-Created Tarots / Showcase Yours!
  130. Mad deck
  131. A BIG Thanks to "Tarot Garden"
  132. Reclaiming 'Fortune Telling'
  133. Quotes about Tarot
  134. Tarot Certification Board of America - a critical appraisal
  135. Survey: What sort of person is able to read Tarot?
  136. Confession Time: I like second hand decks better than new ones
  137. Personality, Soul and Shadow Cards
  138. Tarot as a profession
  139. Reading while Drunk
  140. How long have you been reading Tarot?
  141. Do you Charge $$$???
  142. Which Music Do You Enjoy With Which Tarot?
  143. Which card is God?
  144. tarot readings in public places
  145. What's the most accurate reading you have done???
  146. Do Your Decks "Play Nice"?
  147. Aeclectic Tarot & Bandwidth
  148. Towards a Tarot Dis-certification Disorganisation
  149. A Course in Tarot? How would it look?
  150. I LOST one card in my deck :( HELP
  151. Reflections and Opinions on the Process of Reading by a Tarot (A)gnostic.
  152. What are you doing for "World Tarot Day" (25th May)???
  153. CopyRight Question
  154. Tarot HUH?! Alcoholic?! Straight?! Gay?!
  155. Stripping to the Bone....
  156. How many Professional Readers do we have?
  157. In a nutshell... why I opt for the Marseille over the Waite/Colman Smith
  158. Dreaming in Tarot
  159. Horney cards
  160. Gay Tarot?
  161. Your most accurate readings were from which deck?
  162. Guys who read Tarot
  163. What first tarot owned you? And owns you now?
  164. should i charge???
  165. Collecting decks by non-readers - is it OK ?
  166. Why would you want to know if some one is gay?
  167. Tarot and taoism
  168. Meditating on a card
  169. "Who's Who" for Aeclectic personae
  170. Poetry based on the Tarot Iconography
  171. Kiss me you sexy tarot reader!
  172. How do you do it?
  173. Who shuffles and cuts the cards?
  174. Major Arcane reading
  175. I was told never to buy my own deck... What is that all about?
  176. Professional Readers - Reading at parties and events
  177. Do your pets like being near you while you're reading Tarot?
  178. Is Tarot religion?
  179. Tarot helping you find somthing lost????
  180. tarot bag
  181. Dear Tarot Reader....
  182. "Where" questions, how you answer them?
  183. What got you into Tarot.
  184. German Tarot Sites
  185. Times when you just had to say Duh...
  186. Same old question, new poll
  187. Tarot Websites.
  188. can anyone help me with my memory!
  189. ...source for prices on used, secondary-market tarot decks?
  190. The Border Question - What do you prefer?
  191. Tarot Dream last night
  192. ARRRGG! Dog ate my Fey!
  193. Occult-y Witch-y Tarot-y
  194. Is Cabbalah a Religion?
  195. Which side of the fence do you sit???
  196. Reading ABOUT others.
  197. clensing tarot
  198. Tarot in the News Again
  199. Tarot Enablers
  200. Not the full deck
  201. New Thoth Box
  202. Free Tarot Bags, Champagne Included
  203. If Waite "conceived" the Original RWS deck, and Smith designed it,then who was Rider?
  204. Deck(s): The Same but Different...
  205. Tarot in the opening chapter
  206. Soul Cards
  207. Spreads with minds of their own
  208. Tarot and Numerology
  209. How to recognize a tarot reader?
  210. Girl with the Pearl Earring
  211. Another deck trimming thread
  212. How to give Unfortunate News?
  213. Nap Time! ..Do you get tired after reading?
  214. What if the Cards Don't Fit the Spread?
  215. when the tower comes falling down
  216. listening to instincts.. and asking the right questions
  217. Psychic Mom!
  218. Giving readings at a a fair
  219. Shuffling Decks
  220. Tarot Reading while Sick
  221. What traits as a child would characterise you as a potential tarot reader?
  222. Other uses for tarot cards
  223. I give myself a... D? No, no... An A today! No, wait...
  224. P.U... Stinky decks!!
  225. Hmmmm, Which deck to chose today?
  226. Getting paid: stage-fright!
  227. Help finding a suitable tarot reading?
  228. How eating affects Tarot readings
  229. Advice Requested from Wiccans...
  230. What happened to the Tarot Training Centre?
  231. Seeking advice for first time tarot booth
  232. Anyone do any readings on Ebay?
  233. Your Tarot Year
  234. Tarot
  235. Something funny that happened.
  236. "Excuse me...but...are those Tarot cards?"
  237. How to start or build your own tarot website?
  238. Decks for public readings - any suggestions?
  239. Has the Tarot ever got LITERAL on you?
  240. Art vs Tarot
  241. Poll: Is tarot Magic?
  242. Cold Reading.
  243. Your reasons for reading?
  244. Reverse or not to Reverse?
  245. How to Read a Marseilles
  246. Storing/cleansing in order
  247. Long distance reading.
  248. winter nights
  249. Poll Reversals again no discussions just the facts
  250. Tarot in Your Week Challenge... Again!
  251. I miss my Gaian
  252. what is the TAROT?
  253. Tarot in your country
  254. Where to by tarot bags?
  255. whats your opinion
  256. Starting from scratch with tarot
  257. Round Cards?
  258. Why different decks........
  259. The Essence of Tarot??
  260. I am getting
  261. Repeal of anti-witchcraft and fortune telling laws
  262. Storing tarot cards
  263. Are the cards trying to tell me something or what???
  264. Tarot Bags In Canada
  265. Creative Ideas for Cards
  266. Business Cards for professional readers
  267. Reading Ethics?
  268. How to make face-to-face readings easier?
  269. Telephone Tarot
  270. internet readings?
  271. Tarot themes and poetry
  272. I need to contact Joseph Vargo, PLEASE HELP!
  273. Tarot collection has been stolen, starting over
  274. An Introduction to Christian Hermeticism
  275. Tarot
  276. Thoughts on a Tradition.
  277. Barnes and Noble course
  278. Never go to Sedona w/o a budget
  279. "If I knew then, what I know now"
  280. Tarot and Literature
  281. Tarot elements and seasons
  282. Printable boxes - anyone want to test?
  283. Growth chart and parent / child relationships
  284. reading at psyhic fairs
  285. Question...Tarot games???
  286. paying
  287. Tarot legends and Myths (A Rant)
  288. Asking for the professionals opionions
  289. What card is this year for you?
  290. All aboard with the Diversity Groove...
  291. Tarot workshop
  292. Rider Waite Daily Draw / Card of the Day ???
  293. 22 isn't really a very big number...
  294. How long did it take before you felt confident?
  295. Finding Tarot symbolism in churches ...
  296. syncronicity - Showing results 1 to 22 of 22 (new message)
  297. 22 Cards & 22 Letters
  298. If a reader consults their journal during a reading?
  299. Overly Christian themes...
  300. How did Tarot survive through the ages?
  301. the best way to deal with an "angry" tarot deck
  302. Are We Dreaming Tarot or is Tarot Dreaming Us?
  303. Got offered a Job - Reading at a cafe!!
  304. Something is definitely starting to click ...
  305. Professional Reading Preperation
  306. Any Areas You Don't Ask About?
  307. Random Observations on Death and Cups
  308. Advertising Opinions
  309. Business Cards
  310. A face-off with my deck?
  311. Do you have something you'd like to donate as a Prize for ATF competitions?
  312. Eavesdropping
  313. Thank you for the support everyone! :) (bit of a sappy post)
  314. Tarot Garden Site Upgrade Forthcoming
  315. After the Marseille, Pamela CS Waite deck - where next?
  316. Do you have a specialty?
  317. Our SmartDrives in Warp Speed?
  318. Laminating Decks: Advantages and Disadvantages
  319. Come sit down beside me?
  320. I'm lost, what does this mean?!
  321. Quick question
  322. Online Readings, My Experience
  323. YAEQ (Yet Another Ethics Question)
  324. Deck Symbolism
  325. Starting a Tarot Reading Site
  326. Why crystal ball?
  327. Mmm...crow tastes like chicken.
  328. light2000
  329. My "Enchanted" is HAUNTED!!
  330. Theme songs for decks?
  331. Had switch from RWS and illustrated deck to Marseille (past-present-futur)!!!
  332. art sources of tarot imagery?
  333. I think I'm being taken advantage of...
  334. wrong querant?
  335. Anyone with a Paypal account in Sweden?
  336. Frivolous Readings
  337. Going Professional
  338. Lame question...
  339. Tarot deck of the day
  340. Are we all Cartomaniacs ?
  341. Tarot Relationships
  342. is there a quiz to help people find their special deck?
  343. A Lovers card came from the past
  344. Which Reading is Correct?
  345. Need to make a decision...:3
  346. What if you freeze up when you read in public?
  347. can you read for other with a Dark tarot deck ?
  348. Idea for Tarot Pouch
  349. Readings when using Creative Visualization
  350. Can someone help me figure out how to teach a beginners' class??!!
  351. Reading Ficticious characters/situations
  352. Realized something today...
  353. Tarot growth cycles for the deceased
  354. What did the Tarot bring to you ?
  355. Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid, Spain
  356. Advice on timing?
  357. is it ok to buy a use tarot
  358. Regarding past lives
  359. A deeper understanding of Tarot through music
  360. Tarot Garden.
  361. The Moment (an essay on improving reading skills – yet not)
  362. More tarot homewares
  363. The Cafe Reader Diary :)
  364. Bota?
  365. Waite/Colman Smith deck as a Golden Dawn deck
  366. So many decks, so little time--how to connect?
  367. On the value of the visual painting over the poetic - Da Vinci 's view
  368. what would you like to find on a tarot website ???
  369. Share Your Experience?
  370. year cards?
  371. Fanning powder vs. talcum powder
  372. Who here sews tarot bags.....?
  373. Recording Devices
  374. A lost deck returns!
  375. Typologies of Reading
  376. some help please
  377. Major Arcana As 3x7
  378. shuffling the cards
  379. Tarot Bags?
  380. cleansing cards
  381. Tarot at Britney Spears baby shower
  382. cleansing
  383. What does it mean when the YEAR CARDS of three siblings are all 6?
  384. If you see something REALLY bad coming...
  385. 78 ? ? ?
  386. Updating my bookmarks: missing websites...
  387. Decks w/Sharp Edges
  388. Need Advice From My Tarot Reading?
  389. Changing an outcome
  390. Tarot in Eastern Europe
  391. questions
  392. The Universal Question
  393. Tarot Cards and Spirit Portals
  394. Reading when angry
  395. getting stuck!
  396. Bdavis- Any advice you can give a beginner?
  397. Transfer of power
  398. Has anyone else had this happen?
  399. A poem
  400. Trying to get back into it
  401. Gothic Tarot survives Katrina
  402. Bad or Good?
  403. Interesting.
  404. Welcome to Professional Tarot
  405. Past Life and Tarot
  406. Business Cards
  407. My time-frame problem-- Any answers?
  408. Competing with "pyschics" as a tarot reader
  409. Any bad deck-trimming trips?
  410. Working with tarot profiles - clarification
  411. I just noticed somthing
  412. Stories from the hood: When you went Pro...
  413. How do I do a reading over the net?
  414. Venues
  415. Tarot and Yoga
  416. When do you know you can charge?
  417. Another question about trimming
  418. What will affect you when tarot used for earning money?
  419. "If I could alter a card..."
  420. Reaction on animals or insect when it see a tarot card.
  421. marketing your business
  422. creating a website
  423. Professional Readers Essay and Exercise #1
  424. Comforting thoughts
  425. Use your tools on yourself
  426. The Fair's Tarot Reader
  427. Tarot reading thought as 'stupid' or 'man you're stupid'
  428. My practice is *strictly* online...
  429. Questions about the past - some spiritual
  430. Do you ever pine for your deck?
  431. tarot predictions -just for fun
  432. Whats in a Name.
  433. Trigono Gone?
  434. If you build it, they will come.....
  435. Unusual Smells
  436. Cafe reader diary for non-subscribers?
  437. tarot & numerology
  438. So who's legal?
  439. Douglas Adams on Divination (no, really)
  440. My new deck - Got my scissors out again!
  441. Tarot + Numerology...big mess or big help?
  442. Just started college...
  443. releasing decks into the wild....
  444. Where are the brown people?
  445. The urge to post every spread/reading
  446. significators/querents
  447. Focusing the Querent:Should you or shouldn't you?
  448. working decks
  449. The atittude when you open your first tarot business
  450. Tarot Shop
  451. Color your own tarot
  452. Traveling AT Member Deck
  453. Get rid of a journal?
  454. The fool's journey -- men only??
  455. Will I be struck down?
  456. tarot order
  457. Which spread when reading to somebody face to face
  458. Traveling AT Member Deck ~Sign-Up~
  459. Traveling AT Member Deck ~ Journal ~
  460. Tarot, Kabbalah, and the Monopoly boardgame
  461. How is your Journal?
  462. Sleeping with tarot under the pillow
  463. Jester bag pattern link
  464. Publishing - How?
  465. What if all your tarot collection burn except one !
  466. Why No Cambric?
  467. Men Tarot readers vs. Women Tarot readers
  468. Learning a New Deck
  469. How is your family dealing with your tarot addiction?
  470. What is your tarot Muse?
  471. Promotional Tarot Reading Flyer
  472. People handling your cards
  473. Would like to contact David Camp (sp?)
  474. Matthew,Mark,Luke and John
  475. Tarot Jewellery
  476. Astrology vs. Tarot, which's "better"?
  477. Druidcraft Chariot - is that Boadicea?
  478. Selling on Auctions. Where/When/How?
  479. Shadow?
  480. Best tarot stores in London?
  481. I have been asked....
  482. Tarot Dream
  483. Tarot in TV ads/commercials?
  484. is my friend having an affair
  485. What to do with a misprinted deck?
  486. Strange sensory associations...
  487. How do i do a spread on a particular card?
  488. Some advice.....
  489. Do you sell items on a web site??
  490. Fanning powder...
  491. My long given up deck finds me! :D
  492. a question of ethics
  493. What do you believe about tarot and what makes it work for you?
  494. The two of cups is missing!
  495. Tarot Organizations
  496. tarot book shops in hongkong and taiwan
  497. How early should the kids start?
  498. Anecdotes of Psychic Hits in Readings
  499. When you see death in the cards
  500. energy in online readings
  501. Questions about reading tarot professionally
  502. Looking for a few victims ... er ... volunteers
  503. Archangels of Tarot.
  504. Intuition and Creative Visualisation
  505. What is a reverse auction?
  506. Travel spreadcloth...
  507. Combining Reading Methods – some thoughts
  508. Tarot bags from LoScarabeo
  509. Tarot jigsaw puzzle!
  510. looking for stores
  511. Tarot long term? its always changing?
  512. Which tarot cards suggest the client is ...
  513. Y is a crooked Letter!! and Z 's no better?
  514. Reading Decks
  515. I'm not sure if it's possible...
  516. Cards losing their accuracy or me losing the connections..?
  517. Intellectual property and the tarot
  518. Doing Readings by heart...
  519. Tarot Bags
  520. How do you know...
  521. ADHD & Tarot
  522. Physically Caring for your Deck(s)
  523. Leaving the books during readings!
  524. four kings
  525. Tarot & Aromatherapy Oils
  526. In case of emergency - Shuffle cards~!
  527. Chicago Tarot Shops
  528. How Many AT Members
  529. How many of you do belong to an official tarot association?
  530. Any suggestions or links with tarot related patterns for silk painting?
  531. Party Questions
  532. Gone "professional", & Loving It!! But...
  533. With a little bit of luck.......
  534. Tarot related music cd's?
  535. Overdoing readings for self / questions to ask the cards
  536. Which deck do you choose...
  537. Hi.. I am a tarot reader, but having visions too.
  538. The International Icon and Me
  539. Health Questions
  540. Weird
  541. pro tarot common scan or meaningful advice?
  542. What about "pregnant pauses" in pro readings?
  543. Random musing no.76 - Tarot charm bracelet...
  544. Tarot Decks
  545. Overcoming Stage Fright- my first reading!
  546. Tarot journaling sofware?
  547. Reading FOR vs. Reading ABOUT
  548. Question; Something Doesn't Feel Right w/ Tarot Decks
  549. Where does the Wisdom come from?
  550. Seperated at birth!
  551. help im freaked out!
  552. An odd gift from the piano teacher
  553. Christmas Gift Certificates
  554. need help
  555. Tarot: Does it work? How?
  556. One Deck Wonder
  557. The day they found my tarot...
  558. Will I ever meet my Love?
  559. Tarot Storms?
  560. Deceased Loved Ones
  561. Has this assault ever happened to you!!!
  562. What is the Traveling AT Member Deck ~ Journal ~ Thread?
  563. to do or not to do...
  564. Dumb question but.... do you list?
  565. Reading for third parties...
  566. Ebay and other ways to merchandize yourself
  567. Tarot on Australian Idol
  568. Where is the world at right now?
  569. Freethinkers/Atheists & Tarot
  570. How many decks do you have!?!?!?!?! (v2005)
  571. Free Tarot T-Shirt
  572. Your Samhain/Hallowe'en 2005 readings...
  573. Ever known of a child to get a reading?
  574. Halloween celebrations.
  575. Does my astrological sign affect tarot in any way?
  576. Let numbers talk ... :)
  577. Sealing card borders with nail polish?
  578. Halloween and thin veil
  579. is it possible...
  580. pet participation
  581. 2 pentacles reversed
  582. The single Tarot card
  583. Tarot reading websites
  584. Tarot shops in Houston, TX?
  585. Tarot and spiritual development
  586. Something very strange happened...
  587. How Do you get started?
  588. I was looking at your ideas of bags....
  589. Collecting decks...
  590. Charged with practicing medicine or psychology without a license?
  591. this is not really a thread...
  592. Tarot Readers & Sex/Gender Demographics
  593. Hunting tarot
  594. Reading for yourself when you're reading for someone else
  595. Halloween Party Readings Today!
  596. Reversed Nine of Swords
  597. Melbourne Cup Divinatory Trial
  598. Toronto Tarot Halloween Extravaganza w Rachel Pollack
  599. Birth Cards
  600. End of October Rant
  601. Cold reading- what exactly is this?
  602. regular card games w tarot
  603. How can playing cards be read in reverse?
  604. "Paper" or "Plastic"?
  605. Going for a Position. Wish me Luck & Give me Tips =)
  606. Have you found the 'One'.
  607. Ink on the cards
  608. Tips on making spread cloths?
  609. Did I miss something?!
  610. Pinoccio.
  611. Tarot accessories
  612. creating without reading?
  613. Why do some decks 'work'?
  614. lost my faith
  615. i need advice
  616. stories about death and question about psychic talent
  617. Do you find that ...
  618. Overstock has shipping for $1.40
  619. The DUH! Awards
  620. How do you differentiate?
  621. Getting the smell of smoke off a deck?
  622. "Curious and Curioser!."...as Alice says!
  623. A Professional Tarot Reader is Born!!!
  624. worst/ most dangerously known....spreads?
  625. Tarot Download for Mac users!
  626. Decks of Historical Playing Cards--cheap
  627. Selling Tarot Decks & Books
  628. Tarot Garden Database Temporarily Offline
  629. Reading advice
  630. Tarot Topics
  631. Don't these things go without saying?
  632. The Hanged Man's Kitchen?
  633. Cards relating to each other.
  634. Reading Opportunity
  635. I helped someone yesterday using my Tarot deck.
  636. overuse injuries?
  637. Spirit attachments.....via the tarot?
  638. advice needed
  639. Ethical Issues
  640. Rip off
  641. Found a good store with Tarot in Santa Monica Promenade
  642. Do any of you guys listen to music when you do readings for yourself?
  643. How about....
  644. 2005 Favourite deck & book Aeclectic votes
  645. what is this toth thing
  646. Legalities in Professional Readings...
  647. Legal Trouble
  648. Allowing others to handle your tarot deck? Yes, or no? Or... I don't know?
  649. Anyone Buy From European Vendors Online?
  650. Do you tell the querrent?
  651. tarot decks
  652. A Blatant Campaign & Shameless Self-Promotion
  653. weird stuff that happens
  654. Doing a Reading While Being Sick
  655. Looking for subjects to be in Tarot documentary
  656. Most frequently asked questions
  657. What is tarot best used for?
  658. What Are The Basics In Reading Prep?
  659. Jung and the qualities of the "II" card
  660. dreams and tarot.
  661. My "numbers"?
  662. Fanning powder problems - Help!
  663. tarot bag for my mermaids deck...
  664. Do you ever know the card before you turn it over?
  665. The Blank Spot Revisited
  666. Professional Tarot on TV (personal question)
  667. What's the catch?
  668. Too young to read?
  669. websites and licensing
  670. signs that a guy is lying to you
  671. Ohmigod I just talked myself into a job!
  672. I tried to contact my guardian angel>
  673. I'm sorry...
  674. Does too much history shred the mystery?
  675. What are your favourite ways of reading?
  676. new to tarot - few interesting questions!
  677. Ok...This is very heavy...
  678. 'Accurate' with tarot - what does this mean to you?
  679. others views on professional tarot readers.
  680. Tarot Dream
  681. Children and Tarot- An interesting Story...
  682. Making major life decisions based on a Tarot reading
  683. Reading for the Drunk and Stoned
  684. psychic ?
  685. Do you ask?
  686. Can Someone Else's Energy Affect My Readings?
  687. Unprofessional readers
  688. What is the origin of the Celtic Cross Spread?
  689. Quintessential Card
  690. Problem reading for others
  691. So how did you all get into tarot?
  692. What card represents the US Thanksgiving holiday for you?
  693. 3 of pentacles and Tom Builder
  694. I have a big problem....
  695. question
  696. Stores in Cairns, Queensland???
  697. Publishing - if you had to do it all over again ...
  698. tarot shops in New York....
  699. Online Tarot Reading
  700. Future of Tarot ?
  701. Tarot- Art, Religion, & Science
  702. Tarot and Animals
  703. Failed reading.
  704. Tarot for 2006
  705. Tarot Bags
  706. When did you go pro?
  707. Needing to start over... tips?
  708. Tarot software project
  709. Where do you store your decks?
  710. Job
  711. Awww, so sweet.
  712. When they want to "test" you
  713. pendulums and tarot?
  714. Tales around the Tarot Tree....2005/2006
  715. What would your 79th card look like?
  716. Sleeping with your tarot deck, is it a He or a She ???
  717. My first book!!
  718. What is the Function of the Tarot Reading?
  719. 'I'm Going To Tell You A Secret'
  720. changed readings
  721. badgering the cards
  722. I'm going to be on TV - Help!!
  723. finding peace
  724. tarot/astrological correspondence hanged man
  725. The best path for a complete beginner
  726. Your Christmas Cards
  727. Feeling as though you're going out on a limb.
  728. What artist would you want to create a tarot deck?
  729. have realised the error of my ethics.
  730. Tarot Garden is Awesome!
  731. Do I really need a spread cloth?
  732. Poll: Rohrig 8 of Cups
  733. Guilty ;)
  734. Alternative to insense?
  735. A couple of questions re: seating and direction of cards
  736. You know it's time to take a break from reading when....
  737. Theories on the nature of tarot
  738. Majors only?
  739. This Was Different!
  740. Knight of Pentacles a as a profession?
  741. Making Tarot Bags
  742. Does anyone think of AT as ...
  743. My very first Reading
  744. What do you do when...
  745. Lost and Found Cards Singles Bar
  746. The Fours
  747. all these different decks/images/meanings
  748. What a relief... I am so happy.
  749. Birth Card, moon sign and other misc stuff
  750. Ok, how about when they keep coming back with basically the same question(s)??
  751. Freaky experience.
  752. need help
  753. Facing you or the seeker?
  754. AET Wallpapers Operation!
  755. which career?????????
  756. Using the Tarot while Pregnant
  757. A Tarot-themed Venetian mask! :)
  758. Paying Customers - how do you get rid of them?
  759. One Deck Wonder - how are we doing?
  760. Cross-Stitched deck on eBay
  761. How not to get so flustered when they tell me I'm wrong
  762. Gift Vouchers
  763. U.S. Games - customer service problem and resolution
  764. Selective Reading?
  765. Good Card - Bad Card
  766. Anyone here a deck hopper?
  767. knowing tarot and guilt
  768. Can anyone identify this movie?
  769. Ordered so many decks.. now what?
  770. A Letter from USGames Customer Service ..
  771. Tarot puzzle question
  772. Knowing you've been given a gift....
  773. Interesting experiment
  774. Tarot Figurines
  775. Ok, a new one now:
  776. Can we do mistakes?
  777. The Tarot Caddy!
  778. self reading
  779. tarot telling what "you should know"-or just telling what really "is"
  780. Profession as a tarot card reader
  781. Christmas Tarot cards
  782. The best way to start...
  783. journal purchase
  784. A 'Little' Tarot Family Secret
  785. I have a question?
  786. Venus retrograde and tarot
  787. ebay vintage tarot fabric
  788. Blending Wicca and Tarot?
  789. Tarot & Destiny
  790. Question for ex-beginners
  791. a tarot themed dream i had
  792. meditate....
  793. Sifting through eBay
  794. which way is best
  795. The Mystery of The Knight of Swords
  796. "First names and dates of birth"? Why?
  797. Tarot studies
  798. drained of energy question
  799. Pamela
  800. Finding your tarot niche
  801. Advice on linking a spread reading
  802. Improvement? Or Destruction?
  803. I wanna move to Poland
  804. Sylvia Plath and tarot
  805. 22 verses
  806. Tarot, to "choose" or to be "chosen" ?
  807. finding the right tarot deck
  808. I don't know where to start I NEED HELP :(
  809. demons
  810. The Tarot Oscars - a bit of fun!
  811. the year of "strength"
  812. Druidcraft Jigsaw Puzzle
  813. Can't. Go. Without. My. DECKS!!!!
  814. chariot in relationship reading
  815. Tarot Bags
  816. A Question Of Germs!
  817. anyone tried out the new deck spread?
  818. Book of Shadows....
  819. What Happened?
  820. Tarot Smilies, anyone?
  821. copying cards for reading?
  822. Did a reading with a few surprises and repretitions
  823. How did you choose your tarot cards?
  824. Vampire role playing book has a tarot section
  825. If you've got a website--
  826. Tarot question
  827. Name of this forum:Whats "Aeclectic"?
  828. a project for school tarot history
  829. Do you ever use this kind of a method for readings?
  830. Dinner with Arthur E. Waite
  831. Dinner with Alistar Crowley
  832. Dinner with Pamela Coleman Smith
  833. Dinner with Tarotbear
  834. need advice
  835. Reading for Two People At Once--Does Anyone Do This?
  836. Short-term Timing Technique?
  837. Chicken soup for the Tarot soul
  838. 'Angel Tarot Calendar' - Thanks Ametista
  839. They've been talking to my Mom!
  840. Page of Cups and the man from the pawnshop
  841. Reading with Music? Your Thoughts on this please x
  842. Dinner with Stuart Kaplan
  843. Party Thoughts
  844. new to tarot
  845. Las Vegas Tarot Party
  846. Best and Worst
  847. Your Most Enchanting / Tender Pick this 2006
  848. 22 Suggestions for Offering Readings ...
  849. Your opinion please: does it make sense to include complete strangers in a reading?
  850. Pip Imagery
  851. A Question of Communication
  852. do you ever do this???
  853. Good Way To Preserve Tarot Boxes
  854. Madame Futura Knows All.....
  855. I'm a bit confused
  856. Making tarot bags and boxes
  857. Major-ly puzzled.
  858. How long do you wait after a reading?
  859. Mixing decks?
  860. Bags for storing your cards?
  861. Ever draw a court card for a court card clarifier?
  862. As you thunk it, so it shall be!
  863. How Do You Respond to Skeptics and Non-Believers?
  864. Cards picking my energy
  865. Sports and Board Games
  866. Tarot and Classic Art Poses
  867. Purchasing tarot decks and the "death card"
  868. Confirmation
  869. Online Comics
  870. More on boxes...my choice
  871. Tarot Counselling
  872. Online Tarot Journal
  873. The Cat Caught on Fire!
  874. Gift vs. Purchase?
  875. Does mood...
  876. Tarot-Psychology/Psychology-Tarot
  877. Marseille as a font
  878. How do you go about getting starting info for readings?
  879. trimming my thoth (first deck I ever owned)
  880. So, I was wondering...
  881. Need some support here!
  882. The urge to buy a deck.......
  883. I just noticed something
  884. Real World Tarot Stories 2006....
  885. Tarot by a Non -Tarotist?????
  886. Need Inspiration to finish studying
  887. Markets
  888. Timing questions
  889. Archetypes Come To Life
  890. Candles and cards just don't mix........
  891. Building Questions for Readers: A Seekers Guide
  892. Regarding the LWB and reversals
  893. Daughters of the Moon Group Coloring Project
  894. Spooky tarot questions for taroteers
  895. Personal Values and Your Tarot Readings
  896. RWS, copyright and...creative daydreaming
  897. tarotpedia.com final stage before release.
  898. Getting tarot practise
  899. Where is our mind when we read????
  900. Mary Greer - MorganGreer?
  901. Weird feelings before using cards?
  902. uncooperative deck
  903. Is buying tarot decks like buying cars?
  904. Tarot Pendants
  905. Professional Tarot Certification?
  906. Study Courses/Books
  907. Pro Readers - Worn, Torn Cards?
  908. Tarot-themed air fresheners?
  909. Which Tarot Card Are You?
  910. Reading only with minors
  911. He sees her as The Sun/The Magician
  912. Happy Birthday Solandia!!!!!!
  913. What I charge (just for info)
  914. Tarot Garden Server Offline for Move
  915. The CLUNK Moment!!
  916. Different Purpose Decks
  917. Tarot Information Overload... (long!)
  918. Top Ten Reasons NOT to Get a Tarot Reading
  919. Secrets/hopes/fears
  920. The deck picking who to read for?
  921. A sad statement, really...
  922. Had anyone tried a solitaire-layout?
  923. What makes us think------
  924. Function of a Tarot Reading
  925. How long on average do you spend?
  926. my new bag
  927. matching a spread to a question
  928. Ghosts leaving Tarot Cards
  929. future in spreads
  930. Has anyone else done this?
  931. My strange week ahead reading-cards joking
  932. Tarot Lightbulb Joke
  933. To read or not to read?
  934. Who's for giving "the Gypsies" their due?
  935. Reading patterns - is it normal?
  936. Negative Reading
  937. journaling question
  938. New RWS
  939. Dreaming of Tarot Cards
  940. Rules for Tarot Poker
  941. The First Price
  942. The Ramblings of a Fool...
  943. Two decks to learn -what should I do ?
  944. On the nature of Tarot
  945. Moon Malarky in Tarots
  946. Tarot Readings and E-Bay
  947. Online Automatic Tarot Readings?
  948. Carry a card around with you?
  949. BOTA Colors Match OGD?
  950. Stairs of Gold - Crowley Tree of Life?
  951. What am I Missing
  952. Without A Trace on CBS
  953. Does anyone do readings on the Kasamba site?
  954. Talking to Your Tarot
  955. Tarot Museum
  956. Difficult subject...
  957. Different Decks / Different Order
  958. Good Sites to Start
  959. Card Shuffeling Machine
  960. Is he gay? Cards that can indicate
  961. Interesting experience with Cosmic Tarot
  962. All in the Family
  963. Intrigued!
  964. Playing cards, Tarot or Gypsy Oracles. Does it really make that much difference?
  965. Providing information beyond responses to questions...
  966. Lovers, 2 cups and 10 cups
  967. Tarot and Spirits
  968. Best way of keeping track of your decks?
  969. Your thoughts on these cards
  970. What Can We See With Tarot?
  971. Why do so many intuitive readers suggest journaling?
  972. Possible Box contest.
  973. Slick deck hard to handle
  974. Guilty
  975. The tarots are talking to me yeppy
  976. Bad Advertisement
  977. Why does one deck work and not another??
  978. Minimum Age?
  979. Card Numbers Corresponding to Spread Positions?
  980. Anybody know anything about "The Tarot School"
  981. Tarot speech
  982. Healing Proclamation for the Vanquishing of Tarot Guilt
  983. Winter Olympics - Closing Ceremonies - Dancing Tarot Cards
  984. Tarot in the Olympics
  985. Barnes & Noble University Tarot Course.
  986. The Art of Tarot
  987. Well waddya know...
  988. same personality and soul cards
  989. whats the difference between oracle readings and tarot readings?
  990. On buying decks
  991. Reading while sick
  992. Who would you NOT read for?
  993. Who (historically) would you not read for?
  994. Who (historically) would you want to read for?
  995. What Actually Defines A Talented Reader??
  996. Mardi Gras & Lenten Tarot
  997. Pendulums and Scanning the cards
  998. Interview With A Tarot Deck
  999. Self-Bending Cards?
  1000. Answers to a Yes or No Question?
  1001. Ways That Help Me
  1002. Doubting
  1003. The cards are CALLING to me?!
  1004. reading cards for money
  1005. Curiousity about Anti-Tarot Christian Sentiment...
  1006. Christian Iconography & Tarot Symbolism
  1007. Taroting rates
  1008. Experienced Querent's Emotional Pain during reading
  1009. How/where do you usually read?
  1010. Aeclectic Tarot Questionnaire
  1011. Tarot Journal
  1012. musical connections
  1013. Nursery rhymes and tarot?
  1014. Oooooooooo !!!!!!!!!
  1015. cleansing
  1016. velvet moon tarot bags
  1017. Tarot Groups – Where are they?
  1018. Is it right that you cut the deck with opposite hand??
  1019. London shops
  1020. missing pets
  1021. Dealing with disturbing decks
  1022. Do any cards scare you?
  1023. The Benefits of a Non-Scenic/Pip/Unillustrated Deck
  1024. Deck successfully laminated!
  1025. Tarot Quiz/Test
  1026. German Customs and Canada Post??
  1027. Was it someting I said...?
  1028. Silly Little_Redfox - naughty
  1029. A Stupid Question About The Wheel of Fortune
  1030. Does the Bible says no to Tarot?
  1031. Confused
  1032. Where in Melbourne
  1033. anxiety & divination
  1034. recurring card
  1035. A Question About Advertising Web Sites
  1036. How often do you readings on major or world events?
  1037. predicting yourself in another's reading; then what?
  1038. Ethics of Tarot
  1039. The Hermit card & My life path No.9
  1040. Journal Journey
  1041. Can You Charge To Little??
  1042. LS Celtic's Non-traditional card interpretations
  1043. Interesting Correspondences : suits/elements/seasons/directions
  1044. Symbols
  1045. What's the daftest question....
  1046. A Hindu Tarot?
  1047. I like to shuffle
  1048. Just recently (last few weeks) back into Tarot
  1049. skepdic.com
  1050. Tarot and Rune Study
  1051. What is a professional? Who is a professional?
  1052. Hidden King of Cups
  1053. Do you carry your card-of-the-day with you?
  1054. Old Thread search and new thread revival...
  1055. Why do i get headaches after a Tarot reading?
  1056. "The Moon" and the Sky Disc of Nebra
  1057. confused or in love???
  1058. Reading Results always goes by my thought
  1059. What do you look for in a Pro?
  1060. Is it true that women practicing tarot (especially Taureans) normally get separated
  1061. death as soul card
  1062. tarot software/freeware: jtarot
  1063. Destiny vs Free Will
  1064. Tarot cards in Travelocity ad in Wall St. Journal
  1065. Early References to Traditional Spreads
  1066. Joseph Campbell's tarot collection?
  1067. Looking for Tarot in Raphael's Stanza della Segnatura
  1068. Freaky....
  1069. How long have you been reading Tarot
  1070. Tarot Art Book
  1071. Teen tarot readers?
  1072. scuffed cards
  1073. What religion do you belong to?
  1074. Shoulda listened...
  1075. Tarot and Death
  1076. Tarot Addiction?
  1077. US Games System plant history/offshoring? Card damage
  1078. Posting Card Images
  1079. A store with no tarot..
  1080. Tarot readings you've received
  1081. reading synchronicity
  1082. Lost Tarot Cards
  1083. What card(s) stomp you?
  1084. How much did your Deck Cost
  1085. Don't like your reading?
  1086. RWS minors seasons & directions
  1087. need clarification, please help
  1088. We have to do something about this Death card!
  1089. One spread for different kinds of questions??
  1090. Most shocking
  1091. Any Tarot practices
  1092. Hugo Boss "IV Emperor" t-shirts
  1093. Why Are Tarot Decks High Theft Items?
  1094. What were they thinking? Tarot of White Cats & Mogen David
  1095. Hopefully 'The Real Deal' ???
  1096. Does choice of Deck affect the outcome of readings?
  1097. Tarot and Cartomancy
  1098. What will you do...
  1099. what religion does tarot belong to ?
  1100. BOO!! ....and its effects.
  1101. Same card three times!!
  1102. Your Tarot Year - Calculations
  1103. 2 people draw the same cards in their readings
  1104. most asked questions?
  1105. Fewer In-Store Choices...
  1106. Just somthing
  1107. Do you think this is possible/for real?
  1108. Welcome to a new moderator
  1109. how do you feel after you do a tarot reading?
  1110. I Love Tarot
  1111. Wheel of Fortune book readers
  1112. Thirteen's meanings of RW type cards
  1113. Help! So much to learn
  1114. Buying used Tarot decks.
  1115. Tarot on Jerry Hall's Kept
  1116. cycle of suits/elements??
  1117. Have you ever been totally off the mark with your first impression of a reading/card?
  1118. Fire: An Elemental Explanation
  1119. Birthing a deck ritual
  1120. I have a problem .....
  1121. Refunding money??
  1122. "You Read Tarot? OOoo DO ME, DO ME!!"
  1123. Obstreperous clients! >:(
  1124. Reading Tarot symbols..
  1125. Organizing Tarot Spreads
  1126. Do you believe some days are 'bad' or 'good' to do a Tarot reading?
  1127. Age a problem when doing a reading?
  1128. Seekers have responsibility for how their Tarot reading turns out??
  1129. Just Had To Share
  1130. Why don’t my readings for a friend ever make sense?
  1131. When Did You Get Interested In Tarot
  1132. cards make no sense when doing readings to myself?
  1133. how did you build your confidence?
  1134. Thanks mom x
  1135. Reading by hand vs. computer generated readings
  1136. Can Tarot Be Dangerous?a Very Serious Question
  1137. The ultimate reading
  1138. I'm so upset with my readings. the outcomes aren't fixed ?
  1139. who was a secret skeptic? be honest
  1140. Do you feel more comfortable sharing your readings online as opposed to in "RL"
  1141. Using tarot for illuminating the past?
  1142. Anyone have this happen?...
  1143. My first reading
  1144. Metaphysical Shops
  1145. payment: the sticky issue
  1146. Have you ever used the cards to ask the question?
  1147. Online course?
  1148. certification - updated info?
  1149. something intresting happened while i was mediating...
  1150. How to progress from beginner to become a Genuine Tarot Reader
  1151. can cards help to find a missing person?
  1152. Sometimes They Do the Reading For You
  1153. The Fool on the Hill - The Beatles
  1154. First paid readings
  1155. Reading on mundane questions
  1156. Asking for Decks and Card Names
  1157. Vacation Decks
  1158. How do you feel when you buy new Deck?
  1159. Tarot or Oracle?
  1160. how do you do general readings?
  1161. Weirdest thing....
  1162. Holding back when reading??
  1163. tarot and the davinci code...
  1164. Tarot doesnt need qualifications
  1165. Mr. T-Bear: about your new book ...
  1166. Learning how to read proffesionaly
  1167. Tarot and Reiki
  1168. Have you ever lost faith in the Tarot?
  1169. Heartache
  1170. To Be Paid Money or Otherwise: The Exchange
  1171. Using books for interpretation?
  1172. tarot: offensive
  1173. o.o
  1174. Knitted Tarot Bags?
  1175. Trimming the DruidCraft or the NOVT?
  1176. How should you 'part' with Tarot decks
  1177. Year Card? Birth Card?
  1178. im totally new to tarot
  1179. reading at a party
  1180. number of join AT calculations
  1181. Webcam Readings?
  1182. Physically explain 'grounding' please
  1183. some serious advice...
  1184. "Hot" Decks?
  1185. Reading for myself
  1186. Overanalysis and Tarot Reading
  1187. Birth cards / psychology .....
  1188. Free Tarot Readings & Fee Tarot Readings
  1189. Yes/No readings and accuracy
  1190. What Should I Do?
  1191. Decks that just don't work!
  1192. You choose the Tarot or it chooses you?
  1193. Index:trimming;gaylesbian;making bagsboxes;travellingdeck,One Deck Wonder etc
  1194. Question related to be a licensed Tarot Reader?
  1195. Blank Cards
  1196. Have you given your friends the tarot bug?
  1197. tarot passages - not updated for quite a while???
  1198. Timelines
  1199. Environments/physical landscape
  1200. modern tarot rant
  1201. To do a reading about a reading...or not?
  1202. I just needed that deck!
  1203. TarotUniverse? anyone order from them?
  1204. Court cards as MBTI types
  1205. Risk
  1206. How many of you dream about Tarot?
  1207. Holier than thou
  1208. Tarot During Full Moon......
  1209. Can I post a reading here as a newbie?
  1210. The History behind your Decks.
  1211. Media appearance for Mark McElroy and the Da Vinci Tarot
  1212. Have you done a reading and been told your wrong or just don't know anything?
  1213. Reading For Friends
  1214. Reading Tables
  1215. Prepping for a professional reading
  1216. Wallpaper Present for You!
  1217. Tarot versus playing cards
  1218. question
  1219. How do you keep a notebook?
  1220. Kris Hadar Institute
  1221. Madame Wanda
  1222. Will my boyfriend come back? (even though he is a total jerk....)
  1223. Tarot - escapism or healing?
  1224. To trim or not to trim? The World Spirit Tarot
  1225. About to begin a Death Year. Anyone else? Any advice?
  1226. Tarot meditation
  1227. Tarot Ratio
  1228. how many past lifes?
  1229. New/Used~Cleansing cards; question
  1230. Where O where has the Devil gone?
  1231. Survey: Tarot and Birth Order
  1232. Anyone else in a Chariot year?
  1233. Have you ever suffered from readers block?
  1234. Book suggestions for Ukiyoe tarot???
  1235. The Necessity of Astrology
  1236. I still need help...
  1237. Eating and doing readings
  1238. Funny or is there something to it? ;-)
  1239. How does a deck "Speak" to me
  1240. A dog deck
  1241. Giving live readings & opening my own business
  1242. Major Tom's TdM ~ My Box
  1243. Conversations with tarot
  1244. Three Major Arcana walk into a bar....
  1245. Sezo's tarot stall eeeeek
  1246. Tarotpedia hits 200 members/500 pages
  1247. Strenght in connection with Tyr and Fenris?
  1248. Tarot card
  1249. Jung, Mandala, archetypes
  1250. tarot stores in minneapolis??
  1251. Tarot Software Writer requesting help
  1252. Reading without a spread
  1253. When does the year of lovers begin for me?
  1254. Do you let other people handle your decks?
  1255. Talking Tarot
  1256. Your Birth DAY card - according to Tarotbear
  1257. What's it all for?
  1258. First face-to-face reading fears!!
  1259. How can I learn to use my intuition?....
  1260. Gifts in meditation.
  1261. No Sixes
  1262. Reading for spirits
  1263. Wonky Readings
  1264. The Cards that Fall out
  1265. looking for places in Dallas to do readings
  1266. My Tarot Card
  1267. Can the Tower be avoided?
  1268. OOPS! reading with no cards???
  1269. Can you ask this?
  1270. We buy new decks but never land up even opening them?
  1271. Tired?
  1272. How Tarot and Work merge
  1273. investigation tarot + Inanna
  1274. When do you begin to see...
  1275. Tarot readings
  1276. Good Vibrations
  1277. please tell me what this means... mediation and message from guide
  1278. Thoughts/ruminations .... care to join in?
  1279. Don´t want to become a taroholic!!
  1280. The Box sets...
  1281. Folded a card!
  1282. Tarot symbols
  1283. a new tarot journal exercise
  1284. 97 Card Deck?
  1285. Why didn't I realise
  1286. What Makes A Tarot A Tarot?
  1287. Has anything new been attempted?
  1288. Betrayal?
  1289. Tarot and Past Life Readings/Audio course
  1290. Non Believer Turned Believer
  1291. my roomate's cat chew two cards from different decks...
  1292. Tarot Goddess
  1293. Expected Prices of Used Decks
  1294. Tarot Garden Server Going Offline for Move
  1295. How about you?
  1296. funny story about a daily draw 'surprise' card
  1297. Tarot shops
  1298. Starting the Hero's Journey with the Magician and not the Fool?
  1299. monthly forecasts
  1300. Tarot on NCSI
  1301. Did anyone watch Rita Cosby tonight?
  1302. Any ideas/suggestions for a Medieval type easy to set up stall?
  1303. chapters and tarot...
  1304. Tarot without Training Wheels
  1305. 11:11 and the tarot?
  1306. Which tarot decks will we be seeing in the next few years??
  1307. Doing readings for Questico, viversum,etc?
  1308. Grr/LWB damage/HELP!
  1309. Tarot bag/spread cloths needed...
  1310. Uh-Oh...collecting books now, too!
  1311. the devil loves a sense of humour!!!
  1312. Do clients expect Tarot readers to be psychic?
  1313. How many people from Detroit area?
  1314. new cards and if there is any specific....
