List of Tarot Questions


Hi, for those that are having problems thinking of questions to ask the tarot, I have compiled all of these questions and issues into a long list. I hope this helps someone, I wish I would have compiled these earlier, lol. :) Anyway enjoy!

Tarot Questions

The shadow side
Advice from a mythical being
What would a mythical being say?
Changes in thoughts
What do I need to understand?
What’s unexpected?
What do I fear?
Limitations in my life
What is being ignored?
What am I not trying to face
What am I not seeing?
What needs to be recognized?
What are they doing right now?
What am I denying?
What’s being rejected?
What am I seeing that’s an illusion?
What am I seeing that’s a lie?
What do I need to try to get away from?
What do I have to defend?
What’s being withheld from me?
News that’s blowing in
Shifts in the wind
What’s the new direction?
What have I forgotten?
What’s my mistake?
A distraction
A sign dealing with an issue
What is being confused?
The message that’s trying to convey
An insight
What’s the past trying to tell the present?
What’s the future trying to tell the present?
What needs to be taken charge of?
Someone’s response
What is the president’s reaction?
The militaries goal
How will the trip go?
What has been lost in the issue?
What are they getting away with?
What’s being exposed?
What’s forcing the issue?
What’s the source of the problem?
Deception behind an issue
What’s to be feared?
The source of the issue
Warnings from history
Warnings from the past
Warnings from the future
Focusing on an issue
What’s underestimated?
The obstacle
What needs to end?
What needs to begin?
Nature’s message
What’s hidden and unseen?
What’s causing this emotional blockage?
The person’s identity
What’s being silenced?
What is the gossip being spread
The issues judgment
The issues conflict
The issues end
The issues beginning
What has been lost?
What does this dream mean?
Someone’s memory
What does someone enjoy?
What’s stuck?
What brings someone to the issue?
The cause of an issue
How am I being used?
Why am I being attacked?
What do I need to defend?
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?
How am I affecting this person?
What’s the information I am missing
Issues with burdens
What’s being kept secret?
What’s covered up?
My karma in the present
My past life karma
What’s growing in my life?
What’s taking form?
What’s blowing in?
Do they mean what they say?
A reversal
What issue is being manipulated?
What do I need to achieve
A hidden agenda
An agreement
What is being changed?
What is their response?
What cant I control
What’s being refused?
What is the stars message?
What does this number mean?
What’s obvious?
What is the pattern in this issue?
What is the storms message?
How do I solve this?
What will happen if I do this?
What’s below the surface?
Someone’s thoughts on the matter
What are the obstacles I am to face?
A mission
What’s the evidence?
What can I rely on?
What are they guilty of?
What’s negative coming up?
Circumstances that are changing
What am I not in touch with?
What’s damaging to the situation
What was Atlantis’s fate?
Forces beyond my control
What is the spirit world trying to tell?
What needs to be protected?
Secret affairs
The truth
What is behind the deception?
What’s distorted?
What to be alert of
What are they thinking right now?
What’s on their mind?
The collectives fear
What is being kept from the collective?
Ancient message
A hidden mystery
What are the boundaries?
The outcome of the moons return in chart
The outcome of the suns return in chart
What needs to let go
Where did it disappear to?
Why did I lose the object?
What will be left behind?
What’s missing in my life?
What do I need to find
What do I need to tell (person)
What is being reflected?
Someone’s reason for treason
What is nature’s message for today?
What do the trees have to tell?
Animal’s wellbeing
What do I have to wait for?
What’s out of control?
The person’s agenda
What needs to be identified?
What does the tarot think about (…?)
What does (…..) think of (…?)
The direction issue is going
What strategy do I need to take?
What lesson from history do I need to know?
What lesson do I need to know?
What is being formed?
What is being created?
The DNA of a situation
The makeup of the issue
What’s out of hand?
The truth of the propaganda
Where is society going?
Information about (…..)
How do I deal with this problem?
An event forming
What is this books message?
The weather forecast
Why was this created?
What wakeup call do I need?
What needs to be recovered?
What will I discover?
The fate of (….)
What have I overlooked?
An Angel’s message
What should I trust?
How do you see this issue?
A synchronistic message
A shocking message
Clues leading to an answer
The goal of this organization
What inspiring information do you have?
Person’s objectives
Being ambushed
An alarming message
What’s clouding my judgment?
Changes in the weather
The ancestor’s message
Pandora like issues
A situations pattern
Dark thoughts of someone
Fated events
Internet issues
Am I being tricked and how
What is the night trying to tell me?
What is the day trying to tell me?
Secrets of the past
A cause needed to pay attention to
What’s to be repaired?
The truth of existence
Records of the distant past
The meaning of (….)
What is the topic of the conversation?
What is the topic of the meeting?
What is the topic of the secret?
The information being told
What’s been unleashed?
What’s being engineered?
What is the situation being projected
What’s shifting?
What do I need to protect
What are they masking?
A turning point in the situation
What do I need to prepare for?
What do I need to leave behind?
What do I need to pay attention to?
What is being sabotaged?
Signs I need to see
What does the dead have to say?

By, Serpenta


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And here is something to can use the old journalistic Who, what, where, when and why...oh, and how questions to add multitudes of permutations here.

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Hi, I am glad you guys like my list, there is a lot here, thanks.



Thank you so much because sometimes you have the question but just don't know how to phrase it.

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