  1315. Thanks for nothing, MSNBC. A question of ethics.
  1316. Druidcraft at amazon.com
  1317. Tarot reader business cards
  1318. Am I nuts or...
  1319. bless the tarot. just kiss it !
  1320. Lots or Little
  1321. is it possible to wipe the slate clean and start again
  1322. What is the duality about?
  1323. Three Tarot Wishes...
  1324. Tarot or Cards from movie The Cell?
  1325. A reading that simply said NO
  1326. Ms Kill the Messenger returns...
  1327. Why did it happen now of all times?
  1328. LS gold foil decks - how do they survive being at regular use?
  1329. When is it time to move on?
  1330. Question on reading
  1331. How do you do a general reading?
  1332. tarot spells book i got. question...
  1333. I hate kits...
  1334. Do you name your decks?
  1335. Tarot Deck and my card
  1336. Exactly when is a deck considered "too worn to use"??
  1337. Famous Cartomancers
  1338. Letting the querent choose the deck?
  1339. timeframe different depending on querent's age?
  1340. Tarot and the inward journey - Part II RW and Haindl
  1341. Gematria/Tarot
  1342. My Favourite Spread Cloth
  1343. Personal card
  1344. The Most Amazing Gift!!
  1345. spreadcloths-do you use one?
  1346. "8 of Swords" really great mystery
  1347. Why do 6 Rider-Waite Majors have no "THE" in the name?
  1348. To Tarot or not to Tarot
  1349. The 8 of Wands in Flight
  1350. Parlour Tricks
  1351. Three Hour After Prom Party...
  1352. My Dream
  1353. Going over the top - where does it end?
  1354. so i did the tarot spell...
  1355. Published Deck in Years
  1356. What to do, What to do
  1357. what does your tarot journal look like?
  1358. Technically Tarot
  1359. AT has been such an influnce on me...
  1360. "dancing" candleflame?
  1361. Increasing your Intuition
  1362. Where do you keep your decks ?
  1363. places to buy tarot books in Australia?
  1364. What led you to tarot cards?
  1365. Creating decks
  1366. Need help with labels on back of deck...
  1367. Wondering....
  1368. Persecuted at work!
  1369. Karma - Past Lives
  1370. Joan Bunning's Website: Down?
  1371. Is it possible to "over-read" a subject?
  1372. Place to find $ Value of Tarot?
  1373. Invoking
  1374. Reading Experiments with tarot - what have you tried?
  1375. coins and circles
  1376. keep dealing until a good card comes ?
  1377. "AS ABOVE SO BELOW" From Majors to Courts & vice
  1378. The difficult querent.....returns
  1379. The same subject over and over again
  1380. LS Tarot Art Nouveau Velveteen Bag?
  1381. Reading thoughts and not the truth...
  1382. tarot shopping in London - your suggestions please!
  1383. Reading Marseille decks - let me get this straight
  1384. Psychic ability
  1385. What makes a Pip deck a "Good reading deck?"
  1386. UK phone lines
  1387. I am stuck in a loop
  1388. Setting boundaries
  1389. Time managment
  1390. Positive & Negative Energy
  1391. losing faith?
  1392. Daily tarot rituals ?
  1393. DaVinci's Last Supper
  1394. Question about dreams...
  1395. Live Reading?
  1396. Cleansing Tarot cards
  1397. How Did You Learn To Read?
  1398. deck replacment time
  1399. An Urban tarot Legend [9/11]?
  1400. Group Tarot Readings
  1401. Etheria great service
  1402. Disclaimers when reading....
  1403. Getting Back into tarot after BURNOUT?
  1404. so what do you do next?
  1405. Conversion of Spreads to Majors Only
  1406. Smokey Deck Blues....
  1407. cleansing pre loved deck
  1408. Crazy templar-related tarot theory
  1409. eBay readings
  1410. Be careful when storing tarot cards in wood boxes from India
  1411. A Tarot Poem by Fulgour
  1412. what flower/incense corresponds to the Major Arcanas?
  1413. Help Me Find This Diagram!
  1414. How do you know when you're ready?
  1415. Hurricane Landfall Predicting with Tarot
  1416. Keeping it simple!!!
  1417. At least I can help promote Tarot studies....
  1418. A Tarot Poem
  1419. Questions,Questions and More Questions!
  1420. Enchanted / Zerner-Farber tarot lovers !!
  1421. Help! I’m suffering from tarot malaise!
  1422. Attracted to a particular card?
  1423. Anyone learn tarot this way?
  1424. For the Readers who Read for money and have Clients
  1425. Tarot references in rock music- Led Zeppelin.
  1426. A Tarot filled birthday
  1427. Your problem cards
  1428. Two big problems for me....
  1429. When decks stop talking to you?
  1430. Tarot Magick
  1431. TarotSchool.com
  1432. Some thoughts on the nature of Card Reading//
  1433. Tarot is a trademark?
  1434. weird experiences
  1435. I'm starting a new job and I'm scared!
  1436. Why do we discuss Tarot and other oracle card decks separately?
  1437. Tarot shops in london???
  1438. How did you choose?
  1439. Tipping?
  1440. Reading for a loved one?
  1441. Is it bad luck to buy your own deck?
  1442. what's it mean when your cards start flying and jumping out ...
  1443. Shuffling the deck all together
  1444. Journey spread - card jump out
  1445. Questions we Ask of Tarot
  1446. When you Started
  1447. Reading in Reverse
  1448. The latest fashions from Tarotland ...
  1449. Your Tarot tent, wagon, etc.
  1450. Which was the first cat themed deck?
  1451. Using Tarot to Solve Crimes...
  1452. A story with a question
  1453. AT MONSTERS / From which AT members have you learned more till this moment?
  1454. Coloring decks
  1455. Shops in San Francisco?
  1456. Too Many Readings?
  1457. Mundane Tarot Tips
  1458. Newbies! Seasoned Readers! Test Your Accuracy-Reading Exercise
  1459. Does anyone have a deck they use for themselves only?
  1460. "Tarot & Oracle Combination Readings" ~ What Decks/Oracles Do You Like to Use & Why??
  1461. Is it helpful to read several books while learning?
  1462. Left brain/right brain
  1463. McReadings...
  1464. Full Moon and The Moon
  1465. using the Tarot for communication..
  1466. Get a load of this eBay auction!
  1467. What is the best thing to carry your deck in?
  1468. Traveling help x_x'
  1469. Tarot when you're up? Tarot when you're down?
  1470. Clarifying
  1471. weekly collection
  1472. Planning to read for a lot of people.
  1473. Gilded going banana???
  1474. How do you learn Empathy?
  1475. Shopping for tarot fabric .
  1476. Decks that you don't want to shuffle
  1477. What is a Tarot Reading?
  1478. Vanity Publishers (split from another thread)
  1479. Changing tastes.....
  1480. Why is Lo Scarabeo Catalogue down?
  1481. Accuracy of tarot decks
  1482. folktale about tarot
  1483. hi, may someone please help solve my question
  1484. can tarot be use at night
  1485. need help to find decks in Texas
  1486. Reversals
  1487. Goodbye to Tarot .. for a while.
  1488. Is Waite's Pictorial Key, too harsh and outdated in modern times
  1489. tarotpedia.com
  1490. Reading carpet samples??? Breath Mints???
  1491. delayed tarot reading...
  1492. Creating New Class: Tarot & Magick
  1493. Is Tarot for real? I'm really scared now...
  1494. Tarot readers with no technical understanding from studying books etc.
  1495. Archetypal Energy...Beyond the Majors
  1496. The Benefits of Tarot?
  1497. 14 and under readings ?
  1498. can i still use this deck? there's a scratch on the hermit card.
  1499. Back of Deck Design
  1500. Who was a Skeptic
  1501. Tarot Dreams (or parenting with Tarot)
  1502. Tarot Dreams (or parenting with Tarot) 2nd try
  1503. Those narrow-minded... cows. >.<
  1504. A learning technique, proxy readings
  1505. Out there question
  1506. How did you learn to trust your cards?
  1507. Age you started
  1508. Tarot Sighting
  1509. Extra Card
  1510. asking for signs
  1511. How much per hour?
  1512. Starting A phoneline...
  1513. Appropriate Feedback
  1514. The greatest cover up
  1515. Teaching tarot to kids?
  1516. Linked energy?
  1517. WIERD!! something unsual happened.
  1518. Where do you hide your decks
  1519. Fake Seal On Cards
  1520. Emails, Emails, Emails...
  1521. sticky cards?
  1522. best approach to intuitive tarot readings..
  1523. What do you keep your collection in ??
  1524. Credibility & Media Member Group Idea
  1525. Cards you dislike and overcoming it
  1526. For those of you who like Tarot in fiction - a heads-up
  1527. Left or right handed?
  1528. Don't know quite what to make of this would-be client...
  1529. yeah me and my burning questions...
  1530. Who has a website?
  1531. how much do you pay for a tarot bag
  1532. Applying to read at a store
  1533. No tipsy tarot-readers?
  1534. Handedness???
  1535. Trickses (the free kind)
  1536. AT Tarot Assocation
  1537. problem
  1538. Do you memorize first?
  1539. To trim or not to trim? The Tarot of Transformation
  1540. slow relationship with decks?
  1541. Do I need to charge/ cleanse my Tarot cards before 1st reading?
  1542. Anyone in Canadian Tarot Association?
  1543. fallen cards and questions
  1544. Ebay tarot deck seller from hell
  1545. If you run out of questions?
  1546. Geography and "charging" decks
  1547. Need a Website Partner (How to Find One?)
  1548. Tarot meditation question
  1549. Why Ace and not One
  1550. Organizing Forum Commitments
  1551. Ideas for boosting your business
  1552. Is there any deck more desirable than a "haunted" one?
  1553. Should I stop practicing tarot if i want to get pregnant?
  1554. What does this mean?
  1555. Learning technique using cassette recorder
  1556. Grrrr... Kasamba question
  1557. How important is the significator?
  1558. Twin decks
  1559. how do people here get referrals?
  1560. mixed up places
  1561. The Other Side of the Tarot Business: Book Keeping etc.
  1562. how to used pendulum in tarot reading
  1563. Can a card or position indicate Timing of outcome?
  1564. Question about marking decks
  1565. how long do you take for a reading?
  1566. The card flew out & landed sideways
  1567. In love with my deck or just obsessed??
  1568. Guessing the card
  1569. Intuitive Drawing?
  1570. Anyone else find reading pretty draining?
  1571. Tarot and places
  1572. Tarot.. Bad or good?
  1573. When they want "combo" readings...
  1574. Not sure where exactly to put this, but: Media Mail doesn't cover cards!
  1575. How do you keep your tarot journals?
  1576. Tarot in the News
  1577. anybody know any classes online that...
  1578. Stalking by tarot?
  1579. Do childlike decks offer childish readings?
  1580. Purposely forgotten and not
  1581. Who can Tarot serve?
  1582. Tarot in sex and the city
  1583. Bootleged Decks
  1584. Am I doing something wrong?
  1585. Too much energy when carrying a deck?
  1586. does anyone else feel silly
  1587. Co workers driving me nuts
  1588. Invoking... what IS? & what not?
  1589. Movie "Scoop" and Tarot cards
  1590. Sickness after reading
  1591. Recycling your cards....does anyone do this?
  1592. this web course. thought?
  1593. why do i feel this way? reading for some people
  1594. Insane Tarot Myths...
  1595. Ebay auction
  1596. My deck seems to have sprung a gasket
  1597. Oh, the Pain! a.k.a. Losing Homemade Cards
  1598. Tarot use with internet dating
  1599. Two systems
  1600. the first tarot reading ever..the most accurate?
  1601. How do you get over it, when a reading goes bad?
  1602. surrender the lily...
  1603. To cleanse a first deck?
  1604. Anyone ever bought those blank decks?
  1605. Which do you prefer interpreting numbers in tarot?
  1606. Can Tarot answer medical questions?
  1607. What is your favorite card?
  1608. Has anyone else spotted him yet? - Guess what I'm reporting to eBay?
  1609. Inverted?
  1610. Dreaming about the Tarot
  1611. Connecting With My Cards
  1612. Psychic Fair - any advice?
  1613. wow...some decks really are going through the roof!
  1614. Reading Results and Paths of Action
  1615. Tarot Instant Messaging Job?
  1616. Trimm a rider waite, what a jobs!!!!
  1617. e-mail readings?
  1618. using majors only decks
  1619. How could the cards have been THIS *wrong*??
  1620. Rash of 'Tarot Quitters' ???
  1621. Readings on eBay?
  1622. Frustration!!! Please Help
  1623. The depressed-to-suicidal client, & how to handle them
  1624. Reliability of online tarot readings?
  1625. Why a depressed person oftenly gets bad cards& an euphoric person good ones?
  1626. Why so drained and tired after reading today??
  1627. Story Time
  1628. Tarot, consciousness and creation of reality.
  1629. How do i interpret cards for other people
  1630. karmic souls connected through the Tarot??
  1631. Will Ferrell?
  1632. question on interpretation
  1633. The General Tarot Questions from the Eyes of a Beginner
  1634. Husband Disapproves
  1635. Compensation?
  1636. I am so proud of myself! only 50 decks to go...
  1637. multiple readings in one day
  1638. pouch
  1639. Got the "Scoop"?
  1640. Tarot everywhere
  1641. Extraterrestrial Readings: What deck do you pick? And what questions would they ask?
  1642. too confused.
  1643. I'm in a difficult place right now....
  1644. Question about used decks.
  1645. Sharing tarot with minors
  1646. How to artificially aged your tarot deck ?
  1647. High Priestess..Read it!!!
  1648. interpretating the Tarot to "non-believers"
  1649. Anyone have a 'readings to do' list?
  1650. what to read about?
  1651. Beginner Advice please
  1652. My website
  1653. What does your spread cloth look like?
  1654. Tarot Author Event
  1655. Website traffic- or lack of!
  1656. Bent Cards
  1657. fear
  1658. One Small Step for Mankind...
  1659. Need advice about a spread
  1660. What's your Yes Card
  1661. Tarot Bags profitable?
  1662. A fun game for you and your Tarot Deck
  1663. Tarot in the Soap Operas
  1664. Do you ever feel.........
  1665. "Tarot Day"?
  1666. General Readings at Special Events
  1667. Question on The book of thoth?
  1668. De-Thoth-ing?
  1669. Tarot Book CLUBS
  1670. Psychic tarot
  1671. A Q about Daily Readings
  1672. new deck
  1673. hiding my tarot cards
  1674. Outside the Tarot Life...
  1675. Of tarot-based spells
  1676. How Tarot Works!
  1677. What do you say when they don't like what the cards say?
  1678. The Laundrymat????
  1679. Dealing with Doubt and Conflict
  1680. lol... a little wierd
  1681. If you could be...
  1682. doing readings over the phone
  1683. Video Tarot lessons on YouTube!!!
  1684. Tarot Garden offline
  1685. question
  1686. More than Just the Tarot?
  1687. Tarot Funk
  1688. Problems shuffling 'new' deck
  1689. My new busniss cards
  1690. What works? What doesn't?
  1691. Removing ink from Tarot Cards
  1692. One step further... using reversals
  1693. New to reading, confused
  1694. Aquarian Tarot 7 of Cups Skydiver
  1695. Curious about readings styles
  1696. Divinity
  1697. loan me your ideas! for a nice "gift parcel"
  1698. My own 78 Weeks .. please support me!
  1699. French and english interpretation of swords.
  1700. A common problem with interpretations
  1701. Succeded with donations?
  1702. Tarot and the Other Realm
  1703. Sleepings with the Lovers card.
  1704. I don't get it
  1705. One Deck Wonders - REUNION!
  1706. Five and Trip Zedz: A dread ‘bout nuttin’
  1707. entering a card
  1708. My deck doesn't like me - what to do?
  1709. Looking for bookstore
  1710. What types of questions do you use tarot to answer
  1711. Tarot origin thoughts
  1712. How long did it take you?
  1713. How much time per day
  1714. Tarot Dream Circle!
  1715. This was eeery...has it happened to you?
  1716. My other half left me, I cannot read the cards anymore!!!!
  1717. Look at the cat dragged in ;-)
  1718. Tarot classes?
  1719. hanged woman/man
  1720. During readings who/what is in control ?
  1721. Trust your immediate instinct or logical thinking?
  1722. French and English interpretation of Swords
  1723. Just a few questions
  1724. A box full of booty
  1725. Tarot and the art of spinning
  1726. what is a homosexual card ?
  1727. --MODIFYING A DECK: CUT/WRITE/ETC in any way-- *INDEX*
  1728. Can i use tarot to recall my childhood memory?
  1729. Problem? I don't want to open my new decks.
  1730. water-proofing cards
  1731. Would this be too tacky?
  1732. How Many Years Have You Practiced Tarot ?
  1733. Disenchanted
  1734. Most Decks Purchased?
  1735. Tarot Decks - Queensland
  1736. My website - opinons and tips
  1737. Does Anyone Ever Run Into This Problem...
  1738. Study groups
  1739. Where does everyone Advertise
  1740. Jerky things clients do
  1741. Destroying a Deck (2 Questions)
  1742. Timing Cards in Celtic Spread
  1743. Sealing the edges?
  1744. Fun how people can change there minds
  1745. Reading for the world
  1746. Confused?
  1747. Looking for a spread about infidelity
  1748. "Tarot Runes" ideas--Shell and Sharpies
  1749. Tarot to Playing Cards?
  1750. Has Anyone Mentioned Recently How Wonderful Jeannette at Tarot Garden Is?
  1751. "Thou Shalt Not Make Graven Images"
  1752. Converting sceptics and reading for "believers"
  1753. Possibly Stupid Question for Professional Readers in Wisconsin
  1754. My Business card
  1755. Cards meaning printed on the card + or - ?
  1756. One Deck Wonders
  1757. One Deck Wonder Support Thread
  1758. Tarot Readers in Singapore?
  1759. History of Tarot re: Link to Occult
  1760. Remembering the meanings of the cards.
  1761. Psychic knowing
  1762. Getting hired for Parties
  1763. What does this mean???
  1764. Doing two readings
  1765. Rituals
  1766. Is this wrong to do?
  1767. Same card, different deck
  1768. Reversals question
  1769. What goes with the Magician card?
  1770. The Hanged Man :: Upperworld-Underworld?
  1771. Crazy "Energy" When Reading...
  1772. What is appropriate feedback?
  1773. 1st official reading
  1774. Sleepings with The Fool
  1775. How was your first reading?
  1776. Do you have a favorite suit in the minors?
  1777. Client looking for a miracle from the cards/me
  1778. 1st reading :(
  1779. A Blue Book. Was it an Oracle Deck or a Tarot Deck?
  1780. text your question and I pick cards
  1781. A question about using a new spread.
  1782. believing in future cards
  1783. WOW,unbelievable observation: tarot and your soul number....
  1784. What do you make of this?
  1785. What do you think of my Halloween booth idea?
  1786. Sometimes I hate questions that people ask
  1787. Tarot on "30 Days"
  1788. Mix and Match Deck
  1789. trouble shuffling
  1790. Wooohooooo! It's trim time!
  1791. Question - How long do you keep readings?
  1792. Accurate readings soo freaky
  1793. First Week - Some Thoughts.
  1794. Smell the cards
  1795. It's as if the deck didn't want to shuffle...
  1796. Interesting...
  1797. What can I do? I´m blocked!!!
  1798. Cards popping out while shuffling?
  1799. Is my Tarot just a hobby or more..
  1800. Reading on same subject
  1801. So many reversals in 1 & 2 card readings
  1802. Tarot Conflicts
  1803. The Lady has gone missing *cry*
  1804. you love the deck, but you hate these one or two cards--what do you do?!?!
  1805. Cutting Up Da Vinci
  1806. false teeth, lateral thinking and tarot
  1807. Trimming decks. Has anyone given it up?
  1808. Bad card readings
  1809. Does Tarot ever scare you?
  1810. When the cards are overwhelmingly negative...
  1811. When its for you as much as them...
  1812. Unexpected cards
  1813. Swords as Fire and Wands as Air
  1814. Sorry.....No Sale
  1815. for non UK buyers of tarot and books
  1816. Happy Tower feedback.
  1817. Tarot too general
  1818. Nasty Nellie's!!!
  1819. what does your collection say about YOU!
  1820. Asking the cards questions?
  1821. Caution: eBay Rant --- eBay Rant
  1822. cards picking up energy
  1823. repair peeling cards
  1824. Pents & Swords everywhere!!!!
  1825. LWB Meanings
  1826. Timing of cards?
  1827. Sedona, Arizona
  1828. Have a question...regarding the reading of this boyfriend "story" here..
  1829. Can you suggest suitable spreads to use at a psychic fair???
  1830. Cleaning a deck - not cleansing
  1831. Do you beleive?
  1832. when you want to read and your body doesn't
  1833. Online/Phone Readings
  1834. List of Tarot Questions
  1835. Arrghhh !
  1836. Does the client have to be infront fo you?
  1837. reading in a mind-set for a mind-set
  1838. I feel like i need a long break from tarot :(
  1839. Question on Tarot card storage
  1840. Natural Readers
  1841. benefits of being an aeclectic subscriber?
  1842. Anyone Buy From Awakenings in Europe?
  1843. How can I become more psychic?
  1844. My friend says.......
  1845. Putting cards back in order
  1846. Good clairvoyant readers?
  1847. Is it wrong to charge?
  1848. How do you control yourself? (limit your collection!)
  1849. Newbie questions - foundations of Tarot
  1850. when A ask a question about B, the answer is specifically to A or B?
  1851. "Mystical Reasons" vs Plain Common Sense Rant
  1852. Wants know about official tarot organizations
  1853. Headache
  1854. Janitor is to Tarot Reader as Maintenance Technician is to ???
  1855. If you could design the perfect deck, what qualities would it have?
  1856. Why are backs so important?
  1857. Why do you buy Tarot's?
  1858. Are There Persons You Can't or Won't read For/ Any Reasons?
  1859. Air and Strife
  1860. The same question over and over?
  1861. Is buying online ok?
  1862. Why do you come here?
  1863. giving up
  1864. The Sexiest Tarot Card?
  1865. which style of art do you prefer in a deck?
  1866. Teaching children about tarot
  1867. Poll: Money & Art
  1868. Buying Tarot on Ebay - frustration!
  1869. Umm I have another question
  1870. Card trying to lose itself?
  1871. Getting fresh perspectives
  1872. Sun, Moon and Rising Sign
  1873. "what's he/she thinking?" etc.
  1874. which tarot card bores you
  1875. "Violating" the original meaning. Is it o.k.?
  1876. Lunar eclipse charging
  1877. stories
  1878. His Dark Materials + Tarot! = Discuss!
  1879. Tarot and Psychic Protection
  1880. Moving Universal Waite in Madonna's concert
  1881. How often?
  1882. Tarot Spells
  1883. Readings on a distressing news story
  1884. astrology/tarot relations
  1885. Quick question!
  1886. Personal judgement of tarot readers
  1887. Beginner
  1888. Untradable and Most Tradable Decks
  1889. HOW/WHY did you start with tarot ?
  1890. Buying Tarot Journals
  1891. who does the card remind you of??
  1892. The ultimate storage for tarot...
  1893. What is the right way to approach Feedback?
  1894. Which deck for which subject?
  1895. internet vs. bookstore: What do you think?
  1896. Is a christian able to use tarot for divining?
  1897. Do you let others touch your deck ?
  1898. To Tell, or Not to Tell?
  1899. Is Future written?
  1900. What are your opinions on this please?
  1901. Decks as a fashion accessory
  1902. Finding my intuition
  1903. Keeping the deck packaging or not?
  1904. US Games Decks Printed In Italy Suk
  1905. How the reader feels while reading
  1906. New Spread for a New Deck?
  1907. Laying out the cards in patterns
  1908. Deck Sale at Discount New Age Books
  1909. Stage Two (Or how did you learn Tarot...?)
  1910. GD Astrological Correspondences for Number Cards
  1911. Las Vegas Shops
  1912. Why don't you answer me??
  1913. Significator cards....
  1914. Got gypped by someone at Kasamba...
  1915. How do people feel about altering cards?
  1916. Need help!
  1917. Prioritizing your Wishlist
  1918. Creating your own Tarot Box
  1919. Displaying Cards
  1920. Pregnant and Reading Tarot
  1921. The Fool Meditation
  1922. please give some suggestion about websites for cards meaning
  1923. I had an interesting thought today I want to share
  1924. Strength - Justice swapped positions
  1925. Losing Faith
  1926. does tarot make you feel safe?
  1927. New student - which deck should I start with?
  1928. Tarot and.... Chess?
  1929. some Q's @ repeated cards and a reading
  1930. question re doing same reading with different deck
  1931. Hello, my name is thinbuddha, and I am a tarot collector.
  1932. Alain Badiou's philosophy and the four 'lower' suits
  1933. did anybody ever say "tarot" instead of "taro" ?
  1934. How do you select your cards after shuffling?
  1935. Crayon Stains
  1936. Question re different interpretations
  1937. Tarot bags
  1938. Recommended reading for the New Pro Reader...
  1939. Is it OK to "wing it" with spreads?
  1940. I finally went & did it .....
  1941. Being 'in tune' with a deck ....
  1942. Influencing Amazon? - Split from the 'What are you awaiting in the mail?' thread
  1943. Trying to resist!!!
  1944. What does your spouse/family/friends think about tarot?
  1945. Male Tarot Readers
  1946. The number order of the Majors - Mythic Tarot
  1947. Does your gender influence your liking to certain cards?
  1948. What can I change to get out of this nightmare?
  1949. what's the difference after the tarot enter to your life?
  1950. How much have you spent on tarot?
  1951. telling ppl what your hobbies/interests are...
  1952. Are you "funny" about who touches your cards?
  1953. Using magnifying glasses
  1954. Seeing Spirits After Using The Cards
  1955. Do you carry single/couple of cards around?
  1956. Shuffling around
  1957. Reading Discussion: Location or Mental State?
  1958. The feel of a well loved deck
  1959. Is it okay to do readings on yourself?
  1960. Museo dei tarocchi
  1961. Looking For A good Magician Image
  1962. confused
  1963. anybody ever draw your tarot deck in stick figures?
  1964. 21 Ways to Choose a Tarot Deck
  1965. Several tarot books available at bookmooch
  1966. NCIS - tarot cards
  1967. Things/Issues you can't read
  1968. Umbrae
  1969. Significator card
  1970. Certificates
  1971. help!
  1972. Do you have to be psychic to be a reader?
  1973. Does your mood effect the card that come up?
  1974. Tarot Tatto's
  1975. TOTALLY freaked out
  1976. Tarot on TV
  1977. where does tarot go to break new ground
  1978. If you could step inside one card - what would it be and what would you say or do?
  1979. About this "tarotholic" and "tarot collector" thing
  1980. Rambleings
  1981. How do you determine your soul card?
  1982. Thoughts On Tarot Addiction
  1983. Any ATers of romani descent or interested in romani culture?
  1984. reading talks about two different things
  1985. Lelandra's "Tarot Study Helps" Website
  1986. Miss Cleo Interview in The Advocate
  1987. Have you asked one question & got something else?
  1988. WS clones – similar meanings or different?
  1989. Vengeance...
  1990. Carol Herzer, Illuminated Tarot contact??
  1991. Going Pro
  1992. How much to charge?
  1993. You in the tarot deck.
  1994. Th Death card
  1995. shipping cost from UK to US?
  1996. Do lyrics to songs ever make you think of a tarot card?
  1997. What Does the Sitter Need?
  1998. non-professional tarot readings at a party
  1999. Reading when you are sick causes readings to be incorrect??
  2000. The Suits and The Seasons
  2001. Reading for yourself/friend - How not to cloud interpretation
  2002. I think of my Tarot Collection like I think of....
  2003. Tarot under the Pillow
  2004. Why do you read the Tarot?
  2005. The Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle
  2006. bags for mini decks
  2007. daily draws
  2008. Just done a major Mind-Body-Soul fair . . .
  2009. Halloween rituals?????
  2010. Young Readers
  2011. Asking questions more than once?
  2012. Tarot shops in Paris?
  2013. Tarot on Youtube
  2014. When did you start learning the tarot?
  2015. When the cards are giving you messages...
  2016. What tea do you drink when reading?
  2017. Madonna Lyrics/Tarot
  2018. When the images are different....
  2019. Guilt on other Decks
  2020. ORganizing cards...???????????
  2021. Ciro's tarot in jigsaw
  2022. Joining TABI?
  2023. Tarot Shops in Woking, England
  2024. BOTA and Paul Case
  2025. Tarot article in 1972 Playboy
  2026. Charging for a reading/internet
  2027. Do you like to know the Querent's question or not?
  2028. All those decks!....
  2029. Wrong!!!!
  2030. In-person vs Over-the-phone
  2031. What is the best way of clarifying a card?
  2032. narratives
  2033. Readings using multiple decks?
  2034. Having trouble letting go....
  2035. Stained Glass Tarot Card
  2036. Tips, books, sites etc. on training/protecting one's voice?
  2037. Storing cards in their box AND in a bag?
  2038. Items I have and what to do with them...
  2039. Music & Tarot
  2040. Questions to ask
  2041. The Weirdest Places
  2042. got a professional reading
  2043. Tarot Full Circle or A Journey to Nowhere?
  2044. Thanks and farewell to Major Tom
  2045. doing tough, big life issue readings
  2046. sleeping with cards under pillow?
  2047. which card do you very rarely get
  2048. quick cleansing?
  2049. Trigono è andato? (Trigono is gone?)
  2050. Classical or Romantic?
  2051. Celtic Cross - A useless random bit of info
  2052. Copyright issues - Tarot cards on blogs
  2053. Evolution of Tarot Beginners before the tarot itself
  2054. Left in the Lurch!
  2055. I have a question about digitally archiving
  2056. Jumping cards :(
  2057. first commercial reading - thoughts/feelings?
  2058. Ciro's tarot jigsaw
  2059. Neat-o insight from astrology spread
  2060. what will you do after you get the messages from readings?
  2061. Silly question
  2062. How to know if court cards are persons or not?
  2063. Cups-love? no matter what reading?
  2064. why is it that i come on here and get answers to my questions without asking them
  2065. Is tarot for mere peons who had too much coffee?? LOL
  2066. Meditating on pip cards
  2067. Death Card Statue - What Deck?
  2068. same colors in cards
  2069. Am I just crazy...
  2070. free online readings
  2071. What would you do?
  2072. Carl Jung feeling and emotions....
  2073. the mood changes so do the cards..how is that?
  2074. I Finally Told Him.!!!!!
  2075. any readers you would recommend?
  2076. Tarot Christmas Party
  2077. Feedback Needed on Psychic Mentor Service Idea
  2078. eBay's Excluded Words Function
  2079. Going Soft: Fluffy Bunny Interpretation
  2080. How to deal with advice?
  2081. A Question of Ethics
  2082. If there's someone you can't read for---
  2083. The first silver that crossed my palm...
  2084. New w/ Questions
  2085. Do you ever get the feeling you're not "allowed" to know??
  2086. Knowing more than I would've liked....
  2087. Anyone have an audio file of a Tarot Story?
  2088. Tarot in-reading protection
  2089. Have you ever received a subpar professional reading?
  2090. Finally Overcome My Fear of Live Reading
  2091. Looking for feedback from AT members re: my use of ED's
  2092. So Frustrated
  2093. Do the tarot cards boss you around!?
  2094. did you have a question?
  2095. FREE tarot bags...
  2096. Ohh! PRAISE to the AT forum!
  2097. Raffle!! AT Traveling Member Deck Raffle!!
  2098. When Helpful Rituals Become a Hinderance
  2099. Intuitive Tarot Reading
  2100. Top decks for 2006
  2101. Showing off my Tarot collection ;)
  2102. death, tower and high priestress. . .crazy.
  2103. Anyone been to a Garry Wiseman Psychic Expo (australia)?
  2104. Tarot Journaling
  2105. the cards that you don't pull for ages and ages and
  2106. Has anyone left tarot behind permenantly in favour of a different kind of oracle?
  2107. reoccurring Death -- should I be concerned?
  2108. When are you ready to read for others?
  2109. Addicted to Rider Waite- i need to change my main reading deck..but how?
  2110. The link between Minor and Major arcana
  2111. My meeting with Mary Greer
  2112. Crossing your legs??
  2113. Advice please
  2114. So Says a Symbologist with a Symballein?
  2115. How to use tarot for retrospection? - need help...
  2116. Tarot, birth, and determining gender
  2117. If You Had to Meet ONE Tarot Character...
  2118. Tarot reflects my emotion ~
  2119. When Death means DEATH
  2120. Today: My first face-to-face reading with Thoth
  2121. please help!
  2122. Tarot Dice...
  2123. My first live reading with Thoth - What a bust
  2124. Tarot Dream~Justice~
  2125. The Link between Majors and Minors.
  2126. When the devil means...A DEVIL!
  2127. Tarot Shops........know any in Los Angeles?
  2128. How do you do a cleansing on a touch deck?
  2129. I don't "like" the cards I drew - can I try again?
  2130. Tarot Syncretism
  2131. Tarot of Prague on Tv
  2132. Hand Colored Deck received Used - Sacred?
  2133. I'm new to tarot, please read
  2134. mood-how much impact on the reading?
  2135. Waite v/s Crowley
  2136. ...but three is too many!
  2137. Correct spelling of names??
  2138. Busted into the exchange board! Yay yay yay!
  2139. What is a Tarot "Grandmaster"?
  2140. What does shuffling mean to you - clearing or infusing energy?
  2141. Not sure about guides etc..
  2142. Reading with new decks
  2143. Now I'm totally pissed
  2144. What's happening?
  2145. Tarot readers and collectors have it easy
  2146. Ramblings on Tarot, dreams, painting, reading
  2147. pride before a fall?
  2148. Deck in a wooden box.
  2149. im devastated!
  2150. Tarot Books for a Library.
  2151. Telling people about the Tarot....
  2152. Which Tarot Card Are you (Quiz)
  2153. Physic fair
  2154. Readings on current events
  2155. newbie question
  2156. Hermes?
  2157. Have you ever wondered....
  2158. What if a used NOVT is already married when you get it?
  2159. American Tarot Association-Tarot Courses
  2160. How much would you pay in Aussie $
  2161. Moving a deck's home
  2162. A question out of the blue
  2163. What do you do before or at the beginning of a reading?
  2164. Help deciphering symbol seen during reading
  2165. Where have you found a lost card or deck?
  2166. Divination vs Intuition - Is Tarot a tool of the 'Occult'?
  2167. What Psychic Ability Do You Use to Read Tarot?
  2168. How weird is this?
  2169. Tarot 'readers' on the run from Law.
  2170. Tarot 'readers' on the run from Law.
  2171. A Different set of Court Correspondences
  2172. Should Tarot be Mainstream?
  2173. reading for yourself
  2174. Tarot & The Occult
  2175. Bad reader
  2176. Talismans & the Tarot
  2177. I think I found me an every-day reading deck ...
  2178. Tarot Collection Categories
  2179. Writing A Book On Tarot, Would Like Your Advice!
  2180. Non reading
  2181. Magic or not Science
  2182. having a conversation with your Tarot, anthropomorphism or what?
  2183. Major Arcana 11-22/pips
  2184. Decks that go missing
  2185. reading without a question
  2186. Rational vs. Mystical Thinking
  2187. 2006 Favourite deck votes
  2188. All Kinds of Questions
  2189. is tarot a help or a hinderance?
  2190. Tarot, angels and Eden.
  2191. Pretty Darned Annoyed!
  2192. Deck Collecting - serious business?
  2193. Has anyone been nervous to open it up?
  2194. Christmas gifts??
  2195. Your First Deck?:Any Karma Happenings
  2196. Have you ever regretted trading or giving away a deck?
  2197. Where to buy from Australia
  2198. Using Tarot to do magick..
  2199. Tarot Association of the British Isles - courses
  2200. Le théâtre du Tarot (theatre of Tarot)
  2201. snappy decks
  2202. only what i believe to be true or more?
  2203. I was wondering....
  2204. Where would I find card sleeves for tarot?
  2205. alchemy
  2206. fantasy/archetypal movies
  2207. Beautiful Tarot Bags by Cielo!!!
  2208. Is This Normal?
  2209. Madonna and Rider Waite Tarot
  2210. Proof?
  2211. Timing
  2212. The burden of reader responsibility *emo tear*
  2213. 7 Deadly Sins / 7 Holy Virtues
  2214. 1840's Engraved French Tarot Paper Cards (On Flickr)
  2215. Pip cards?
  2216. question about tarot
  2217. How do you clean a deck?
  2218. So glad I'm not alone!
  2219. Assigning Playing Card meanings to tarot
  2220. Having some trouble with a new deck
  2221. Categorizing a deck
  2222. Tarot Table: What's yours like?
  2223. Twins in Tarot
  2224. I don't give a fig about the rules anymore ...
  2225. New Years Resolutions Involving Tarot
  2226. Tarot readers labeled witches
  2227. I can suddenly read tarot cards!
  2228. Mary Greer Collecting Stories for Possible Publication
  2229. Does anyone ever fear pulling their daily draw?
  2230. Does reading Tarot make you psychic?
  2231. Tarot images in tattoos
  2232. decks by famous artists?
  2233. wee kids tarot readings
  2234. Tarot in french emersion class!
  2235. Decks and Seasons
  2236. Speaking with Spirits using Tarot
  2237. Seeing the tiny details...magnifier?
  2238. Is it OK to offer a reading without being asked?
  2239. not interested in my cards just now
  2240. Using Tarot in Roleplaying Games
  2241. Two Faced Querant
  2242. Fear of giving people bad news
  2243. Are some people more naturally in tune ?
  2244. A question of losing a deck and confidence
  2245. Rabbit Readings...
  2246. Repeat Cards
  2247. Advancing Personal Reading Skill
  2248. Do 'how to ' books get in the way
  2249. So how DO you judge a reader?
  2250. Ipswich Murders: Is it insensitive to throw a few cards?
  2251. Energy from 2nd hand decks
  2252. Who is better?
  2253. How to Bring Down a Tarot Website
  2254. Do you do divination or attempt it with tarot ?
  2255. Addicted to buying decks lol
  2256. Tax Season
  2257. Using Neon
  2258. Are spares necessary?
  2259. cards speaking to you instead of querent?
  2260. Tarot doesn't work for me...
  2261. *sigh of relief*
  2262. Minimum age reading policy
  2263. Sick of Struggling with Daily Spreads
  2264. reconciling tarot with the Law of Attraction
  2265. Decks you don't like, but which you can read well
  2266. if you were fairy godmother what gifts would you give to members :)
  2267. Past Lives and Tarot
  2268. My Homemade Cameo Box
  2269. alternative tarot bag and runes holders ?
  2270. New Year's Eve party readings
  2271. Ethical to do readings to examine reasons why somebody committed suicide?
  2272. I impress me!!
  2273. Temporary Moderator note: re: Travelling Deck threads
  2274. To show or not to show? Suit symbols on cards. (Split from 'What Decks have the best court cards?)'
  2275. did my first reading for another
  2276. Backs of cards and colour
  2277. tarot not reflecting real life, but wishes??
  2278. Sites where you can read for charity
  2279. Those panicked readings...
  2280. Something funny happened
  2281. two different ways, two diffent?.....
  2282. LS Missing the Mark?
  2283. Tarot Isn't Working
  2284. Speaking of inspiration...
  2285. your favorite spread?
  2286. The engine from a jet passing over head
  2287. Show off your modified decks!
  2288. Sacred Days of Yule Discussion Group
  2289. Silk, velvet?
  2290. Question about professional reading
  2291. How do you Shuffle?
  2292. Overcoming back-to-back reading fatigue
  2293. Can the cards represent people's appearances
  2294. Are You Giving Decks as Christmas Gifts?
  2295. Do have your own style of reading tarot?
  2296. Trimming LS gold foil decks
  2297. important questions
  2298. Misprint vs defective?
  2299. Justice/Strength or Strength/Justice
  2300. Can using too many decks decrease your reading abilities?
  2301. Reserving decks
  2302. How I Read ... [and pleasant feedback]
  2303. A Question of time
  2304. the god of tarot?
  2305. Duplicate Card
  2306. Hurts to Shuffle!!
  2307. Wrong Gift for a Beginner
  2308. question =)
  2309. Tarot Gifts-how'd they like them?
  2310. Useful Tarot Podcast
  2311. Jeffrey Deaver novel & Tarot
  2312. way shower
  2313. Tarot Jig Saw Puzzles
  2314. the Tarot of Philosophers: an insomniac's thoughts
  2315. Good info here for Newbies or anyone interested...
  2316. What makes an "Expert"?
  2317. For Users of the US Postal System --a Warning!
  2318. Ordering Your Deck - What Order?
  2319. Doubling Up
  2320. The first tarot reader. I wonder-----
  2321. New Year's Day ..awful reading
  2322. Everything is going to be alright?
  2323. in depth versus broad readings
  2324. Quarents you do not get along with.
  2325. Breaking Boundaries in Tarot
  2326. Just curious
  2327. Report of Tarot Match in Japan
  2328. Consulting books for definitions
  2329. Is there any way to speed up the aging process of a deck?
  2330. Scary Prediction
  2331. tarot and bad luck, tarot and alcohol
  2332. should you?
  2333. The Capacity of Tarot Images to Assault
  2334. keeping tarot cards in bags or boxes
  2335. Website Tarot Reading Questions
  2336. Asking People if They Want a Reading
  2337. website
  2338. After Reading
  2339. Need advices in purchasing 3 decks for 3 friends...
  2340. Attractions to Particular Cards
  2341. And the Tarot Goddess has a chuckle
  2342. "A Passion for Paintings" ...and Tarot
  2343. Which deck today
  2344. You're going to die...
  2345. Posters and Flyers
  2346. Reading by candlelight...
  2347. Strange Experiences Shuffling
  2348. Will the Heron publishing company replace cards?
  2349. Ever had this happen to you?
  2350. If and when?
  2351. Has anyone you have done a reading for Flipped ?
  2352. Who is/are your favorite Tarot Publisher(s)?
  2353. Tarot clothes
  2354. Poll: How much time each day is devoted to tarot?
  2355. Readers and Collectors of Tarot and Oracles
  2356. On the Tarot -- a short essay
  2357. Setting the mood for a reading...
  2358. Returning cards to the deck
  2359. Helping sitters to open up
  2360. Careful Considerations- Help Please
  2361. Tarot v. God(dess)
  2362. Stories
  2363. Tarot v.s "Which/witch roots?"
  2364. Is this legal? (A copywrite question.)
  2365. Time Table-Time between Reading on a topic
  2366. Tarot and Arthritic Hands
  2367. Difference between Tarot and Oracle
  2368. Banishing Rituals
  2369. Feeling confident your cards are well shuffled
  2370. Interesting thought...
  2371. Deck Styles
  2372. Car Company Using Tarot to Sell Cars?
  2373. Seattle, WA tarot info needed PLEZZE!
  2374. Herbs/stones to enhance Tarot environment
  2375. Reading for Joe Public
  2376. Tarot predictions being announced publicly. Do you think it's a good thing?
  2377. seeing denial and hesitation in the cards
  2378. Just wondering....
  2379. mechanical card shufflers?
  2380. How do you get rid of the previous owner's odor?
  2381. Spirit Guide or Subconscious Mind?
  2382. Tarot Ouija
  2383. Customizing Decks.
  2384. Tarot Cafe
  2385. 10 card celtic: Plain and simple
  2386. Your all so Knowledgable on Tarot
  2387. Political Readings
  2388. Buying tarot cards in Venice?
  2389. Three Esoteric Disciplines and Tarot
  2390. Nancy Garen Book
  2391. Do you depend on Tarot?
  2392. Tarot Journal
  2393. Your own beliefs
  2394. Karma and past lives readings???
  2395. Buying decks in Singapore
  2396. Annoyed
  2397. Is this site any good
  2398. Tarot on TV
  2399. Artist´s signatures in cards.
  2400. How do YOU handle Bad Readings?
  2401. 21st Century Tarot?
  2402. Reading only with Majors - clearer or more limited
  2403. Replacing decks that lost the magical feeling
  2404. A terrible experience...
  2405. celtic cross question
  2406. The Fool: Dressed to the Hilt
  2407. Tarot Decks best if given or bought??
  2408. Mistake?
  2409. Ever encountered someone genuinely AFRAID of the tarot?
  2410. Would you add a card to the Majors?
  2411. Competition (I'm scared!)
  2412. Prozac and Tarot - does it affect your reading?
  2413. Morning Tarot
  2414. The Card that Won't Go Away
  2415. Creating Your Own Book For Personal Study
  2416. Accurate!
  2417. Making your deck look well-worn...
  2418. asking questions
  2419. New to Tarot... Reading for Others
  2420. ode to AT :)
  2421. Experiences with a Weekly Spread
  2422. Tarot penney slot machine
  2423. Another unbelievable offer . . .
  2424. health spread
  2425. My hunt for Big Thoth
  2426. The Ghostie in My Room or To Read or Not to Read
  2427. Reading Confusion
  2428. John Renbourn
  2429. What was that Tarot website....
  2430. If I may share...
  2431. tarot prayer as baby gift?
  2432. The fool in nature
  2433. I'm getting ready to start as a professional.:-)
  2434. Cleansing and charging your cards
  2435. correcting the deck, or not?
  2436. Physically sick
  2437. Tarot in the movies
  2438. Question about (harmless) spells
  2439. "Remote" Tarot Reading
  2440. First, the happy squirrel... Now, the hedgehog?
  2441. Renewed Interest in Tarot.
  2442. How to go about teaching Tarot.
  2443. Tarot Film
  2444. Lost card
  2445. Question about printed cards
  2446. Can you read someone else's reading?
  2447. How to explain the Tarot to people who are threatened by it
  2448. Where do you keep your deck & companion book collection?
  2449. Giving
  2450. Sniff. I'm so proud!
  2451. Shopping Decks in London
  2452. lay out of spreads....?
  2453. What kind of deck do you use for serious/ sensitive issues?
  2454. Found card while out on a walk
  2455. Writing on the tarot
  2456. Opening a Reading Room....
  2457. Do different reading styles fit certain backgrounds, and or personalities?
  2458. Are Reversed cards necessary?
  2459. I think I am a negative reader ...
  2460. Lies
  2461. Mix and Match/ Pick and Mix?
  2462. Who sells Tarot Cards posters ?
  2463. Writing short plays about Tarot, wanna help?
  2464. Real world clarifications, please
  2465. Comparing Readings
  2466. What Makes you Pull out a Deck?
  2467. The shape of your Tarot bag?
  2468. how is this done...
  2469. Clients & drinks
  2470. Anyone interested in a numerology series?
  2471. Good Exercise or Bad Habit?
  2472. telephone readings
  2473. Keeping the table clear
  2474. Explaining Tarot to Your Spouse!!! Or Why We Tarot
  2475. Candles and Other Weird Habits
  2476. What kind of material is best for a spreadcloth?
  2477. Potluck Tarot Readings?
  2478. A surprising Astrological Prediction!
  2479. Just wondered if anyone ever owned a tarot pack that literally gave them the creeps?
  2480. To read and make yourself clear to the sitter
  2481. ethics with tarot reading
  2482. Anyone been to ebay lately?
  2483. Quick Readings
  2484. Readings for the non-definitive
  2485. need some opinions on this image
  2486. It finally just clicked! :)
  2487. Not finishing a spread at the time you started?
  2488. Peripheral Knowledge, esp Astrology
  2489. I think the artwork is pretty poor!!! But you just love the deck!
  2490. Boxes: to keep or not to keep
  2491. Deactivation/ reactivation of old tarot deck
  2492. Repair question: Crease
  2493. cafe reading arrangements
  2494. can tarot heal??
  2495. Same card in different decks?
  2496. Looking for love in all the wrong places
  2497. International Tarot Award: Lifetime Achievement Award
  2498. I finally did my first ever live reading
  2499. Different types of readings
  2500. Page of Swords
  2501. Disclaimers
  2502. Who are you when you read ?
  2503. how to find the negative in upright cards
  2504. Set your bounderies
  2505. Yes/No Questions
  2506. but I do remember my readings...
  2507. confused?
  2508. Changing the layout of a spread
  2509. voyager tarot - has anyone cut the borders?
  2510. Colloquial vs. Pure Tarot
  2511. How do your organize/memorize spreads?
  2512. My first deck
  2513. Decks that go well w/Baba-Prague bags!
  2514. The best way to classify the tarot creation?
  2515. Refocusing after an Upsetting Reading
  2516. How do you journal your tarot?
  2517. Does anyone know where to find this?
  2518. Tarot cards in Country Music Videos
  2519. "Hallucinating" Cards
  2520. website based
  2521. How do you prepare yourself for a reading?
  2522. wording questions
  2523. How often has this happened to you?
  2524. I just had to use an emergency playing-card deck for the last several days...
  2525. Pentacles are Everywhere!
  2526. associations and certificates
  2527. when a spread makes no sense
  2528. Trimming decks
  2529. Where can you order replacement cards?
  2530. What do you do when box is worn/torn?
  2531. On Reading Tarot – A Rant
  2532. Just got my first reading request on Kasamba
  2533. The Evolution of Tarot Reading and The Internet
  2534. Cultural differences in reading: split from: On Reading Tarot – A Rant
  2535. Words.
  2536. how can I get in touch with my intuition?
  2537. A spread declaring the person it's about?
  2538. i don't know what happened...
  2539. Can Tarot be used as an oracle?
  2540. My Quest
  2541. Braille Tarot
  2542. Le tarot du FROMAGE
  2543. The Perfect System
  2544. successful trim!!
  2545. are comics a new medium for tarot?
  2546. shadow cards
  2547. Blank Cards Popping Up in Readings
  2548. Tarot Painting- Opinions, Please!
  2549. Repairing worn cards?
  2550. Whats the Point?
  2551. I'm gettin' real here
  2552. Buying A Used Tarot Deck
  2553. Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator
  2554. Why do you read tarot?
  2555. This seemed odd....
  2556. Virtual Tarot - Peteranswers
  2557. Strange occurences in readings
  2558. Issues faced as a newbie pro-reader
  2559. What is the future?
  2560. Are you doing Fortune Telling ?
  2561. My College Project
  2562. Was this inappropriate (Tarot and children)
  2563. have you heard of any lawyers using tarot to help solve their cases?
  2564. Opportunity knocking
  2565. Tarot on a Skateboard!
  2566. Extraneous Whatsits to go with Fairytale Decks
  2567. Cancelled appointment
  2568. LOST had a tarot reader in the episode last night
  2569. Can you use your cards too much?
  2570. International Tarot Award
  2571. The Best Advice in Taroting...
  2572. ethics (and practicality) of tarot questions
  2573. Tarot song by Sting?
  2574. Reading for others in person versus in writing
  2575. Contact for Holly Voley
  2576. Do you read in a shop?
  2577. Does anyone clear their decks periodically after readings
  2578. how do your cards tell you when they are done for the day?
  2579. Good decks for teaching - Non RWS
  2580. Your Client Sees The Card Differently Than You
  2581. Strange experience with the Thoth
  2582. Cards in bedding catalog
  2583. Tarot Spells
  2584. Supposing----
  2585. Tarot & interpretive dance
  2586. Seeking input
  2587. setbacks and growth
  2588. Does reading the tarot drain you?
  2589. AGM AGMuller
  2590. Meditation for tarot reading
  2591. Energy and practice
  2592. Cards dont want to speak?
  2593. Reversed cards?
  2594. Worn Cards
  2595. antique cards and energy.....
  2596. LWB/Book: yay or nay – intuitive reading or booklet/book study
  2597. Pets and Tarot
  2598. "How does he feel about her?" Thread and Vagueness
  2599. Using Tarot to Connect with Alzheimer's Patients
  2600. Last night's Tarot dream
  2601. Ghost Whisperer Tarot
  2602. Multiple readings on the same subject
  2603. The differance between a oracle/tarot?
  2604. Classification of Tarot
  2605. Strange Energies
  2606. Waiting
  2607. Timing
  2608. How to make a deck smell good
  2609. Prudence and Other "Lost" Major Arcana
  2610. LS decks
  2611. Dell Horoscope Magazine
  2612. Outline of the first session of my Tarot class, for your consideration.
  2613. Using Tarot as an Oracle - Is that "legal"?
  2614. Quick 4 ? Survey--about reading and being read for
  2615. Copyright images
  2616. how is shielding done
  2617. What is the meaning of Logos?
  2618. US Games decks
  2619. Difference between companies?
  2620. Insurance and Face to Face readings
  2621. Is it wrong to only use majors?
  2622. Cleaning old cards?
  2623. Reading in Jackson Square tomorrow!
  2624. Psychic noise across different decks.
  2625. Gilt edges (DIY)
  2626. Signs that one should take a break - in general?
  2627. Tarot & I Ching
  2628. Tarottotes
  2629. Color Coding?
  2630. How to get reversals?
  2631. A "Tarot Mentor"
  2632. Something Weird
  2633. The "Old Soul"...
  2634. Worst case scenario (Heaven forbid)
  2635. What gives the cards their meaning?
  2636. A Good Reading
  2637. An AWESOME Tarot Weekend
  2638. Understanding Dignity
  2639. A Question...
  2640. Buying tarot posters
  2641. Letting others touch your decks
  2642. vivid and disturbing dreams & tarot?
  2643. Reading reversals for self
  2644. I have a pet peeve, do you?
  2645. Do you use shadow cards, base cards or number reductions in readings?
  2646. Do you use a shadow card in readings?
  2647. I hope this question doesn't upset people...
  2648. Tarot as a "bussiness"
  2649. Quick Question
  2650. Question about Doing Readings
  2651. Welcome Moonbow* - the new Professional Tarot moderator
  2652. Ethics - When does a relationship reading turn into a third party reading?
  2653. Help! I've been asked to give a course!
  2654. Tarot for the Healing Heart -- RWS Deck?
  2655. Self-Readings: Lessons? (Probably overly philosophical)
  2656. Saying goodbye to an old deck... Wise to sell?
  2657. Divination
  2658. A question about decks..
  2659. Soul Card Compatability
  2660. Tarot cards as words
  2661. the number of card vs the size of the matrix
  2662. Silly question
  2663. Unbreakable Rules
  2664. Antidepressants and your intuition.
  2665. Tarot Spread, Kinda Lost
  2666. Wierd Feelin, Anyone...???
  2667. Tarot cards on What about Brian.
  2668. What attracted you to tarot?
  2669. Numerology and Tarot.
  2670. Reading for a friend.. a total dud !
  2671. How do online readings work?
  2672. Accuracy with monthly spreads
  2673. New Palladini Parameters
  2674. Husband maybe interest and not sure?
  2675. Psychic Lines
  2676. Novice Questions Regarding Tarot Principles
  2677. Need input
  2678. One Deck Wonder
  2679. Querents Consultants or Seekers?
  2680. The esotericism of tarot,the magic.
  2681. What fuels deck acquisition fever?
  2682. Tarot:divinating old objects´history
  2683. "Google Earth" /What "Tarot Place" do you recommend me to make a virtual visit?
  2684. Domain Name: Choosing a business name
  2685. Reading when you're depressed.
  2686. Using Tarot to divine a painful past
  2687. Tarot Dreams?
  2688. tarot cleansing
  2689. I'm Lost
  2690. what are your rituals for reading?
  2691. Another Domain Name Poll
  2692. A Question For Those Who Give Opinions On Readers' Spreads
  2693. Your ultimate Tarot compilation....
  2694. I think I"ve cracked it finally..
  2695. really interesting: year card and death
  2696. check out this interesting thread!
  2697. Ego and the Tarot
  2698. Buying every deck i see! AHHH
  2699. Showing off a custom box & bag for my Gilded
  2700. a question on fallen cards
  2701. Strange connection with a deck
  2702. Too much information!
  2703. NEW vs. OLD Decks
  2704. readings and weight loss
  2705. I broke my first deck!
  2706. Guys, take a look
  2707. Ever had a reading not predict as expected?
  2708. charging for your psychic gift
  2709. Frustrated
  2710. Poem - An Experiment
  2711. Is it possible to get sued??
  2712. Storing tarot decks?
  2713. Hit by a Train
  2714. Deciding what's neighborly
  2715. new deck smell
  2716. Tarot Box-making hobby
  2717. Tarot "Jokers" -- What do you do with them?
  2718. Possible new tarot titles for 2008 & beyond
  2719. What do you do when...?
  2720. Is it a book, or is it a blouse?
  2721. Your opinion and experience wanted...
  2722. Controversial Views
  2723. Reading someone without permission.
  2724. Deck Insanity?!?! (Rant-kinda)
  2725. tarot the game
  2726. Has anyone had this experience with decks...?
  2727. What to look out for on cards
  2728. a little spring time love
  2729. The Reader's Hands
  2730. Sometimes it just "clicks" later!
  2731. Umbrae picks a deck
  2732. Sky Blue
  2733. Advice on giving readings over internet
  2734. Tarot Journal
  2735. Sitter's Yearly Cycle?
  2736. Whats the deal with....
  2737. Online Tarot Readings?
  2738. Is it possible...
  2739. Chicken or the Egg?
  2740. Dylan's Idiot Wind
  2741. When is a tarot deck not a tarot deck?
  2742. how do you cleanse/clean your cards?
  2743. Checking your readings against another method?
  2744. What do you think of this method?
  2745. Tarot reading exchanges - do they really work?
  2746. Psychological Tarot?
  2747. RE: The Philosophy of the Tarot: Random Readings?
  2748. How To Tell A Reading Works
  2749. Tarot and the Bible
  2750. Overanalyzing the cards' meanings / When do you stop?
  2751. religious holidays and the tarot
  2752. Are there things you can't avoid, no matter what? (Doom)
  2753. Corner rounders/ cutters for trimming borders on my DruidCraft...
  2754. Discussing Tarot with skeptics
  2755. Dome Magnifier
  2756. The Devil et al & Sugar-coating interpretations
  2757. Do you read for teenagers?
  2758. A bit of a silly question
  2759. Hotels, coffeeshops, bookstores???
  2760. V Tech readings?
  2761. Why do you believe?
  2762. Are some querents easier to read than others?
  2763. Information on the fool's journey
  2764. Freaky Tarot dream anyone?
  2765. USGames and Lack of Customer Service
  2766. Tarot money gone AWOL :( :( :(
  2767. Umbrae has left the building...
  2768. The Tarot Connection podcast
  2769. FIVE Ace of Swords in one month?
  2770. Did I Teach Her The Right Meaning?
  2771. Tarot bag directions?
  2772. Cabala Connection a Crock or Correct or Coincidence?
  2773. Anyone ever trimmed their Haindl
  2774. A box for the Voodoo
  2775. Anyone trimmed the Voyager?
  2776. Can Tarot Actually Tell Someone's Feelings & Thoughts?
  2777. Poll About Working for Kasamba
  2778. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!! Why?????????
  2779. Accreditation-how do I go about it?
  2780. I need images of Sun cards for a project
  2781. Tips for reading with story or literature decks?
  2782. What's In Your Tarot Bag?
  2783. Reading for Money
  2784. Ask a daft question
  2785. Country Associations in Tarot...?
  2786. Why do I find it hard to read?
  2787. Pro reading venues
  2788. New Italian Tarot Museum
  2789. Tarot Story Excerpt...comments welcome!
  2790. How Long Did It Take You?
  2791. My One Deck is making me nauseous!
  2792. Some readings just knock you off your feet...
  2793. Wow! Tarot on Jeopardy!!!
  2794. The Dorian Gray Tarot
  2795. Dropping cards
  2796. Reading for yourself
  2797. Birthday Year-Hanged Man??
  2798. I've gone all the way with my DruidCraft!!
  2799. My first face to face reading!
  2800. Rituals/procedure for agnostics/non-denominal folks?
  2801. The Tower and Me!
  2802. Loosing Touch
  2803. If you don't like the outcome....CHANGE IT!
  2804. Help me find this thread please!!!
  2805. Pro readers in Pennsylvania, USA: be warned
  2806. eBay readings
  2807. Starting a tarot business
  2808. I just burned my deck..
  2809. New ways to distribute my business card
  2810. Most irrational deck + book combo EVER!
  2811. question about a recent reading..
  2812. Mother Goose...
  2813. Keying my set of cards
  2814. Fortune telling illegal in Philly
  2815. Journaling
  2816. What To Do? Unreadable decks....
  2817. An online oracle that uses music and tarot
  2818. Dreamworld is the best world sometimes
  2819. Psychic Reading Room Weekend
  2820. Astrology and Tarot Interpretations
  2821. changing positions
  2822. Saddened by my lack of focus
  2823. Quick Question about Tarot vs Oracle
  2824. To complain or not to complain...
  2825. Tarot School in NY
  2826. Past life characters
  2827. AT's role as a "Book of meanings"
  2828. Do you have a tarot bumper sticker on your car?
  2829. Good Bookstores in NYC?
  2830. Okay, now I'm totally confused....
  2831. Reading Suggestion/Opportunity. Too sensitive?
  2832. The Moon and womens problems
  2833. Reverse karma?
  2834. Tarot Museum in Spain
  2835. general question about interpreting
  2836. BBC - Dalziel and Pascoe
  2837. Crafting with Cards?
  2838. insight
  2839. Tarot and Philosophy
  2840. Opening your own business online advice please
  2841. Question about ethics
  2842. Sale at Llewellyn
  2843. Holy Water
  2844. i got ripped off!
  2845. Do you parot or read cards?
  2846. Some followup about my first class
  2847. Readings not giving me insight or direction
  2848. help!
  2849. What else can I add to my website?
  2850. What do you feel???
  2851. Tarot Reader Card...BBC
  2852. Where do you draw the line?
  2853. A review of three different Tarot bags
  2854. Have a great idea for a deck
  2855. Small problem
  2856. Disapproval?
  2857. The Lola Tarot--Improvisation Ritual Theatre
  2858. New deck doesn't feel right..
  2859. Tarot evil? Tarot myths- split from 'deck recommendations' thread in Tarot Decks
  2860. Is this a valid way to read?
  2861. Anyone else have trouble leaving a deck behind?
  2862. Taking it all too seriously?
  2863. How long do you think about a spread, on average?
  2864. What Do You Like Best About Being A Tarot Reader?
  2865. Where do you 'Tarot'? Care to share?
  2866. Not feeling the deck........Yet
  2867. Tarot cards for crafts projects...a lot of them
  2868. a tarot reading at a botanica....-_-''
  2869. Tarot Spells
  2870. a surprise! i cant beleave i can do that!
  2871. Faery Box
  2872. Tarot across the world, different views from around the world
  2873. The STAR tattoo
  2874. Is the Fool's Journey the Same as the Hero's Journey
  2875. in the zone...
  2876. Confessions of a skeptic...
  2877. Found a Tarot Goldmine
  2878. The Month of May Rant - History of Reading Part 1
  2879. Tarot Card Saved My Cassarole
  2880. help! i cant get my cards to put out a good reading
  2881. Starting over
  2882. right cards wrong subject?
  2883. Reading for OTHERS: Inappropriate and possibly dangerous?
  2884. Beyound Esoteric !!!
  2885. How much does the back of a deck matter?
  2886. Naked Radiant Rider
  2887. International Tarot Award - nominees
  2888. How to deal with this?
  2889. making a tarot profile...
  2890. Enough of AT?
  2891. Ack! Help! Reading on the spot!
  2892. Does photocopying cards cause fading?
  2893. Is the Moon card Male or Female?
  2894. Kings Changing Suits
  2895. Pregnant EMPRESS landscape
  2896. how to choose a significator?
  2897. Some thoughts
  2898. Introducing myself to Psychic Fair organizer
  2899. Do you get physical sensations when reading?
  2900. Tarot Tattoos
  2901. Taking the Cards Literally...
  2902. My take on spreads (spontaneous/intuitive)
  2903. Doing Tarot Parties
  2904. Jumper Cards - how much weight do you give them?
  2905. Need advice
  2906. Telephone tarot reading
  2907. Tarot Journaling. How do you do it if you do? any tips?
  2908. "My deck hates me" and such ideas
  2909. Do You Feel Tired????
  2910. 22 days with the same deck ...
  2911. The Month of May Rant on Reading Part 2
  2912. Reading for yourself
  2913. Pictures of our reading space/table
  2914. Best places for tarot readers to live?
  2915. Heed Reading About Others?
  2916. In Love With A Deck of Cards?
  2917. Mini bags for my mini decks
  2918. Italo Calvino & Maxine Hong Kingston...
  2919. looking for reading jobs any advice?
  2920. Reading in your native language
  2921. Mastering/overcoming complicated decks/systems or giving up???
  2922. question on free form reading
  2923. Tarot certification online
  2924. Pass A Test to Tell Fortunes?
  2925. Help here... How to start?????
  2926. How has Tarot enriched/changed your life?
  2927. Trimmed Waking the Wild Spirit
  2928. Do I want to read the cards or not?
  2929. Understanding where the fear comes from
  2930. Seriously considering major downsizing decks
  2931. Can we offer a reading ...
  2932. 2nd request...what to do?
  2933. How to start?
  2934. The Tarot identikit parade
  2935. Tarot presentation in college - help needed!
  2936. Web Tarot software
  2937. How many Major Arcana does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  2938. Droppages
  2939. Tarot doesn't seem much helpful...
  2940. Dilemma about reading for others
  2941. Lee Bursten's Method in Universal Marseille
  2942. The Buckland Romani Dream....
  2943. Clingy laminated cards...
  2944. Firemaiden opens the floor to Q & A and donuts ...
  2945. How did you learn?
  2946. Tarot skills getting better while others worsen?
  2947. Tarot to communicate with the er...un-alive.
  2948. journaling?
  2949. The cards hit the nail on the head today
  2950. Emotionally detaching during tarot readings
  2951. magic with tarot
  2952. shops in mumbai
  2953. What to do about a dependant client (*SIGH*)
  2954. Chomp down on the magic mug...
  2955. Computer Tarot Journal
  2956. Defending The Celtic Cross In a Circle
  2957. Welz chi generator
  2958. Voice recognition software
  2959. The Great Tarot Controversy
  2960. To Box or Not To Box?...
  2961. Oh Boogers. Trimmers rule, measure twice cut once .
  2962. Do your decks hold special memories?
  2963. Salem Tarot Licences and... Dead Raccoons?
  2964. Hmm, I can't read for my friend!
  2965. Isn't this copyright infringement?
  2966. Tins
  2967. How many of you experience this...
  2968. "Give us our daily spread". . .
  2969. Intellectual rights to images: Question about fair use
  2970. The Delphic Oracle as Therapist...
  2971. The Purpose of the Golden Dawn Studies. . .
  2972. Sued for inaccurate reading?
  2973. Working with challenging clients?
  2974. Trimming the Golden Tarot?
  2975. A Follow up to my G. D. question (if I may)...
  2976. Does Little Good Come From Others Interpretation?
  2977. Interpreting a Daily Card objectively?
  2978. I can't shuffle the druidcraft
  2979. Hmmm? Sounds Sneaky To Me.
  2980. Don't Fit the Mold
  2981. Reading at a party tonight!
  2982. Certain decks for certain readings: what's your system?
  2983. The Tarot Readers Card from 78?
  2984. The cards do make sense
  2985. Hooray for Aeclectic
  2986. Tarot-places in Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona, Spain?
  2987. I'm in a slump
  2988. Help and advice for the Celtic Cross staff
  2989. Are we being truthful with each other?
  2990. Hanging My Cards In The Sky.
  2991. Oregon Tarot Readers....
  2992. Being professional
  2993. Tarot of Black Mountain cloths and bags
  2994. About to read for someone I haven't before - nervous!
  2995. officially a professional reader now
  2996. am i going to die?
  2997. Little White Books
  2998. think the cards are trying to tell me something?
  2999. Tarot is a tool
  3000. Tarot Reading in "Blood Meridian"
  3001. Reading for Yourself
  3002. Third Eye and Tarot...
  3003. Props for Decks?
  3004. Takin' it to the Tarot
  3005. I've officially lost it....
  3006. Having A Hard Time Reading Cards
  3007. "Told you so": Prediction comes true, big money....
  3008. A "Tarot Moment": Let It Be vs Make It Be ?
  3009. Reading for yourself vs. reading for others
  3010. First accurate reading...?
  3011. my new deck is a jerk!
  3012. Latest Tarot Connection Podcast (#47) Features That Dan Guy!
  3013. Thank you HearthCricket!!!
  3014. Intuition
  3015. Suggestions needed
  3016. Just when you though you got all the decks you desired...
  3017. What Is More Accurate?
  3018. Why am I always nervous to do a reading?
  3019. Getting frustrated... still can't get too deep!
  3020. Tarot and men....
  3021. A Question of Balance
  3022. Feedback
  3023. An Interesting Story in the East Anglian Daily Times
  3024. Which song reminds you of which card
  3025. Intuition
  3026. I have a problem trusting the cards the person who I read to are accurate...
  3027. Weird question.
  3028. tarot, numerology, and keyboard noise
  3029. Help - Commitment Anxiety
  3030. Funny Trip to the bookstore
  3031. I'm afraid to tell the people what the cards are saying when things don't look good..
  3032. What you DON'T want to ask the cards?
  3033. Tarot readers and Psychics
  3034. strange venue for psychic fayre
  3035. Advice Needed
  3036. Influences Over Cards....
  3037. My deck gets tired easily!
  3038. Can you read tarot when you take medicines ?
  3039. RWS meanings for an unillustrated deck ...
  3040. finding it hard to become a reader in the uk
  3041. A THWAP on the back of the head...Tarot style
  3042. Living the Tarot!
  3043. Tarot readers are born or made?
  3044. Out of the Tarot Closet! support wanted!!
  3045. Moving
  3046. When tarot drives you insane...
  3047. What Kind of Questions for Dark Decks?
  3048. Thoth tarot lack of energy
  3049. tarot shops in nottingham
  3050. an answer to a stupid question needed
  3051. Tarot and controlling pessimism and optimism
  3052. What is a Dark Deck
  3053. I didn't see it coming.
  3054. Tarot Ethics
  3055. For those who read online...I need your inupt...
  3056. Can you ask client for question
  3057. Deck meanings - Same?
  3058. When The cards give you bad news
  3059. US Games image licensing costs
  3060. Would a querant take me seriously if I used this deck, or not?
  3061. the little prince and the major cards.
  3062. Is this odd?
  3063. Missing Card
  3064. Tarot Premonition? Or am I crazy?
  3065. Completed my first 'on line' reading!!
  3066. How do things work?
  3067. Tarot - Oracle
  3068. I did it!!!!
  3069. Deck/Reader Bonding
  3070. Using a deck you hate ...
  3071. I Found out Today Tarot doesn't work for me...
  3072. How to make your tarot readings longer.
  3073. New deck is missing a card... WWYD?
  3074. Tarot card for dreaming
  3075. Wanting to become a Reader
  3076. Client Feedback Postings?
  3077. Are Tarot Decks actually ALIVE? 'Cause mine have personalities...
  3078. Want to get back into tarot
  3079. Inspired to go back to Tarot
  3080. Decks really used?
  3081. Computer readings
  3082. How strict do you formulate your questions when reading for yourself?
  3083. Returning/giving away tarot decks
  3084. tarot totes
  3085. Tarot in Creative Writing
  3086. Can my expectations on the answers the cards give proyect in the cards that show up?
  3087. Repairing Chipped Border
  3088. trimming Margarete Petersen?
  3089. fuzzy thinking
  3090. Finding things
  3091. Feeling blocked
  3092. I got my Devil bag today!
  3093. My deck asked for a break !
  3094. Metaphysical Shops NYC: Update
  3095. Must share an awesome thing
  3096. Can't make sense of the cards
  3097. Morality of Reading in Church
  3098. Is it all "meant to be?"
  3099. Has anyone else had emails like this?
  3100. What Kinds of Tarot Decks Would you like to See?
  3101. Has anyone here cut the boarders off thier cards?
  3102. Moses take your shoes off
  3103. Reading professionally
  3104. buying decks on-line
  3105. Any tarot in Varna, Bulgaria?
  3106. Pierpont Morgan Visconti: To Trim or Not To Trim?
  3107. Personal Tarot Card Generator
  3108. I have lost connection with my favourite deck- what to do ?
  3109. Tarot Master or Tarot Mistress????
  3110. Pathworking with Tarot cards
  3111. AT Travelling Member Deck~Second Journey - Discussion thread
  3112. Universal Waite/ Llewellyn Personality
  3113. Can you do this??
  3114. "Great danger"
  3115. When Tarot mirrors the mundane ...
  3116. Timing...Okay, Really??
  3117. Oh noooooooo :( - Tarotgarden
  3118. American top 78, with Casey Kasem?...
  3119. Younger Readers Unite!
  3120. Does Tarot make you smarter?
  3121. "Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough"
  3122. Just a little pet pieve
  3123. AT Travelling Deck - which deck?
  3124. Reiki And Tarot???
  3125. Oh my gosh! I put pants on the WS 10 Pents and traded it!
  3126. AT Traveling Member Deck ~ Journal II
  3127. AT Traveling Member Deck II ~ Sign-up
  3128. Psychic Fair
  3129. Beyond the World - Extra Majors
  3130. Does anyone do any reading for the ATA Free Reading Network?
  3131. Harry Potter
  3132. Tossing the USG packaging....
  3133. International Tarot Award - winner is...
  3134. Tarot Reading & eBay?
  3135. Baba store question
  3136. Divination and Christianity
  3137. Do You Prefer Less Information?
  3138. Reading-inspired art
  3139. The odd chariot card
  3140. UnSticky my cards
  3141. tarot enthusiasts on facebook
  3142. Here I Go Thinking Again....
  3143. Another "is it meant to be" question
  3144. Unwanted Boxes
  3145. Does anyone else have decks that give great readings but they just don't read with?
  3146. Wow, it's sad to read these Kasamba boards sometimes
  3147. How do you define "traditional meaning"?
  3148. Worried
  3149. A song with some tarot imagery
  3150. Lugnasadh
  3151. Why do you have to keep quiet?
  3152. The Gift
  3153. Tarot exercises
  3154. Getting Back into Tarot-Slow Process
  3155. Adopting a Bad Deck
  3156. Where to begin?
  3157. Unbelievable!!!!!!!
  3158. What to do? What to do?
  3159. Children & Teens Working with the Tarot
  3160. Not Sure How To Ask
  3161. Shuffling floor tiles
  3162. Tarot Reading offered to children at Barnes and Noble...ethics question
  3163. Why can't it just be what it is?
  3164. Can Anyone Identify This Object?
  3165. smudging
  3166. Adam McLean's Weblog
  3167. Do you hear music?
  3168. My first Tarot party gig
  3169. Box Making Tutorial
  3170. Does this happen to anyone else?
  3171. Pricing Corporate Events?
  3172. A New DecK For Newbie
  3173. CelticSpread,FlipUntilLastCardIsAMajor.
  3174. I have a client...
  3175. Has anyone ever had Death and The Tower come up in the same reading?
  3176. Online tarot programs
  3177. The Enemies Of Reason
  3178. Mixing your deck with other´s vibrations
  3179. I don't think it was a real reading...
  3180. This is totally random, pointless, you might not want to read it...
  3181. and then I FROZE!
  3182. How are they able to see things like these?
  3183. RWS icons?
  3184. Tarot and house clearing
  3185. Trimming - how many decks and which decks?
  3186. Your meaning, or the books?
  3187. Evil tarot
  3188. Does Pop Culture Have More Affect Then We Think?
  3189. Manly bags!
  3190. Shekinah Mountainwater 1939 - 2007
  3191. Card Spawning
  3192. Has anyone done this yet?
  3193. Has PayPal changed their rules?
  3194. Help on website building, please?
  3195. Reading the cards and an hourglass
  3196. Seasons, Suits & Elements?
  3197. Beign sick... and wanting to read
  3198. Free reading will shorten my life?
  3199. What would you want?
  3200. Tarot icons
  3201. Morally cant read for someone?
  3202. Psychic Detectives Using Tarot Cards to Solve Crimes?
  3203. Apparition of a same card a few times. Meaning?
  3204. Permission to read for others
  3205. Reading "vampires"
  3206. Not so great reading experience...
  3207. What's going to happen to your Tarot decks after you're gone?
  3208. Unable to read while pregnant?
  3209. Tarot in AP news article
  3210. need ideas
  3211. I am very pleased
  3212. Tarot in News Broadcast on New Orleans
  3213. Tarot in Eastenders
  3214. A week of daily predictions at once?
  3215. Tarot Spells
  3216. Mann liest was er isst?
  3217. What would you do if....
  3218. Deck preference: Plug-n-play vs. Study Required
  3219. Have we over complicated the cards?
  3220. My order with Baba store / Magic realist press
  3221. Not quite sure where to post this...
  3222. Tarot Dice - I just received a set
  3223. The infamous Reader's Headache and other malaise.
  3224. Thinking about going to a professional...
  3225. Client Waiver Form
  3226. Sigh - not chosen for the psychic fair...
  3227. Do you read for readers? And who is the "reader's reader?"
  3228. Have you seen this method of reading?
  3229. can't get that card out of my head
  3230. Difficulty Reading New Decks
  3231. Tarot tattoos
  3232. Woo-Hoo! I just won a tarot deck and bag!
  3233. BBQ turns into free reading frenzy...
  3234. one person... appears twice in a reading!?
  3235. Decks that you read with?
  3236. "Man Overboard" on the Steamship Archetype
  3237. Two Kings, Queens etc.
  3238. Cards that get creased
  3239. Dream About Spliced Tarot Cards
  3240. What is Tarot?
  3241. Stores in Philadelphia
  3242. My Personalized Wood Tarot Boxes!
  3243. ADD Tarot
  3244. Reading for Kids
  3245. Waves of Tarot Addiction
  3246. If you could read tarot for anyone... who would you pick?
  3247. Strange Happening with the Fey Tarot
  3248. This may seem strange....
  3249. Which Seer-Oracle-Occultist Would You Like
  3250. creasing a card is an inconvenient?
  3251. If You Could Read for Pixie....
  3252. Would it help my business to join ATA or other organizations?
  3253. Tarot: Slip of the Tongue
  3254. Tree of Life or Heroic Journey
  3255. Cassari
  3256. Shipping Preference?
  3257. Forming sentences from a spread of cards
  3258. What would you do?
  3259. Strange Side-Effects from Tarot
  3260. Large bag for my Tarot of Dreams?
  3261. Quitting... so goodbye PTF...
  3262. Now that I am officially an "amateur" again...
  3263. RWS card stock
  3264. OK, don't laugh but...
  3265. she is asking how could the cards be so wrong
  3266. Something new I did
  3267. How to check the value of a deck?
  3268. Ever had a card jump the tracks?
  3269. Well - not *quite*.
  3270. Amazon Zshops ripoff
  3271. Paypal...Help!
  3272. Is an email address enough?
  3273. ISO: Tarot Jewellery
  3274. What makes a good reading?
  3275. What's your method....
  3276. Thanks to the posters here
  3277. paper cutters and corner rounders
  3278. Teaching Tarot
  3279. The Monday Rant
  3280. Missing MAAT
  3281. Do you use your given name?
  3282. Tarot Bags
  3283. The Tuesday Thread
  3284. Tarot gifts
  3285. The Secret: Tarot & the New Thought Movement
  3286. Finding test-subjects-err I mean querents?
  3287. Gorgeous Aquarian Lovers card antique jacket on Ebay.....
  3288. The Great Lemonade Tragedy and Spreading the Tarot Love
  3289. live readings and anxieties
  3290. The Naked Truth about being a Pro
  3291. Quality vs. Quantity = what makes a good reading
  3292. Tarot Study
  3293. Bulk-buying decks for students.
  3294. When cards are missing from your deck, do you still read with it??
  3295. Just needed some encouragement....
  3296. Mary Greer Tarot?
  3297. Have You Taken This Survey?
  3298. Tarot Journalling?
  3299. How many is too many?
  3300. Tarot reading families for TV Show
  3301. Dignities PDF
  3302. Help!! My friend is afraid of me!
  3303. What is reading?
  3304. How do others view Tarot
  3305. Professional Tarot Readers ...how do you advertise?
  3306. My first in-person "gig" - how to prepare/what to bring?
  3307. Tarot and numerology
  3308. Whachamacallit? II
  3309. Tarot and Improv
  3310. New Deck/Old
  3311. Big Shout Out for these beautiful Tarot Cloths
  3312. Reading without FULL information...
  3313. My first paid gig YAY !!!
  3314. School workshop
  3315. Stopped using reversals
  3316. Losing your ability to read tarot???
  3317. Tarot Seminar
  3318. Is there any truth to a deck working better if given as a gift to the user?
  3319. Images, or Pictures?
  3320. Tarot in Vogue!
  3321. List of tarot myths
  3322. Why did you start learning the Tarot?
  3323. Timing Devices - Old World Sand or New World Digital
  3324. Links on websites
  3325. My very first pro reading!!! Yayy!!!
  3326. Does this ever happen to you?
  3327. Short Explanations to the Unenlightened...
  3328. A new business in Australia
  3329. Difficult readings: sympathetic ear vs. objective voice
  3330. Insights?
  3331. Rider Waite in a particular movie
  3332. Thanks for telling me to go to the cards section!!!
  3333. Deadly Tarot?
  3334. creating tarot cards
  3335. Not quite sure where best to post
  3336. Shuffle Help
  3337. Lousy readings - & how to (hopefully) avoid giving them.
  3338. Reading for pushy people.
  3339. Mailing fragiles overseas
  3340. Constrictive Methods?
  3341. Joking while Taroting
  3342. Heads Up To The Ladies. Tarot Print Dress
  3343. Pre-Owned Decks and 'Energy'
  3344. Which card represents you at the moment?
  3345. learning methods
  3346. Just learning tarot....
  3347. Dynamic, flashy reading....
  3348. In response to " Why did you start learning the Tarot?"
  3349. Crocheted Tarot Bags
  3350. Tarot Card readers do it standing up......
  3351. So... silly questions
  3352. My Deck Has Been Violated
  3353. flipped cards
  3354. Celeste's tarot from Days of our Lives..
  3355. the reading without consent thing
  3356. Journey of the Fool through Occult, Alchemy, and Literature
  3357. Tarot Parties-What is an appropriate and reasonable amount to charge?
  3358. Finding Tarot in Literature
  3359. Reading at night
  3360. Preparing a Deck Without Ruining It
  3361. You Are Not On Sale
  3362. How much importance do you give to Key Words in decks?
  3363. What single visual symbol represents the Majors?
  3364. Recommend the Bohemian Gothic goodies
  3365. Client Management Strategies
  3366. Getting hired? :)
  3367. What's your favorite card image from any deck?
  3368. Reconciling Tarot with my faith
  3369. Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead
  3370. Happy Anniversary to me!
  3371. One card versus many
  3372. Tarot Experiement for People with Multiple Decks
  3373. Went and did something either A) Stupid or B) Insane
  3374. A Tarot Ethics Question-Fabrication
  3375. Tarot as an adjective.
  3376. We need to get the definition of Tarot changed!!!
  3377. Tarot can be a talking head
  3378. Getting certified
  3379. Illustrated Pips VS Non-Illustrated
  3380. Question About Retiring Decks
  3381. Reading for myself
  3382. Tinting the Reading for Self
  3383. Any Pros out there that use the Haindl?
  3384. Halloween Parties
  3385. Hand-Made Tarot Bag
  3386. Some ramblings from Splungeman...
  3387. The Seeker's Question
  3388. Teaching the Cards to a Preteen
  3389. children and tarot?
  3390. Do you use different decks for different Question types?
  3391. Someone pulls out YOUR fortune?
  3392. hi... a question about reversals...
  3393. A casket tarot box...but need more?
  3394. Seasons
  3395. Tarot Cloths
  3396. reshuffle?
  3397. Deck AND book
  3398. Strength and Justice Comparisons
  3399. Shuffling techniques
  3400. How much is a 1935 Rider Waite Tarot deck worth?
  3401. Spread and Table Photographs
  3402. Annoying deck problem
  3403. Help needed -Bag for Druidcraft
  3404. Cold Reading - Your Thoughts?
  3405. Before you read cards...
  3406. Instead of trimming...
  3407. My First Reading For a Stranger...
  3408. Do the Cards Lie ?
  3409. past life spread and dreams
  3410. Doomed.... Pure & Simple
  3411. Ever get chills?
  3412. Online Tarot
  3413. tarot schools/lessons?
  3414. Talk therapy with my preteen
  3415. Strange projection on what cards I thought would show up and did in a reading
  3416. Scenting Your Deck
  3417. Majors in spread
  3418. First Deck
  3419. Trusting the cards in a self-reading
  3420. Ever done a reading over the internet?
  3421. Dark Tarot Card Decks--What Is Your Take?
  3422. Intuitively Reading Different Decks
  3423. Should I make the offer?
  3424. What Are These Symbols?
  3425. What Deck Was Your First Deck?
  3426. Evacuation - which decks to take?
  3427. What mnemonics and data sets do you use with your decks?
  3428. Outside of leather, what were the original tarot bags made of?
  3429. The Perfect Day
  3430. tarot hospital scrubs on ebay
  3431. my Intuition is getting weak/fading/loosing...
  3432. Will I change the card's message if I flip reversed ones to get them upright?
  3433. Am I a more restricted reader if I use only upright cards?
  3434. Modifying a deck
  3435. How much do the cards influence you?
  3436. Reading cards without cards.
  3437. How to Handle Well-Meaning Gifts?
  3438. Is tarot a skill anyone can learn?
  3439. My Quest II - The Grail is Mine!
  3440. Where could I find boxes for my decks
  3441. Tarot Journaling - Computer VS Notebook
  3442. Ethics of Tarot
  3443. When the cards won't "work"
  3444. Lost book of Nostradamus
  3445. Rebuilding your collection
  3446. Face to face reading...online.
  3447. Readings for multiple querents simultaneously
  3448. Scariest deck ever?
  3449. Here it is... warts and all.
  3450. Energising the cards.....
  3451. Any Pros advertise on Craigslist?
  3452. Study Groups....
  3453. If you could start over
  3454. Did you ever have a problem after reading???
  3455. Where the Heart is?
  3456. Questionaire for a newly created tarot deck
  3457. About 640+ snips later...
  3458. Does anyone know of any good Tarot shops in Florida?
  3459. Business Name? - Help!
  3460. If you could start over--Part II
  3461. When knowing too much is a problem lol
  3462. Music for reading?
  3463. The words just flow and they aren't coming from me
  3464. First time Reading for money- eek!
  3465. Has anyone ordered from MangaArt.com?
  3466. A One Deck Person?
  3467. Tarot and your inner demons
  3468. Ok...i Get It!!!
  3469. Instinct and Tarot Disagree
  3470. soo many things to consider give me a headache
  3471. Energies after readings
  3472. Reading for others without consent
  3473. "One Deck Wonder" Query
  3474. Door numbers that say something
  3475. Making a web page?
  3476. Counselors/Psychologists using Tarot?
  3477. Dreaming with the tarot cards & psychic bonds?
  3478. Does this ever happen?
  3479. French Cosmo Magazine November issue: ''Le Tarot des People''
  3480. Mixing Tarot/Oracle cards?
  3481. Things we shouldn't know...
  3482. perhaps a psychic flash
  3483. Funny Tarot Story
  3484. A deck a month?
  3485. Interference?
  3486. Is it wrong ?
  3487. Q about Health Readings, etc...
  3488. HELP: Looking for Correspondence Charts for Tarot
  3489. What I Don't Like About General Readings
  3490. How do colors and Tarot interface?
  3491. What age did you do your first stranger reading?
  3492. 10-yr-old son wants to learn tarot- NEED ADVICE!!
  3493. Do YOUR decks have personalities?
  3494. In case you're doing a Color Your Own
  3495. Repeated Numbers
  3496. Good reader in Sacramento?
  3497. Do things happen when you read for others?
  3498. Ace of Swords...yes or no
  3499. Interesting chat about Tarot and health issues
  3500. The Taste of Tarot Artwork
  3501. Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love
  3502. Obsessive reader
  3503. Used Decks
  3504. Should Tarot be kept a secret from those who don't approve?
  3505. Buying tarot help?
  3506. I really felt I needed to share this with someone so I chose all of you
  3507. Am I Being Blocked for a Reason?
  3508. Before reading.
  3509. Should you buy your own decks?
  3510. Unique decks, anyone?
  3511. Sleepy reader
  3512. Working Hours?
  3513. Stupid collection...
  3514. Height of Tarot's Popularity?
  3515. Thoughts about "I NEED A READING RIGHT NOW"
  3516. UK children's series called Tarot?
  3517. First Time Professional - Any Advice?
  3518. In the your readings section?
  3519. Newbie question
  3520. Used Decks...your thoughts?
  3521. tarot and magic?
  3522. Any methods to stiffen thin card stock?
  3523. Divination in Iran
  3524. Tarot Guild of Australia... any members here?
  3525. Tarot and Gambling
  3526. Found INCREDIBLE Card-Journeying Music!
  3527. Songs and music about Tarot
  3528. reading about someone else
  3529. ¿Español? Anybody?
  3530. Fortune Telling a Hit in Iran
  3531. It's Official. I Can't Read For Myself.
  3532. Got a party....need advice
  3533. do i really need to be pyschic to do tarot
  3534. Poker cards as Tarot?
  3535. Tarot Business Cards
  3536. Substitute for fanning powder??
  3537. Tarot as a tool for insight
  3538. Finally -- It's Up.
  3539. Thoughts on Theme, Not Position
  3540. Positive and Negitive Energy
  3541. Tarot software
  3542. I'm Done! (for now)
  3543. A spiritualist just told me I need to burn my tarot decks....
  3544. Tarot Artwork?
  3545. the personal talents of readers
  3546. A novice needs some help here!
  3547. Do the card names distract you?
  3548. Misinterpretations b/c of bias, projection, etc.
  3549. Parlor tricks and tarot decks
  3550. Help an introvert!
  3551. Rider Thoth Merge
  3552. Competition – something to think about
  3553. Towers on Moon Card
  3554. Do you gift decks to your children for Christmas?
  3555. What is the difference between Tarot and Oracles?
  3556. Journaling
  3557. Using a spread the correct way?
  3558. Religion and Tarot
  3559. "Test" reading so I can prove myself
  3560. The elusive perfect feedback
  3561. My Adventure Back Into Public Reading
  3562. Bags for your tarot deck.
  3563. Finally using the Thoth ... after 23 years!
  3564. 10-yr-old son doing tarot now
  3565. Dressing for Tarot
  3566. Excited over a daily draw!
  3567. Help me my cards!
  3568. Reading a Liber T before Thoth.
  3569. Tarot Decks and Personal Attunement
  3570. Thanks to the white truck
  3571. The Law Of Attraction is so funny :)
  3572. Was "forced" to do a reading
  3573. Have I gotten myself in a pickel?
  3574. Fun Question!
  3575. How many "Queens" have you been?
  3576. How long does a reading take... usually?
  3577. Casting Call - Los Angeles readers
  3578. Obsessed?
  3579. Tarot in the Middle Ages History
  3580. Professional Tarot Readers - Good vs. Bad
  3581. Books vs. No books
  3582. sensations
  3583. Pollack's Tree-of-Life Spread from 78 Degrees of Wisdom book...
  3584. Would you recommend AT to your clients?
  3585. The Four Elements...or why I can't use my newest deck.
  3586. I just had to share this...
  3587. Divine Intervention? Or I'm nuts...
  3588. Getting Published
  3589. what is coincidence?
  3590. A funny thing happened yesterday...
  3591. Questions on how everyone reads.
  3592. Wouldn't this be great--a forum on how readings played out?
  3593. Has Anyone Ever Seen a Weather Forecast in the Tarot?
  3594. Ats
  3595. Important Folks That Used Tarot
  3596. How *New* is the Wording/Symbology in Your LWB...?
  3597. Doing an online reading for someone?
  3598. Yatta~ (we did it!)
  3599. Reading for people of different cultures.
  3600. Tarot for Christmas/Yule Gifts
  3601. Tarot Personality tests
  3602. I am a Card Back Lover!
  3603. HELP...!!! My Tarots Gone CRAZY...!!!
  3604. Storing multiple decks
  3605. Why is my Tarot Deck lying to me?
  3606. Spread Gone Wrong
  3607. 2008 "Tarot Goodies to Go Through!"
  3608. A question for the girls...
  3609. Having to RE-learn tarot?
  3610. the cards say one thing, but the querent insists you say another...
  3611. uhoh
  3612. Flying Tarot or Tarot Flying
  3613. If you remember this reading...
  3614. K.I.S.S. system
  3615. We've shared about others lack of approval, but what of jealousy/envy? (LONG post)
  3616. Do you hate fortune-telling?
  3617. difference b/t asking *too many times*...
  3618. What would you give up to Tarot?
  3619. Who holds the power?
  3620. Quantum Theory and Tarot Inquiry...
  3621. Project: Christmas Cookie Symbolism
  3622. Tarot in your tongue OMG
  3623. Card Reading by Non-psychic
  3624. Medical Readings
  3625. Doing a reading tonight.
  3626. ever read for law enforcement?
  3627. Sakki-Sakki 'pockets'
  3628. Question not sure where to post it
  3629. asking the right question...
  3630. Searching information on Rolla Nordic
  3631. black magic?
  3632. Is It Wrong... To Use or Do...
  3633. I'm kinda freaked out here...
  3634. hey question on clensing a deck of negtivity
  3635. Extaordinary, but withouth the extra?
  3636. Cleansing
  3637. Cleansing my cards in preparation for the New Year...
  3638. Tarot Ah Ha moment
  3639. I Give Homework!
  3640. How do you practice?
  3641. Making meanings
  3642. Doing 'Other' Readings
  3643. newbie that needs help phrasing question.
  3644. My Heavenly Reading (literally)
  3645. Too many questions...
  3646. Traditional decks used in european card-reading traditions
  3647. Elemental characteristics of Tarot?
  3648. Do tarot readers/Psychic just read your mind or is the future not planned
  3649. Pregnancy
  3650. verification issue / (how) does tarot work?
  3651. Solandia's deck poll is up
  3652. Newb questions (still getting a feel for these forums!)
  3653. Anyone know of a French website in English?
  3654. Reading while you're sick ?
  3655. Winning the Lottery ticket
  3656. Combining Decks
  3657. Newbie Questions
  3658. Play That Funky Music
  3659. Quiz for Newbies, Please!
  3660. need help....again. :)
  3661. Combination bag/cloth - does this exist?
  3662. Political Predictions for USA
  3663. Note: hold on memberships and subscriptions
  3664. Tarot Ethics for me... or how not to break a heart.
  3665. When Tarot makes you blush in happiness~
  3666. Storing decks
  3667. Commercial that reminds me of the Tarot of Prague!
  3668. A party where the cards kept repeating??
  3669. Tarot-related things to see in Paris?
  3670. What Decks Would You Combine?
  3671. Currently the most accurate deck for self-reading...
  3672. Another's feelings
  3673. I'm perplexed -- can't seem to use my favorite deck!
  3674. Need some clarity in rediscovering my tarot
  3675. Can you help me find a reader in Melbourne, Aus.
  3676. What card do you dread right now?
  3677. Read with the same deck ...forever
  3678. professional tarot readers and how long you'll live questions??
  3679. significant other who disapprove of tarot
  3680. astrological aspects common in tarot readers?
  3681. Not being able to put two piles of cards together?
  3682. Unillustrated pip card cravings
  3683. Copyrights infringment
  3684. 2008 Reading layout
  3685. Tarot in Eastenders again
  3686. The turning point (or when to go professional)
  3687. Tarot jewellery
  3688. To Keep a Tarot Gift:
  3689. A Question AM I BLIND??
  3690. Tarot confessions part 1: The Journal
  3691. doing tarot in altered state of mind?
  3692. Altered minds. Who partakes?:)
  3693. Pro or Non Pro
  3694. Help! How to rescue this deck? (bad stains)
  3695. Behind the scenes?
  3696. My deck hates me
  3697. Reading style survey
  3698. the scent of new tarot decks.....
  3699. Every reading I do somehow takes the form of the Celtic Cross Spread!
  3700. How often ?
  3701. Tarot As a Visualizing/Counselling Tool
  3702. anyone ever have querant try to change the meaning of your reading?
  3703. Drawing cards from the mind?
  3704. check this out on e bay.. lost for words
  3705. The 'Unfinished' Reading
  3706. Tips for catching the "tarot spark" again?
  3707. No Page of Cups (Missing Cards) -- What Does It Mean?
  3708. Dreaming in Tarot
  3709. Reading in your home
  3710. Tarot cloth size
  3711. Reading cloth ?
  3712. How Your Emotions Affect the Reading
  3713. Newbie question on CC
  3714. I do readings for my best friend but her mother wont butt out what should I do?
  3715. Laminating
  3716. What makes a reading "accurate" to you?
  3717. Don't you hate it when somebody touchs your deck?
  3718. Willing Cards to Appear
  3719. Readings that don't make sense
  3720. Tarot Ettiquette
  3721. Have you ever had a deck call to you and demand to be bought?
  3722. Lost my mojo :(
  3723. AMAZON, bargain or frustration?
  3724. Do you have a 'make or break' card for decks???
  3725. Should you give a gift of a Tarot deck?
  3726. remaining objective
  3727. tarot vs astrology
  3728. Tarot Rehab
  3729. Changing the Back
  3730. How long could a Tarot deck 'live'
  3731. Age of Death
  3732. Why do you do a new deck spread?
  3733. Two questions
  3734. Should I crochet a set of Tarot Bags?
  3735. Serenity's Northern New Age
  3736. 3 Ghosts...
  3737. Coloring tarot cards: a suggestion
  3738. URGENT help, I need to phrase a yes/no question and I can't figure it out
  3739. Greenwood, or holiday? Look at this price!
  3740. What Powers do we Call Upon?
  3741. Reading about a Missing person?
  3742. Setting a "next appointment"
  3743. getsalt tarot
  3744. Reading in a cigarrete smoke full room
  3745. Have you read this? Miss Canada Plus judge rejected for tarot reading
  3746. Whats your reading style?
  3747. Time for a new deck
  3748. Any advice?
  3749. How do you come up with fee?
  3750. Dissapointed with new deck--help! :(
  3751. I need some help please...
  3752. Patterns
  3753. Decks for every aspect for life
  3754. Empress.. who is she for you ?
  3755. Cleansing your cards with the Moon, can it be ANY Moon?
  3756. Dissapointed by the quality of VR cards that come with the kit :(
  3757. Does trimming your cards make you read better?
  3758. Responsible Predictions
  3759. Fine Line Between "guidance" and "obsession?"
  3760. As the Deck Speaks -- weirdness!
  3761. Is cleansing your cards a must?
  3762. I did it! Reading for a stranger!
  3763. Having trouble with my Tarot reading area
  3764. a story from a book
  3765. i miscounted cards
  3766. I'm in ATS Newsletter!
  3767. More Quality Content - Copyright Issues?
  3768. my cards move on their own
  3769. how many cards for a daily reading
  3770. I want to share this.
  3771. I Gave Away The Empress
  3772. Client contact after reading
  3773. Buying a deck vs. having it given to you
  3774. Making A Good First Impression
  3775. please enable me !!!
  3776. ask a question; get your reflection...
  3777. distant readers
  3778. Intuitive Reading
  3779. What is your shuffling style?
  3780. using tape on cards?
  3781. Getting the same thing over and over?
  3782. Tarot/Psychic reading Ombudsman?
  3783. The lights turned out while reading... only in my room... don't know what to think...
  3784. Reversals: Needed or not?
  3785. Statement From The Ata Regarding The Rejection Of Reigning Miss Canada Plus
  3786. trying to control my deck buying
  3787. Your oldest deck?
  3788. Firemaiden interviews you -- your personal tarot biography
  3789. The state of Tarot -
  3790. Downloading images of deck on the computer and printing them to use them?
  3791. Tarot's influence on surrealism
  3792. Any Advice on Felt-tipped Pens For Coloring Your Own?
  3793. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  3794. Tarot all over: Radio show and Film
  3795. That first card pulled from a new deck...
  3796. Literal cards in a reading
  3797. Storage
  3798. uk fraudulent mediums act update
  3799. multiple tarot deck readings
  3800. Preparing for a reading
  3801. The first shuffle
  3802. Reading PICTURES on CARDS: The Joke’s on Me!
  3803. good vibes/bad vibes in deck??
  3804. Why do you use Tarot
  3805. Snip, snip, clip, clip
  3806. Death Year
  3807. odd cards
  3808. When branch out deck-wise
  3809. Reading at my First festival
  3810. card of the day
  3811. The Brave People - A text for all Tarot readers
  3812. Advertising
  3813. Mixed Feelings About Tarot!
  3814. Why do we need so many decks?
  3815. Uh oh - trap just snapped
  3816. tarot jokes
  3817. I'm not a skeptic, just curious.
  3818. How long do you use the same tarot deck?
  3819. opening new decks :(
  3820. Victor Brauner: a Tarot-inspired surrealist painter
  3821. Wholesale Decks?
  3822. When two decks are used to answer the same question and they answer exactly opposite
  3823. To Reverse or not to Reverse?
  3824. The Fool's Journey
  3825. What it costs to have a little collection.
  3826. Blank Cards...
  3827. Teaching Tarot?
  3828. Finding Tarot in Tim Burton´s "Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet St."
  3829. Tarot for language learners
  3830. A tarot library
  3831. The creepiest question during a reading...
  3832. Let's take a trip down memory lane...
  3833. Do you keep client records?
  3834. What if we start inventing tarot?
  3835. Llewellyn! You on crack?
  3836. Another Tarot Deck and Others
  3837. bonding with your cards
  3838. is there a way to make us games decks not so glazy ?
  3839. An excited newbie wants to share!
  3840. Video Chat Readings
  3841. Where do you read?
  3842. This is why books are evil....
  3843. Bouncing from deck to deck!
  3844. Tarot taking over China
  3845. How long before I can do readings for friends?
  3846. readings for others-soooo difficult:(
  3847. Tarot validated!
  3848. Tarot Skits and Musings
  3849. Market for esoteric decks and books
  3850. Confused about readings
  3851. Can anyone read tarot?
  3852. Tarot and Drinking
  3853. Conducting hour long tarot speak... HELP!
  3854. Esoteric names of cards
  3855. Timeframes
  3856. OMG! Copyright infringement gone mad
  3857. Evaluating decks for a purchase price. HA!
  3858. Tarot Bag?
  3859. The Questions people ask
  3860. Daily Personal Readings
  3861. who goes for tarot readings
  3862. Funy thing happened that confirmed I'm on right track:)
  3863. General tips for beginners?
  3864. Findings stray Cards
  3865. Is it ever better not to know?
  3866. Do you have to agree
  3867. AT's Free One and Three-Card Reading
  3868. Dreaming of tarot cards
  3869. Strange happenings with your cards
  3870. HELP!!!! I'm already developing an addiction!!!
  3871. Despair
  3872. What's the damage?
  3873. Decks With Soul
  3874. Tarot & Introspection
  3875. Writing on the cards
  3876. How Much Is Too Much?
  3877. Finding sitters to read for...
  3878. Trimming Tarot
  3879. Where to buy Tarot Decks in Portland, OR?
  3880. Becoming Addicted to Tarot Cards
  3881. Is this normal?
  3882. Reading Tarot to music
  3883. Querent vs. querent
  3884. do you hoard your decks on a 50/50 chance they will speak to you? (i do)
  3885. Tarot Journal
  3886. Tarot Card party
  3887. Research Experiment #1
  3888. How long did it take you since you started learning Tarot to get professional?
  3889. 4 hours of Sewing = Tarot pouch
  3890. The Death Card Guess
  3891. Best Way To Learn The Minor Arcana?
  3892. Tarot quotes
  3893. Teaching my niece to read,...
  3894. Meditation and Tarot
  3895. Tarot and Depression
  3896. Reading in a pub - what's the process?
  3897. What would you say if.....
  3898. Reviving the One Deck Wonder
  3899. Calculation of Year card: split from Spiritual Meeting House
  3900. Wondering about copyright
  3901. Can a person's personal image of what they want to see be projected through a reading
  3902. Incredible auction on ebay : an entire collection!
  3903. Another EBay collection ~
  3904. Help!
  3905. Professional Psychics...why use tarot?
  3906. FNAC beware? FYI
  3907. How much is too much to ask!?
  3908. A Tarot Deck as a gift
  3909. What's Your Reading Angle...and WHY?
  3910. "How did you learn how to do that?"
  3911. Humphrey ate Justice!
  3912. a question about the Page vs. the Prince Princess
  3913. i put the cards under my pillow last night and had nightmares all night...I'm scared!
  3914. a rough night
  3915. Brain Overload!
  3916. Tarot And Religion
  3917. Tarot....to you!
  3918. I did my first reading--I'm psyched!
  3919. Need opinions regarding Business Card
  3920. purchasing tarot via internet
  3921. Card reading feedback from years ago...
  3922. I need some help with all the Abbreviations please..LOL
  3923. Burnout after a fair
  3924. Losing energy
  3925. quick question on doing tarot readings
  3926. question about buying decks online
  3927. 'Mundane' meanings of the Wheel lol
  3928. Science & Psychic Tarot
  3929. how long do tarot readings live for
  3930. Cards and blessings
  3931. wet cards
  3932. How Long Did it Take you to Memorize The Cards?
  3933. my tarot collection :)
  3934. Inaugural Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Thread
  3935. tarot speech
  3936. A bad connection...or right on?
  3937. tarot in the new Batman movie?
  3938. Writing a comparsion essay about the tarot and the oracle....
  3939. Getting them to leave
  3940. Stuck in a rut when reading the cards.... has this happened to you?
  3941. My Party
  3942. First "Real" Tarot Deck - Emotions & Physical reactions - is this normal?
  3943. Welcome to Therapeutic Tarot
  3944. Not wanting to buy a deck... but...
  3945. The Beloved and Battered Deck...
  3946. Taste shift?
  3947. Tarot images/projective technique
  3948. what steps do you propose a beginner tarotist incorporates therapy into their work?
  3949. tarot reputation takes another hit :(
  3950. What decks look more...professional?
  3951. Cards you dont like? Why?
  3952. Therapy: Definition
  3953. Combinations of cards
  3954. Tarot Therapy concerns
  3955. Recommended Books or Articles
  3956. Using four OZ characthers as king court cards.
  3957. Unnerving Calm
  3958. "what is good training, and its requirements"
  3959. bending cards shuffle
  3960. have you ever inherited cards?
  3961. How do you read?
  3962. To Spread or not to spread....
  3963. INTERJECTING your own Opinions/Advice
  3964. when you're spectacularly wrong...
  3965. How do you deal with 'testers'?
  3966. Decks with personality?
  3967. Unbridgeable divide?
  3968. Therapeutic Tarot/Therapy: defn
  3969. "Remote" readings
  3970. Bridging the divide
  3971. Reading for an older person
  3972. Article on Therapeutic Tarot
  3973. Tarot works in misterious ways...
  3974. Oh Goody. . . "Pair Charged In Tarot Card Curse Scheme"
  3975. How has Tarot been therapeutic for you?
  3976. Interpersonal Techniques
  3977. Tarot themed patches
  3978. Sometimes Therapy might be...unavoidable
  3979. What's your method and set-up for reading?
  3980. Skibbins Readings
  3981. Name Your Feel-Good Reading Decks.
  3982. Picking a Deck
  3983. Tarot and Archetypes (ala Jung & Hillman, etc.)
  3984. help for beginners and tarot deck interview
  3985. why is it taking so long
  3986. Have you felt like immersed in a Major by a movie?
  3987. A difficult time using a difficult spread
  3988. tarot story on This American Life
  3989. Marked Cards
  3990. how do you run a tarot workshop?
  3991. Question about reading "rules"
  3992. Rx Hierophant
  3993. Cards & astrology
  3994. First full Reading for someone I didn't know
  3995. Where do tarot meanings come from (for the minors)
  3996. Cards you feel you are in the middle of - BG World
  3997. Psychic fairs
  3998. Online tarot journal??
  3999. My first paid Reading!
  4000. doing a daily card vs a weekly reading??
  4001. What do you do before beginning a reading?
  4002. Tarot Day?
  4003. Tarot Day Vote
  4004. Contacting Spirits Through Tarot.
  4005. How You Make Reversals
  4006. Spongebob Squarepants- the Fool!
  4007. Can tarot make you rich?
  4008. Tarot Keyword (Crostic?) and Crosswords...
  4009. Jung and Tarot
  4010. Card size
  4011. When the death card means real death
  4012. My baby sister, the fledgling Tarot reader!
  4013. A string of Bad
  4014. Advice on getting started.....
  4015. Question about shipping
  4016. An 104 card set of Minors? Yikes
  4017. So I was drawn to a metaphysics shop yesterday...
  4018. Tarot Rituals
  4019. Touching a Nerve
  4020. Feeling drained when having done a face to face reading with a troubled querent
  4021. Robert Place at the NYC Open Center
  4022. Not connecting
  4023. William's Journey
  4024. Hourly rate?
  4025. Tarot Images Overload (TIO)
  4026. Collectible Card Care - Pamela A
  4027. Where Does One Find Work,...
  4028. Glided anyone?
  4029. What does it mean to read Tarot (to you)?
  4030. your favourite Lo Scarabeo artist
  4031. "Tarot Day" Vote #2 :: The Run-Off
  4032. Meeting Famous People
  4033. Looking for wholsalers of Tarot
  4034. Psychic Spies
  4035. question re tarot totes
  4036. Well, I ran into a skeptic... ;)
  4037. Damaged card
  4038. Has anyone ever heard of Brian David Phillips or "Tarot Trance?"
  4039. Card that Fall Out
  4040. Off to Spain :)
  4041. How do you pick which decks to use?
  4042. Face-to-face readings....
  4043. A curious experiment....
  4044. Tarot inspired poem
  4045. Pips vs Scenes?
  4046. Did I get cheated for this incense??
  4047. Tarot in the comics
  4048. Jodorowsky rephrases a question
  4049. Tarot Box... crystal
  4050. Card behaving oddly
  4051. reading disaster
  4052. Christianity and reading Tarot
  4053. I know I should be happy but....
  4054. Intellect Tarot
  4055. All is going too wrong...
  4056. Last minute doubts
  4057. Do you do phone and e-mail readings?
  4058. Is it possible not to be able to read
  4059. I did it! I did it! I did it!
  4060. Honing Your Style...
  4061. Tarot Card Readings Online??
  4062. Spring Fever: Let's Get Those Parties Booked
  4063. Strange reading from a storefront reader.
  4064. Regaining control
  4065. How about folks leave their religion out of tarot
  4066. Tarot on a morning show here in Australia
  4067. Movie Character Tarot
  4068. Your Tarot deck as a Card
  4069. Reading for another; mixed feelings of a first timer
  4070. Very Important...
  4071. Shuffling Tarot
  4072. Takes on Marseilles Tarot...2008 and Beyond
  4073. Practical Meanings?
  4074. Can't wait!!
  4075. Reiki and Tarot
  4076. Some thoughts on reading...
  4077. Thoth-based decks
  4078. Recording your readings.
  4079. Tarot courses/development circles- London
  4080. Your tarot table
  4081. Intuitive reading of certain decks. (My deck: Gothic Tarot of Vampire (LS))
  4082. How does it really work?
  4083. Your Meanings
  4084. What do you think?
  4085. Storing my cards and such
  4086. interesting...
  4087. the truth about Tarot history
  4088. Online Tarot Maker
  4089. Minor arcana in your birth chart
  4090. Fake a reading
  4091. Unsatisfactory record at Keen.com
  4092. The Wedding Reception
  4093. Nightmares?
  4094. Warned off Tarot
  4095. Haindl and Tarot of Prague
  4096. Tarot External Forces
  4097. I did it, it was briiiiiiliant and I will be doing it again!!!
  4098. no longer a divination skeptic
  4099. How do you decipher between a (+) and (-) card?
  4100. To Share With and Learn From...
  4101. What drew you to your favourite deck?
  4102. Do You Get Support?
  4103. Tarot - Intuition or Psychic ability??
  4104. Tips GREATLY appreciated (story)
  4105. Has anyone noticed when we start reading tarot....
  4106. Reclaiming my roots...
  4107. Music and Tarot Cards
  4108. Going your own way...
  4109. tarot on deal or no deal
  4110. Two Sets of READINGS!
  4111. Which tarot-card would symbolize projective identification?
  4112. Where can I find Tarot posters?
  4113. Hand type in spreads?
  4114. Oopsie forgot some cards inside the box
  4115. Reading the whole deck
  4116. PM and mixed up... Frightening experience with Mystic Faerie tarot
  4117. Reading the cards upright, with no dignities or reversals... unaccurate readings?
  4118. New Mundane Reading - Developing a Spread
  4119. Tarot shops in Venice, Italy
  4120. So we want a tarot in a tin...
  4121. Should I report this person?
  4122. can work on a sticky faq for this forum proceed ?
  4123. looking for website design advice, possibly offers?
  4124. Well, I am Finished
  4125. Booking dates are down.... also co-op questions
  4126. Just Bought A Friend a Deck/Book Combo
  4127. Pop culture icons and the cards
  4128. Musty cards, a cure anyone?
  4129. Do minor arcana have numbers?
  4130. asking the question
  4131. Buying online?
  4132. Art in Tarot
  4133. To arrange a Tarot café
  4134. My (Baroque Bohemian) Cats Ran Away!
  4135. So a tarot readers walks into the bar...
  4136. Reading for your pets - communication
  4137. Scary reading! What to do?
  4138. Few quick questions... someone please answer
  4139. Help to perform readings onlin
  4140. limitations of how many times you can make a throw?
  4141. Let's Work this Thang,......
  4142. AWOL Thoth!
  4143. I found an old deck list today
  4144. Yikes!
  4145. It might be a stupid question, but I would appreciate some input
  4146. Picking your own cards
  4147. A mundane reading...
  4148. Oh heck! Ive started TRIMMING!
  4149. Ebay and Tarot readings
  4150. Questions to Draw Out The Querent
  4151. Some fun about tarot - skeptics
  4152. UK Borders
  4153. Index: Pictures of Trimmed Decks
  4154. Which deck(s) do you know by heart?
  4155. Negotiators
  4156. Blind Reader?
  4157. In Praise of Bad Lamination...
  4158. Addicted to Daily Spreads! :-)
  4159. Tarot and the World...
  4160. Should I do the reading or not?
  4161. Life Coaching
  4162. bring it on!!!
  4163. Tarot in therapy?
  4164. books and shadow works
  4165. how do you use your cards
  4166. Will I get pregnant? When will I get pregnant? What will the sex be?
  4167. You Know You Trust Your Reader When...
  4168. Sorting your decks
  4169. Used decks
  4170. charging cards
  4171. Decks dictating flipping vs. fanning
  4172. When De-Enabling Fails.
  4173. Nina Lee Braden and Tarot for Weight Loss
  4174. Choose your deck, querent!
  4175. Readings For The Dead
  4176. When the "Umbrae Method" isn't enough...
  4177. Look at these Tarot Boxes!
  4178. Beautiful Question
  4179. Orange Moon
  4180. What do you think of the word "hierophant"?
  4181. Decider
  4182. Do any of you feel like you dont need tarot?
  4183. tarot spreads?
  4184. REAPER: Tarot Reader Goes Back To Hell
  4185. Criminal Minds - Death card
  4186. have you ever refused to read someone? (long one - sorry)
  4187. Body Mind Spirit Expos -- any experiences?
  4188. Covered an index card case - more tarot boxes!
  4189. Tarot readings performed in a novel!
  4190. How did you discover your Tarot de Marseille?
  4191. Reading in the midst of the situation?
  4192. Online Tarot Readings?
  4193. Arrows on cards - upright/reversed? Can't tell!
  4194. Buying a new deck?
  4195. The lost card
  4196. Rws
  4197. Results thread or results forum?
  4198. Reading cards for others
  4199. Gypsies and tarot
  4200. Reading for a thrid person
  4201. My wife is not comfortable with my tarot hobby
  4202. 2 small predictions came true
  4203. Dedicated deck--specifically for spellwork or other purpose?
  4204. Blessed Are the Ignorant (or, a funny thing happened in a coffeeshop)
  4205. When the cards are "testy"
  4206. Can't gather courage to trim... Need help :(
  4207. Tarot still not embraced by all.
  4208. Burn Out
  4209. Too Many Tarot Decks...
  4210. Just need to vent.... again
  4211. Minors, pips, elements, social order
  4212. I need some good spreads to use
  4213. business cards
  4214. What is the Great Work?
  4215. Do you use spreads if so which ones?
  4216. for those who own many decks
  4217. Spider Tarot?
  4218. client's questions on why things are?
  4219. Green with envy
  4220. The Significator
  4221. bad deck?
  4222. Making friends PAY!
  4223. Should beginners' emphasis be on book or cards?
  4224. Impatience
  4225. frequency of spreads affect outlook?
  4226. buying vs. receiving as a gift
  4227. Readings by phone?
  4228. Connection between reader and the deck
  4229. Tarot Reading for Coma
  4230. Chronata Goes to A "Professional" Reader!
  4231. Tarot and the Law of Attraction
  4232. Not sure where to put this---reading exchange or here
  4233. Where do your "meanings" come from?
  4234. Anyone Juggle Tarot with Another Career? (Controversy Issues)
  4235. When to reverse...?
  4236. starting the reading early
  4237. Tarot Funnies
  4238. Tarot Use - Permission
  4239. Heads up to all fans of Baba tarot bags
  4240. Intensive Deck Study Support Thread ~ Part 2
  4241. For you collectors...
  4242. Cat acting strange since tarot entered the home
  4243. One Deck for Everyone?
  4244. Talking Tarot
  4245. Slept on tarot cards: Star separated - meaning?
  4246. How To Ask Yes/No Question in Tarot
  4247. Ze emperor
  4248. How do you read your cards?
  4249. New Symbolism
  4250. The Empress and The Emperor.
  4251. Trimmed the Voyager
  4252. Games for tarot.
  4253. Using multiple decks.
  4254. Tarot, personal problems and sexuality
  4255. how do you use cards for therapy
  4256. Where do you store your tarot cards?
  4257. How Do You Shuffle a 22 Card Deck?
  4258. You say tarot, I say... Etuile?
  4259. Smudging
  4260. Just learning Tarot Reading, need to know a few things
  4261. timing in tarot
  4262. Tarot Bag Knitting Pattern
  4263. just to share -
  4264. How to fake a tarot reading
  4265. Guidance or divination - or both?
  4266. The IDS and one deck wonder
  4267. Decks with minds of their own?
  4268. How do you create a daily card routine?
  4269. Ronald McDonald and Tarot game activism?
  4270. Combinations of cards...
  4271. Hilarious eBay description!
  4272. Puzzling Decks! Help!!!!
  4273. What image/symbol/word/thought comes to mind when you think of the Wheel of Fortune
  4274. Outsider trying to understand your Profession
  4275. Numerologically speaking.....#11
  4276. Moving from an old deck to a new one...
  4277. And suddenly... the cards stop talking.
  4278. Oldest Guide
  4279. Finally got it... this amusing little funny things called LWBs.
  4280. Well, here we go again
  4281. a novice question
  4282. Alphabet?
  4283. Is this a misprint?-ebay listing...
  4284. Thinking of moving on...
  4285. Instincts in readings? Advice
  4286. Considering reading professionally - give me pros and cons please
  4287. Beware misleading e-bay RWS deck
  4288. I was bored...please don't laugh!!!
  4289. "Desperately Seeking A Sicilian Tarot deck-NOT the modiano!!!
  4290. Just want to share....
  4291. Soul card
  4292. Have you read for a...
  4293. Do you go to others?
  4294. Saxophone Tarot
  4295. Tarot World Magazine in the UK?
  4296. Words of Wisdom
  4297. Ebay and Tarot readings - update
  4298. how long until reading for others
  4299. what if you can't see a solution
  4300. My readings are accurate but . . .
  4301. Journals
  4302. tarot newbie
  4303. Tarot readings and the major arcana.
  4304. How To Identify Real Tarot Readers
  4305. THE card
  4306. how many books to interpret your cards?
  4307. setting boundaries-need opinions
  4308. Personal Resemblances
  4309. Are you still suprised?
  4310. "My" cards routinely show someone else's energies?
  4311. Softening the impact...
  4312. Mind Body Spirit Festivals - Australia
  4313. In your opinion, can anyone read?
  4314. Revisiting an old friend: Using decks you haven't touched for years.
  4315. Now What?
  4316. Did you find anywhere ?
  4317. feels like the first thyme...??
  4318. Trying to place accuracy VS timing in readings
  4319. Drowning in the sea of tarot decks! Help!
  4320. Reorganizing Cards?
  4321. Honk if you like the new US Games lamination!
  4322. Applying scented oil to a deck?
  4323. Divinatory purpose.
  4324. Can someone further advice?
  4325. Reading for Charity?
  4326. Odd & Silly Question
  4327. Was it hard for you to tell others about your tarot?
  4328. How to clean the edges of a deck?
  4329. Difference between Tarot and Oracle?
  4330. Tarot and masses
  4331. Adding spice to your readings!
  4332. Ref: The Fastest Way To Learn Tarot Reading - for Newbies
  4333. Mini Visconti Gone To A Good Home
  4334. New cards,"feel" different meanings?
  4335. Tarot Cards, Energy and Magnets
  4336. Need Way to remove smoke smell from deck
  4337. What do you call yourself?
  4338. What's my problem?
  4339. "Is it normal?" and another question...
  4340. Court Cards (and the Manga Tarot)
  4341. I just had to tell someone!
  4342. Deviant Moon: perfect bag or box??
  4343. missing cards
  4344. knight of cups for old lady
  4345. My Dog Ate my Cards!
  4346. I'm back, and it feels good.
  4347. Reading for the mentally ill or unstable?
  4348. Bachelorette Party gig
  4349. shuffling consistency
  4350. The deck came crooked :(
  4351. Cold and chills?
  4352. What decks do they sell at B&N?
  4353. How many of you purchase "backup decks"?
  4354. Publishers of Tarot
  4355. A Matter of Conscience
  4356. Is it proper to expose tarot reading to kids?
  4357. Identify Tarot Deck
  4358. Is tarot really part of witchcraft?
  4359. First Daily Card Reading - A Success!
  4360. Attracted to Opposites
  4361. Do you let other people play with your cards?
  4362. Is it just a coincidence?....
  4363. Tarot 'Quacks'
  4364. Hopeless Situation - Card Clarification
  4365. Had a weird tarot dream last night
  4366. Tarot Question
  4367. Tarot lessons...
  4368. Itching to read & can't...
  4369. Just nosey...
  4370. vintage decks on Ebay!!!
  4371. Anything Faerie, and a brilliant shop.
  4372. Getting going....
  4373. Need help with my tarot journey
  4374. Dreams & Tarot
  4375. Tarot Used As An Oracle...?
  4376. Majors-only readings...does that work well?
  4377. I've found an online deck that works, is that a problem?
  4378. Another eBay Copyright issue?
  4379. An extra 9 of cups?
  4380. It's something that just happens...
  4381. You're anxiously awaiting the postman...
  4382. Tarot Readings, Online and on Phone?
  4383. Scents for a Deck
  4384. back up copies of decks and regrets
  4385. now that you've checked it out...
  4386. Do we put too much responsibility on our deck?
  4387. A Sad, One-Deck Misfit
  4388. Favorite card?
  4389. Best place to buy cards in London?
  4390. OK, do I want to read the cards----or what?!
  4391. Moving your cards?
  4392. Being put on the spot about readings...
  4393. To Read or Not To Read....
  4394. Most interested in getting out into the community...
  4395. Tarot Combination Books
  4396. Decks with great cardstock?
  4397. addicted to Tarot readings?
  4398. Having Anxiety about going pro
  4399. Tarot testers
  4400. The card you can never quite connect to?
  4401. UK Readers
  4402. How can a tarot read into someone's else mind?
  4403. This is what I do in my free time
  4404. Card-speak
  4405. One Sentence, One Card
  4406. Considering one's deck collection
  4407. I need suggestions
  4408. Circumstances You Need To Read Tarot
  4409. Meditation/visualization
  4410. Meaning of tarot cards together
  4411. Anyone familiar w Tarot Certification Board?
  4412. Missed Opportunity to Call a Card
  4413. Thoth, others malign Scorpio Gem arcana. Why?
  4414. Communication with Spirits by Tarot
  4415. Card of the day
  4416. Tarot in movies
  4417. Mysterious or Human?
  4418. Tarot and crystals?
  4419. An Epiphany
  4420. A properly worded question.
  4421. Readings out of a minimal deck
  4422. Question about trimming Druidcraft
  4423. The Death Card in operation.
  4424. LOOKING 4 Tarot Book
  4425. Tarot card cases--tough, cheap, practical
  4426. won't read for pregnant women?
  4427. Okay, intuitive readers...how do you do it?
  4428. Understanding the cards is not the hardest part ?
  4429. A little bit of advice please....?
  4430. what i want to hear.
  4431. .cold sensation and presence.
  4432. How "gone" are you when you read?
  4433. need some advice on gilded or silver decks
  4434. On-going reading in the Ebay forums
  4435. Readings to listen to - any samples out there?
  4436. Decks categories
  4437. Bad eBay seller
  4438. I'm a newbie and I'm in awe!
  4439. Outcomes Change When Circumstances Change? Your Experiences?
  4440. Hypothetical question. Same spread different query?
  4441. Dark Decks; I mean... when?
  4442. If Only...
  4443. 8 of cups + eclipse (RW Deck)
  4444. Illuminated or Pen?
  4445. Tarot Survey
  4446. How do I start doing readings for other people?
  4447. Do you tell everything - good, bad or UGLY?
  4448. What Cards Did She Use in the Movie...?
  4449. Thank goodness for AT!! :D
  4450. Cards with a mind of their own!
  4451. Why do you want to read Tarot? (Umbrae's question)
  4452. What decks have the best artwork?
  4453. Oh no...
  4454. Which decks have the WORST artwork?
  4455. Ignorant, narrow minded or a con artist?
  4456. A lost and found card and it's interesting meaning.
  4457. combination of cards - further meaning
  4458. Tarot spells?????
  4459. Tarot spells
  4460. really off readings
  4461. I don´t know where to start!!!
  4462. Car Accident?
  4463. Creating a unique deck
  4464. Trouble shuffling
  4465. some guidence
  4466. Silly Newbie Giddiness-or-How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Minor Arcana
  4467. Who record's the readings
  4468. How Trusting Are You
  4469. taking a break, yet one last question, really looking for some answers :)
  4470. Psychic hot lines
  4471. Self readings and payment for readings
  4472. Psychic fairs in the UK?
  4473. How many different decks...
  4474. Incomplete reading
  4475. Wow- never have I had such a slating! Thread around jk's review of the Transparent
  4476. Help Choosing A New Deck?
  4477. Suggestions for a new deck purchase...
  4478. Different Decks for Different Questions
  4479. I´m a Novice Reader. I´m so excited!!! My first two readings.
  4480. Up-front, intimate questionnaire!
  4481. Annoyed with US Games: Newly bought Deviant Moon deck missing a card.
  4482. If you were a professional reader and I asked you.......
  4483. Tarot Tutoring
  4484. The cursed man
  4485. Minimal Amount of Spreads...
  4486. Reviews of tarot decks and books (split from Wow! never had.. slating)
  4487. Destiny vs. free will...
  4488. Language Barrier...
  4489. experiences/results with the "Coming Love Interest Spread"
  4490. Round decks and reversals
  4491. Pleasantly Suprised...sorta
  4492. I dont want to upset her!!!
  4493. Web Site not taking off.
  4494. Two decks, two different answers...
  4495. songs that represent tarot cards
  4496. When your reading is wrong?
  4497. Clever Tarot Cards
  4498. How many of you carry your cards with you?
  4499. Describe Your Tarot Cards as a Person
  4500. Is it not good to ask the same question more than once?
  4501. Artist's intention vs your own interpretation
  4502. Where to get a corner-rounder?
  4503. Channeling with the cards
  4504. Help with phrasing a question
  4505. Has anyone heard of TABI?
  4506. Allowing Sitters to Choose Their Deck?
  4507. How to dispose of a poisoned deck?
  4508. Leaving Random Cards in Public
  4509. Whats the difference between...
  4510. Get this!
  4511. Tarot used on paranormal Investigations?
  4512. Spiral tarot Earth element MIA*?
  4513. I read for strangers today!! :)
  4514. Tarot of Dreams Screen-savers
  4515. Reading During Pregnancy
  4516. How do you know what decks are limited edition? And ...
  4517. My new Victorian romantic has a bent card...
  4518. First reading...
  4519. disastrously botched trimmings
  4520. A new poster's question
  4521. Tarot Cards or Angel Cards
  4522. Haha - I gotz *ebay Rewards Points*!!! :D
  4523. Asking serious questions
  4524. how do YOU choose a new deck?
  4525. Non-Native Americans, Are You A Twinkie?
  4526. Swords aligned with water?
  4527. Poem in SA express evokes "Judgement"
  4528. Beginning a tarot collection
  4529. cheap and nasty
  4530. I did my first paid for reading tonight!
  4531. Tarot Zodiac Wheels
  4532. Plush velvet tarot bag.
  4533. Just found one of my old decks but...
  4534. An odd question regarding a reading request.
  4535. Experience reading in detention centers?
  4536. Experience reading in detention centers?
  4537. ...do you have them with you?!?!
  4538. Tarot & Astrological Correlations
  4539. Why Can't I Read for Myself?
  4540. Best way ???
  4541. The One-Handed Shuffle
  4542. Tarot Journel.
  4543. Reiki Attunements affecting tarot reading?? ....
  4544. Very powerful readings...
  4545. Proud Owner of New Office Space!
  4546. my first mass reading, august 2/3 2008
  4547. Is it possible to be "un-readable"?
  4548. Anticipating the Joys of Trading
  4549. Insurance and Licensing question
  4550. Initiating Readings for Others
  4551. Someone I know has asked for my help!!!
  4552. Warning Rant Ahead: Ebay Alerts on AT
  4553. teaching angel card readings
  4554. I'm curious about other people's reactions to tarot cards...
  4555. Tarot: Predictive or something far deeper
  4556. Tarot of the 'Hindsight'
  4557. ***flick***
  4558. How to create a group meditation based on Tarot
  4559. Do people like silk for tarot? Or silk or cotton?
  4560. meant-to-be kind of questions
  4561. tarot is illegal? really?!
  4562. Distinguishing individuals from one another
  4563. Vermont town lifts fortune-telling ban
  4564. Not meant to read tarot
  4565. Tarot Naked! and other deep dark tarot secrets
  4566. Trouble reading after long break
  4567. Pointers please
  4568. Another Paypal question
  4569. Alphabet Correspondances
  4570. question about my business ?
  4571. When carrying tarot in a bag do you...
  4572. Reading the cards the right way.
  4573. They Say They Have the "Right to Limit Participation"
  4574. Alternative to a box or bag for Tarot Cards
  4575. coming full circle
  4576. I'm sure other people do this...
  4577. Why is there a rabbit on a pentacle card?
  4578. letting someone else shuffle
  4579. Direction and Metaphysical Meaning
  4580. Major Arcana in another language?
  4581. Organza Tarot Bags
  4582. Must you have a gift to read?
  4583. I was able to reference Umbrae in my GRE analytical writing test....
  4584. A reading to determine the best treatment for adhd?
  4585. Taking the leap!
  4586. Might seem a strange question BUT.........
  4587. My Tarot table has feet! lol
  4588. what Do You Do
  4589. Demons can come?
  4590. Universal Rider.. Has Anyone Noticed?
  4591. How to shuffle with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
  4592. How precious are you about your decks?
  4593. Making Friends With A New Deck...
  4594. California Psychics - anyone?
  4595. your thoughts
  4596. "repeating" a reading?
  4597. Asking for guidance through prayer.
  4598. Reversable backs
  4599. card images for blogging
  4600. I thought I was IN, then OUT, now definitely IN
  4601. Automated Online Thoth Reading
  4602. Tarot and Christianity
  4603. Mirror Reversals...
  4604. Tarot and being a Medium - I urgently need your opinions‏
  4605. (Wait for) Word-of-mouth or Advertise in local paper?
  4606. Is the illuminati part of tarot ?
  4607. Do you wear funky 'metaphysical' attire to do readings?
  4608. Pricing guidelines?
  4609. Tarot = Manual Of The Sanities
  4610. Querents were 'coming out of the woodwork'!
  4611. How Much to Charge for Mileage
  4612. Metaphysical Storefront Owners Come In! We're Open!
  4613. That Seinfeld Moment
  4614. I am reading professionally (in public) again!
  4615. Questions
  4616. Post-wedding blues?
  4617. Florida Readings?
  4618. My experience at the weekend fair
  4619. Why does my Lunatic tarot smell like a hedgehog?
  4620. Blackpool Gypsy
  4621. I have finally crossed over!!
  4622. Death card in a short story
  4623. Dealing with Skeptics
  4624. tips on reading presentation...
  4625. Open a tarot store
  4626. Halloween Tarot Traditions
  4627. Can Readers Live in the Moment?
  4628. Seeing in the cards what we want to see?
  4629. 1st time reading in bookstore ~ bad vibes (long)
  4630. Lo Scarabeo Question
  4631. Trouble bringing myself to read
  4632. How Do You React When Someone You Know Thinks That the Tarot is Bad?
  4633. Ever read under a black light?
  4634. Christmas Tarot.
  4635. Do You Pull Cards From Your Head?
  4636. Powerpoint/Recorders in the classroom
  4637. Please help me get started as a Tarot Consultant again
  4638. News Flash!! A New Tarot Card Has Just Been Discovered!!
  4639. First Mass Reading!
  4640. Eeek! Some decks are slippery like fish!
  4641. Let´s talk about nudity...
  4642. Making music from Tarot
  4643. Tarot Dowsing
  4644. In person or online?
  4645. I got to meet Joanna Powell Colbert!
  4646. Difficult sitters?
  4647. when you draw the cards...
  4648. The Tarosary
  4649. Spooky!
  4650. Sitter had zipped lips, causing rote reading
  4651. Fun Tarot Card Quiz
  4652. Tarot Stamp
  4653. Teen age party?
  4654. Cards that follow you?
  4655. Collecting Questions
  4656. Changing my charging style...
  4657. Reading with cats . . . under glass
  4658. pros and cons regarding working for phone companies
  4659. Listening to music while reading
  4660. Tarot Deck Boxes
  4661. Is this wise? Or how experienced should one be?
  4662. damaged cards
  4663. The worn path...
  4664. Christmas Tarot Ad
  4665. professionals: decks you use?
  4666. Help/Advice On "General Readings"
  4667. Finding your reading voice/ style
  4668. Tarot Curse, HELP!!!!!
  4669. Advice on email readings please
  4670. Songs
  4671. Stick to RW or get new deck?
  4672. My amazing 12yo daughter does a party
  4673. Coming "out of the closet"
  4674. Finding "your" card
  4675. Aid in learning...
  4676. Putting your money where your cards are: Prediction Markets
  4677. Tarot and Voting
  4678. Do you read the cards?
  4679. Today's belly-laugh - creator reviews own deck!
  4680. Tarot crazy
  4681. plain tin boxes for decks?
  4682. Trial by fire -- the ice has been broken!
  4683. Anybody ever take a correspondence class to learn Tarot?
  4684. Where has Comparative Tarot gone?
  4685. Tarot school's teleclasses?
  4686. Astrology and Tarot.
  4687. My first professional phone reading
  4688. Grandmaster Flash?
  4689. Are there tarot teachers in the UK?
  4690. Verbal abuse from general public
  4691. How to keep a Tarot journal
  4692. Tarot Imagery at the Opera?
  4693. Faerie cards - little tricks during readings ...
  4694. Ug! My dog ate my tarot cards!
  4695. How specific are you?
  4696. Song lyrics and card meanings
  4697. evolving tarot journals?
  4698. Is it an enduring Tarot Trend? or Just a Fad?
  4699. Freak Attack!
  4700. Mind, Body & Spirit circus...er...circuit
  4701. Feedback about feedback
  4702. Psychic Faire Questions
  4703. How much to charge for classes
  4704. The Saga of Dude!
  4705. Where to put what....
  4706. Little to no memory
  4707. Puzzled: Is Tarot a kind of energy exchange?
  4708. Free computer generated online tarot readings.. get different results all the time?
  4709. C'mon, Lets get honest with ourselves.
  4710. Anyone heard of this reader?
  4711. Online readings: how could you possibly believe in them?
  4712. Banned?!!!
  4713. first in-person reading
  4714. What sort of setting do you do readings in?
  4715. Dealing with the information I get in a reading
  4716. Multiple decks reading
  4717. Tarot & Witchcraft
  4718. Your working definitions
  4719. Energy drain
  4720. Overdosing on Tarot studies :D
  4721. Tarot&christianity
  4722. time for a change?
  4723. To the Readers and Querents!
  4724. Anyone not shuffle between readings?
  4725. Tarot accessories/Tarot focus
  4726. An unfortunate experience...
  4727. Trimming the Labyrinth Tarot?
  4728. Which deck your cat prefers?
  4729. when is a sword not...
  4730. Getting tired reading!
  4731. Your Dream Places to Read
  4732. Blank cards
  4733. missing tarot passages
  4734. Asked To Look For Stuff That Is Just Not There
  4735. For those of you wanting a sturdy box
  4736. Tarot Bags?
  4737. Aging a Deck
  4738. Fun:What is your Tarot Vice
  4739. Tarot - a predominantly female pastime/hobby?
  4740. Long-term predictions: What is a reasonable amount of time?
  4741. Considering doing the "shoppe thang"... Any suggestions?
  4742. Talking about AT and subscriptions...
  4743. Help?!
  4744. Buying Tarot decks at Waterstones in Manchester UK
  4745. Readings not happened
  4746. what's the best way to spend my 300 tarot dollars?
  4747. Tarot As A Valued Western Tool?
  4748. Tarot and faith
  4749. About elitedigitaluk
  4750. Almost time for Sacred Days of Yule Spread
  4751. One Deck Wonder & IDS
  4752. How do you find people to read for?
  4753. awesome tarot poster
  4754. The Imagined Origins of Tarot
  4755. Tarot And Alcohol
  4756. Went for a "professional reading"...so angry
  4757. Trouble with cards
  4758. Hate First, Love Later and vice versa?
  4759. Question........
  4760. Music
  4761. Can Tarot predict an outcome to a sit. that hasn't taken place in the present yet?
  4762. Looking for the deck on 48 hours yesterday
  4763. Tarot Party prices
  4764. Tarot Parties and Smoking Venues
  4765. New to tarot cards - need some advice
  4766. How to break myself into reading cards again after a long time?
  4767. Cleansing the deck
  4768. New decks-I'm so excited!
  4769. Help!! (confusion over naming of suits and courts)
  4770. 1st Returning Querent, but I'm not spiritually connected
  4771. something Im struggling with
  4772. Tarot Collections
  4773. Collecting Your Best Tarot Questions!
  4774. International Payments
  4775. Box-Rant
  4776. Panic!!! (I lost a card)
  4777. holiday/seasonal tarot
  4778. Personal Tips On Choosing A New Deck
  4779. Spread Suggestions for Tonight's Full Moon?
  4780. How many of you here.....
  4781. When does Tarot stop being Tarot?
  4782. Sexual Orientation
  4783. The ''unsung'' cards
  4784. Working on Psychic Phone Lines
  4785. New smell--I know, it's weird!
  4786. Members whose opinions influence mine
  4787. How often Is it ok to do readings for yourself?
  4788. Always Dri-Liner Tarot ad
  4789. uh, unusual tarot bags
  4790. Getting rid of that bend...
  4791. Going Professional
  4792. Questions about a reading.
  4793. Should you tell
  4794. Tarot vs health matters
  4795. tarot side effects
  4796. Right reading but wrong querent
  4797. Storage Of Tarot Cards
  4798. Warrants say teens read tarot, then killed
  4799. Bag, cards and ?
  4800. what a wide array of decks
  4801. ??? 2008 voting
  4802. practice reading suggestion...
  4803. A different kind of read...
  4804. In the minor suits : Which card gives you the creeps?
  4805. Reading for kids & teens...??
  4806. First reading
  4807. New Decks and Readings
  4808. Your work appearing in a mass production deck?
  4809. In the Majors: Which card gives you the creeps?
  4810. ATA--Is it a legitimate organization?
  4811. Share your opinion on deck themes
  4812. Which hand?
  4813. Does your mood affect the cards you get?
  4814. Aquarian tarot
  4815. Because you are all Soooo Professional.....
  4816. I see....
  4817. this may or may not be a silly q, but I'm gonna ask anyway...
  4818. Disturbing Meditation
  4819. Question for "Professionals"
  4820. News Flash! Psychic/Tarot/Astrology Biz is Booming!
  4821. How often do you read the tarot
  4822. Musing Tarot's Tarot Year
  4823. The card that haunts you...
  4824. Cleaning cards... sad story (not cleansing like with sage!)
  4825. January Sales Stories?
  4826. I've been officially bitten...
  4827. Which card are you in love with?
  4828. Freshening Up
  4829. Do you consult the Tarot on buying new decks?
  4830. Missing cards
  4831. Tarot Workbook vs. My Tarot
  4832. Creating local newspaper Tarot column.
  4833. Tarot and Mediumship
  4834. At what point in your journey did you learn to really trust in the cards?
  4835. Putting a 'spin' on the reading.
  4836. Tarot Ethics
  4837. Tarot Thesis looking for academic help
  4838. Greek alphabet for Majors?
  4839. What Do You Do When....
  4840. Tarot questions
  4841. How to make a lined tarot bag
  4842. Doubt and Tarot (essay)
  4843. Tarot in 2009
  4844. Do you read Tarot on Xmas and New Years Day?
  4845. Tarot on Tarot - a philosophical quest
  4846. The Primary Deck Reflections 2009 Sign-up & Discussion Thread
  4847. When you've got a brand new shiny Tarot deck...
  4848. Has it ever happened to you?
  4849. Weird Occurences
  4850. What are the odds?
  4851. Just re-read the statute...
  4852. Ah! I made a patchwork tarot bag!
  4853. how long do you give a deck that isn't very accurate?
  4854. Cards in order?????
  4855. Daily Tarot Cards online
  4856. Deck doesn't like sitter?
  4857. Taking the Smokey Smell Out of a Deck: Your Methods
  4858. Anyone know of a blogspot gadget...
  4859. A poem a card...
  4860. Keeping tarot decks for sentimental reasons
  4861. Little clip on the news that's interesting
  4862. Odd coincidence
  4863. ~ Is there room in my life for tarot if I'm an Atheist?
  4864. Tarot Arts and Crafts
  4865. What's the best way to trim a deck?
  4866. Tarot & Song Lyrics
  4867. How do you break the news?
  4868. tarot on everything!
  4869. Magical systems & tarot
  4870. a tarot deck made in heaven.
  4871. Doing clean up on an old RWS
  4872. Booked my first professional PARTY!
  4873. To enlight the cards
  4874. storing decks to stay flat? do yours bend in storage?
  4875. Need a REALLY gentle shuffling method
  4876. My Winter Tarot bag project....
  4877. How many different decks do you read with?
  4878. my first face-to-face-with strangers reading event
  4879. the Sun-day
  4880. Tarot meaning for the non-humans
  4881. Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Thread ~ Part 3
  4882. Interesting situation
  4883. Tarot of Masks
  4884. Newbie's Intense Deck Study Journal
  4885. tarot poker guide
  4886. Easily bored with decks
  4887. Have I messed up my URWS?
  4888. Copyright stamps..
  4889. Sitters not coming clean
  4890. Mantras for Majors (or minors)
  4891. What if you just can't give any more info?
  4892. Can the tarot predict the future or is it merely a tool for looking into our souls?
  4893. Can the tarot predict the future POLL
  4894. quick little question...
  4895. Flimsy Boxes, keeping or getting rid of them?
  4896. Tarot and Active Imagination
  4897. How do you pronounce CELTIC?
  4898. Reading with just "one" deck
  4899. Health Reading
  4900. Valentine's Day newspaper ad suggestions requested
  4901. Coating on new cards
  4902. "Will Read Tarot For Food" ...
  4903. Programming a tarot deck
  4904. What would you want to see in a Tarot Blog
  4905. Length of time to spend on a reading
  4906. How do you deal with querent's denial ?
  4907. Got my new cards today!!!!
  4908. manifesting money
  4909. Season determination
  4910. Coleman Smith/Waite versus Harris/Crowley Thoth
  4911. Working with new decks
  4912. Tarot time
  4913. Working when you have kids?
  4914. Humble Beginnings
  4915. Tarot traditions and storage
  4916. Reading for those close to you...
  4917. Tarot Experiment... "Guinea Pigs" needed!
  4918. Things That Bug You
  4919. Coins vs Pentacles
  4920. I have a problem
  4921. Hearing What They Want To Hear or "Hey, I didn't say that!"
  4922. Teaching
  4923. Did anyone else notice this in the Universal Waite?
  4924. when the querrent upsets you...
  4925. When something doesnt turn out as predicted in the tarot?
  4926. Tarot & Reiki
  4927. Where do tarot messages come from (higher self,subconsious,etheric beings,the dead)?
  4928. Discussion about Moody Minors
  4929. Tarot Readings by Email
  4930. Can A Deck Love YOU?
  4931. A huge thankyou and a welcome too
  4932. Just in case anyone has missed it....
  4933. Your first deck.... has to be a gift?
  4934. anybody read during full or new moons?
  4935. Renaissance Festival Readings
  4936. Male or Female Reader?
  4937. never do a free reading
  4938. Negativity
  4939. Did you ever confuse your cards??
  4940. What to do with a fanatic ...
  4941. What does the future hold?
  4942. Study question
  4943. Have you ever been a deck snob?
  4944. Shin Megami Tensei Persona (opinion of tarot know-ers please)
  4945. Where Does The Kudos Lie?
  4946. Petition 4 Tarot...
  4947. US Media Mail Shipping issue for Tarot deck/book sets
  4948. Seeking sites to price decks
  4949. What 2 Do About Vampires...???
  4950. Best way to ship decks?
  4951. Life as a Deck of Cards
  4952. Is there such a thing as a Tarot reading that does not have therapeutic potential?
  4953. Taxes... the downside of business!
  4954. Tarot Showing Up in Dreams?
  4955. Credit Cards?
  4956. Has anyone offerred an reading on ebay?
  4957. Defining Meaning Of Image Is Solving Meaning of Image.
  4958. If the Card were a Song, what Song would it be?
  4959. Ageing a Deck
  4960. Non numbered Tarot decks?
  4961. My first (accidental) client!
  4962. Your Involvement is needed...
  4963. My Tarot journey thus far...
  4964. Tarot and Unconventional Religious Sects
  4965. A question for Tarot card enthusiasts
  4966. Do you ever get this?
  4967. I'm a bit frustrated about email readings
  4968. When you read for others
  4969. Antidepressants
  4970. I hid information from a reading to a client (serious concecuences) and I feel awful
  4971. Asking questions you know the answer to
  4972. What now? Have I reached 'capacity?' Tarot OD?!
  4973. Tarot cloth instructions?
  4974. Got new deck... extra cards too
  4975. What's going on with the Decks I get?
  4976. Economy?
  4977. Reader's Block? (Nervous, Angry, and Confused!)
  4978. Where to Begin?
  4979. the querent disagrees with the cards??
  4980. Postal Service STEALING decks :(
  4981. My website will be up VERY soon! :D
  4982. Cards make me dizzy!
  4984. scarf rituals
  4985. Cute Story
  4986. Masters of Collaboration.
  4987. This will show how little I know about tarot...
  4988. Lamination questions
  4989. Saying what you see
  4990. How Can I Get Into The Farmer's Market?
  4991. Question on decks and the recession
  4992. Obsession
  4993. Inappropriate/impossible questions: What would they be, & how would you handle them?
  4994. Zed - Cirque du Soleil's Tarot inspired show
  4995. Petition
  4996. Knowing others' business
  4997. Ethical Question about sharing information
  4998. How much time do you spend with your cards?
  4999. This is hilarious!
  5000. I'm forming a REALLY bad habit..anyone do this?
  5001. Scapegoats!
  5002. nver(Marty blab!) Whooaa! my conversation with the Tarot last night
  5003. Telling too much?
  5004. Another book to tarot Reference. "Dune"
  5005. how do I get started?
  5006. In the news.
  5007. My Journey to Pro
  5008. How Do Inititals In Exchanges Work?
  5009. What is the difference between a Tarot and a Oracle?
  5010. cloth for spreads
  5011. Lisbon occultism; an amazing discovery!
  5012. My first client!
  5013. Reflection of society...
  5014. Busking.....
  5015. What would you not use tarot to read on...
  5016. reading for strangers
  5017. Using a Disfigured Deck
  5018. good starts
  5019. I am now OFFICIAL!! :D
  5020. Mixing Cards
  5021. The Big Sell !!
  5022. Using one's full name
  5023. Being a male tarot-enthusiast?
  5024. Hajo Banzhaf
  5025. Gee, I don't know what the heck to title this...
  5026. Wait!! Do My Eyes Deceive Me????
  5027. Ack....what do you do when you're told you're wrong?
  5028. working on the phone lines
  5029. Reading with a hangover
  5030. The RIGHT deck?
  5031. Using 'historical decks' with clients
  5032. Temperaments of Different Decks
  5033. music for divination
  5034. Can it be-I found 'my' deck?
  5035. Code of Ethics
  5036. Shoes and Tarot Cards
  5037. This might be in completely the wrong forum, but input about wooden tarot boxes pls!
  5038. Relating Tarot with Lenormand
  5039. Shame vs Strength Encouragement in a reading
  5040. What Got You Started? Trigger Event
  5041. Freemasonry and the Esoteric of Tarot (?)
  5042. How to Gild Yourself a Tarot Deck
  5043. How has the Tarot changed your life?
  5044. Do you prefer rich or simple imagery?
  5045. tarot readings, Is this your main job
  5046. Art Rosengarten
  5047. Tarot and Fishing . . .
  5048. Car brakes & The Chariot
  5049. I am going to sound crazy.
  5050. tarot talismans
  5051. Reading at a Spa
  5052. Christianity & Tarot Reading
  5053. tarot with a online relationship..
  5054. tarot cards shops in New York
  5055. Dreams and The Tarot
  5056. do you need to be psychic to read tarot?
  5057. Snotty-Stuck-Up Tarot Readers
  5058. How Cool is This!!!!???
  5059. unmentionables with tarot
  5060. Tea Crisis!
  5061. First reading for a non family member today.
  5062. Tarot Journal
  5063. Tarot Tattoo's
  5064. Chattanooga, TN metaphysical-type shops?
  5065. Rules of Tarot
  5066. tarotpedia
  5067. Don't want to work by donation?
  5068. Will Read On Anything??
  5069. Where can I get a creepy tarot box?
  5070. Job interferes with tarot appreciation
  5071. Life on Mars and mention of Ace of Pentacles
  5072. Probability
  5073. *Duh* moments in forming questions.
  5074. The how NOT to thread - bad experiences
  5075. somuchtodosolittletime... Making time for Tarot
  5076. Are there any good, and decent priced fortune tellers in the Toronto area?
  5077. Psychologists using Tarot?
  5078. Tarot and Fishing
  5079. When reading for other people
  5080. My Five Cups moment
  5081. Tarot Circles...what do you do in yours
  5082. The store's 25th Anniversary shindig, Sat. after next! :D
  5083. Consecrate Cards
  5084. How accurate are your readings?
  5085. Story of Hope - For Those Who Have Had Problems With Christian Relatives/Friends
  5086. Extra Queen of Cups Card
  5087. Would you read for someone you don't like?
  5088. Too much Tarot?
  5089. Recharging the Batteries - Any Ideas?
  5090. Particular Cards
  5091. anyone sometimes get the feeling...
  5092. Inner wisdom vs. plain old projection
  5093. Anyone had this kind of feeling before? What should I do?
  5094. 'Tarot Cards debunked'
  5095. Hexagrams & Tarot
  5096. *Yawn* I love you, but you are so...boring.
  5097. psychic intuitive...who, me?
  5098. Lazy crafter
  5099. Open the new Deck?
  5100. Bible thing
  5101. Freaky Moments
  5102. Your opinion on kids and Tarot
  5103. How does your reading go?
  5104. Phone and Internet reading, the NEW MEDIA
  5105. Co-incidences that you wouldn't have thought about
  5106. Newbie Questions/Concerns about Selling
  5107. Corner Rounder
  5108. meaning of traditional?
  5109. Thesis Help Part II
  5110. They just don't make sense!!!
  5111. About daily readings
  5112. I'm feeling you today..maybe not.
  5113. Repeat clients with "issues"
  5114. It's a Crime!
  5115. Natural born reader
  5116. cards violated by an unknown person(s)!
  5117. unusual tarot things
  5118. 'Interviewing' a new deck ...
  5119. Is it wrong to feel proud?
  5120. copyright box
  5121. Buying several decks.....
  5122. When a reading just doesn't inspire you...
  5123. People You Just Refuse To Read
  5124. "A Wicked Pack of Cards..."
  5125. Unbiased or impersonal?
  5126. courts with a new deck!
  5127. tasteful .... or not?
  5128. Why are LWBs so slow to change?
  5129. My First Reading
  5130. Tarot Apathy????
  5131. Ya never know where you can drum up business,...
  5132. When the DIFU is strong...
  5133. The girl, the moon and the crayfish
  5134. Picture of our reading space/table version 2009 (#2)
  5135. The Devil's strut
  5136. Nursing home residents
  5137. my readings have been very inaccurate.....
  5138. High Pristess letters
  5139. A Beginner's question about charging/care.
  5140. Ebay Tarot
  5141. What the Tarot Means To You
  5142. I'm taking the bull by the horns!
  5143. Therapeutic Tarot
  5144. When good intentions turn into bad questions?
  5145. Has anyone read The Last Troubadour?
  5146. Analysis
  5147. Short But Adequate
  5148. Different Meanings For Books&Cards?
  5149. The Strangest Thing...
  5150. Which of the 3?
  5151. A Beginners Tool For Learning
  5152. Netherlands and other countries? Is tarot becoming a little less popular?
  5153. Clients In Crisis
  5154. Someone out there that stopped buying new decks?
  5155. expensive decks what do you do with them?
  5156. Music whilst reading tarot
  5157. It is just so easy!
  5158. Email readings
  5159. Firming up cards
  5160. Tarot weather forecast?
  5161. I'm not in the closet
  5162. what do you use to cover your decks?
  5163. Connecting with the deck...
  5164. World Tarot Day
  5165. Good Things about Stuart Kaplan
  5166. what do you do when you lose a card from the deck?
  5167. Past life readings,....
  5168. Lily, pitcher, scroll, sword.
  5169. My Tarot Poem
  5170. From what site would be the best buy my tarot deck from?
  5171. When do you charge for a reading???
  5172. Cold Reading
  5173. Tarot slump
  5174. Tarot In My Dreams
  5175. Crossing the ethical line
  5176. Anyone else have this problem?
  5177. party
  5178. Getting over the fear and doing your first paid reading.... how did you do it?
  5179. Power of discouraging readings...
  5180. Over The Phone Tarot Readers
  5181. 'Spell' To Help With Tarot Wisdom?
  5182. Tarot and seeing links in other academic studies...
  5183. Missing Tarot Cards
  5184. dealbreaker cards in a deck
  5185. Disreputable readers
  5186. But the cards are telling you not to!
  5187. where do you keep your tarot decks?
  5188. I was just wondering what came next
  5189. When the children don't care ...
  5190. Views on knowing information about the querent
  5191. Well, strike me with a feather!
  5192. embarrasingly general readings
  5193. The Tudors and The Fool...
  5194. Reading over a readers shoulder
  5195. April Fools and The Fool
  5196. Selling readings on Facebook??
  5197. Decks you love but can't read with - What do you do?
  5198. Ethics on Where to Read Cards
  5199. My 5y/o LOVES my cards.
  5200. Owning a single card without the rest of the deck?
  5201. Swine flu reading?
  5202. Empowerment ?
  5203. Overpricing of tarot decks?
  5204. What is the proper thing to do?
  5205. is it time for us to love US Games ultra-lamination?
  5206. if you find a card somewhere by itself... how do YOU read it?
  5207. Tarotphobia: How do we feel about it, what do we do about it
  5208. how many spread cloths have you got?
  5209. Please help anyone!!
  5210. Advertising
  5211. Correspondences
  5212. Pulling Teeth
  5213. Tarot hiatus
  5214. Illness and Tarot
  5215. Does tarot open up your mind?
  5216. *Hoo*boy - yet another "head-butt-w/-ignorance" story...
  5217. Tarot Travel
  5218. How to discribe a person through tarot?
  5219. "Deck Guardian" myth?
  5220. Recommendations for your own website?
  5221. Question About American Tarot Association
  5222. Parents won't let me use tarot?
  5223. When friends come a'callin'......
  5224. Strange symbolic dream about tarot cards
  5225. Hindsight sucks
  5226. A Question About Questions
  5227. Tarot Bags
  5228. what tarot frontiers are left?
  5229. looking for help...
  5230. Hands On/Hands off???
  5231. Spread Books
  5232. Tarot Meditation as Medication?
  5233. The diffrence
  5234. Venting
  5235. Binding your cards?
  5236. Where do your answers come from?
  5237. Shaking off bad feedback :(
  5238. Tarot Poetry - The Fool
  5239. copyright free images for website?
  5240. Wondering about the 5 Star Criteria
  5241. Finding plastic storage cases?
  5242. cardstock affects where decks cut? Which decks do you trust most?
  5243. If your decks were dogs ... ???
  5244. Grateful Dead and Tarot
  5245. Crash Course in international shipping
  5246. Changing your Fate!
  5247. Fleetwood MAc
  5248. What is your life like? How does tarot effect you positively or negatively?
  5249. What other uses does tarot have?
  5250. Death and Wheel not where I left them o.O
  5251. Is this wrong of me to not want to read for him because of this....
  5252. Card Display??
  5253. Anyone a member of any Tarot Organisations?
  5254. MP3 Tarot Cards
  5255. Puzzled by recent readings!
  5256. Back-up Deck...
  5257. Card Care warped deck
  5258. New Century Tarot
  5259. Am really disheartened
  5260. Prediciting death in tarot
  5261. Explaining what Tarot is?
  5262. Trimming?
  5263. The Tarot Connection - Where is Lesia?
  5264. Determining baby's sex
  5265. My readings are moralistic . . .
  5266. How to Connect...
  5267. Tarot telling you to STOP!
  5268. How do start reading at a place? (coffee shop etc)
  5269. opinions neeeded
  5270. Do sitters NEED to touch the cards?
  5271. Are cards evil?
  5272. When is Tarot not a Tarotdeck?
  5273. How to handle a Tarot reading?
  5274. When Tarot Readers Get . . . Scary
  5275. Combining Methodologies
  5276. Do Negative people influence one's readings?
  5277. I'm so grateful to my cards!!
  5278. What is a professional?
  5279. Doing reading for others! And I was right!
  5280. I feel bamboozled-anyone have an answer?
  5281. when a reading is 'off'
  5282. looking for documentation
  5283. looking for documentation
  5284. Owe Customers Traditional Card Meanings?
  5285. Let's define "accuracy"
  5286. Hi everyone
  5287. My web site
  5288. can tarot be bilingual?
  5289. Your tarot affirmations
  5290. Whole WALL FULL OF TAROT CARDS...nice
  5291. Drawing cards
  5292. Bandannas
  5293. got some legal advice today...
  5294. Prices of tarot readings?
  5295. 3rd age of plastic-like decks
  5296. So you asked the cards....but DID he have feelings for you?
  5297. "but you've already got a Tarot deck!"
  5298. Who Prints US Games' Plastic Decks?
  5299. decks and a sense of humour... where have we had some laughs
  5300. My Tarot Certification.....
  5301. My postal doode
  5302. cards exposed to moisture
  5303. Whats the difference
  5304. Any Good Spread Cloth
  5305. Tarot Stickers
  5306. Energized!
  5307. How often do you consult another reader?
  5308. A Tarot Surprise
  5309. More than one deck..
  5310. Tarot for Writers Certification
  5311. Male Tarot Readers
  5312. In a reading funk
  5313. Who will inherit your Tarot/Oracle Deck(s)
  5314. Tarot cards and guide book?
  5315. Tarot journal advice
  5316. Beautiful tarot box
  5317. "I'm thinking about ending it........"
  5318. Need your honest opinions
  5319. Playstation 2 videogame: Persona Saga
  5320. A painting of Hades and Persephone, and tarot.
  5321. Can I make a suggestion? (discussion on impact of deck used:moved from Your Readings)
  5322. Anyone think this is a good idea for beginners?
  5323. when do you know when you're just making stuff up?
  5324. Fortune telling to advice
  5325. Cats and Tarot
  5326. Reading in a coffee shop.....
  5327. Looking for some info-Brisbane
  5328. Awesomes-t Ebay Auction of the month
  5329. need a point in the right direction re; Egyptian studies.
  5330. How Often Do You...
  5331. Any extra card came with my deck
  5332. Doing readings when you are sick
  5333. It Came Out of Nowhere!
  5334. Inappropriate gifts
  5335. Strange Happenings
  5336. what are the virtues of the irreversible cards?
  5337. Helpful tip
  5338. The Dreaded Phone Psychic
  5339. I dont know what to do?!
  5340. you pick deck, or does deck pick you??
  5341. Issues in 'feeling' when to stop shuffling
  5342. Have you ever purchased a deck for the back design?
  5343. reversing the effects of overreading
  5344. What does it really mean, to be a Reader?
  5345. Custom Tarot Cloths
  5346. Legal situation for Tarot Readers in US
  5347. Make a living from reading?
  5348. Burned out on Tarot
  5349. Does tarot attract any (bad) spirits?
  5350. Lost Tarot of the Moon Garden...
  5351. what are my limitations when using just the 22 cards of the major arcana?
  5352. Pro or No?
  5353. I read one card and was right on...!!!
  5354. *Giggles* I love my deck....
  5355. Faery Tales Inspired by the Tarot
  5356. I went to a psychic the other day...
  5357. Are there certian items you like with you when you do a reading?
  5358. Look what Ciro made...
  5359. do you have a sacred deck that you won't allow others to see or touch?
  5360. Anti-depressants..effect?
  5361. I'm coming out of the Tarot closet to Mum...
  5362. What do you call yourself?
  5363. Your most shocking tarot prediction
  5364. Smelly decks?
  5365. "Field Trips" for card study
  5366. Trouble when ordering from Daughtersofthemoon.com
  5367. Traveling with your deck and not getting it trashed
  5368. Ebay Tarot Rules of the Road
  5369. Results
  5370. Non-Tarot Books That May As Well Be
  5371. a no-good nothing blah reading!
  5372. Stalkers
  5373. Do you need to form the question in English only?
  5374. why do cards need borders???
  5375. confused about spreads
  5376. How many different gigs do you read at?
  5377. How much has Tarot affected your day to day decisions?
  5378. you know you're obsessed when...
  5379. Hooorraaay for last minute gigs!!
  5380. 9 of cups is stalking me!!
  5381. Pro Reading?
  5382. who's energy do the cards REALLY read?
  5383. anyone purchased the ATA correspondance courses?
  5384. Nervous about giving readings?
  5385. University Press maroon box edition.( 1st) soo cheap??
  5386. My tarot bag found me :)
  5387. Has anyone ever delt with a querant that really is defensive
  5388. making my own tarot jewellery - anyone else done similar?
  5389. Tarot Myths please
  5390. Telephone Readings - How do YOU do them?
  5391. Querent, Subject, Quesited. When questions confuse....
  5392. Which autograph for which card?
  5393. whats the best way to read?
  5394. 6-Week Wonders
  5395. anyone ever cook with the recipes on epicurean tarot???
  5396. Card Phrases - Compilation List from 2 Threads
  5397. Hair on my cards
  5398. The Princess Bride
  5399. Do readings attract spirits?
  5400. actualization tarot
  5401. Missing a Card
  5402. How do you pronounce 'tarot'?
  5403. The Fools journey
  5404. Thirteens observations
  5405. Share your stories when you've done readings
  5406. Unhappy reading for a friend...
  5407. OOP and HTF
  5408. Do you take a deposit for readings?
  5409. Do you have to be a mind-blowing psychic to read professionally?
  5410. Ray Buckland
  5411. Lucia Mattioli Blog
  5412. I have a question about my daily spreads
  5413. The Fashion Show on Bravo
  5414. Do you tell the querent?
  5415. Laminating cards?
  5416. Tarot card postage
  5417. A Strange Way Of Reading ?
  5418. has this happened to anyone else? what do you think of this?
  5419. gender depiction in decks - pet peeve!
  5420. Cards picking up negative energy?
  5421. Tarot coincidences
  5422. this happen to anyone? part 2
  5423. Music while reading
  5424. raising your intuition
  5425. OK I feel a little dumb posting this but----
  5426. Ever Felt Like Your Full Of It When Doing A Reading...?
  5427. My Tarot told me to Shut up!! lol
  5428. Not Playing With A Full Deck?
  5429. Is it bad to show scans of complete decks? split from Side by side card comparisons
  5430. anxiety after reading
  5431. How do you deal with someone who isnt overly happy with a reading
  5432. Tarot and Brand : Strange combinations?
  5433. Has this ever happened to you and would the reading still be 'valid'?
  5434. Tarot tattoo?
  5435. what does pip mean?
  5436. Opinions on channelled readings?
  5437. Asking a question but thinking about another?
  5438. When feedback is just a 'thanks'
  5439. A Poet Laureate and Tarot...(paraphrasing her inspiration)
  5440. Well, a card is missing!
  5441. More than one card falls out?
  5442. How long are your readings?
  5443. Your thoughts/opinion on this theory with tarot?
  5444. Different types of tarot card boxes
  5445. Quantum photos
  5446. Seasons & Suits
  5447. Do you prefer to read for yourself or to trade?
  5448. The unbelievable happened! (My husband got a tarot deck!)
  5449. Encapsulation {laminating front & back} of the Druid Craft Tarot?
  5450. Been getting headache after readings
  5451. Tarot Passages is back
  5452. No such thing as truly archival lamination
  5453. There is nothing wrong with my tarot antenna...is there??
  5454. Trip to Europe - Suggestions Sought
  5455. Can't Get Out of This Funk
  5456. Tarot comes to the theatre!
  5457. ATA, Free Readings
  5458. I was witness to something wonderful.
  5459. A diviner in denial?
  5460. What to do w/ an extra new copy of Crowley Thoth deck?
  5461. Opinion on Conclusion
  5462. losing your first deck
  5463. doubting my readings...
  5464. Artist/Tarot
  5465. Slice, dice, trim and rounding corners!
  5466. Group Tarot games?
  5467. I am so confused.....!!!
  5468. Question about "Gypsy" psychic parlors in San Diego
  5469. Pregnancy reading gone wrong
  5470. Measurements
  5471. Easiest spread cloth ever
  5472. intresting past life regression i had (involving tarot)
  5473. Need your advice once again.
  5474. When you use the wrong spread
  5475. A question for coffee house readers
  5476. I FINALLY did my first face-to-face reading!
  5477. about shuffling cards--have you seen those professionals shuffle
  5478. How do you ask for feedback in face to face readings?
  5479. Want to do a reading... but don't know about what?
  5480. Tarot and Meditation
  5481. Optimistic readers... Or not. (AKA: Types of tarot readers.)
  5482. The 4 of Swords that never was
  5483. The Hermit
  5484. If you were a Tarot card, which would you be?
  5485. Can/Do Pro's ever charge for ONE-card Readings?
  5486. A kind of survey
  5487. Pro Tarot a la Cottage Grove
  5488. There’s a broken wheel on the gurney
  5489. Tarot Addiction
  5490. newsletter
  5491. Anyone else start to loose their accuracy?
  5492. Is There An Out Of Print List?
  5493. Seriously, this makes sense to you?
  5494. Queen of Hearts
  5495. Anyone from Brighton UK?
  5496. Interpreting the same cards differently to someone else and still be correct.
  5497. Need to read 80 people in 2 hours
  5498. When did you decide you liked reading for yourself more?
  5499. Damaged cards made obvious
  5500. For those readings that just don't make sense...
  5501. Tarot decor
  5502. For women only :D
  5503. BBC Comedy- tarot reading
  5504. Why Tarot Cards Take For Ever To Creat
  5505. Exercises for a Tarot Circle
  5506. just a thought on insecurity.
  5507. what's your markup limit?
  5508. my tarot mediation experience
  5509. What card suggests what - or not ?
  5510. Tarot vs. Oracle: Can you read with just one or with both?
  5511. In the closet?
  5512. Robert Place vampire lecture and book signing
  5513. Do you wanna smell like "The moon"?
  5514. Connection with a deceased relative
  5515. There’s a broken wheel on the gurney Part Deux
  5516. Had the most interesting idea yesterday!
  5517. Reading for yourself on difficult issues
  5518. Introductions
  5519. The Best Way To Learn Tarot
  5520. Tarot Support Center can you help me?
  5521. What if the question answers something else..
  5522. Should you "tell all" you see in the cards?
  5523. How do you deal with "by the book" readers?
  5524. Regarding Long Distance Tarot Readings
  5525. DO you place your cards back in order?
  5526. The Elemental Tarot by By Caroline Smith
  5527. Reading without spirit guides and psychic powers
  5528. Have you ever read for a celebrity?
  5529. Anyone ever lose faith in tarot?
  5530. Instant Result - Oh No!!
  5531. An anecdote I want to share
  5532. lots of questions about your "Tarot" ceremony or not?
  5533. The 2009 Aeclectic Travelling Tarot Deck Raffle!!
  5534. Why have more than one deck?
  5535. Is it possible to read for someone who annoys you?
  5536. How do you know when it's time to let go?
  5537. "Can you give me some numbers...
  5538. Ever ask a question and get a general about it?
  5539. Cards that make you decide to buy a deck
  5540. Sleeping with cards under your pillow...
  5541. Throw away your Tarot decks!
  5542. ending my deck lust phase?
  5543. Tarot greeting cards or note cards?
  5544. Girls: He Tricked Us Into Sex With Tarot Cards
  5545. Just wondering
  5546. second year reading at the eagle pow wow 2009
  5547. How many decks do you purchase a month?
  5548. Public Readings
  5549. To Read With Imagery Or Not To Read With Imagery, What Is Your Preference?
  5550. Does Trimming Decrease a deck's resell market value?
  5551. just pondering....
  5552. Tarot Jewelry
  5553. I got my very own Tarot column!
  5554. Tell me, tell me true.
  5555. Tarot Shirts
  5556. Knitted spreadcloths
  5557. game for deck trimmers...
  5558. Has anyone been ostracized for being a tarot reader?
  5559. Eastenders tonight
  5560. Tarot poems
  5561. How much time do you average per day?
  5562. Is fanning powder posionous? *cough*
  5563. My Wheel of Fortune year
  5564. Recent exciting news!
  5565. anyone ever feel like their cards have a personality?
  5566. Seasons
  5567. Talking with a proffesional...
  5568. Is Tarot Random?
  5569. The Best Advice
  5570. Too bad Tarot has such a bad rep...
  5571. Metaphysical Stores in Northern VA?
  5572. Your Weirdest Tarot Reading Experience
  5573. Oracle vs Tarot
  5574. im sorry but REALLY?!
  5575. True Blood (HBO tv show) and Tarot
  5576. My first readings for other people!
  5577. back and forth! back and forth!!
  5578. "NO REFUNDS, once it is gone, it is gone, be sure you want a reading
  5579. what kind of pricing do you think you would offer ? here is mine
  5580. How soon is to soon to do another reading?
  5581. Reading for pregnant friends - split from Pregnancy reading gone wrong
  5582. Fairy Tales
  5583. 78 degrees
  5584. My deck stinks!
  5585. When will things happen?
  5586. Standing up cards on an altar
  5587. Tarot in a new music video....
  5588. My Deck Is Stiff...
  5589. Reading for the dead
  5590. Eligibilty To Be A Tarot Reader
  5591. Personality Test . . . and . . . tarot?
  5592. Itchy Fingers (trimming questions)
  5593. False "comfort" readings?
  5594. What's a 'cold reading'?
  5595. Explain "Fluffing powder" please??
  5596. Tarot Chest's Free E-book
  5597. Sense of Humor?
  5598. "People Persons" and court cards
  5599. How much does your interest in tarot wax and wane?
  5600. Medications?
  5601. Tarot In The Southern 'emisphere.
  5602. "Traditional" Card Titles?
  5603. It is harder setting up a website then I realized
  5604. Which protects Tarot Decks better?
  5605. Help With The shopping
  5606. Tarot card crafts
  5607. Indecision
  5608. luck or the cards?
  5609. Shall I do it in a boat? Shall I do it with a goat?
  5610. readings sucking energy out of you?
  5611. Returning to Tarot
  5612. Tarot cartoon
  5613. Kind of "home" for your cards?
  5614. One deck for all?
  5615. I'm feeling at Risk...
  5616. Online tarot readings?
  5617. Study Group Ideas
  5618. Is performing 'Tarot Spells' a good idea?
  5619. an experiment at gilt edging
  5620. Rebonding after a relationship with a deck goes sour
  5621. Ok I'm in the boat with several goats! Now what?
  5622. romance and Tarot
  5623. Cleaning the cards
  5624. 10% discount at The Book Depository
  5625. World Wide Tarot Decks Library/Museum
  5626. Most Original Cards
  5627. Living on the razor's edge
  5628. do tarot spells work?
  5629. Has anyone ever been venerated/welcomed just for being a tarot card reader?
  5630. Supporting unhealthy obsessions…
  5631. Need some advice on reading for others
  5632. Breaking in a new deck?
  5633. Why keep working with a difficult deck?
  5634. Cigarette Smoke Smell on my Cards
  5635. Shops in the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St Paul
  5636. Disclaimers and Looking to the Future
  5637. Two Cards
  5638. More than one deck??
  5639. How do you prevent accidentally reading on others?
  5640. Bit off more than I could chew...
  5641. London readers
  5642. Loosing inspiration....
  5643. Questions for the Pros
  5644. How to avoid readings from being vague?
  5645. Dreams of Tarot
  5646. Tarot bag by hand
  5647. Internal Carbon layer and tarot
  5648. how do you tell a sitter this?
  5649. The Question of the Third Person
  5650. Oi vay, here's something fun... read for a party of teens
  5651. Are tarot boxes acid-free?
  5652. reverse-engineering readings
  5653. Interesting stories on how you acquired a deck?
  5654. Who am I reading for?
  5655. The Deviant Moon Tarot Cards ~ HELP
  5656. Ya Never Know When You’ll Need a Rubber Chicken
  5657. What does your significant other think of you reading Tarot?
  5658. Kunati Publishing has closed its doors
  5659. Reading Meant for Reader as well as Sitter
  5660. Missing card returned
  5661. Overwhelmed!
  5662. Umbraed Noblet
  5663. The Tarot and the phone call - a small story
  5664. I REALLY need some insight on this matter...
  5665. tarot addiction timeline
  5666. When a readers rituals scare the client...
  5667. Tarot Readings in Hospital
  5668. buying decks?..
  5669. A question about journeying into the cards
  5670. Success or self-fulfillment?
  5671. Argh! Mental Block! Empty Slate!
  5672. How would you feel about a tarot movie?
  5673. Being single- Does being a reader help or hinder you...
  5674. cards refusing to answer on, "the past"
  5675. A question in relation to tarot reading and Voodoo-ism
  5676. Those extra little cards in a deck...
  5677. feeling useful
  5678. Tarot card reader at Aflecks Palace in Manchester UK
  5679. Waiting for the Spin Cycle
  5680. Reading less for myself...
  5681. N.C./Smokies Tarot?
  5682. Recording readings
  5683. what the cards told of or warned, did it come true?
  5684. Deck "wearing in process"?
  5685. Exceptionally Timid Client - Which Deck?
  5686. Is "guillotine" paper cutter good for trimming decks?
  5687. buying spare copies
  5688. Am I the only one who doesn't buy decks unless I am going to use them?
  5689. New to Tarot - Scared that it is anti Christian?
  5690. Has anyone ever....
  5691. A copyright question
  5692. Tarot as Noetic Therapy
  5693. Unbeleiveable Marseilles 3 Card Answer
  5694. How do you start reading the cards in a spread?
  5695. Reading for a Children's Party
  5696. Tarot spells-which deck????
  5697. Trimming Decks?
  5698. Cue the hallelujah chorus!
  5699. How much do you say?
  5700. Have a broken deck? I'm looking for Moon cards
  5701. Something someone said to me.
  5702. picking unexpected stuff up
  5703. exceptionally timid cafe owner
  5704. Free Will vs. Destiny
  5705. Deviant Moon, Tarot, & Madison Ave.?
  5706. On-line video conferencing
  5707. How i got here........
  5708. Depression / reading
  5709. Northern California Location
  5710. The Jumper
  5711. Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader Examination
  5712. Famous Artwork Used in Tarot Imagery
  5713. definitions of readings....
  5714. guestion about tarot
  5715. The Tarot Bible
  5716. Storing your Tarot decks
  5717. Focused Learning
  5718. Beatles remastered or a new deck?
  5719. what are you doing to cope with the recession
  5720. Have you ever been tempted...
  5721. What do YOU see in this card?
  5722. have you ever read on the same question using different decks?
  5723. An exercise: which cards do you think would come up for..
  5724. watching a youtube tarot video....
  5725. How about Seattle?
  5726. Not about you
  5727. question: asking about THIS coming up with THAT?
  5728. images while drifting off to sleep..
  5729. sensing abilites getting better since reading tarot?
  5730. grounding, focusing, centering
  5731. see not do
  5732. Advice for Beginners
  5733. a newby
  5734. How do you keep 'em coming back?
  5735. I just CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!...HOW?
  5736. Hyperactive Decks
  5737. Tarot has given the universe a new way to communicate with me.
  5738. Looking for a good symbols dictionary
  5739. inappropriate feelings
  5740. New Majors Deck
  5741. Different deck symbolism/interpretation?
  5742. How do you ask the question??
  5743. Hands-on exercises for course
  5744. Tarot-circles
  5745. Opened my tarot cards for the first time...
  5746. how do deal with skeptics?
  5747. Opinions needed!
  5748. Just starting out...
  5749. Why do people return for a reading after...
  5750. Smashing Pumpkins to release a Tarot album
  5751. Contemporary symbolism?
  5752. I think I have Tarot Bulimia
  5753. Do you think these are actors?
  5754. Tarot reflecting your subconscious desires?
  5755. Digging Past The Surface
  5756. Learning the Tarot Academically??
  5757. Describe a typical day with your Tarot deck
  5758. got tarot "games" and intuitive exercises?
  5759. A question about the times you should read your cards
  5760. New to the Tarot
  5761. Reading Help!!!!
  5762. The Four Humours
  5763. D&G Fragrance Anthology
  5764. How much detail do you ask for from a client before reading?
  5765. Certification, is this important?
  5766. Loyalty to one deck?
  5767. Duplicate cards in a deck
  5768. Any Multi-Lingual Readers?
  5769. I may be thinking way too deep into this.
  5770. key number
  5771. survey on relationship readings
  5772. I need a tent!
  5773. Private readings that are "tampered" with,dangerous or not???????
  5774. future outcome
  5775. Wezza TarotGarden????
  5776. Anyone else read only for themselves?
  5777. How to shake off a traumatizing reading experience?
  5778. Regrets for those you let down...
  5779. I cant stop!
  5780. Tarot ethics
  5781. Panic!: I've been offered a job reading!
  5782. Whole Day of Speed Reading - Help?
  5783. Reiki affecting my tarot reading
  5784. I might be on TV -how exciting !
  5785. When you are wrong.
  5786. intuitive; what does it mean to YOU?
  5787. Shoo-ing Negative Energy
  5788. Feeding Your Knowledge
  5789. Took my deck with me....disaster...:(
  5790. Tarot and van thread.
  5791. I know I've asked this...but this is slightly different!
  5792. Completionism
  5793. Lacking intuition and reading the Tarot.
  5794. The pro-tarot quote in the Bible
  5795. Whose reading to trust?
  5796. When you get a new deck...
  5797. Getting a reading that wasn't what you asked?
  5798. How long before you broke the seal....
  5799. Anybody a tarot association member?
  5800. Cleansing cards in the full moon on the 4th
  5801. Distance Readings
  5802. tarot and energy drain
  5803. Albideuter; has it vanished?
  5804. Do YOU ever pick the deck?
  5805. want to be my tarot buddy?
  5806. reading about money
  5807. Tarot Law and Legislation Project 2009/2010
  5808. Ever dreamed of a deck that isn't real?
  5809. this deck, or that deck..question
  5810. Upset
  5811. Can Tarot cards be 'overused'?
  5812. Confused...help!
  5813. You want to ask what? You do realize this is my first reading.. don't you?
  5814. Tarot Burn-Out
  5815. amazon is weird
  5816. Problem with reading my kids?
  5817. Tarot databases
  5818. Some readings 100% on the spot accurate, others not?
  5819. A Rambling Thought With A Question Attached
  5820. SF BATS 2009 - I Definitely Went Batty!
  5821. What powers your cards
  5822. Newbie seeks advice from the experts on card meanings from different decks
  5823. Tory Conference Tarot Display
  5824. My first paid reading...
  5825. full moon readings
  5826. Food affecting tarot reading
  5827. Growing my network
  5828. Tarot Reading & Law of Attraction
  5829. Help Reading at a retirement home!
  5830. omg Reading for Teens wtf?
  5831. How do you get back "into" Tarot
  5832. need a tarot/altar table. any advice?
  5833. I have a confession :P
  5834. Need Decorating Ideas!
  5835. Cannot be a$$ed with this !!
  5836. Any tips/advice for me? (mini readings)
  5837. Is it customary to tip the tarot reader?
  5838. Wow, look at these!
  5839. Had my first 'Aha' moment with my new deck!
  5840. the question - again
  5841. Reading the cards in a different order than they were laid down...
  5842. Tarot spells
  5843. Web site designer
  5844. readings return policy?
  5845. Tarotcertificationsonline
  5846. buying or gifting
  5847. Debunking Tarot
  5848. Tarot 'Fashion'
  5849. "How to be a good sitter" in 20 minutes...advice appreciated!
  5850. Got a cool new mini tarot bag...
  5851. Egypt and tarot origins??
  5852. Thinking of trimming my Rumi
  5853. TV story on tarot reading
  5854. Price Guide
  5855. Inmates Allowed Tarot..
  5856. He Doesn't Know Jack About Tarot
  5857. Reading Environment
  5858. With or Without Original Imagery
  5859. An Excellent idea for a Tarot Bag!
  5860. music to read to...(next on NPR)
  5861. Drying out a deck
  5862. Do you know ' Ronald Decker ' ?
  5863. Confused
  5864. validation!
  5865. Tarot in museums?
  5866. my first reading for a stranger
  5867. Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way...
  5868. I wonder if I made her uncomfortable?
  5869. Dreaming tarot
  5870. Wanting to give readings
  5871. Tarot essay?
  5872. Balance
  5873. baba bags
  5874. dream of tarot
  5875. The *perfect* reading
  5876. Grrr!
  5877. three card spread is there anyway to really tell if the third card is right?
  5878. Vehicular Accident Predicted
  5879. How to sort the Decks? How do you do it?
  5880. Used Bookshop gig in the dumps, what do I do now?
  5881. professionalism
  5882. tarot halloween party -game ideas please
  5883. What do I do when the sitter takes over
  5884. My new Tarot inspired Tatoo!
  5885. Reading for 2nd party
  5886. First fair tomorrow - Nervous!
  5887. The Fool as a tattoo?
  5888. Tarot of the Sweet Twilight inside Canada
  5889. Friend present at readings
  5890. So... I came out of the Tarot Closet...
  5891. Too many decks?
  5892. Can't get a response from Tarot Garden
  5893. I almost had a heart attack this morning...
  5894. Tarot in 1969 - spaced out
  5895. Drak out, stregalamia in
  5896. what do I do when I become totally addicted???
  5897. Before Tarot, After Tarot
  5898. Dissatisfied.
  5899. Deck storage suggestions?
  5900. Gay Man posing as The Fool (what??)
  5901. Bad luck after doing a tarot reading, coincidence?
  5902. Tarot with a sense of humor?
  5903. That feeling when you first pick up your cards
  5904. What do you do with kit or LE extras?
  5905. Tarot sale - 20% off
  5906. Cards Coming To Life...
  5907. Really just want to vent over a reading I had done for me on Sat.
  5908. Funky Feelings with my readings...
  5909. "sanitizing" decks for public readings
  5910. So, now what? Dream about a deck?
  5911. Wheeee, happy dance! First online chat reading
  5912. still got that creative thing going.. now with ToD
  5913. Reading For A Third Party - What Do You Think?
  5914. Personal Readings: how often?
  5915. Double cards?
  5916. Stones & Tarot cards -
  5917. Trimming? Please redirect or guide me
  5918. Success getting replacement from US Games
  5919. Trimming question...
  5920. How does the Tarot work when reading for ourselves and for others.
  5921. Tarot and the Spirit
  5922. Ever notice (name of celebrity) looks like (image from Tarot card)?
  5923. What was your most memorable Tarot Reading?
  5924. Does anyone have an idea?
  5925. Tarot bags with zippers?
  5926. Swine Flu and Pro Readings...
  5927. re reading a question (after significant events)
  5928. Tarot bags with or without straps??
  5929. How small would a deck have to get before you found it hard to read with?
  5930. Keeping a personal deck?
  5931. Meditating on cards
  5932. Tarot Cards and Halloween
  5933. Ted Andrews author of Animal Speak passes away
  5934. How you choose your own tarot deck?
  5935. my first day
  5936. Protecting oneself...
  5937. Those golden moments of 'ON'
  5938. Is there a support group for compulsive deck buyers?
  5939. From collecting to selling to learning
  5940. Un-bonding with a deck?
  5941. Why Do Readers Pull Out The Death Card
  5942. LivePerson- Sprituality is full up!
  5943. what I hate about some tarot decks (most) is that...
  5944. So do I have an interesting story for you all.
  5945. is this common?
  5946. For Someone New To Tarot To Help You
  5947. tarot collecting advice...
  5948. Tips on learning please
  5949. Tarot readings on offer at etsy.com?
  5950. Are there more sites out there like liveperson.com and keen.com?
  5951. I lost a gig
  5952. I'm beginning to *hate* general readings...
  5953. My first paid reading!
  5954. Trecherous Cards or Personal Folly?
  5955. Anyone looking for a tarot bag for big cards?
  5956. Using tarot card images for a blog
  5957. what do y'all charge for parties?
  5958. What have you been Paid with for a Reading?
  5959. Are decks more valuable sealed?
  5960. What am I supposed to DO?
  5961. waking up with Tarot
  5962. Tarot Study Buddy?
  5963. Have you read non tarot related books to understand tarot?
  5964. Where does the negative energy go?
  5965. Unillustrated Pips
  5966. Updated My Tarot Office (lol)
  5967. Transfer of energy from old deck to new?
  5968. a little freaked out
  5969. unlaminated tarot deck
  5970. First "Unpaid" Reading
  5971. I'm guilty of this
  5972. Teaching Tarot History to Beginners
  5973. Using the same bag for several different decks?
  5974. Clearing your head when upset to do a reading
  5975. Pope Joan - the movie
  5976. Shuffling a new deck?
  5977. unable to read tarot when sick
  5978. Tarot tattoos?
  5979. ebay
  5980. Do you ever feel unappreciated??
  5981. Dishonesty offends me!
  5982. I made a Tarot bag!!!
  5983. On Line Tarot readings
  5984. Just wanna share a happy tarot experience
  5985. Welp here gos nothin!
  5986. Blue Lotus Treasures (Metaphysical Store in DC)
  5987. Flying Monkies
  5988. Tarot superstitions
  5989. Bizarre tarot related dream...
  5990. Making time?
  5991. Thanks to Thirteen and AT for "Tarot Meanings"....
  5992. Christian Tarotistsas, sound off!!!
  5993. Anyone see the tarot cards on Defy gravity yesterday?
  5994. 10 of wands & lessons from the backyard
  5995. Help me choose a deck for IDS
  5996. The first month half off ?
  5997. solicit testimonials ? free reading testimonal is it ethical?
  5998. my MUM just bought her first deck!!!
  5999. Cleaning your cards
  6000. Fixing scratched cards
  6001. Things in my pocket
  6002. Anyone Experiance This Ever?
  6003. Lightning Stars & Moon
  6004. Pets and Tarot
  6005. on the bottom shelf i noticed... merged with How did you get started?
  6006. Spread cloths? Argh!
  6007. My tarot cards have disappeared!
  6008. Crying To Your Deck Silly Question Have You Ever?
  6009. Having trouble connecting.
  6010. How do 'professionals' give such detailed readings??
  6011. My First Tarot Course
  6012. New tarot tat :)
  6013. An Amazing Tarot Story
  6014. A few Tarot bag making questions
  6015. Professional Tarot Readers in Georgia?
  6016. Deviant Moon Tarot 4 Sell on Amazon.com
  6017. I have a question for everyone.
  6018. Everything Has to Be JUST RIGHT...
  6019. A variation of an old story
  6020. Insuring your decks?
  6021. wolflady1andonly - Ebay
  6022. Obeygravity was right!! MY cat is back
  6023. Dolce & Gabbana Tarot Perfumes
  6024. Discount New Age Books
  6025. How Does Tarot Work?
  6026. is it possible as readers, to counsel to much ?
  6027. What card might you suggest for meditation for a short temper
  6028. Suit Preferences?
  6029. Suspension (a poem)
  6030. The time you take to interpret your cards...
  6031. Tarot decks vs. Playing cards
  6032. How do the cards talk to you?
  6033. Seeing the cards
  6034. Finding Missing Items with the Tarot
  6035. Tarot bags
  6036. Changing Titles on Cards: What do you think
  6037. Asking Permission
  6038. 5th element?
  6039. Happy!
  6040. It's like you've known me my whole life, she cried.
  6041. Do you use different reading preparation rituals for different decks?
  6042. I found a deck I can read for MYSELF with!
  6043. Is it over?
  6044. I did not have these problems before tarot!
  6045. Sheer bags (?!)
  6046. What tarot card for each chakra?
  6047. The Tarot Garden in Italy
  6048. OK, now I'm starting to think I'm weird...
  6049. Tarot Box for my Gilded Tarot
  6050. Questions we refuse to ask our cards
  6051. Karioki Night???
  6052. Non-supernatural explanations for Tarot
  6053. Ontario, Canada
  6054. Bringing Tarot Cards to Work
  6055. Tarot Miracles
  6056. Should you be "reading behind someone's back"? - aka. *backreading*
  6057. i think i finally got over the "gotta have it!" syndrome
  6058. the 3 paths of the Majors.
  6059. Male or Female
  6060. I love Tarot
  6061. Disappointment
  6062. The most outrageous thing you've done for a deck
  6063. Creepy Decks
  6064. Tarot decks and their musical taste
  6065. Mork calling Orson?
  6066. I wish... (suck up thread :D)
  6067. Changing Your Reading Ways
  6068. Well, that was just creepy.
  6069. OMG! Backup books, too???
  6070. Sharing an "experience" with the HP
  6071. Heh heh heh :)
  6072. seeking "how to tell a scam artist" site without racist stereotyping
  6073. Most Requested Subjects
  6074. weird question... cards, conjecture, & telling stories
  6075. I think it's time to sink or swim...
  6076. About To Start Charging...
  6077. shipping tarot decks media mail
  6078. Too many readings bad luck?
  6079. kerry kulkens?
  6080. Legacy of the Divine Tarot. Anniversary
  6081. Tarot cards in artwork, or in art journaling
  6082. Deck "Curve"
  6083. Ok, how do you make it brief?
  6084. Um... I won something!!
  6085. E-Bay vs. Aeclectic?
  6086. Two different outcomes - same situation
  6087. tarot christmas ornaments
  6088. Phone/Online Psychic's
  6089. Birthday Spread
  6090. Any good spreads for spiritual guidance?
  6091. More than one way..
  6092. Fool's Journey (poem)
  6093. The Tarot Bargain Hunter's Guide
  6094. "This isn't right..."
  6095. Question for people who read outdoors
  6096. Using the cards to find lost things
  6097. Your journey into professional tarot
  6098. card clutter -- or not?
  6099. feelin doubtful
  6100. Getting it "Wrong"
  6101. The Shy Card
  6102. Getting ready to do an IDS, but...
  6103. Projecting desire into cards
  6104. Fast readings, fast money
  6105. Like a kid in a candy store...
  6106. Unique deck source
  6107. How do cards work? Tests and Experiments!
  6108. I am NOT a flippin' slot machine!
  6109. Can We Talk About Doing Parties?
  6110. ever feel like...
  6111. December issue of Tarot Reflections?
  6112. Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Lounge ~ Part IV
  6113. Can i put different decks into a box??
  6114. Did You Meet Your 2009 Goals (Tarot-wise)?
  6115. How often is it OK to have your cards read?
  6116. Does Tarot ever get used by a "good guy/gal" in a movie?
  6117. If XXI The World was represented by flowers...
  6118. The Fog
  6119. Accreditation Organizations and Such Like
  6120. Can readings get too specific?
  6121. Tarotmama's Crochet pouch patterns!
  6122. Alida Store
  6123. Why does reading the tarot make me ........
  6124. Clearing Energies After Multiple Readings
  6125. Tarot Advent Calendar
  6126. lost booklet to tarot cards
  6127. Big shoes to fill!
  6128. Chemical smell?
  6129. Charge of Witchcraft due to Tarot reading
  6130. Feelings about a first deck
  6131. Using the Cards to Know If...
  6132. deck used for readings in Your Readings threads
  6133. Do You Discuss Querent's Private Matters w/ Querent?
  6134. reading request I got...
  6135. help please??
  6136. Learning the journey of the Fool
  6137. How do you interepret a destiny card?
  6138. Calling a spade a spade?
  6139. LWB or any help with LoS Tarot of the origins
  6140. question "can a deck be TOO haunted?"
  6141. Tarot in The Princess and the Frog
  6142. Did you make a Tarot Solstice Altar?
  6143. Weightwatcher Tarot
  6144. You know you've been overbuying when...
  6145. What's your make-or-break card?
  6146. Would it be wrong of me to...
  6147. Demographics of Tarot
  6148. The Primary Deck Reflections 2010 (both threads)
  6149. Practice readings
  6150. Thank You And Merry Christmas!
  6151. Webcams
  6152. Intuition - Comes and Goes
  6153. Did you ever get in an argument with someone during a reading?
  6154. Reading for a Mentaly Ill person
  6155. How to frame a question
  6156. On the importance of tea
  6157. The card(s) that COMPLETELY ruined the deck for you ...
  6158. Tarot Stores in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur? KL ATers?
  6159. psychological or magical
  6160. 2010: how is it going to be for you?
  6161. Free Tarot Network
  6162. Painting the backs?
  6163. Deck collecting -v- Deck monogamy
  6164. Sturdiest tarot deck box I've EVER found - the Pelican 1020
  6165. weird shuffling occurrances
  6166. First Time in a Cafe
  6167. past lives and tarot
  6168. All About Giclée
  6169. Is he/she cheating on me?
  6170. Get off your...
  6171. The turn of the decade - lunar energy at it's height
  6172. 'Avatar' Pandora--Wouldn't that world make a lovely deck?
  6173. Writing on Tarot Cards
  6174. Ever just go blank?
  6175. New Years Eve Tarot
  6176. Gloomy Readings
  6177. First "Pro" reading gig
  6178. How many decks before you are considered a collector?
  6179. Soulsavers video:
  6180. Do you use your expensive decks?
  6181. length of time
  6182. Lost in abbreviations
  6183. Need help getting my energy back.
  6184. Multiples of Same Deck: It's a Different Deck, No?
  6185. why do I get stuck sometimes???
  6186. Tarotpedia
  6187. Trying to find The Fool
  6188. A few questions!
  6189. Suggested place to buy a certain deck?
  6190. Auras & Tarot Cards
  6191. Psychic Development & Tarot Cards
  6192. Judg(e)ment
  6193. Changes are a coming
  6194. When cards just love their reader.
  6195. Aging cards
  6196. Tarot demeaned by using playing cards?
  6197. Missing one card, can I still use my Tarot?
  6198. Remedy for sticky, 'clumpy' cards?
  6199. Counselling/therapy thread?
  6200. I just got a contract offer! :)
  6201. What's the best approach?
  6202. Yay me!
  6203. Living with a non-believer
  6204. Timing and frequency of readings
  6205. Your name and marketing
  6206. What am I supposed to do with a destiny card?
  6207. Going to depths I dont want to go....
  6208. Personal Issue with tarot
  6209. About bags and decks
  6210. Who here considers themselves a beginner / learner ?
  6211. How can you tell.....
  6212. Funny people~~~~~~~~
  6213. Question about Tarot Readings via the Internet
  6214. Shuffling: Know when to stop
  6215. Learning symbols from Books or By Yourself...
  6216. Awesome Tarot Prediction
  6217. Shuffling PCS Commemorative Deck
  6218. Alchemy of the Human Spirit
  6219. "Forcing" a Reading
  6220. A question about OOP.
  6221. King of Hearts/Cups for a wedding invitation. Any tips?
  6222. What did I learn from my first session as a Phone Reader?
  6223. Pam Deck Dream
  6224. A little Survey...
  6225. Advice needed!! Death questions.
  6226. Latin Picatrix by Pingree - looking for the book
  6227. Why are you an IDS dropout?
  6228. House of Tarot shipping
  6229. What do you say to someone who insists on a CONCRETE answer?
  6230. Tarot Lesson Suggestions?
  6231. How do you keep daily readings from getting too melodramatic?
  6232. tarotschool.com - worth it?
  6233. an interesting marketing method
  6234. The Tarot Court on TV
  6235. No going back now - GULP!!
  6236. Stepping Into Your Cards
  6237. Disappointed and a Little Mad
  6238. tarot readers studio 2010
  6239. How often do you, give yourself a reading?
  6240. Sleeping & Dreaming With Your Cards
  6241. Top U. S. amazon tarot price of the moment
  6242. Your tarot journey...any regrets?
  6243. reading intuitively.. completely? or partially?
  6244. Do you find your question has just been asked?
  6245. Book meanings or your own?
  6246. Received Tarot deck without packaging
  6247. Deck warped, what did I do wrong now?
  6248. Using tarot cards for art
  6249. Any advice?
  6250. i think i cant handle learning tarot
  6251. Not Wanting to Be Read: Lack of Openness?
  6252. I want to make a living out of Tarot.... I would appreciate insights
  6253. A great deal of trepidation...
  6254. Dividing up your collection by the 4 elements
  6255. Have the cards ever suggested you take a break???
  6256. seemingly completely opposite reading..
  6257. The stories a "New" deck can tell.
  6258. Something weird has been happening to me...
  6259. The Truth About Tarot
  6260. How to regain connection with Tarot/Oracle cards
  6261. A Deck for all Moods
  6262. How long using one deck when beginning?
  6263. Tarot Boxes ?
  6264. your name and location in pastlife
  6265. Murphy's Law
  6266. LOL! The first Tarot readers never had to deal with this
  6267. When they say no all the time
  6268. Wolf Moon tonight
  6269. Fool's Journey
  6270. Tarot link directories - Recommendations?
  6271. When you don't reveal "all" what the cards tell you
  6272. BOC album cover
  6273. bags for my decks?
  6274. Weird Dreams When Sleeping with cards
  6275. Doggoned bad connection
  6276. Is the Normal?
  6277. My first non-personal read
  6278. Organizing Question
  6279. Readings exhaust me
  6280. Yes, tarot can help
  6281. My dog enjoys tarot very much!
  6282. Has anyone trimmed the Paulina?
  6283. Merging Tarot and Palmistry
  6284. Is Tarot calling...
  6285. Flashes of what card will come out?
  6286. My dog picked a card out!!!
  6287. Lost Deck!
  6288. Antique ~ Vintage ~ Circa ~ Retro ~ Age & Time: Our decks and definitions
  6289. Not connecting
  6290. Tarot Exercises
  6291. shape shifting
  6292. Another Ebay Doozy
  6293. Spiritual acquisitiveness, cultural misappropriation (and Tarot decks)
  6294. Spreadsheet to Track Daily Readings
  6295. Weather-related increased call demand
  6296. Ebay decks : "Excellent Condition" vs "Total Trash" ?
  6297. Had to turn away a sitter, & I hope I did the right thing... :(
  6298. Quick Quote Question
  6299. Carnivale
  6300. Is Tarot dying?
  6301. What not to do
  6302. Differences in meanings...
  6303. Deck sources
  6304. Developing Detached Awareness in Tarot
  6305. quick question about readings...
  6306. email adress to us games?
  6307. Gentle Female Death
  6308. Why do tarot deck take forever to be released
  6309. Renaissance Festivals
  6310. What is it with shamanism?
  6311. Has anyone dealt with California Psychics?
  6312. Warped cards...an observation
  6313. Public Liability Insurance (UK)
  6314. What to do with extra tarot cards?
  6315. IM Reading Test and my deck has a sense of humor
  6316. You all are making a believer out of my Husband
  6317. Tarot card during the olympics?
  6318. Precision
  6319. Good reader vs. Great reader
  6320. Ebay Bargain?!
  6321. A black cape too!!!!!
  6322. Just lost my touch completely...
  6323. Do you ever lack confidence?
  6324. when a reading doesnt "feel"right?
  6325. Tarot Reader Statistics
  6326. Yes/No questions and the Tarot
  6327. How many kids will I have? And when?
  6328. why cant people say what they do....
  6329. Melissa Townsend's Tarot booklet/LWB of sorts...
  6330. Shuffling - How many ways??
  6331. Cloths?
  6332. Answers
  6333. How to get rid of the dusty smell?
  6334. Much love.
  6335. help in selecting online professional tarot reader?
  6336. Bookshops on the endangered list?
  6337. Still working on how to handle a caller who wants a "fortune teller" type reading
  6338. The Elements in Tarot
  6339. Intensive Deck Study Support Lounge - Part V
  6340. Brand New Deck .... & 2 jump out!
  6341. Should I not use tarot cards when I'm depressed?
  6342. How should I make friends with tarot cards?
  6343. Corpse Bride film - so much like a pack of tarot cards!
  6344. always about myself
  6345. I am just so happy about my new website
  6346. TCM Chinese Five Elements and Tarot Suits
  6347. A deck with duplicate cards?
  6348. Spicing up my e-mail readings
  6349. Dark Night of Tarot (essay)
  6350. Publisher Power
  6351. The Eagle and Scorpio - missing link
  6352. What does your oldest deck smell like?
  6353. Anyone drink from a tarot mug?
  6354. Readings/groups via facebook
  6355. Favourite decks of 2009 poll - discussion of the results
  6356. Drink water, drink water, and BTW, don't forget to drink water
  6357. alert: Sola Busca on e-bay now
  6358. Tarot As A Spiritual Guide
  6359. So, how do you feel about being recorded?
  6360. Yet another reason just to go by "Tarot Reader"
  6361. Have you ever predicted wrongly?
  6362. Is the Tarot useful?
  6363. Emotions and Tarot
  6364. A must read! Tarot customer behavior.
  6365. Any card with good image of a chicken on it?
  6366. Looking for some kind of "icebreaker" spread
  6367. Do you have guinea pigs?
  6368. Unusual questions
  6369. Tarot readings in Opera 'Carmen'
  6370. Should collect? Or not?
  6371. Trim or not?
  6372. Welcome To A New Moderator!
  6373. listening to music
  6374. Your favorite Tarot publisher
  6375. Feels good :)
  6376. Artwork style/type you favor is...?
  6377. Libran style effect
  6378. Why do I get different tarot readings each time?
  6379. Ok I need to vent! ;)
  6380. Does Tarot ever use The Forer Effect?
  6381. Saw a Five of Hearts on the ground one day...
  6382. Recharging Deck Confusion....
  6383. Tarot Behaviours
  6384. tarot for meditation
  6385. Need your advice once again.:-)
  6386. Tarot Personalities?
  6387. new chest to store my decks
  6388. Lwb's
  6389. general readings
  6390. I shouldn't but I feel bad.....
  6391. Your Manifesto as a pro reader is...?
  6392. Did you ever have to fight back the urge to channel the Queen of Swords?
  6393. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot! A Thinker's perspective
  6394. Reading for others. How to prepare?
  6395. If You Were Just Starting Tarot....
  6396. Portable Tarot Boards
  6397. why is tarot answering 'all' type of questions?
  6398. please help me understand this...,
  6399. tell it like it is
  6400. Tarot Deck Duplex
  6401. Jungian analysis and the Tarot
  6402. Most Memorable Reading
  6403. How do you fund your Tarot habit?
  6404. Skills trading with Tarot?
  6405. Video on how to trim tarot cards
  6406. Strange -Have you ever lost connection with your cards?
  6407. Is it okay to use a damaged deck?
  6408. Running before you can crawl...
  6409. Has tarot replaced communication...
  6410. Best Bets
  6411. Factor for a good reading - person who can express himself !!
  6412. The Money Thing
  6413. Ever Regret Getting a Reading?
  6414. Collecting VS. Reading
  6415. The importance of asking the right question
  6416. Dizziness after reading
  6417. Help!! Any tips you'd like to share??
  6418. tarot shoes
  6419. inspirational thoughts and quotes
  6420. Tarot and...?
  6421. Getting rid of the little white book
  6422. When is a chair, just a chair....
  6423. How do you feel about reading for family?
  6424. How to overcome these people?
  6425. Friend Unaffected by Tarot
  6426. What do you dislike about tarot after going pro fulltime?
  6427. Is there ever a good reason to break confidence????
  6428. Please chime in on telecommuncation choices for phone/internet readings
  6429. Reading Boundaries: Referrals and Refusals
  6430. How do you keep neutral
  6431. Fanning cards?
  6432. When Less Is More re Tarot
  6433. David Keirsey's Temperaments, Jung's process of individuation, and the Tarot
  6434. Feeling like a ping-pong ball - deck frenzy!
  6435. The difference of psychologists/psychoanalysts and symbologists
  6436. How long is too long to wait for a prediction
  6437. Anger being instilled into a deck?
  6438. Behind Your Back - Querents
  6439. Great Ratings Poor Results!
  6440. Using deck images
  6441. Seven of Cups Tattoo- Good Idea?
  6442. I never thought i'd like this deck!
  6443. Thoughts re TWO decks, ONE bag...
  6444. Jung & Tarot POLL
  6445. Accessing the energy of the Universe
  6446. A recent development
  6447. Do you tell them what each means?
  6448. An idea for a story we can all take part in
  6449. Read FOR or Read WITH????
  6450. Tarot curse rituals
  6451. Tarot as an experience (split from Tarot Decks)
  6452. Reading screw ups..?
  6453. Reading when the querant is not present
  6454. I had no intention of buying a new deck tonight
  6455. Billboard Top 100 The Majors
  6456. Helpful for long hours of reading
  6457. Tarot is Family Fun!
  6458. Who do you wish would create a Tarot deck?
  6459. My faith has been shot
  6460. Poll - best deck to take to a party?
  6461. "Pimp my Rider!"
  6462. Tarot & Theme Decks - When is it not Tarot?
  6463. Reading after listening to this cd
  6464. Priestess Paranoia
  6465. Disrespect of Cards
  6466. Unknown Fool card deck ID?
  6467. How do you pronounce Etteilla?
  6468. Who was Brian Williams?
  6469. Professional reading or what...?
  6470. About missing cards...
  6471. Tea and Tarot
  6472. another vent about a professional reader I've run into.
  6473. Wow. Ouch. That was one sad phone call :-(
  6474. What Not To Wear...To An Event
  6475. Vasco da Gama tomb
  6476. Using Querent's Deck
  6477. Tarot Mug
  6478. What Animal Are You (when you read the cards)?
  6479. Article in the Daily Mail Uk- bit one-sided.
  6480. Help me help a fellow reader
  6481. Good at distance readings, nervous in person?
  6482. Returning to Tarot
  6483. tandem readings?
  6484. weird online reading
  6485. Images, themes, or System?
  6486. Which tarot deck to use when one has one to many tarot decks in its collection...
  6487. Back to basics?
  6488. Wreck a Deck?
  6489. Is it ok to share a deck with another person?
  6490. Unusual tarot question...
  6491. Mocking the cards
  6492. Being reunited with a deck: the prodigal returns
  6493. World Tarot Day / World Towel Day, 2010
  6494. Assumptions...
  6495. Those Stray Cards
  6496. safest way to clean reading cloths?
  6497. How are Tarot readers esteemed?
  6498. Taking pictures of my readings
  6499. Collector's thoughts
  6500. Singles party...suggestions needed
  6501. Only charlatans see the future?
  6502. Baroli, this is all your fault!
  6503. Outline Infomative Speech on Tarot
  6504. Understanding the human psyche, the Tarot, psychology, and mysticism
  6505. Not sure if this goes here but...
  6506. The Querent Makes Their Own Reading!
  6507. Reading for self
  6508. Has anyone ever?...
  6509. Is there something wrong with me...
  6510. conflicting readings-- help!
  6511. Have you ever noticed a trend in clients' questions?
  6512. Ok, I'm worried... :( (kinda complicated)
  6513. Does anyone else think.............
  6514. Learning the tarot in your own way?
  6515. Tarot and Perfume, oh my!
  6516. How Many Decks are Enough?
  6517. Ever predict PAST events to learn the cards?
  6518. Tarot Journey Milestones?
  6519. My Big Debut at an Upcoming Charity Event
  6520. When You Read For Yourself....
  6521. Tarot - right brain communication by imagery?
  6522. Falling cards.
  6523. Can you ask cards regarding astral or the other side?
  6524. Question about how the cards fall
  6525. Does anyone else feel this way?
  6526. Sealed, out of print decks.
  6527. Meditation?
  6528. FAVORITE place and time of day...
  6529. Getting permission to use cards on website etc. but costs high?
  6530. What decks would you use for your favorite poetry/song hero/artist?
  6531. Pandora
  6532. Bridge the gap
  6533. Do Antidepressants effect empathy & readings?
  6534. Do you think my cards need a break?
  6535. The systems. They Aren't working.... for me.
  6536. What is Substance?
  6537. Ever tossed an old deck?
  6538. journals
  6539. Chinese Zodiac print cloth
  6540. What to do with decks that nobody wants?
  6541. symbols
  6542. suits order
  6543. OMG; tarot-destroying bugs...
  6544. is there any danger involved in tarot, like a ouija board?
  6545. The youngest sitter
  6546. Thinking a Card...Then it Shows Up?
  6547. The Frankendecken's Progress
  6548. How does everyone recieve their messages?
  6549. Reversals
  6550. using a box with salt
  6551. may sound like silly questions....
  6552. Event coming up, kinda odd request...
  6553. Ever refused a reading?
  6554. something like a survey.:-)
  6555. The first reading...
  6556. Too much thought into card details????
  6557. Trimmed decks: square corners?
  6558. Reading rejected, quite shocking
  6559. Frankendecken Journal thread
  6560. Frankendecken; Instructions & General discussion
  6561. What do you believe?
  6562. Professional oracle readers?
  6563. A very good exercise to develop your "psychic" reading
  6564. how useful are Business Cards?
  6565. reprints; the best, the worst
  6566. Tarot Decks Copyright?
  6567. About Accuracy
  6568. What were you drawn to when you started collecting and how has it changed?
  6569. Drawing cards while watching Masterchef
  6570. Quantum Brainwave
  6571. where in the rules of tarot does it say?....
  6572. Unresponsive Decks vs. Chatty ones
  6573. Do You Dream About Tarot?
  6574. How much to charge
  6575. Ultimate Tarot Question?
  6576. Where to go?
  6577. Australians take note!
  6578. When in doubt...
  6579. Significance of Numerology and astrology in tarot
  6580. My Cat Likes to Lick Tarot Cards...
  6581. Accuracy?
  6582. Using tarot in magick
  6583. Reoccurring cards not in spreads
  6584. I wonder if people would like to do this? (A Tarot Fable Revealed?)
  6585. Different books, different meanings
  6586. Other threads already posted
  6587. Why are people afraid of the Tarot?
  6588. Alcohol and accuracy?
  6589. The Tarot Fool Card
  6590. Plato's Theory of Forms and Tarot
  6591. Tarot goes respectable, but Opera?
  6592. Cards in Carnivàle
  6593. Decks for learning?
  6594. Journal
  6595. Bags
  6596. Let's talk about packages
  6597. Male Fairy Figurines?
  6598. Can you sleep with more than one tarot deck?
  6599. Question for Artists please!
  6600. Card Press?
  6601. What's the best way of getting rid of Tarot deck?
  6602. Dedicated to Amanda_04~ Our REAL space :)
  6603. "The" Tarot?????
  6604. Curious about those average and small/short hands and strains in 'large cards"
  6605. Tarot and 2012
  6606. Need some advice
  6607. Is it me or the querent?
  6608. What if not 100% accurate?
  6609. Uncomfortable moments during a reading...
  6610. What Do You Want from Tarot?
  6611. When is a "General" Reading NOT a General Reading?
  6612. Did you ever really need that back up?
  6613. Doing eBay readings - suggestions?
  6614. SGC update & other questions
  6615. Getting your feet wet - sharing a personal insight
  6616. How you read: Interpretation vs Memorization
  6617. Numerological meanings vs. Traditional meanings
  6618. Tarot-Revelation.com rip-off report
  6619. Has anyone finished BOTA?
  6620. accuracy & method
  6621. Confused about if I should do another spread on same question?
  6622. Without Tarot Cards, how different would your life be?
  6623. I dont know if this question has been ask...
  6624. Reading for yourself = a big NO?
  6625. How did/do you start?
  6626. Tarot as a therapy tool
  6627. Tarot injuries
  6628. Does a predicted event need to come up at every reading to stay 'valid'?
  6629. Cafe Readings
  6630. who is in the cards?
  6631. this is a first for me..
  6632. Working with tarot in "the digital age"
  6633. Long distance readings & email readings
  6634. Where do 10 year cycles start and finish?
  6635. where did you find your dream deck?
  6636. Velvet Tarot Cases?
  6637. A New/Old Use For Tarot....Ha!
  6638. Worst tarot advice received?
  6639. Tarot Scams and Such
  6640. Ever Predicted a Major Event?
  6641. Spread not answering the question...
  6642. Someone out there, a possible forger?
  6643. Women vs Men
  6644. site search
  6645. Is it the seeker or someone else
  6646. The Mechanics of Tarot
  6647. Reading Circles
  6648. Deciding what deck(s) to take on a trip
  6649. Tarot Charms
  6650. What's your story?
  6651. How To Tell a "Good" Reader?
  6652. A simply question... How does your spouse react?
  6653. How can I stop my cards sticking together?!
  6654. When do you need to get a new deck?
  6655. Should tarot readers use books during readings? split from "Worst tarot advice received?"
  6656. How do you handle trouble in a reading
  6657. Thinking of going PRO via Emails
  6658. Do Most Pro Readers Join Groups?
  6659. The High Priestess in a film Immortals
  6660. Three Is A Crowd..
  6661. My LIVE reading-date: Tomorrow!! @@
  6662. Tarot with dice.
  6663. When the Tarot discourages you from something
  6664. Define Professional Tarot Reader?
  6665. Do you record your readings?
  6666. The Hanged Man and the guitar
  6667. beautiful tarot cloths
  6668. Keeping a tarot journal
  6669. The Tarot is random...
  6670. Tarot cannot predict accurately
  6671. Doesn't professional mean leave your personal judgments at the door?
  6672. Keen.com
  6673. "What are you doing? What, What, What are you doing?"
  6674. Tarot Deck Hijinks!
  6675. Is this even possible with tarot?
  6676. What is Tarot anyway? How broad can it really mean?
  6677. Tarot-loving Christian? Possible?
  6678. Reflections on Shadowscapes
  6679. Trimming a tarot taught me...
  6680. card meanings and major life events
  6681. Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Lounge ~ Part VI
  6682. UGH... a nick in card
  6683. How do you close your readings?
  6684. Trimming cards?
  6685. Big prize for accurate predicting using Tarot cards
  6686. Different Cards for Different Reads?
  6687. Suggestions for building online client base
  6688. Feeling connected to a certain card
  6689. Readings and the Effect on Your Energy Levels
  6690. Your Favorite Tarot -Related Fiction or Poetry
  6691. how clear things get after the reading
  6692. Speaking of tarot bags
  6693. Tarot chose the right size! Who needs dressing rooms?
  6694. Why Email Readings are Better than Phone Readings
  6695. Response from charity - how would you feel?
  6696. is this allowed? UK members wanted!
  6697. I just bought a tarot deck and already want another-what is wrong with me?
  6698. Show me a good reading, please
  6699. Tarot Connection
  6700. Let's all make reading videos
  6701. Does this happen to anyone else?
  6702. Some musings on The Event last night...
  6703. Do you still do the reading if the money isn't in the Paypal acct?
  6704. What a sitter actually means...
  6705. Daily draws don't always apply on the day
  6706. meditation
  6707. Cant Figure out how to make this easy to answer
  6708. Any significance to being drawn to a particular card?
  6709. Keen Woes - What to Make of It?
  6710. What you've learnt about yourself
  6711. Tarot Block
  6712. You MAY have Tarotitis IF.....
  6713. yay for summer?
  6714. Are cards at telling what career you would be best at or hidden talent?
  6715. Tarot Card Readers Who Shouldn't Be
  6716. Reading on someone else
  6717. Tarot reading through Nature?
  6718. The Fearful Client..
  6719. Decision maker or decision making tool...
  6720. Mental health and tarot cards
  6721. Deck hopping--does it hinder or help?
  6722. Uses for Unused Tarot Boxes
  6723. ever notice tarot interp books make great oracles ?
  6724. An invitation to an exhibition..?
  6725. Beads and Tarot
  6726. Annoyment
  6727. Your own, internal tarot kitchen
  6728. I've got 3 new blank books, what would you do with them?
  6729. How Do You Choose a Deck For Your Sitter?
  6730. feedback on my letter approaching businesses?
  6731. Yay for U.S Games!
  6732. Tarot Dreams
  6733. Falling back into Tarot - advice?
  6734. I feel like a rock star (or at least the little fat one from Il Divo)
  6735. Dilemma: Replacing the taken deck
  6736. Tarot Etiquette
  6737. Sick from reading
  6738. So Many Books with So Many Meanings, How to find your own true meaning?
  6739. What Happened?
  6740. Anxious about reading for others for money
  6741. Coffee, Tarot, perfume and friends - heaven!
  6742. Tying Decks with Satin Ribbon
  6743. This might sound kind of strange.
  6744. After 1 month as a beginner--reflections on overall readings
  6745. Visiting India for Tarot Readings..
  6746. Recommendation for a reader in WA?
  6747. I've done my thumb a mischief
  6748. Very Annoying Tarot Purchase Cancellation
  6749. ever dream about tarot?
  6750. San Francisco help
  6751. what draws me to this thing of ours
  6752. Why Can't 'I' read for myself? or Why can't one read for themselves?
  6753. readings all wrong
  6754. Strange Feelings while looking at new deck
  6755. Cleansing Your Tarot Cards
  6756. Unclear reading about a relationship
  6757. Goldilocks Tarot Wishes
  6758. Tarot Blogs?
  6759. I am baffled by Amazon
  6760. Underwear for Decks!
  6761. Pictures of our Reading Spaces; 2010
  6762. would you like your tarot author, creator, to read for you ?
  6763. This was a seriously strange happening...
  6764. Is it wrong to be excited?
  6765. My first totally inaccurate reading
  6766. Tarot and the Heat
  6767. Have this ever happen to you??
  6768. Converting a non believer into a believer- my greatest achievement
  6769. Reading via Email
  6770. Your first deck?
  6771. Tarot and Culture
  6772. When do you know when the cards do not wish to disclose the info you seek?
  6773. When the (L)ittle(W)hite(B)ook comes in handy...
  6774. What the Tarot has done for me :D
  6775. Tarot Degree? Only $1200 USD.
  6776. Readings about other people
  6777. Help please! what size corner cutter should i get
  6778. Reading From photo of dead person
  6779. 2012 reading
  6780. What do you do when...
  6781. I saw this article..thought I would share
  6782. a hypothetical (Geoffrey Robertson I am not!)
  6783. How you ever used tarot cards for Meditation with Major Arcana
  6784. tarot storage; it doesn't have to be bags
  6785. im writing a story based on tarot cards
  6786. Weirded out...and other interesting tidbits
  6787. used tarot decks ?
  6788. Writing/typing readings
  6789. Is it possible to make a good 'theme' deck?
  6790. Online vs. in person
  6791. Need some advice
  6792. The Skeptical Client..
  6793. deck tactility - how important is it to you?
  6794. So happy about a reading :)
  6795. Answer still valid with a counting mistake?
  6796. In your language...?
  6797. Taotc
  6798. Taking charge of your life
  6799. songs that remind you of certain cards
  6800. charging friends to discourage asking
  6801. Inexpensive Reading Cloths
  6802. Fixing tarot boxes
  6803. Trimmed Revelations?
  6804. Interesting Occurrence
  6805. 8 yr old daughter wants a deck
  6806. A neat practice
  6807. feeling muddled
  6808. taking my first "professional" step...
  6809. Daft tarot readings on facebook
  6810. mini deck protection?
  6811. Why does tarot work?
  6812. is it ok to read with a deck thats missing some cards?
  6813. My husbands reading
  6814. I finally did it...
  6815. Why I write on my cards
  6816. tarotist title
  6817. Deck buyers anonymous?
  6818. Strange Occurence This Morning
  6819. Cards that indicate a cheating
  6820. Book depository
  6821. Dreaming Tarot
  6822. "Seasoning" a new deck?
  6823. Reading cards vs. reading people
  6824. Desperately seeking
  6825. An ethical question of sorts
  6826. How many clients initially?
  6827. You have to have a gift to read Tarot
  6828. Is this a sign?
  6829. Can cards say how much income?
  6830. Why do people collect Tarot decks?
  6831. Questions for the Professional Tarot Card Reader
  6832. online reading - it's not for everyone?
  6833. For doing readings, what do you think of this tarot notebook idea?
  6834. Packaging
  6835. Meditating on Tarot cards?
  6836. What does "intuitive reading" really mean?
  6837. do tarot cards represent holograms?
  6838. is there a Marseilles reading thread?
  6839. The weirdest thing just happend : 1 deck for another.
  6840. how long do you "keep" readings?
  6841. Asking Tarot about your soulmate
  6842. Who uses both systems?
  6843. Information, please
  6844. Oh dear...Shopping sprees?
  6845. I dont know where to post this....can yall give some advice?
  6846. Pronunciation?
  6847. What's Average income Tarot Readers can make?
  6848. Tarot and tea correlations?
  6849. Cleansing the cards
  6850. reading at the annual eagle pow wow,2010, third year
  6851. cardstock that yellows and ages
  6852. New Deck Rituals?
  6853. Who is Atanassov?
  6854. New Thoth deck - tried but just can't read with it
  6855. Unusual Reactions to Cards?
  6856. Second-Hand Decks vs. New Decks
  6857. Gifted one of my old decks.
  6858. Cagliostro's Magical Alphabet and 22 majors of the LS Egyptian Tarot
  6859. Deck Boxes-Good, Bad, & Ugly
  6860. Tarot Pet Peeves?
  6861. Unusual uses for Tarot
  6862. Help me form a question
  6863. Difference between a Companion book and an LWB?
  6864. Do you throw out tarot deck boxes?
  6865. Carrying my cards around with me?
  6866. What do you look for in a deck?
  6867. Has anyone trimmed the Touchstone?
  6868. the "unreadables"
  6869. If You Were to Go Out "Right Now" What Deck/s
  6870. Torn between using the tarot cards and Religion
  6871. Interpreting others readings...? Hmmm
  6872. has anyone ever posed the same question to two different decks?
  6873. tarot magick
  6874. dissatisfied customer...
  6875. Ltd edition Bohemian Gothic bags; they're up!
  6876. The All Things "Baba" Thread
  6877. RWS vs Other, for a beginner
  6878. energy mix
  6879. bohemian gothic art prints
  6880. Anyone else use betterworldbooks.com
  6881. "Family of psychics accused..."
  6882. Afraid of doing a reading
  6883. Teaching Tarot
  6884. uploading images of spreads
  6885. No spreads
  6886. Putting a positive, tactful, or constructive "spin" on painful news
  6887. don't you just hate it when...
  6888. Questioning self; anyone else have the problem?
  6889. Message from Fate, or Influenced Cards?
  6890. is this creepy or what?
  6891. How many hours a day
  6892. Have Your "Stuck Cards" been coming up a lot for clients lately?
  6893. How to like/connect with a tarot deck?
  6894. it happened today for the first time and was a pleasure
  6895. Public display of deck affection
  6896. Has the tarot improved your life?
  6897. Using tarot with other decks or oracles...
  6898. Amazon payments anyone?
  6899. Uno's does ladies night on Monday's in My Town, Doing Readings as part of it
  6900. At What Point...
  6901. U.S. Games ‘Made in China’ card decks
  6902. Are you focussed on one aspect of Tarot, or a jack/jill of all trades?
  6903. The Tarot Reader Personality
  6904. Tv or Movie Tarot stars
  6905. The Spectacle
  6906. Returning to a Reading
  6907. Not being able to read with a specific deck...
  6908. Cleaning Tarot Cards
  6909. what is wrong with me?
  6910. incomplete decks; where do you stand?
  6911. Index: Pictures of Trimmed Decks (Expanded Thread)
  6912. Song: Crowley tarot, Harris POV, does someone know it?
  6913. When sitters fail to listen...
  6914. There is NO magic bullet!
  6915. So who said I was lied to anyways?
  6916. When you do readings with someone close to you...
  6917. The Cranky Querent
  6918. 'the power of now' spreads
  6919. Novice Reader
  6920. isnt' this weird?
  6921. me being arty with card holder
  6922. How to fix a dent in a card?
  6923. A perfect day of readings
  6924. meditation on a tarot card
  6925. How has Tarot changed your life?
  6926. The Minister Method
  6927. Cath kidston bags for tarot
  6928. Tarot gifts for the best friend
  6929. recurring in a reading but not true
  6930. Tarot Certification
  6931. Tarot dream
  6932. Art style
  6933. Article in newspaper
  6934. Tarot table pics
  6935. computer generated tarot readings
  6936. Pay what you will?
  6937. My Tarot Reader Said I was an Alien...
  6938. Karte Karunta store
  6939. Psychics and Fortune Tellers Being Regulated to Reduce Fraud
  6940. When the negative comments come flying
  6941. My Page of Wands is missing
  6942. Mixing Decks?
  6943. Stuck
  6944. Tarot: Every little small things or the one superior thing?
  6945. Do sitters question your status
  6946. Recharging a Deck?
  6947. Devil Card found in Head Shop! Should I throw the deck away?!!!
  6948. The complexity of today's tarot decks
  6949. Tarot Archetypes
  6950. Tarot Betting?
  6951. Rare - store it or use it?
  6952. Time Magazine weighs in on fortune telling laws
  6953. Tongue Tied?
  6954. Is the Tarot Magic?
  6955. Where do old decks go when they're ready to be put out to pasture?
  6956. Cleaning Cards (tidy/physically)
  6957. Festival fee, need some advice
  6958. When they don't respect your boundaries!
  6959. Crossing/Uncrossing
  6960. I don't like tarot, i will read if you pay me though!
  6961. Scents when reading
  6962. Spooky Spots to take the Bohemian Gothic
  6963. How many times we can perform Tarot Reading in a day?
  6964. Testing the Reader?
  6965. What Do You Expect From A Tarot Reader?
  6966. Getting to Know You & Settling In....
  6967. What to do with decks you don't use at all?
  6968. Sell decks you don't use.
  6969. Others touching your cards
  6970. Spin off question about types of readers.
  6971. Flaky, fraudulent fortune teller image!
  6972. The little touches
  6973. Hooray!!! (a bit of a brag!)
  6974. Timing and accuracy of cards?
  6975. Deck Guilt
  6976. Removing marks from cards
  6977. learning this language of pictures
  6978. Danish Tarot?
  6979. When cards tell you what you already know.
  6980. Woody Allen
  6981. Making your own cards?
  6982. Bling type Tarot Decks...Anyone like them?
  6983. Cards in the Media - Heartland
  6984. Has anyone ever confronted you over reading in public?
  6985. Replacement Tarot
  6986. Dark Nature Cases
  6987. Different Decks with different tasks
  6988. Plan to teach tarot
  6989. happiness!
  6990. Spare £1,000.00, anyone?
  6991. Thorsons imprint decks/Greenwood
  6992. What's Your Take on the Future?
  6993. what do you call a shop that sells tarot decks?
  6994. Reading on Halloween
  6995. At what amount will you stop buying decks?
  6996. Have Tarot, Will Travel!
  6997. Full moon cleansing
  6998. What's the going rate?
  6999. help! I'm going backwards...
  7000. Tarot solitaire
  7001. Using Tarot as part of Decor?
  7002. "Viennese fortunetelling tarot cards?"
  7003. Mixing Decks
  7004. "Don't make a major life decision...
  7005. reading at the dryden fall fair 2010.
  7006. What are archetypes?
  7007. Tarot Trimming Tools-- Rotary Cutter & Corner Rounder
  7008. how to deal with 'challenging' clients
  7009. An obsession vs. Money
  7010. Buying a deck only because you loved one card
  7011. Lucky day, lucky card?
  7012. Memories of Miss Cleo
  7013. what are your boundaries - what would be a no-no?
  7014. warrior/hero archetype?
  7015. Dismissing an entire deck only because you didn`t like one card?
  7016. I suck
  7017. Intensive Deck Study Reboot!
  7018. How/where do you store your decks?
  7019. problem solving v. problem exploring
  7020. Tarot Smells?
  7021. This girl asked me to do a reading for her online
  7022. Tarot within a dream question.
  7023. If you are to be a tarot deck, which one you`ll be?
  7024. The Erotic Tarot that Showed up in my Dreams...
  7025. Ever have one of those days...
  7026. What Do You Say You Do?
  7027. How do I decide which deck to take to a conference? :)
  7028. splitting or peeling cardstock?
  7029. Tarot--a security risk???
  7030. Halloween Events and Tarot Readings?
  7031. sitters with mental health issues....
  7032. Seasons and Suits?
  7033. Tarot courses in somerset - know any?
  7034. Love/Hate relationsship with your tarot deck
  7035. Suits and Elements
  7036. a different Strength
  7037. Shuffling and Spreads
  7038. Specific Questions
  7039. Samhain, Hallowmas, All Hallows Eve, Halloween and Tarot
  7040. What do you do? using various decks
  7041. Doing a speech on Tarot
  7042. Alternative Tarot Cards
  7043. Trying to dispel more Tarot myths.
  7044. I wanted to ask a Question...
  7045. Lord Sugar - Business moguls & tarot
  7046. the first one
  7047. Tarot Pointer; have you got yours?
  7048. When pulling out the card..........
  7049. Learning Tarot for the First Time...
  7050. Does anyone else find it annoying when...
  7051. Do you ever have doubts?
  7052. Attitudes towards the occult and fortune telling during the 1950's & '60's
  7053. Cheap Tarot Cases
  7054. Printers Rounding Decks?
  7055. Xyron Laminating Machine - wrinkles?
  7056. readings - confusion
  7057. Vampire decks and all that blood!
  7058. Pointy Decks like Vampire Tarot
  7059. good gravy..who knew? (rambling)
  7060. helmets
  7061. Collectors - come edumacate me ...
  7062. Deck Sabbatical?
  7063. Follow the link to the greatest reading circle on earth...
  7064. Funniest Comments re Tarot?
  7065. Where you are affecting accuracy?
  7066. Reading for others...
  7067. Which decks to bring along?
  7068. When you perform a reading...
  7069. Question about the question
  7070. Yes, but do we listen....
  7071. Hardest Tarot Lesson Learned?
  7072. This gave me goosebumps!
  7073. RWS; do we like it because it's easier?
  7074. The complexity of the subjective Tarot
  7075. The giver, not a receiver
  7076. What do you tell them?
  7077. What was C. G. Jung really talking about? And what does that say about the Tarot?
  7078. Accidentally spilled hot, sweet tea over my Halloween Tarot
  7079. LWB for Fantastical Creatures Deck
  7080. would you go as a tarot character for halloween?
  7081. But what does it MEAN ?
  7082. TAROT..good? bad? indifferent?
  7083. Reading the Future of Tarot
  7084. Tarot cards question?
  7085. Been asked to teach a devout Christian about the cards!
  7086. Is A Tarot Reading 'Reframing'?
  7087. Which system floats your boat ?
  7088. how do you all take care of your cards?
  7089. Lottery? Say what?
  7090. How long til you read another tarot deck?
  7091. An Article on tarot
  7092. RIP Hans Arnold, artist of the Jolanda/Swedish Witch Tarot
  7093. Meditating on a card
  7094. Deck criticism - how do we feel about it? split from: Most Under-rated Decks?
  7095. Just for fun 2
  7096. Tarot (vaguely) inspired fragrance ?
  7097. Art versus Concept
  7098. Three Questions
  7099. How to use the Tarot for fortune-telling?
  7100. Readings when not well
  7101. Tarot ever lied?
  7102. Tarot cards predicting the future
  7103. Can tarot read where questions?
  7104. Questions that trouble you
  7105. The Evolution of Tarot
  7106. Tarot articles
  7107. Talking to the deceased through Tarot
  7108. Client-led reading
  7109. Making your own decks?
  7110. Does Every Deck Brings More Meanings?
  7111. Do you use Google Adwords?
  7112. Reading for Third Parties
  7113. When Tarot and Lenormand contradict each other...
  7114. Scaring People?
  7115. Reading cards in a foreign language?
  7116. deposits for bookings
  7117. Do we need decks wrapped in plastic?
  7118. Tag team tarot readings
  7119. Matching Decks With Bags & Cloths
  7120. Amazon
  7121. Documentary Film
  7122. Trouble reading situations in cards
  7123. Druidcraft Ebay Bargain
  7124. Conspiracy Theory Readings
  7125. NPR says psychics are the new psychologists. Are we?
  7126. moving pictures
  7127. My Collection Grew By 60% in 5 Days
  7128. While You Wait
  7129. Tarot deck & art project feat. Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin +...!
  7130. Getting REALLY emotional?
  7131. Framing a question
  7132. Future vs. current in answers
  7133. What is up with my cards?
  7134. Overprotective Childhood and Reading Tarot
  7135. Tarot and Nudity
  7136. Card Covers
  7137. Irked by deck bashing? All in a lighthearted vein...
  7138. Darn temptation!
  7139. favorite tarot moment?
  7140. Themes or Styles MISSING from Decks
  7141. leaving tarot, coming back to tarot
  7142. Alone with Tarot?
  7143. Using two decks together
  7144. Dream reading
  7145. Is it time to break up?
  7146. I miss the tarot...
  7147. Elemental associations, numerology, lessons
  7148. IMHO an ace is not a one etc
  7149. Vacchetta & RWS copyright question
  7150. Is the tarothermit.com site closed?
  7151. Multiple tarot card holder*
  7152. Amazon, What happened to you?
  7153. Tarot-Oracle-Lenormand-Thoth, What's the difference?
  7154. Does reading tarot put us on the wrong end of the lightening bolt ?
  7155. Readings over the Holidays?
  7156. A question for all you lovely professional readers~
  7157. Children and Tarot
  7158. Anyone laminate their tarot cards?
  7159. the big freeze
  7160. Asking About the wrong Person?
  7161. If they dont know yet...does tarot?
  7162. Mixed energy
  7163. Tarot and health issues?
  7164. Feeling lost?
  7165. "Master of My Domain"
  7166. The (non)development of your reading skills
  7167. I got a gig :)
  7168. How Long Reading & Influences?
  7169. Postal costs (Not sure where to put this post .... :))
  7170. Timing Woes...oh, the timing woes!
  7171. Trimming question
  7172. My Tarot Movie is nearly finished ...
  7173. Teaching methods for children
  7174. Hermes in Baroque Bohemian Cats
  7175. Who's perception is right?
  7176. Has your taste changed?
  7177. reading the pictures... ignoring the LWB
  7178. Reading for the Wary...
  7179. Deck ID (with a nice story)
  7180. Hide/Seek with Tarot – reflections on a portrait exhibit
  7181. personal collecting rules
  7182. Year End Show Me the Love Thread
  7183. need a little advice
  7184. I wish there was a big tarot rental place or something..
  7185. Honesty in reading...even if you sense it isn't what the querent wants to hear
  7186. Affected by tarot reading
  7187. My new Tarot Room
  7188. "Aging" Decks... Anti-Bling, if you will
  7189. Age to start Children Reading?
  7190. Spirit Guide picking up the cards
  7191. paid for readings - how did you know you where ready to do this
  7192. Amazing Read!
  7193. Tarot Jewelry in UK
  7194. Finally did it! Not feeling too good...
  7195. Time before "talking"
  7196. dark decks exchange circle?
  7197. Have you ever really got it wrong
  7198. Tarot V/s Astrology
  7199. My husband wants to learn tarot!
  7200. So, when do you decide you might like to buy someone a deck?
  7201. ReadingTarot - a part of ethnoscience?
  7202. When loved ones disapprove of Tarot
  7203. How useful is Tarot to you?
  7204. Tarot before bed........
  7205. Was I right?
  7206. Re-light the fire
  7207. Leaving it to the fates....
  7208. Tarot / Astrology / Magick / Illuminati Connection
  7209. Kind of a Silly Question, I Guess...
  7210. Tarot: Trust and Fear
  7211. What type of collector are you?
  7212. Tarot as an addiction?
  7213. Bent Decks
  7214. Online Tarot and Traditional Tarot Readings
  7215. Has anyone tried to soften a US Games China printed deck?
  7216. only 15 days to go... any thoughts as to new year 'tarot' resolutions?
  7217. mums learning tarot
  7218. Manifestation using tarot
  7219. Has it ever gotten 'too far' for you?
  7220. Clarifying something about Fortune Telling
  7221. 78 Card Reading?
  7222. Tarot Babies!
  7223. Interesting facts to point out when criticized for using the cards
  7224. "Bad" deck?
  7225. Deck study?
  7226. 2010 Lunar Eclipse-Charging/Cleansing Cards Tonight?
  7227. Practicing Face-to-Face Reading
  7228. just wanted wish everyone a merry xmas
  7229. anyone on facebook?
  7230. Antonia Martinez
  7231. Behind the scenes workings?
  7232. positive ways to use the cards
  7233. Tarot for communicating with the dead
  7234. Literally Out Of Nowhere!:
  7235. Cons of being tarot reader
  7236. Quote on "Criminal Minds"
  7237. What I have learned
  7238. Has anyone trimmed the Touchstone?
  7239. Famous People / Celebrities Who Love Tarot
  7240. What do you think "Divination" is?
  7241. The Theory of 10 000 hours
  7242. Cards That Make You Smile
  7243. Cards that seem to have been designed for the reverse meaning when upright
  7244. Dame Fortune's Wheel Trimming?
  7245. Readings interpreted with people
  7246. Spilled water on deck? >.>
  7247. tarot clothes
  7248. Frankendecken: The Draw
  7249. What's your Personal Year Card?
  7250. The Primary Deck Reflection Thread for 2011
  7251. Reading Practices 2010-2011
  7252. Help with Paypal!
  7253. When buying a Tarot/Oracle deck...
  7254. Etsy?
  7255. Tarot = Taboo?
  7256. Divining life instead of living it.
  7257. Shadow Cards/Summary Cards?
  7258. Grace Kelly and the Nine of Pentacles
  7259. Thoughts on the Death Card?
  7260. Deck Monogamy-Monotony?
  7261. Pictures of our Reading Spaces; 2011
  7262. When predictions don't happen
  7263. Tarot Ethics
  7264. Keeping a Tarot Journal
  7265. How do non-readers experience readings?
  7266. Bent Cards - then unbent :O
  7267. Best way to start learning
  7268. Do you think some decks are more 'powerful' than others?
  7269. what's this disgusting smell?
  7270. Questions about website building
  7271. How often should we do readings for people
  7272. Reading Hangovers ?
  7273. Tarot Journals-Comments and Ideas-Disscussion
  7274. Closing my mind.......
  7275. Reclamation of a water-damaged deck
  7276. Local paper interviews professional reader
  7277. Random Questions...
  7278. what card is YOU this week?
  7279. Rising above a spread
  7280. How many newbies are around? <6 months
  7281. Which court character attracts you?
  7282. Biggest challenge in learning Tarot
  7283. Opening a reading
  7284. weird..
  7285. Is your favorite deck your most used deck?
  7286. Fictional readings
  7287. A Little Too Literal?
  7288. 2010 Top Ten Decks
  7289. When you don't tell the whole truth...
  7290. Good places to find tarot in Dublin?
  7291. Reading for Yourself
  7292. BohoGothic images...as posters?
  7293. How confident in your delivery?
  7294. What city would you MOST like to read in?
  7295. "Tarot game" is now a trademark?
  7296. What's the best thing about learning Tarot?
  7297. Small versus Big Cards
  7298. Does tarot ALWAYS show the truth?
  7299. Need a suggestion/advice on a reading method
  7300. Frustrated with Rune Tarot correspondences
  7301. Do you strictly read the cards or also offer advice?
  7302. What were your top 5 card for the year 2010
  7303. Why so many celtic/fairy/faery decks?
  7304. Has anyone ever..?
  7305. Making Bags
  7306. 1JJ Swiss
  7307. Decks that have jobs
  7308. Tarot Fads
  7309. When 1 card is missing
  7310. Book Depository shipments arrive damaged!!!!
  7311. My 9 year old's first Tarot reading
  7312. Digital Tarot Decks
  7313. The calling of a deck.
  7314. 9* magus
  7315. Alternate uses for Tarot cards
  7316. Pairing Tarot and Oracles
  7317. referencing cards
  7318. Ascension (Poem inspired by Thoth)
  7319. Can the energies of someone in the room override the intention of the reader?
  7320. Your Soul Memory and Tarot
  7321. lack of insight on reading in itself?
  7322. How do you read for strangers and get it (almost) right?
  7323. Readings for charity ideas?
  7324. Is it possible to have a premonition about deck and card drawn
  7325. What's your favourite Fool card?
  7326. What do you mean by "Tarot Reading" ?
  7327. How accurate are questions on others?
  7328. Phone/chat readers...how do you do it?
  7329. tarot and odd language associations...
  7330. Tarot on Jeopardy
  7331. surprising offer
  7332. US Games/Stuart Kaplan
  7333. Cats who love tarot
  7334. Yes/No Questions and the Tarot
  7335. Developing Intuition
  7336. Breaking-in your decks
  7337. Yuk! Couples Readings for Valentine's Day Event
  7338. why is cardstock not what it used to be?
  7339. Your Favourites
  7340. Shuffling trimmed decks
  7341. How to find out: Who stole my money ?
  7342. How do you know if a reading is correct?
  7343. Card Meanings
  7344. Reading for yourself.....
  7345. Using more than one deck. sorta. Advanced?
  7346. If someone were to make a deck just for you, what system would you want?
  7347. Romanian Tarot Card Readers have it hard
  7348. Can you recommend a good scanner?
  7349. Feedback on Your Readings
  7350. second hand/traded decks.
  7351. Should I read Tarot Cards professionally?
  7352. Tarot Speech Ideas
  7353. Night Tide
  7354. The Tarot-phobes!
  7355. I doubt that this bartender needs Tarot Cards to give advice
  7356. How do you find a good reader?
  7357. Strange Reading
  7358. There was a bug in my cards!
  7359. Mediums, Tarot and inviting in spirits
  7360. Harmonious super trimmed?
  7361. should I get a gothic deck?
  7362. Anyone buy a padded case from Tarot Totes?
  7363. Welcoming a new deck
  7364. Best deck for relationship readings?
  7365. Tarot Dreams
  7366. Publisher's Card Stock
  7367. Cards Are Like Best friends
  7368. Cards as fish finders/game finders?
  7369. Anyone trimmed the Sacred Rose?
  7370. Giving readings online?
  7371. Best way to Read Tarot for someone else in person?
  7372. Getting passed up because of my age?
  7373. Seeing online all the scans before buying?
  7374. Anna K on Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds!
  7375. Virtual cards
  7376. Druid Craft - blessing and dedication?
  7377. RED exchanges
  7378. Reading Tarot with a friend & going Pro?
  7379. Get "certified" - it's cheap! ; )
  7380. Medieval faire fortune teller
  7381. Self-drawn decks
  7382. What kind of cloth do you use?
  7383. How to react to disbelievers?
  7384. Same old story!
  7385. Interesting article/interview of a Hong Kong tarot reader
  7386. Pendulums + Tarot
  7387. card names
  7388. If you're so psychic!
  7389. Impersonating others
  7390. the newbie with 6 cards
  7391. Tarot acessories
  7392. Interesting Tarot poem
  7393. Curious-- has anyone had a reading done by Rachel Pollack?
  7394. Is the owner of The Mythic Tarot a member here?
  7395. "Aisselle's Spiritual Tarot Insights" Discussion Thread
  7396. No more reading exchanges :(
  7397. Reader I could not connect with /happen to you?
  7398. Card compatibility
  7399. about decks with non-illustrated Minors
  7400. Seeking info & opinions on Circle of Stars
  7401. Visions of unknown decks during meditation?
  7402. Protecting yourself whilst reading tarot
  7403. oddity
  7404. To ask or Not to ask
  7405. Getting seen on Keen.
  7406. 8 of Swords kind of day...
  7407. Tarot and Gypsies and Egypt
  7408. Cards giving advice.......
  7409. Can your own insecurities affect a reading for another person you are reading for?
  7410. Is this authentic
  7411. Making a decision bases on one card?
  7412. Physical Death (my mom died)
  7413. 121tarotreadings
  7414. Doing a Reading on the current events in the world?
  7415. Strangest Deck Containers?
  7416. Placing Something With Your Cards
  7417. Songs that come to mind when cards come up.
  7418. Work/worked for Whispy?
  7419. Where's my mojo???
  7420. Ever have a SCARY reader?
  7421. Taking Time for Oneself--How???
  7422. Did Baba ever make a bag for ...
  7423. Sometimes, you just need to see a deck in person
  7424. What is your expertise?
  7425. Ever regret Ignoring the Card's Advice..
  7426. Earthquakes -
  7427. Major Arcana only decks
  7428. Tarot and Darkness hand in hand
  7429. Hidden Message in the Tree of Life
  7430. Number of Readings & How close together
  7431. How important is the card you have a premonition about ?
  7432. Where are you most asked to do a reading?
  7433. Rare Ebay find!!
  7434. any readings you never do for yourself?
  7435. Doubting Your Abilities
  7436. Trimmed deck, cards not same size but close, retire it or no?
  7437. "Six Cards That Just Don't Give a F--- About You"
  7438. World Cup Predictions gone Kaput
  7439. LOL @ Ebay Auction
  7440. Happy to answer web related questions for you guys :)
  7441. April Fool
  7442. Top Tarot Moments
  7443. Does the mood you're in affect your reading ?
  7444. Lost my High Priestess!
  7445. How do you deal with damaged cards in a deck?
  7446. A question about tax forms
  7447. How honest are you in a reading?
  7448. Using other decks for reading
  7449. Bad luck?
  7450. Extreme outcomes?
  7451. Tarot slips of the tongue XD
  7452. Do the cards tell you what to do?
  7453. Combining Decks
  7454. Sometimes it's cool how your cards find you...
  7455. The journey unfolds
  7456. Bohemian Gothic Tarot Book on eBay
  7457. Esoterik Shop
  7458. When you just can't connect to the cards...
  7459. Now really confused on interpretations!
  7460. Putting your intention into the Spread
  7461. Who Inherits Your Decks?
  7462. Where can I find a professional reader?
  7463. Tarot Software and/or electronic readings
  7464. Receiving warnings from others through tarot
  7465. What the -
  7466. Reading for others
  7467. Amazon's Return Policy on Tarot Decks?
  7468. I'm having trouble reading for other people
  7469. Tarot deck protection
  7470. Two of Ashes and Six of Crowns
  7471. Notice Board idea
  7472. Question- New deck\Old deck
  7473. Astonished!
  7474. 11 years of Aeclectic
  7475. A strange story of when I bought my new deck
  7476. What tarot card do you identify with?
  7477. The Angels SANG, Man!
  7478. The effect of tarot in card games?
  7479. light bulb blowing out
  7480. the Nightmare of choosing the first deck..
  7481. Spheres/Spiritguide.com.au
  7482. What suit best describes you?
  7483. Getting rid of a negative tarot deck
  7484. How important is the box?
  7485. Frankendecken; we have a winner!
  7486. Tarot and the "mood" of the question
  7487. What to include in a flyer?
  7488. What happened to: Wow Boho gothic silver?
  7489. iPad2 for recording readings
  7490. What I have learned from Tarot
  7491. Using an iPad with professional readings
  7492. When you are away from your decks...
  7493. Do you find most querents want a fortune teller?
  7494. How Do you End a Reading?
  7495. Macramed bag?
  7496. Wondering about expected longetivity of new deck (Healing Earth 2)
  7497. Questions & Answers
  7498. Please help me find thread about laminating Tarot cards
  7499. best tarot for spellwork, anyone?
  7500. Anyone else see...
  7501. Phrasing a question...
  7502. Resourceful info. on phone/internet advisor companies
  7503. Music or Silence?
  7504. Prediction Reading
  7505. Brooklyn, NYC - Seek Tarot Master / Mentor
  7506. Tarot, the zodiac, the elements & you
  7507. Breaking in a New Deck - what are your habits?
  7508. Tarot Spreadsheet ?
  7509. Tarot Collecting
  7510. Doing a reading after having a glass of wine ?
  7511. Wish me luck
  7512. OMG...The Wheel!
  7513. where do you store your card decks?
  7514. Ra material & Tarot
  7515. The $ 898.88 Question - who bought the Pam D?
  7516. Tarot Totes
  7517. Am I too new to read for myself?
  7518. tarot readings: insecurity !!!
  7519. LADIES!!! Reading and monthly cycles
  7520. is having fewer decks a disadvantage?
  7521. The importance of choice in a reading -
  7522. Tarot of the Witches sadness
  7523. How do you overcome the fatigue
  7524. Trying to choose a fundamental deck - process seems to have backfired on me
  7525. Trimming: Tarot of the Spirit - Eakins
  7526. Best way to study Tarot
  7527. Who you gonna call?
  7528. Quick Question about Tarot and Crystals
  7529. Tarot Shopping in Paris France?
  7530. Does anyone else feel like this?
  7531. Complaints
  7532. Personality of a Deck
  7533. Tips for the Newbie
  7534. Tarotista's from/familiar with Poland/Sweden?
  7535. No, my reading did NOT cause your car accident/job loss/left shoe falling off, etc...
  7536. Frustrated
  7537. Reading 1 card, 2 cards, or more
  7538. Family problems *rolleyes*
  7539. Two sets of tarot cards
  7540. I want to stretch my muscles!
  7541. Best reactions ever
  7542. Baba Prague Giclee Art Prints
  7543. Lo Scarabeo's Site
  7544. Expensive Cards *.wow* NO idea Thanks AT
  7545. How far into the future?
  7546. Personal deck study habits?
  7547. Getting details and depth out of your deck
  7548. World Tarot Day.......
  7549. Learning Tarot, need feedback
  7550. Scent and Tarot?
  7551. How to tell on Amazon re: deck of cards, book, set of both
  7552. Decks you wish you hadn't trimmed
  7553. What do you expect from a professional Tarot reading?
  7554. Good shops in SF?
  7555. Help have a question about a deck of cards
  7556. Business cards
  7557. What do you do with nervous energy?
  7558. Trimming decks with lots of keywords
  7559. Talking decks
  7560. Nisaba video
  7561. Tarot Reading Cloths?
  7562. How does Tarot work?
  7563. intolerance
  7564. When the same cards come up from a previous reading (diff question)
  7565. Strange... I don't want any new decks right now
  7566. Tarot and Photography
  7567. World Tarot Day - whatcha doin?
  7568. For those who do readings by email
  7569. Lo Scarebo Order
  7570. First reading of the day...
  7571. Happy national tarot day :D
  7572. Strange thing happened....
  7573. I've been led
  7574. How to get that well-worn look?
  7575. Dealing with exhaustion after a reading
  7576. The Dragon's Gallery, Bristol?
  7577. Getting cards as you understand them
  7578. Tarot To Find Out Someone's Sexuality ???
  7579. Tarot Tattoos?
  7580. Using Magnifying glass for 3d like effect
  7581. Does the Subject Matter Determine the Deck
  7582. The Tarot Conspiracy of IV and V
  7583. AT Newsletter
  7584. When you don't believe the cards.
  7585. WOW! Scored 3 Decks!
  7586. Weird Jumpers
  7587. Excited!
  7588. Travelling with your deck
  7589. Great Tarot Journal Program
  7590. A sort out
  7591. How do you get candle wax out of silk?
  7592. Friend thinks I'm a tarot vending machine
  7593. Well, what do you think of THIS?
  7594. Judgement... on Judgement Day
  7595. Just finished Umbraeing my cards!
  7596. Big messy pile of cards, and energy osmosis
  7597. When you refuse to believe the cards, they start to play "mind games"
  7598. PICS Of Jagad'umbraed Deck
  7599. Question about shipping decks.
  7600. Reading for pets...
  7601. Getting a "strong" spread makes me uncomfortable
  7602. Exciting moment -- for me
  7603. Team Analysis
  7604. Cat's Eye Deck
  7605. How do you use tarot to find lost things?
  7606. I don't think my new deck likes me :(
  7607. Spreads and Majors?
  7608. They just won't let me be a skeptic!
  7609. Have the cards ever steered you wrong or failed you?
  7610. Modifying cards to better read them?
  7611. Personal deck only used for your own readings?
  7612. Trimming and corners with lamination..
  7613. Dreaming about tarot cards
  7614. A funny predictive reading
  7615. Limits?
  7616. Personal Tarot Deck VS Computer/Apps/Website version
  7617. Lots of "Stuck" Readings
  7618. removing cards
  7619. I just got a new deck. I feel like a school girl.
  7620. Custom tarot card sleeves with image of my choice?
  7621. Tarot Store in Berlin?
  7622. I may have figured out this need to buy new decks
  7623. Drawbacks of finding that 'one' deck...
  7624. Trimming Borders: What Tools?
  7625. A realization...
  7626. Getting frustrated
  7627. Major Arcana Only?
  7628. When a postion requires a card that's already used
  7629. Reading do-overs?
  7630. Your Ideal Personal Tarot Journal
  7631. What cards warn of injuries?
  7632. What the difference in your decks?
  7633. A slew of questions
  7634. conflicting readings
  7635. Giving up on a deck?
  7636. Two exhibitions of artists' tarot designs
  7637. Let's get real
  7638. "Sticky" cards - any way to soften them?
  7639. How much do you love your deck?
  7640. Interesting stories of how you got a certain deck?
  7641. Decks with personalities? Is this weird?
  7642. Querent's strong desires interfering with the accuracy of the cards?
  7643. Thought I would try something New......
  7644. So frustrated about bags...
  7645. Instant connection to a new deck?
  7646. How to generate professional quality e-mail readings?
  7647. does grimaud have a website?
  7648. Little Tarot...Quirks
  7649. download tarot card's hmmm can this work
  7650. Feeling down
  7651. Very strange question for people with 2 of the same deck.
  7652. Cases for our Pretties
  7653. Picking Decks
  7654. OMG! I got my first order for a reading!
  7655. The Celtic Oracle - up for grabs
  7656. tarot to communicate with the dead?
  7657. Well, that wasn't bright...
  7658. Who Does What?
  7659. Exhausted after readings?
  7660. Reading for those with Learning Disabilities?
  7661. Venue!
  7662. Weird Tarot Cases/ Bags?
  7663. Better to keep your appointment and be crap or...
  7664. Bonnie Cehovet's Article here on AT
  7665. Face to Face
  7666. Portsmouth Uk Wedding Tarot gig
  7667. So who's a tarot coach?
  7668. That one card you don't like...
  7669. Tarot mixage?
  7670. W.B. Yeats
  7671. trimming round decks
  7672. Tarot Speak- Keywords vs Dialect
  7673. Ghost Whisperer
  7674. OH NO! Help my bending babies!!
  7675. Tarot No-No's!!!
  7676. Where do you offer readings?
  7677. New text (SMS) tracking service on Amazon
  7678. Children and tarot
  7679. Fixing my cards
  7680. The wonder of Tarot
  7681. Do you use your real surname?
  7682. I wonder if my deck is trying to tell me something...
  7683. Do you know your significator?
  7684. New Deck(s)
  7685. Cards Messing With Your Head?
  7686. Working off the card?
  7687. What You Ask v. What Else You Want/Need to Know?
  7688. Replacing a damaged deck?
  7689. The "Right" Way to Read
  7690. Readings more accurate/ make more sense at certain times of the day?
  7691. Reading with incomplete decks?
  7692. Do you always follow the advice of the cards?
  7693. Reading Overkill
  7694. the most important element in a reading
  7695. Biggest Obstacle You've Overcome
  7696. Different thoughts on Tarot
  7697. Anna. K and coffee?
  7698. Risk of Liability for "Bad" Readings
  7699. Reading the wrong person
  7700. A non-esoteric view of tarot
  7701. Plagiarism
  7702. Frequent readers: what questions do you ask / hear besides romance & career?
  7703. Pleasant dream, yard / estate sale, tarot decks, sibilla
  7704. Trouble Explaining
  7705. Is there a difference between Tarot and tarot cards
  7706. How do I start?
  7707. Warning - "He's dead, Jim" - while viewing tarot card images elsewhere
  7708. Charging friends for their readings
  7709. Rule of reciprocity with tarot readings on the querant's part?
  7710. Thoughts on Practice Readings
  7711. what about free shipping now?
  7712. Chemical influences
  7713. Just looking at my Life Time Year Card Graph
  7714. Beefs and Bouquets (Tarot related)
  7715. Speaking of Payment
  7716. Has anyone ordered directly from Lo Scarabeo?
  7717. Knowing beforehand
  7718. Other people handling your tarot decks..
  7719. Turn Around Time for Readings By Email
  7720. Tarot fatigue?
  7721. love tarot
  7722. they read fortunes with airs of analytical psychology
  7723. An Ethical Dilemma - UK readers, please respond
  7724. What to Do about Conflicting Readings
  7725. Favorite heterodecksual and homodecksual couples
  7726. Robert Moss on the Tarot
  7727. "Memorization is a technique that has fallen out of favor"--Le Fanu
  7728. Confessions of a psychic hotline worker
  7729. What is a good presentable professional deck to use?
  7730. Vision of the Rose Trellis
  7731. All time favourite card and why?
  7732. Tarot Certification
  7733. Probably taking How to Learn too seriously, but, still ...
  7734. Tarot and your critters... do they get in the way?
  7735. Body Image in Tarot
  7736. A question on tarot readings and changing the future
  7737. Holiday plans
  7738. Overreacting???
  7739. My Dad Max, The Magnificent....
  7740. Tarot reading intercession: Changing the cards to change your future?
  7741. I wish I knew her!
  7742. Where to buy fabric and iron-ons
  7743. Mark Ryan Interview on the Wildwood Tarot
  7744. A Tarot Scam!
  7745. The most number of decks you can read WELL with?
  7746. Whats your reading style?
  7747. Fairy/Faerie Recommendations
  7748. The cards dont lie -- givin someone a 'reality check' ouch!
  7749. Pages for a website
  7750. My First Ebay reading!
  7751. Neutral Postion
  7752. Tarot Storage Project
  7753. The Fate of Those Blank Cards
  7754. Relationships with your deck
  7755. Do people "judge" if they find out you read Tarot?
  7756. How young is too young?
  7757. Just reflecting what I think
  7758. Minimising my tarot collection
  7759. Am I insane, or is this real?
  7760. All cards in spread with the same number?
  7761. Looking for bag makers
  7762. Helpful, encouraging tips for first not-just-guinea-pigs reading?
  7763. Card betrayal; deck mutiny
  7764. Which punch for trimming ?
  7765. Pagans versus Christianity-based Tarot
  7766. Review my site, anyone?
  7767. buy tarot decks at venice beach ?
  7768. Accidental discovery dealing with deck odors!
  7769. Getting it right....
  7770. Being drained...
  7771. How MANY times have you had SAME card
  7772. Growing your tarot business--professional reader exchange
  7773. Justice/Adjustment
  7774. healing feelings
  7775. Most common questions asked in a reading?
  7776. A bit of an odd question...
  7777. Reading For Other People
  7778. Virtual tarot
  7779. Tarot Business Exchange for Professional Readers
  7780. Young people, Tarot, and Roman numerals.
  7781. Refresh Tarot deck
  7782. Feedback- so helpful:)
  7783. What's the best way how to the learn how to use tarot
  7784. Sour Grapes Feedback
  7785. Your experience during your first tarot year?
  7786. Over-reading Headaches?
  7787. Reading for yourself: Can the Tarot mirror back your fears?
  7788. Past/Present/Future Jumpers
  7789. TABI problems ?
  7790. Want to Know How You Interpret
  7791. Lost Mojo
  7792. Tips and advice...
  7793. Reading at a psychic fair
  7794. Friend vs Stranger Readings
  7795. gonna work through my collection - join me?
  7796. How Do I Break in My Golden Tarot deck?
  7797. On Tarot Forum Ettiquette
  7798. Deck for a week Group - Week 1 6-12 Aug 2011
  7799. ISF Tarot decks in Helsinki??
  7800. Hello everyone!
  7801. Looking for New York City Not-To-Be-Missed shops with a large tarot selection
  7802. Personality/soul Cards...
  7803. Modifying Tarot Decks (video)
  7804. Tarot and Weapons
  7805. How to interpret readings without positions?
  7806. Most expensive/rare deck you've trimmed?
  7807. Cards That Look Like Other Cards
  7808. International Ordering
  7809. Those *Yay/Oh No!* moments...
  7810. Would like to hear from members of the American Tarot Association?
  7811. fourth year reading at the pow wow
  7812. How to avoid vague readings?
  7813. what do you do with your old tarot decks?
  7814. Drinking and reading Tarot
  7815. questions and topics that drive you nuts
  7816. Getting Ready To Launch (Help?)
  7817. How do you choose your decks?
  7818. For whom do you usually read?
  7819. Uni subjects to compliment tarot? :)
  7820. Deck of the Week Group - Week 2 - 6th-13th August 2011
  7821. Don't Touch My Cards? LOL
  7822. Conflicting messages we give newcomers
  7823. so you think your deck is valuable
  7824. What if you don't have any intuition?
  7825. Buying from Book Depository
  7826. Using dark decks when you're depressed...
  7827. One out of place card
  7828. Bonding with your deck....
  7829. "finding yourself" through the cards
  7830. Abstinence check-in?
  7831. so I wasnt sure where to post this
  7832. Barefoot Readings?
  7833. List: Health issue indicators using tarot
  7834. Deal breakers: or, it's not you, it's me :(
  7835. Reading for certain personalities?
  7836. "Are you a witch?"
  7837. OK, I know they're just paper and ink...
  7838. Would receiving this deck have been an issue
  7839. Learning a New Deck
  7840. Tarot Spread Permutations
  7841. Questions and topics that you love to get stuck into.
  7842. Hosting an oracle/tarot group at home
  7843. Deck of the week Group - Week 3 - 20th -27th August
  7844. how do you think tarot works?
  7845. What happened to Alida store ? Off-line ? defunct ?
  7846. When cards reveal an issue not asked by the person
  7847. Complicated Relationship Situations
  7848. Reading Cloths & Storing Decks
  7849. To charge or not
  7850. Are personal face to face readings more productive ?
  7851. Poetry
  7852. Reading others' spreads???
  7853. What would be in an ideal deck review?
  7854. what do you look for in a spread?
  7855. Tarot puzzles?
  7856. Warped decks
  7857. Four cards missing, help!
  7858. Tarot crisis
  7859. Cocentrating too much on the question drains me out...please help
  7860. Tarot Based Artwork
  7861. How did you start reading tarot?
  7862. New sherlock
  7863. Does anyone else here meditate on the Queen of Cups to gain emotional balance?
  7864. searching for the right spread
  7865. Existential moment card?
  7866. Is it really possible to predict the future with tarot?
  7867. aleister crowley... the anime ._.
  7868. Letting your deck choose...
  7869. do you think some people are just naturaly better at reading tarot?
  7870. Real Tarot Cards?
  7871. Cleansing Tarot Decks
  7872. how to flip the cards
  7873. Decks with multiples of one card
  7874. Tarot "holders" in shapes other than bags?
  7875. Spreading the cards intuitively
  7876. Does anyone else get freaked out?
  7877. Deck of the week group - Week 4 - 27th Aug - 3rd September
  7878. Thoughts on Tarot notation
  7879. New Tarot Decks
  7880. Animals Divine reversals
  7881. How many people have a "go deck"?
  7882. 2nd year reading at the dryden fair.
  7883. Found funky book-boxes at the reject shop
  7884. Do you need to be psychic when reading tarot?
  7885. Less than 3 Cards?
  7886. I tarot. Do you tarot?
  7887. Lunar cycle influences on Tarot?
  7888. Essay: "The Querent" by Alexander Chee
  7889. Ten Bucks to Mail Housewives!
  7890. One questions / Two spreads
  7891. Blending Modalities
  7892. Rip Goddess Tarot :(
  7893. Improving Self Reading
  7894. Collecting Spreads, Books and Props Instead of Decks?
  7895. Tarot topics for a new magazine?
  7896. Are missing cards significant?
  7897. Deck of the week group - Week 5 - 3rd Sep - 10th September
  7898. Where's the right place to post ...
  7899. Book Depository
  7900. Tarot of Eden and cards meaning
  7901. Borders Raiders
  7902. Very loooong reading analyzing myself in a tarot business...
  7903. This is some serious business...
  7904. Past Life Readings
  7905. Different interpretations
  7906. Question for those who wrap their decks instead of using a bag.
  7907. I'm scared...
  7908. Borrowing decks from a library?
  7909. Attention seeking deck
  7910. How to fake a Tarot Card Reading
  7911. Can timing be completely off?
  7912. Head in a muddle, keep rejecting draws.
  7913. advices on grounding yourself?
  7914. Spending weeks deciding whether to buy a deck or not
  7915. non-psychic readers
  7916. Face to Face Reading 'Gig' - Advice Please
  7917. reading to an inanimate object / character creation spread?
  7918. How do you turn to your Tarot when mentally disturbed??
  7919. Those "how they feel about me" questions...
  7920. Negative Readings
  7921. How do I start???
  7922. Tarot 'Job Spellwork' anyone?
  7923. Need 'Bear' deck advice, please, anyone...
  7924. Deck of the week group - Week 6 - 10th -17th September
  7925. Golden, Druidcraft and other bags suggestions please!
  7926. "General" readings
  7927. What are deck no no's for you?
  7928. How does tarot help with spiritual growth?
  7929. Negative readings are Positive, Positive readings are Negative
  7930. Tarot as compared to what Paulo Coelho writes about...
  7931. Renaissance Faire
  7932. Fresh ideas for a tarot meetup/study group?
  7933. Sometimes, you just shouldn't need the Tarot cards to tell you...
  7934. Residential Aged Care
  7935. Etiquette of sharing reading room w/ other readers
  7936. The King of Swords and I...
  7937. Good Tarot Shops in London?
  7938. Reading Cloths v2.0
  7939. Keeping the faith...
  7940. How relevant are your 'daily draws'?
  7941. Question about card gender
  7942. Erotic decks - why
  7943. Samhain/Halloween/Mabon decks
  7944. Hair and tarot?
  7945. Reading for other people
  7946. Are we plateauing?
  7947. The Idea Thread
  7948. Intentionally "Gimping" Your Deck
  7949. buying a deck without having seen the cards?
  7950. Tarot and Psychology
  7951. Deck of the week group - Week 7 - 17th to 24th September
  7952. how did you learn tarot?
  7953. Is it ok to be swapping between decks?
  7954. AT History: Cards & Crayons
  7955. Mixing Tarot and Magic
  7956. When you know, You just know!!
  7957. Why brand new decks often give the sharpest readings.
  7958. Tarot in Disney
  7959. Giving the cards the credit...
  7960. Anyone use card sleeves?
  7961. mirrored cards
  7962. Challenge vs Comfort
  7963. What distracts you the most?
  7964. Decks on decks on decks
  7965. The "spot on" reading
  7966. Bringing it up
  7967. What about retreats
  7968. Tarot and Alzheimers?
  7969. Returning to tarot - best strategies?
  7970. To those who read Tarot in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s...
  7971. Intensive Journalism
  7972. Tarot school
  7973. reading for others vs. reading for self
  7974. How to word possible bad news (death)
  7975. A thread about reading here in R.E.
  7976. Tarot Question????
  7977. Journeying inwards with the cards
  7978. "Sealing" your deck
  7979. © Copyrights On Cards
  7980. reading in public for donations
  7981. tarot anecdotes
  7982. Using the cards as a journal
  7983. Victorian Romantic and the Spirit World
  7984. Deck of the week group -Week 8 - 24th Sep - 1 Oct 2011
  7985. Tarot, Shamanism, Wheel of the Year Question
  7986. A New Me. Struggling with Religion. continued...
  7987. why do I feel my readings were not all that
  7988. Tarot and the Four Corners
  7989. Please Help I'm In A Rut
  7990. How to find like minded individuals
  7991. Are princesses as immature as pages?
  7992. looking for like minded people..
  7993. Anti Tarot propaganda
  7994. Stolen Deck?
  7995. Divination in reverse?
  7996. OK, no more new decks. Really. I mean it.
  7997. Majors in Lemniscate/figure 8
  7998. IM Chat Readings - How are you doing them?
  7999. Ever have someone try to take your cards??
  8000. Successful readings?
  8001. Need music recommendations
  8002. Tarot misinformation in books that should know better
  8003. Tarot Classes
  8004. Some advice on connecting w/ a deck?
  8005. How would your life be different if....
  8006. Okay, deep breath: doing my first Tarot party for pay
  8007. Commenting on spreads done with other decks..
  8008. Is the Tarot Complete?
  8009. Where does the journey begin?
  8010. Doing Really Long Spreads
  8011. Deck of the week group - Week 9 - 1st - 8th October
  8012. A..tarot..compatibility...meter....
  8013. Intensive Deck Study - Newly Started
  8014. Impromptu Reading
  8015. Trimmed Borders/Altered Decks Index
  8016. Lo Scarabeo's multiple lingual borderless decks
  8017. Reading for others because you are curious
  8018. Have you ever left Tarot then came back?
  8019. How do you get them to talk?
  8020. Have you had a deck come to you?
  8021. Flour?
  8022. Tingly feelings...
  8023. Unsettling Keen Call
  8024. tarot shop in London?
  8025. using tarot as medium
  8026. Butterfly Effect
  8027. Choice and "predicting the future"
  8028. Voice
  8029. Accepting The Reading
  8030. does it matter which path we take?
  8031. Tarot comes naturally?
  8032. money for readings.
  8033. Do you prefer to read....
  8034. I don't want to offend anyone
  8035. Il Meneghello
  8036. Killing your Confidence
  8037. Deck of the week group - Week 10 - 8th october-15th october 2011
  8038. Dreaming of Tarot?
  8039. Pulling more and more cards
  8040. The Musical Key to the Tarot
  8041. New Decks
  8042. The Moon and Tarot Readings
  8043. Ill-conceived Tarot Ilk?
  8044. being slapped between the eyes with warped humour from the cards
  8045. a blog entry on tarot time
  8046. reading in coffeehouse
  8047. how do you know if a tarot class or course is good?
  8048. A lil poll about tarot journals
  8049. can the sub conscious mind affect the cards.........
  8050. Should I buy Tarot card on website: Amazon.co.uk?
  8051. RWS and Thoth
  8052. Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken ~ Travel Progress
  8053. Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken ~ Chat & Help
  8054. different deck personalities
  8055. Little Rant!
  8056. Reading the card in front of you
  8057. Deck of the week group - Week 11 - 15-22 October
  8058. My Professional Mardi Gras Readings
  8059. Addendum to "Mardi Gras" thread
  8060. Merging tarot with oracles
  8061. Is there a spread to deterimine a time table for events?
  8062. Decks for study vs. decks to get stuck right in with
  8063. Tarot exercises to strengthen psychic powers?
  8064. Emotions and Using Tarot Cards
  8065. Racial Diversity
  8066. intuition v/s imagination?
  8067. LWB for Legend: Arthurian
  8068. What do you guys think?
  8069. Help me find posts about first public readings please.
  8070. Sexual Diversity
  8071. Financial Issues and Tarot
  8072. Interesting things to store decks in?
  8073. Governing Arcana
  8074. Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken ~ Journal
  8075. Unlikely predictions that came true
  8076. Has tarot come in between?
  8077. Deck of the week group - week 12 - 22-29 oct 2011
  8078. Using Playing Cards as a Stealth Tarot Deck
  8079. On not rounded borders
  8080. Tarot Cards with a Sense of Humor
  8081. Any benefits to giving free readings?
  8082. Was told that many other readings gave positive answer differed from mine?
  8083. What types of spreads do pro readers use??
  8084. when do you know?
  8085. Tool or crutch?
  8086. Ideas For Someone New To Tarot!
  8087. David Beckham as The Devil?
  8088. Reading for yourself
  8089. Introducing yourself to a new deck
  8090. Have you ever been TOTALLY drained by a reading?
  8091. halloween parties
  8092. The Hanged Bear
  8093. paypal and conversion fees
  8094. Public events: do you offer the querent a choice of decks?
  8095. Personality of Readers
  8096. Reactions after a reading?
  8097. Two different readings?
  8098. Deck of the Week Group sign up thread - Week 13 - 29th October - 5th November 2011
  8099. Meanings..same card different deck.
  8100. Superstition?! Buying your own deck= bad news?
  8101. Psychic and divination - are they 'tarot myths'?
  8102. learning from youtube
  8103. Combining two compatible decks
  8104. Hit and run readings?
  8105. About a deck I don't want...
  8106. Was told that a reading was harsh?
  8107. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 14 - 5th-12th November
  8108. Should I use another deck's cards..
  8109. The power of the cards...
  8110. Fantasy Reading Situations
  8111. Another Tarot dance
  8112. Now here's an idea....
  8113. Tuck boxes - USG vs LoS
  8114. How to convey an overly negative reading without scaring your querent to death!
  8115. Tower cards and 9/11
  8116. I need a pep talk :-/
  8117. Pet peeve...
  8118. Joseph Campbell on the Wheel of Fortune
  8119. Better to stick with 1 deck or use several decks in readings?
  8120. Ideas for a tarot book
  8121. Tarot Scrapbook
  8122. The Death Card and religion
  8123. Wash your hands after you use the bathroom, dammit
  8124. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 15 - 12th -19th November
  8125. ROTA tarot program.
  8126. To my exchange readings partners:
  8127. Aeclectic Tarot mentioned in NYTimes
  8128. Can you give a reading for someone who doesn't know you are reading for them?
  8129. 2011-2012 Year Cards
  8131. Does the history of the tarot deck matter in being credible?
  8132. Tarot as a sacred game
  8133. From which cards do you seem to draw inspiration and strength on?
  8134. Deck styles that resonate or not with you most
  8135. an observation about a series of exchanges...
  8136. Sleeping with my deck
  8137. Number Association
  8138. Tarot for fundraising?
  8139. Getting hooked on cards
  8140. How to share this private information with the querent?
  8141. I love Tarot!
  8142. Need to see all vs. a surprise or two..
  8143. Blinging the Thoth, or, Tarot for a New Aeon
  8144. Re-censored decks?
  8145. Tarot Body Parts
  8146. Loving Lo Scarabeo
  8147. Living the Tarot
  8148. Tarot bags
  8149. Deck of the Week sign up group - Week 16 - 19th -26th November
  8150. Who answers the question?
  8151. Bohemian Gothic fiction
  8152. Self-help "gurus" and Tarot?
  8153. What do you use your decks for?
  8154. What's wrong with Rods and Coins?
  8155. Hooray!
  8156. Several Questions?
  8157. What cards do you always associate with a "set" meaning, no matter what?
  8158. My professional career is over before it started
  8159. as seen on TV - looking for a certain Deck
  8160. Temperance in action
  8161. I snoozed and I losed
  8162. How many years of experience do we all have?
  8163. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 17 - 26th November to the 3rd December 2011
  8164. Deck gives me the creeps, what should I do?
  8165. Losing touch with the cards
  8166. The Tarot and Christianity
  8167. To do the course or not!
  8168. Complete newbie with Liber T: stars of the eternal.
  8169. I have such trouble with general career readings
  8170. Less cards than the usual
  8171. Disabled Tarot Readers
  8172. Tarot Magick Anyone?
  8173. 36 decks later, I've made an astounding disovery!
  8174. Readings Sometime Reflect My Mood Instead of the Situation
  8175. Deck of the Week sign up group - week 18 - 3rd - 10th December
  8176. Theresa Reed's 25 Tips
  8177. Certain kinds of feelings get in the way?
  8178. How important is a certification on tarot?
  8179. Questions relating to criminal matters
  8180. reading give-aways
  8181. Children and Tarot
  8182. Bit of a rant, close-mindedness - sigh.
  8183. 2 decks the exact same card appeared (1 card draw)
  8184. Tarot for babies and toddlers
  8185. Tarot and Meditation
  8186. meet yer maker:one on one teachings with a twist
  8187. The Tarot School Correspondence Course - Questions
  8188. Any luck 'aging' US Games decks?
  8189. This reminds me of my morning tarot reading
  8190. Keeping an Inventory
  8191. Cleansing Tarot decks this full moon night prior to lunar eclipse???
  8192. Have you ever suspected a client/sitter of stealing a card?
  8193. Deck of the week Sign up group - week 19 - December 10th -17th
  8194. Spreads and the querent
  8195. Can the tarot help us predict time?
  8196. Reading Goals?
  8197. Positive effects of divination
  8198. Hey! I just got a paid reading!
  8199. How many ways will only answering questions limit a future in Tarot reading?
  8200. How much experience did you have before you started reading professionally?
  8201. Not all Tarot Readers are nice people :)
  8202. finding skeletons in someone's closet....
  8203. Need a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen
  8204. Lengths you've gone to for a deck...
  8205. readings and 'office politics'
  8206. Tarot deck with every court facing left or right?
  8207. At What Point Did You Stop Feeling New To Tarot?
  8208. the Field
  8209. Is my timing correct for trying to read with historical decks?
  8210. Stick to RWS or go with the flow with another deck?
  8211. Deck of the week Sign up thread - week 20 - 17th -2th December 2011
  8212. Is the Tarot world still as innovative as it was?
  8213. What! I just got another one!!
  8214. Regulars?
  8215. Tarot twitter
  8216. Breaking Away
  8217. How do you find out which decks are Out of Print?
  8218. Blowing on cards?
  8219. Age. Or Aged.
  8220. Four of Cups as hangover?
  8221. The Unthinkable!
  8222. Deck of the week Sign up Group - HAPPY CHRISTMAS Week 21 - 24-31 Dec 2011
  8223. A card reader's calendar
  8224. Do you think your emotions can manifest in a reading?
  8225. Reading with Eyes Closed!
  8226. What is "accuracy" to you?
  8227. Dealing with blocked querents
  8228. Which tarot deck do you trust the most?
  8229. Tarot Sharing
  8230. should you use decks worth a lot of money?
  8231. Can you anger tarot?
  8232. What do you do?
  8233. Sir Michael Dummett : 27/06/1925 - 27/12/2011
  8234. Are you still amazed?
  8235. Sanding the edges?
  8236. client discretion?
  8237. What influenced you to delve into the tarot?
  8238. Does anyone have any Tarot tattoos?
  8239. Teaching First time
  8240. Deck of the week sign up group - Happy new year! - week 22 - 31st Dec - 4th Jan 2012
  8241. What is this black liquidy looking stain on new deck box?
  8242. Boudoirs
  8243. What makes a good reading?
  8244. Primary Deck Reflections 2012?
  8245. Large Tarot Deck
  8246. The Primary Deck Reflections 2012 Thread
  8247. Cards getting less slick, sticking together....
  8248. Deck trimming
  8249. Court Cards- Any good sites?
  8250. FREEDOM to read the deck as the deck
  8251. Do you always carry a deck with you?
  8252. Major Arcana Cards with numerology aspects of Birth Date For 2012
  8253. flamingo bird
  8254. Er... random cards appearing?
  8255. Tired after readings?
  8256. BOOM baby!
  8257. Reading Tarot to sell cars?
  8258. Has Baba Studio a shop in Prague?
  8259. Apps versus physical decks
  8260. Does anyone else think the cards have feelings?
  8261. challenging the readings given to you
  8262. Tarot: Telling the future or seeing clarity?
  8263. Dirty Decks
  8264. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 23 - 7-14 Jan 2012
  8265. Looking for Link
  8266. When cards make frequent appearances in readings
  8267. making your own tarot decks/ouija boards
  8268. Numbers associated with the completion of a phase
  8269. Tarot/ bookshops in Barcelone
  8270. Taking my first step
  8271. Deck of the week sign up group - week 24 - 14th -21st Jan 2011
  8272. Your Tarot paraphernalia (accessories)! No DECKS allowed :)
  8273. Does asking the same question twice ...
  8274. I felt a new vibrant energy from an old favorite deck today...
  8275. Timeline paradoxes, karma and Tarot
  8276. Running a tarot group - some ideas
  8277. luck
  8278. Ways Tarot can help you be prosperous
  8279. testimonials on websites - yea or nea?
  8280. Decks with five suits and a time to play?
  8281. Just made my first tarot bag!
  8282. Question About Charging Customers
  8283. I think I'm done with Tarot :(
  8284. When we do tarot reading what guideline should be follow to phrase a question.
  8285. How did you go Pro?
  8286. I'll bet this happens all the time, and I'm not really "special", but...
  8287. Background checks and tarot parties
  8288. Putting on Tarot airs
  8289. Deck of the week sign up group - week 25 - 21st -28th jan 2012
  8290. Have you ever offended/annoyed your deck?
  8291. Ever had to get rid of a deck?
  8292. Woooooohoooooo! I just got a repeat customer!
  8293. Combining Divination Tecniques
  8294. the druidcraft tarot @ my local library
  8295. spirit hoods- the Tarot shows the path of fashion!
  8296. I found the Queen of Swords...
  8297. Tarot figures in real life
  8298. Do some cards remind you of people in your life?
  8299. How popular are the Thoth and Tarot of Marseilles with professional tarot readers?
  8300. I'm not sure which spread to use for this situation.
  8301. faked by a counterfeit deck
  8302. Reverse image search
  8303. Ever get dumped for Tarot?
  8304. When you don't want to read for a particular person...
  8305. General Readings or Readings with Questions
  8306. pip terminology confusion
  8307. impractical jokers...terrible tarot episode....
  8308. got the wrong deck
  8309. Trademarking Tarot
  8310. What's your chosen cards for the year?
  8311. Deck of theweek sign up group - week 26 - 28th jan - 4th Feb 2012
  8312. Can unconscious burning desire of other influence reading, done by others??
  8313. here's one I made earlier
  8314. Feeling like you can see through Tarot cards?
  8315. How long does it take for you to study a deck?
  8316. hi, i'm a liar.
  8317. When a new deck is ready for rotation debut
  8318. I lost my beloved Tarot last night....
  8319. Losing the mojo
  8320. Buyer Beware... Used Decks
  8321. possibly the strangest question I've ever asked here
  8322. The Open-Face Tarot
  8323. Afraid to meet!
  8324. Why is Death not named/titled?
  8325. the sorceress in my dream
  8326. I don't mind, I really don't
  8327. Tarot Study Guide
  8328. negative reading on a relationship
  8329. What a difference it would make...
  8330. Deck of the week sign up group - week 27 - 4th -11th feb 2012
  8331. Starting out
  8332. professional photos
  8333. I'm wondering why this frustrated me so much.
  8334. Buying single Tarot cards
  8335. Strange Caller
  8336. Suggestions for bulk purchase?
  8337. Extreme Hardcore Purification
  8338. Reader's Choice Awards Best Tarot Deck
  8339. How Did YOU Start Learning Tarot Reading?
  8340. How do you store your decks?
  8341. anyone else have this problem? advice please
  8342. The joy of buying a new deck!!
  8343. Reading at a pamper night
  8344. What is your tarot pipe dream?
  8345. talking to potential venues
  8346. Tarot/Occult/Wiccan shops in Miami?
  8347. Unloved gift decks
  8348. Whats important in a tarot collection
  8349. Should deck creators sign decks when sending to buyers?
  8350. A Rant - Client makes me mad!
  8351. Simultaneous Duel Readings
  8352. Am I scaring you? [Curious people who seem "scared" of Tarot cards]
  8353. Question about bad dream.
  8354. Websites??
  8355. Ever been gifted a deck you would never have bought for your self... and loved it?
  8356. Deck of the Week ~ Week 28 ~ Feb. 11 - 17
  8357. There is no "one" for me.
  8358. Rephrasing yes/no type questions
  8359. So here's a weird question...
  8360. Minor Arcana Need Not Apply
  8361. RWS clones that revolve around a certain culture - do you think they really do?
  8362. Tarot Auxiliary
  8363. online Tarot jobs
  8364. Keeping Decks Like New
  8365. Deck Sluts Unite!!!
  8366. Which side is up?
  8367. Lupercalia
  8368. Is it the deck or her?
  8369. Frequency of Tarot Readings
  8370. Proxies
  8371. Cleaning
  8372. Is there such a thing as a "knock off" tarot deck?
  8373. Deck of the week sign up group - week 29 - 18th 25th Feb 2012
  8374. The details can be so interesting when you get feedback
  8375. What reading style is most appealing to you?
  8376. Some links for boxes
  8377. The cards' "spirit"
  8378. Tarot Invitations
  8379. Research Project
  8380. Querents and changing times?
  8381. Using a Significator... Some questions
  8382. Dreaming of Tarot?
  8383. perchance I'm doing something wrong
  8384. Reasons for inaccuracy...?
  8385. Who was responsible for the concept of reading reversals?
  8386. What is a significator card?
  8387. FYI - Flyer for Psychic
  8388. Tarot dreams
  8389. Tarot readings & surrounding energies
  8390. Need interpretation of a passage
  8391. Readings and feedback response times
  8392. Your favorite cards, and why?
  8393. Deck of the week sign up group - week 30 - feb 25th - march 3rd 2012
  8394. Learning / Remembering
  8395. Love the art, lousy reading deck/hate the art, great reading deck
  8396. Ethics Question - readings about others
  8397. £1000
  8398. Reading for/about animals
  8399. Busy Schedule, but need practice?
  8400. Events Predicted Actually Occurring
  8401. Which Majors do you look to for first impressions of a deck?
  8402. Current state of mind of querent visible in the reading about another question
  8403. "Fair" trades and the going rate...
  8404. reading about sitter's kids - ethical question
  8405. Hermit stories from hermitage of The Hermit
  8406. How many cards are you most comfortable drawing?
  8407. Shuffling your fate
  8408. Curious about a forum member...
  8409. Tower Card- Good prediction! lol
  8410. Pesky Sitters
  8411. Why does timing hate me?
  8412. Always get the book
  8413. Spread positions v. No-position "throws": Which did you prefer as a beginner?
  8414. Why are the swords so negative?
  8415. 1 sitter - 2 readers - can you pose same question?!
  8416. From Marseilles to RWS
  8417. Thoth Tarot Deck
  8418. Deck of the Week Sign up Group - week 31 - March 3-10 2012
  8419. Frustrated
  8420. Tarot Art
  8421. Sharing some hope with closet Tarot enthusiasts
  8422. Wanting to meet up with people in my area
  8423. Miscellaneous enabling threads... meh?
  8424. 2 wonderful Tarot bags from baba-prague
  8425. Negative reading
  8426. Mini secret tarot sale
  8427. What to do when a reading isn't accurate
  8428. Image of temperance
  8429. Lilydale and Tarot?
  8430. Lilydale and Tarot?
  8431. Navel-Gazing: What do *you* think of regular Self-Readings?
  8432. Finding used decks, sigh.
  8433. bad energy
  8434. March 2012... Some strange event in your readings?
  8435. Curse you, Amazon.com
  8436. When tarot tells you not to meddle with tarot
  8437. Deirdre of the Sorrows
  8438. Objectivity for reading people you know
  8439. Where do you draw the line?
  8440. Deck of the Week Signup Thread - Week 32 - March 10th - March 17th
  8441. is it possible to do a reading for a misogynist?
  8442. A Tarot Song
  8443. Tarot card jewelry..
  8444. Conflicting readings
  8445. Tarot and Folklore -- Research Query
  8446. Pentacles/Coins/Stars... what is the connection?
  8447. Readings for friends
  8448. would like some input/advice about tarot :)
  8449. Misogyny Readings
  8450. attn: sydneysiders!
  8451. Who from history would you like to read for and why
  8452. Tarot/Metaphysical Store
  8453. does menstruation affect the energy of the cards ?
  8454. mothers-in-law
  8455. I have survived my first live gig
  8456. A box I made for my Crystal Tarot
  8457. The Date Approach...eth
  8458. Tarot Reading in whodunnit
  8459. Deck of the week sign up thread - week 33 -17-24 march
  8460. Tarot Notebook(s)
  8461. The Tarot Tour
  8462. Prices at the Book Depository
  8463. It's 2100 CE, which tarots are still in print?
  8464. Separation anxiety
  8465. Do Tarot games attract atheists/agnostics?
  8466. Can you read for someone you have NEVER seen/met?
  8467. My New Tarot Study Tool: 4 x 6 Cards
  8468. Tarot mood swings
  8469. What do YOU do on an off Tarot day?
  8470. What to do with weird?
  8471. do cards get tired when over used
  8472. Printing your own decks?
  8473. Tarot As a Means of Self-Discovery: An Exercise in Futility?
  8474. Why is one deck (not) enough?
  8475. Symbolic events rather than "metaphorical"?
  8476. Wanted to share my prediction readings
  8477. learning question tarot
  8478. One Tarot spirit?
  8479. Ethics and Spying
  8480. Video recorded readings
  8481. Pricing decks
  8482. Consistently Inaccurate Readings
  8483. A real moral dilemma
  8484. Deck of the week sign up grp - week 34 - March 24-31st 2012
  8485. Looking online for new decks
  8486. New Old Boy Again
  8487. the cards and animation
  8488. How does the tarot speak to you?
  8489. What to do with a deck that has one disturbing card?
  8490. ??? reading for $$$
  8491. What a happy evening
  8492. Unable to Read?
  8493. I trimmed my Thoth and NOW I get it!
  8494. Where are the Bitchy Women of Tarot?
  8495. Tarot Estate Planning: Where will your collection go?
  8496. Miniature decks- what do you do with them?
  8497. Tarot Journal (online) please help :)
  8498. Lightly damaged cards and using them??
  8499. Reading reversals in tarot
  8500. Bad Juju = No Tarot for You?
  8501. Shadow Readings
  8502. World Tarot Day 2012?
  8503. Spirit
  8504. Organizing many decks
  8505. Hello? Tarot Calling...
  8506. Help finding a shop in Walldorf Germany
  8507. Shopping, Riverside/Ontario CA, USA
  8508. Deck of the week sign up group - week 35 - 31st march - 7th April 2012 31
  8509. Laminating unlaminated decks
  8510. UGGHHH. Wet cards!
  8511. Cards have a sense of humor
  8512. Amazingly appropriate
  8513. Best way to work with the Deviant moon?
  8514. Why does the Tarot have a bad rap?
  8515. Tarot case pattern?
  8516. Tarot retrospective
  8517. Sometimes not seeing something is as important as seeing it
  8518. To stop reading reversals or not?
  8519. Health issues in tarot
  8520. I have trouble reading for men :(
  8521. What To Ask in Daily Drawings
  8522. Them there pesky courts
  8523. Illustrated Minors...RWS or other...opinions?
  8524. Is this stuff necessary or was it all piled on by those kooky Golden Dawn fellers?
  8525. What makes a Tarot Enthusiast?
  8526. having cards read for 1st time / 20 card spread
  8527. Who does NOT combine astrology and tarot?
  8528. Energy Workers And Tarot Readers
  8529. "Double deck"
  8530. Hi, I'm, a taroholic
  8531. Deck of the Week: Week 36: 7th -14th April
  8532. in times of trouble, tarot?
  8533. Where do you read?
  8534. Two decks of cards
  8535. How Does Tarot Work?
  8536. Majors Only?
  8537. what do you wear when doing readings?
  8538. Dreaming about Tarot - 4 of Cups
  8539. tarot in bologna
  8540. Compensating for a small space
  8541. Spring Sale at Llewellyn till 04-17-2012
  8542. Tarot-Spiritual?
  8543. Debbie Downer Deck
  8544. what is the hardest spread to read
  8545. celtic cross for beginers?
  8546. does background music make a difference
  8547. Giving really bad news
  8548. Temperance Year
  8549. Tarot Courts & Their Main Elements
  8550. Spring sale at 7th House, sort of
  8551. Celtic Cross position
  8552. Deck of the week Group sign up group - week 37 - April 14th - 21st 2012
  8553. Instant Messaging with tarot
  8554. have you regreted not buying a second copy of a deck?
  8555. Are You A "Closet" Tarot Person?
  8556. Do Tarot Cards Lie?
  8557. Lo Scarabeo Web site = GONE.
  8558. How many reading systems ARE there?
  8559. 3rd Party Readings
  8560. Der Jen died
  8561. Reading While Depressed
  8562. "Jealous" Decks
  8563. Calling all female Hermits!
  8564. Is there a 12 month spread?
  8565. whats the method
  8566. Major Arcana for new deck done.
  8567. Second hand tarot decks
  8568. random tarot encounters...
  8569. Finding it so hard to read
  8570. OT: King and Queen playing card pens
  8571. somebody REALLY likes Tarot of the Cat People....
  8572. Shocking daily journals
  8573. Deck of the week sign up group - week 38 - 21-28 April 2012
  8574. What If You're Just Afraid of Being... Inundated?
  8575. other people reading -your- deck?
  8576. Fey cards missing
  8577. How many is too many?
  8578. Summary of Readings in Sentence Form??
  8579. "Do not tell" cards
  8580. So excited - New Office!!
  8581. Tarot Stories
  8582. Shuffling... How do you do it?
  8583. Help with year cards and such
  8584. Purchasing New Decks-The "Honeymoon"
  8585. A few questions! Knowing the question VS not knowing, and more!
  8586. Personal Services Permit
  8587. Background info or not?
  8588. Pain in 3rd eye area, what is this?
  8589. Hindsight readings for learning
  8590. Does anyone have experience with the Tarosophy Hekademia program?
  8591. Starting out reading for strangers... and some excitement.
  8592. Tarot Goes to Husband's work :P
  8593. Doing readings for men vs. readings for women
  8594. Been out of tarot for awhile as a necessity, will this affect me when I get back?
  8595. Deck of the week sign up group - week 39 - April 28th - 5th May 2012
  8596. The Dead
  8597. Anyone having problems with Alida?
  8598. Tarot Display
  8599. My new tarot journal
  8600. New tarot/meditation table
  8601. Tarot readings for my Steel Magnolias
  8602. court cards are they that difficult?
  8603. Majors-only, or almost...
  8604. Reading your own tarot!
  8605. Weird! O_o Cards not about the question?
  8606. Help finding an old tarot web page
  8607. Who Represents Us Poor Sods
  8608. Joan Bunning
  8609. What is happening to me?
  8610. The Million Dollar Challenge
  8611. Can't use new favorite deck for a while?
  8612. Vetruvian Square Casting Cloth
  8613. Blogging/YouTube rules?
  8614. Reading Scarf or Cloth
  8615. Living with a Skeptic
  8616. Do experienced readers encounter blockages?
  8617. Deck of the week sign up group - week 40 - 4-11 May 2012
  8618. What happens when you make mistakes?
  8619. What is enabling? / How do you know a deck works for you?
  8620. How many fake tarot readers are out there?
  8621. Good shops for tarot decks in Ottawa?
  8622. Tarot's sense of humor, or sarcasm?!
  8623. Naturally reading reversed?
  8624. Am I Procrastinating?
  8625. why do you collect tarot cards?
  8626. Intuitive? What is intuitive?
  8627. The Unintentionally Hilarious/Creepy Card Thread
  8628. Favorite Available Deck?
  8629. Inaccurate Readings
  8630. Did Tarot Totes stop making padded Tarot Cases?
  8631. My Question coming up in the cards?
  8632. smelly decks
  8633. New tarot deck missing Queen of Cups?
  8634. Pamela B on Ebay (split from RWS forum)
  8635. Deck of the week group - week 41 - 11-18 May 2012
  8636. Could have saved a bundle if only I'd have paid attention!
  8637. a question about fencing
  8638. using tarot cards to work through personal problems and issues
  8639. Long time readers-- ever had a blind spot?
  8640. Tarot and Oracle Decks
  8641. How do you read without positions?
  8642. Happy Squirrels?
  8643. The Wheel of Fortune, what if you don't believe in destiny?
  8644. Shadowscapes experiment
  8645. What I Wish My Tarot Clients Knew by Theresa Reed
  8646. I'm Just Curious...
  8647. Mixing Together Esoteric Traditions
  8648. Does this really affect our readings?
  8649. What do you want/need in a deck review?
  8650. Sleeping with a Tarot deck under your Pillow? -Have you done this?
  8651. Trimming Decks???
  8652. Tarot reading/intuition shutdown with moon phase?
  8653. Losing bits of yourself in your Tarot deck?
  8654. A Tiny First Step
  8655. Tarot or Oracle
  8656. Deck of the week group sign up - Week 42 - 19-26 may 2012
  8657. has anyone had clairauident experiences,(any clairs),while reading tarot?
  8658. Same angel in 2 different decks.
  8659. Disappointment after the fact, Ludy Lescot...?
  8660. Has Your Deck Ever Told You???
  8661. Mind/Body/Spiritual connection
  8662. What goes with what
  8663. Have you ever been on a Tarot induced wild goose chase?
  8664. How i can refresh my tarot??
  8665. Self printed Tarot book
  8666. Want to clarify? Don't use a "clarifier."
  8667. Out of Character Deck Purchases?
  8668. Can the cards ever truly represent a third party/the other person?
  8669. Could readings go wrong?
  8670. Unsure about trimming/corner-rounding your deck?
  8671. Eeek, face to face - at work
  8672. Tarot and the future
  8673. Did you ever think Tarot is ghosts, spirits or Demons guide us?
  8674. Deck of the week group sign up thread - week 43 - 26th may - 2nd june 2012
  8675. tarot course... luna holistics
  8676. Does Anyone Know Why Tarot Decks are...?
  8677. In support of your local new age shop
  8678. when tarot readings seems to answer a different question
  8679. What does an on-line Tarot reader earn?
  8680. Being misrepresented as a reader by the message of the cards.
  8681. Tarot Tattoos?
  8682. Incredibly Thirsty!
  8683. I have given up journaling altogether, you?
  8684. Tarot Art
  8685. Deck of the week sign up group - week 44 - 2-9 June 2012
  8686. Bad headaches, fatigue, depressed and confused after doing a reading
  8687. Feeling like I've "been there"..
  8688. A Huge Leap
  8689. Manipulating tarot to read a certain way
  8690. could at have a deceased tarotists section?
  8691. Where are we getting these answers from?
  8692. General versus Question
  8693. Methods and spreads advice?
  8694. Tarot fatigue?
  8695. Affordable Tarot Pouches?
  8696. Tarot Drop outs
  8697. Yes/No queries
  8698. Do you make mistakes in your reading?
  8699. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 45 - 9 - 16 june 2012
  8700. starting out in reading for others
  8701. Tarot or Oracle - Does Your Issue Decide?
  8702. I almost drank my 7 of Pentacles, it tasted awful!
  8703. Struggling with reading style
  8704. For how long?
  8705. Cats, do they really like Tarot??
  8706. Lost my deck :{
  8707. easy way to learn minor arcana
  8708. the queen as empress?
  8709. What is Tarot?
  8710. has this ever happened to you
  8711. Used Tarot Bags? Cloths Would you buy them?
  8712. Llewellyn's Poor Cutting
  8713. Help. How to charge cards?
  8714. tarology, tarosophy, tarotism?
  8715. Fanning
  8716. interpreting with other readers
  8717. tarot reading and energies felt by others
  8718. Took the scissors to Tarot of the Sweet Twilight!
  8719. Thank you, A Nonny Mouse!!
  8720. Newbie To Tarot confused with meanings help
  8721. Deck of the week sign up group - Week 46 - 16 - 23 june 2012
  8722. Are some things beyond tarot?
  8723. How do I go about becoming a pro?
  8724. Bag recommendation
  8725. Tarot vs. Oracle Decks
  8726. Reading While Drinking
  8727. How much do you influence the cards ?
  8728. "Pip"
  8729. Blend ideas/images from different decks?
  8730. I don't feel like doing tarot at all. WHY?
  8731. Went blank during reading
  8732. A few questions about Etsy
  8733. I did something real BAD
  8734. English-speaking Tarot readers in Tokyo?
  8735. Surge of Clients vs. Dry Spells?
  8736. Tarot exhaustion
  8737. Does this ever happen to you?
  8738. How do you feel about ultrapro plastic sleeves
  8739. Deck of the week sign up group - week 47 - june 23-30 2012
  8740. Deck been drawn on and damaged oh no:(
  8741. Tarot reading room - Interior design
  8742. Withholding the Majors
  8743. Majors Only
  8744. Strange sensation about a certain deck
  8745. Finds at garage/yard sales?
  8746. Another scandal surfaces......
  8747. little white book or tarot book
  8748. Reading with Erotic Decks
  8749. is liveperson.com the best recommended site(for livechat/email readings)to read for?
  8750. The Grim Reaper
  8751. Deck of the Week: Sign-Up Thread: Week 48: 30th June - 7th July
  8752. Unusual Reads
  8753. Need Input on Website
  8754. The Fool's journey
  8755. The High Priestess, The Star, and The Moon (fantasy)
  8756. Chatzy.com as a chat method for readings. Has anyone tried it?
  8757. Answering Querant's Questions
  8758. when Tarot tells you off!
  8759. Totally different answers on two decks
  8760. Am I undercharging?
  8761. What makes you fall for a deck?
  8762. Do you get giddy when...
  8763. To "officially" go into business?
  8764. Experience with Psychic Connection hotline
  8765. How long before your cards *naturally* looked well-used?
  8766. Deck of the Week: Sign-Up Thread : Week 49: July 7th -July 14th
  8767. Hindsight-- how/should you use it with past readings?
  8768. Website to use for survey for feedback?
  8769. curious
  8770. Querents who can't/won't shuffle
  8771. Frustrating client advice
  8772. THE deck: is it really a myth?
  8773. Oranum.com -- Anyone familiar/have experience with them?
  8774. present moment readings
  8775. Is it just me?
  8776. Tarot Therapy
  8777. I did it!!
  8778. Strange Readings
  8779. Lifetime Card Stories
  8780. Tarot bag cording
  8781. A very 'tense' reading. Has this happened to anyone?
  8782. What was your first year in business like?
  8783. Symbol ID please
  8784. Using a Tip Jar... Pros? Cons? Advice?
  8785. My Skype class with Barbara Moore
  8786. Tarot Business In A Box
  8787. Deck of the Week: Sign-Up Thread: Week 50 : July 14th -July 21st
  8788. Does it really matter? : Shuffling
  8789. Reading cloths
  8790. Direction or Empowerment?
  8791. Bells for clearing the energy?
  8792. This might sound crazy, but I think my deck wants to go steady with me, lol!
  8793. 50 dollar sign up fee to read at live person, is it same at others?
  8794. Blogger's Block
  8795. Finding random cards on the ground
  8796. Shuffling under time constraint
  8797. Shuffling method to turn more of the cards?
  8798. Have your feelings on "wordy" decks changed?
  8799. stolen reading! ;)
  8800. A Pro-Reading Site "study group"
  8801. Pro Tarot -- my first foray!
  8802. Controlling the tarot vibrations
  8803. Tips on cleansing my deck
  8804. A Common Quirk?
  8805. Choosing a Deck
  8806. Deck of The Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 51 : 21st -28th July
  8807. Particular decks for particular situations/life periods
  8808. How do you bounce back?
  8809. Throwing Away Tarot Boxes and LWBs?
  8810. freewill or not?
  8811. It's been so long
  8812. Tarot/esoteric shops in Brazil?
  8813. I need to crow!! LOL
  8814. help with the ancestral path.
  8815. Toning Resonance & Tarot Suits
  8816. A new way to choose your next new deck! :D
  8817. How do you approach a new deck?
  8818. Scratches on the cards
  8819. i tried to sign up at keen, postal code troubles
  8820. My 'future relationship" reading makes me not want to get involved.. again.. advice..
  8821. Lost Cards: Significant?
  8822. signed up at psychicbitwine.com.
  8823. Those non-reversible backs...
  8824. How does this make you feel?
  8825. Tallying the cards in past readings
  8826. How long before new deck is reading accurately?
  8827. A series of serious self readings right or wrong?
  8828. Tarot case fasteners-what do you like best?
  8829. Out of Print Decks
  8830. August Decks
  8831. Deck of The Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 52 : 28th July - 4th August
  8832. Audio Tarot
  8833. Land lines: Necessary?
  8834. Tales from the Darkside - "In the Cards"
  8835. Tarot jobs in PA
  8836. Finding A Deck For You!
  8837. Frustrated client: how to calm her down? how to stop reading? how to prevent?
  8838. When A Sitter Wants "No Bad News" and...
  8839. Let's talk titles here
  8840. Partners & Family & the T Word...
  8841. Scented Tarot Decks
  8842. Tarot by Definition
  8843. Help me find a thread before I lose my mind
  8844. Psychic Fair Running Springs, CA.
  8845. Is there such a thing as "shuffling too much/little?"
  8846. Tarot Spaces...
  8847. I'm gonna go to hell for sure. It's official now.
  8848. Pictures of our reading spaces 2012 / 2013
  8849. Llewellyn Tarot Policy - Out with the Old, In with the New
  8850. My readings have been so off lately
  8851. Trimmed Gill Tarot
  8852. Intuition when picking the cards
  8853. Retail therapy
  8854. using a Shadow Deck......
  8855. Why am I doing this?
  8856. How long did it take you to read a spread with out fumbling through it?
  8857. Self Teaching or Teacher
  8858. for phone readers/ online readers
  8859. Deck of The Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 53 : August 4th - August 11th
  8860. Personality/Soul/Shadow Cards and Compatibility?
  8861. Attack of the Trolls at your Online Reading Job
  8862. Tarot, numerology, and my journal
  8863. Crystal Correspondences
  8864. Setting The Night/Fall Atmosphere
  8865. quickest/best way of learning?
  8866. Well, it's official. I have too many decks.
  8867. fifth year reading at the eagle lake pow wow
  8868. How do you know if a reading is accurate?
  8869. Tarot cards and blogging
  8870. MRP boxes
  8871. Dressing differently to read
  8872. I miss Dark Nature Cases!
  8873. Trumps # 22 thru #27 ???
  8874. How do you get search engine attention?
  8875. My Tarot Dolls
  8876. Different Systems...
  8877. Tarot Boxes
  8878. Explaining the Logic to Tarot/Tarot Party advice
  8879. Fluency in Tarot Language
  8880. Which Card are you...and Why?
  8881. my secret to learning the cards!!
  8882. Going to Afghanistan for a year what decks do I bring?
  8883. Dealing Them Out
  8884. Pip Decks
  8885. reuniting with past lovers...
  8886. Cardstock guide
  8887. Deck of the Week: Sign Up Thread:Week 54: August 11th - August 18th
  8888. for how far ahead can tarot give credible readings?
  8889. a gracious plenty
  8890. finding a single tarot card
  8891. would you leave cards out?
  8892. How to help / learn about someone who doesn't want help
  8893. Alternative names for majors
  8894. What do you do when you don't understand what the cards are trying to tell you?
  8895. Drawing the line
  8896. Yes/No questions
  8897. Cleansing your deck
  8898. You're just not supposed to know?
  8899. Can anyone provide a few tips
  8900. What do you do?
  8901. Memorizing...
  8902. Decks you'd read for yourself with but probably not for other people
  8903. "Professional Readers" and Timing
  8904. eBay will no longer allow tarot readings to be sold
  8905. Depression About Results For Others
  8906. Ma'at Tarot
  8907. Decks You Would Like to See......
  8908. Pick a card, Any card
  8909. I can't be the only one who does this
  8910. Keep your mitts off my cards
  8911. HELP!!! Coffee just got spilt on my tarot cards!!!
  8912. Tips for helping an empath read?
  8913. whats the difference between these two.
  8914. Tips for dealing with pushy, rude or manipulative clients?
  8915. Funny Tarot stories and incidents
  8916. Tarot Decks Getting OTT......?
  8917. How do cards get reversed?
  8918. help positional meanings celtic cross feelings
  8919. Deck of the Week: Sign Up Thread : Week 55: August 18th - August 25th
  8920. Tarot as Pi - Mankind's search for divine perfection.
  8921. Do you read 'your' meanings when 'they' read for you?
  8922. Anyone else have trouble reading for themselves?
  8923. Tarot Card clothing.
  8924. How do I know if it's intuition or cold reading?
  8925. Sex and Tarot
  8926. How has Tarot really benefited you?
  8927. The reasons for Tarot Dogma?
  8928. Is it good to avoid questions beginning with "Should" or "When?
  8929. Erotic Decks- Who do you use them with?
  8930. When do you do your best self-reading?
  8931. What categories do people ask for?
  8932. Best sitter reaction to a reading!
  8933. Which Deck for Reading?
  8934. Tarot Creators/Concievers Amongst Their Cards
  8935. What were they talking about?
  8936. Relationship Questions
  8937. the hard questions
  8938. Weakening Energy
  8939. How Do You Pick Which Deck For Which Reading?
  8940. By the hour or by the reading?
  8941. Where are you on the Professional Tarot Reader Spectrum?
  8942. Too Accurate to be True readings?
  8943. How to use tarot to pick numbers for lotto ?
  8944. Anybody here work at Oranum?
  8945. is there really a great difference in meanings from one deck to another?
  8946. third year at the dryden fair , 2012
  8947. Deck of The Week : Sign Up Thread : Week 56 : August 25th - September 1st
  8948. Why are 'Oracle Decks' stigmatized on AT?
  8949. On-line Readings: What Kind of Output?
  8950. Least favorite reading topic?
  8951. Can tarot cards be annoyed when challenged?
  8952. Panicked when seeing the cards in a reading for someone close
  8953. Past Cards... why do we do this
  8954. Tarot Mood Swings
  8955. That Moment- A Small Thank You
  8956. Reading intuitively = the norm?
  8957. who shuffles?
  8958. strange reaction
  8959. Mixing Decks?
  8960. Are You a Wisdom Seeker?
  8961. not being able to read some decks with EDs
  8962. Is there an active RWS study group?
  8963. How does one interpret a card drop?
  8964. Hypothetically speaking
  8965. Confused Deck?
  8966. Freud, psychoanalysis, and tarot
  8967. A Certain Mature Age To Read At?
  8968. What Info do you require
  8969. My 1st Phone Tarot Reading....
  8970. Card Bags? Where can I order them from online?
  8971. Reading Rituals?
  8972. Connecting and resonating with a deck?
  8973. Where are all your tarot decks right now?
  8974. Tarot burnout?
  8975. Yoda Is The Hermit
  8976. Can someone help me come up with a spread to determine authencity of this jewelry?
  8977. Cheating On My Deck With Another?
  8978. no more readings sold on Ebay
  8979. Deck of The Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 57 : September 1st - September 8th
  8980. Have you ever lost/refound a deck?
  8981. "What is Tarot?" for Hindus
  8982. I got invited to a convention!
  8983. in a situation like this...use tarot or playing cards???
  8984. Using Love-Themed Tarot Decks for Readings
  8985. Aack! Reading OD
  8986. Ideas for Sevenfold Majors Edition
  8987. Directory of Questions?
  8988. First card of the deck is changing
  8989. Pre-Marked Spread/Layout Cloths
  8990. Unfamiliar Spreads...What do you do?
  8991. Same accuracy, if you switch to a new set of cards,but same tarot deck?
  8992. Is the refusal to answer yes/no questions in a reading a "cop-out"?
  8993. Deck Interaction
  8994. Describing a person through tarot
  8995. Do cards really have their own personality?
  8996. I love the Gilded but something bugs me...
  8997. Deck of The Week : Sign-up Thread : Week 58 : September 8th - September 15th
  8998. Taped Tarot Reading ?
  8999. Ever lost a tarot card? :(
  9000. What does the word "spiritual" really MEAN?
  9001. Using tarot cards before a storm or during a storm?
  9002. How can you tell if you aren't connecting with your cards?
  9003. images to download
  9004. The traveling deck
  9005. Question about Tarot and Energy
  9006. A his
  9007. A History of the Future
  9008. Rag & Bone/Oddities Deck
  9009. My Gilded Tarot cards are mean to me!
  9010. Similarities in your tarot decks
  9011. How do some readers get 50$/ 10 min reading at renaissance/psychic fairs?
  9012. Deck Stars
  9013. I may have turned a corner in my professional life
  9014. Ink coming off card edges....
  9015. Looking for feedback on tarot website
  9016. shadow card
  9017. exact same 3 cards in order for 2 different questions?
  9018. you know you're a true tarotist when...
  9019. learning through past events
  9020. Deck of the Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 59 : 15th September - 22nd September
  9021. Great Readings Today
  9022. A little magic in the deck
  9023. Cards that fall out/come in number order?
  9024. Self reading help
  9025. What do you say when people ask you for a free reading?
  9026. The inventor of earth/air/fire/water - an interesting blog post on this symbolism
  9027. Novel with tarot in it
  9028. How to deal with a phony/predator reading site?
  9029. Inner Traditions -- Still Doing Tarot?
  9030. Tarot Books on the Kindle
  9031. Performing at corporate / medieval events
  9032. This is strange i know
  9033. Can your mood affect your cards?
  9034. Links exchange with other websites
  9035. Baseball Tarot creator
  9036. how do I reconnect with the tarot
  9037. Connecting and disconnecting from clients
  9038. My dog ate Tower from Thoth Tarot
  9039. New or Unusual Venues?
  9040. Reading for yourself vs other people
  9041. Emotional connection to Deck?
  9042. Deck of the Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 60 : September 22nd - September 29th
  9043. Tarot unlocking other doors
  9044. Meanings: original vs modern vs intuition
  9045. Absent readings
  9046. just how accurate is the yes/no spread?
  9047. How often do you read?
  9048. Tarot to Find Lost Deck?
  9049. Your tarot 'goals'
  9050. Dealing with impatient customers
  9051. what you absolutely cannot stand in any deck
  9052. Just wanted to share my year card experience...
  9053. A real first - and a learning experience
  9054. Opening Spiritual Doorways
  9055. dealing with headaches/energy loss?
  9056. Credit Card Readers that plug in to your phone...
  9057. Anybody experience this. Kinda funny!
  9058. Why Are You Passionate About Tarot?
  9059. Cards you just don't like..?
  9060. Who prints your books?
  9061. So, I asked the same question to two different decks, that okay?
  9062. Getting a Tarot message for someone else
  9063. Comforting decks?
  9064. Knowing your future
  9065. The "RWS Path" vs. the "Thoth Path"
  9066. Deck of the Week : Sign-Up Thread : Week 61 : September 29th - October 6th
  9067. What Card do You Look at When Picking a New Deck?
  9068. Is it true that our thoughts influence our own personal tarot readings?
  9069. My Rider Waite deck
  9070. Hermann Haindl on Facebook
  9071. What tarot cards does this girl have? D:
  9072. How do you get those Ren fair jobs, party events, etc?
  9073. Do you share yourself with all your decks?
  9074. Reading for others, do you prefer to know the question they are asking?
  9075. Doing Readings in Your Head?
  9076. Spreads and Decks
  9077. How do you interpret cards with weird combinations?
  9078. Ever think it's just time to hang it up?
  9079. Prepping for a reading
  9080. Red robin
  9081. Tarot Class Syllabus revision - need some input!
  9082. Llewellyn cardstock
  9083. Tarot combined with astrology
  9084. Very first party - tips?
  9085. Can Tarot Cards Remove a Curse??
  9086. Um... I have a question
  9087. Deck of the Week Group : Sign-Up Thread : Week 62 : 6th October - 13th October
  9088. Opinions
  9089. sharing your trade secrets with a local professional
  9090. Phone readings panic: Any tips?!?!
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