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19-05-2006, 19:14
My sister who is about three months pregnant has been having a cold and a lack of apitite, plus she can only eat small meals at a time, leading to her not really filling up on energy and not cracking the cold..

So, here I am, looking for hints and tips on what herbs could possibly help her.
I'm thinking cookies or bread with spices that help her system along.
Teas or infusions, possibly with honey, to help the healing so she can get rid of the cold.
Anything that could help her body get a little stronger, restore some apitite and help her feel better.

There are no problems with the pregnancy itself, except for the nausia, so no worries on that end, but with the persistent cold and lack of energy I'm getting a little worried about her.
Not sure if she takes any extra vitamins but she keeps getting the "hot tea with honey" and "keep warm" recommendations, and gets plenty of rest and sleep aswell as atleast one hot meal a day, albeit not very large.

I thought I'd go visit this weekend and could bring a little something along, provided it's something I can actually get hold of on short notice. A giftbasket of sorts with some dried fruit, possibly vitamins (will check with her first if she's taking any), spiced honey, nuts and energybars (quick and easy snacks if nothing else) and whatever else I can think of.

Any tips on what more to add would be very welcome since I know the generals of helping the overall health along but have no personal experience from going through a pregnancy, plus everyone is different in what the cravings are demanding and what the body is most accepting of.

Considering also to make her a wheat-warmer with lavender in it.
Either just a little one or a bigger one to wear over the shoulders to help her keep warm..
Any other herbs that might be good for her in that respect?

Guiding Cauldron
19-05-2006, 19:24
congrats to her. Lack of appetitie is common and so is nauseua i suffered with it all throughout!

If shes fighting a cold have her drink a lot of broth soup. Its light, warm and will keep her energy up.

1. Make a pot of chicken broth - ususally 2 cups
add in a little slice of ginger - it helps with nausea but it also raises body temperature so NOT TO MUCH.
add 1 very large sliced onion
add 1 whole head of garlic, peeled and leave cloves whole but score them so the oils can get out into the broth.

Bring to simmer, and keep on medium heat for about an hour, add a cup of hot water if water level gets to low.

2. Another thing that can help with energy and is very filling have her eat 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter, it has protein she needs.

3.Herbal tea is very good try green tea with a bit of honey. That way she doesnt have to worry of her caffeine intake and it keeps her warm. Again geting liquids down is more important than solid food if nausea is an issue.

I can try to think of other stuff but heres a starter for you :) Hope it helps.

19-05-2006, 19:26
There is a special tea with fennel and other spices available to help her to have enough milk for the babe.

I think that would also be nice in your basket. And what about a small cushion filled with lavendar, chamomille and some rose buds for easy sleep?

And I think a nice body oil to prevent the streaks would also be appreciated as well as some calendula cream.

20-05-2006, 01:45
~Raspberry leaf tea~ I drank it by the gallion when I was pregnant.
Very, very restorative for a pregnant woman and also tones and prepares the uterus for birth.

20-05-2006, 05:53
Some really good and useful tips there.. Thankyou! :love:

I picked up ingredients for the chicken-broth, a jar of honey, ginger-marmalade (old style, all natural addatives), some energy-bars and dried fruits and nuts for easy-access-snacks that she can keep by the side of the bed and that don't require refridgeration and that she can carry with her if she goes off somewhere and finds herself in need of a little something. Also, two kinds of tea, chamomile and green tea with ginger and lemon.
Tomorrow, I'm thinking I'll be completing it all with some rosehip tea and I'll be making a wheat-warmer with lavender and chamomile mixed in with the whole weat. If I can find rosepetals tomorrow, I might add some of those too, or just make a "goodnight charm" on the side.

I'll see about locating some raspberry leaves aswell. Not sure what the local healthshop has in stock though.

I'm also planning to add some simple recipies to the care-pack and have found a couple including garlic (both for curing the cold and just upping the bodys defences).
So if you think of anything more, just keep the ideas coming. :)

20-05-2006, 09:44
Make sure to REALLY investigate herbs before she takes them in large doses. Some herbs that are OK for you when you're not pregnant are not good for you when you're pregnant.

If I were you, I'd see an certified herbalist, or a holistic healer before chancing something like herbology on a pregnant woman... :)

20-05-2006, 21:21
Thanks Acadia, wise words indeed.

I'm not going to insist that she goes on a herbal-treatment of any kind and the herbs and such I've gotten for her are well incorporated in teas and the like so nothing's concentrated.
Except for the chamomile and fennel-teas I got hold of but I'm fairly sure she's not going to be drinking so very many cups of tea a day.

I also focused mostly on getting high-energy snacks to get her more energetic since she's been rather tired in the last few weeks.
The herbs (teas really) are more of an additional boost on the side and to make the contents of the care-pack a little more interesting.

22-05-2006, 06:36
some very good suggestions here.

just be careful with the herbs. most herbalists advise pregnant women who are 3 months or less should not take any herbal medicines or treatments. even something as gentle as cammomile can cause miscarrige in a pregnant woman.

wishing a healthy happy pregnancy for your sister!

23-05-2006, 01:10
Yes, I have to second that. I have checked my recommendations before on a special German medical site, but better ask another advice.

BTW what about adding some nice cosy socks? I am pretty sure she will appreciate them, too.

23-05-2006, 01:25
perhaps a blood test to establish whether she is aneamic or not?

23-05-2006, 01:53
Sherringham, voice of reason. Now why hadn't I thought of that???
Possibly they've done one when she's been for a checkup though since it's a fairly common problem after all.

Will check with her when I see her next just in case she's written it off to be due to the cold.

She's been feeling better little by little in the last week or so, so hopefully the cold is passing and taking a lot of the troubles with it.

24-05-2006, 02:04
It can be just borderline , and the cold could have just tipped her the wrong side. But with all the well wishing from people on here she should be back up and running in no time.

24-05-2006, 08:06
Went to see her today and she did look fairly healthy.

A little cold-voicy but in a good mood and didn't seem too tired.
She's also started feeling a little better but has to take it really slow in the mornings to keep from feeling sick.

She also rests a lot and doesn't push herself any further than she feels comfortable to. And she does try to eat often. Lots of yoghurt and such that's both easy to eat and soothing for her stomach.

Did forget to ask her about possible anemia, but since she looked healthy enough (albeit tired and a little stuffy) it didn't seem to urgent anyway..

24-05-2006, 17:46
I'm sure the antenatal clinic will keep checking her anyway, and once she gets past the 3 months things could well improve on their own?

24-05-2006, 19:02
I had worked at a gynaecologist 10 years ago and usually the blood was regulary checked during pregnacies (including checks for anemia).

Most mothers-to-be had trouble in the first 3 months and afterwards things usually worked out fine.

24-05-2006, 19:08
Just an idea if the Morning sickness persists - (just thinking it may also be a reason for low appetite) - this is a great remedy to help overcome the problem - takes about 3 days to settle the body.

Esential Oil (must be pure essential oil - no artificials ;))
If you can get some spearmint oil and place it in a bowl of boiling water and place it in the room while sleeping - if this is not an option (safety wise) 2 drops on the pillow (1 each side) will help as well.

Reading a little further on this I found that:

Nausea ..
In part, this is a result of a hormonal change or imbalance, for the increase in oestrogen causes changes in the hypothalamus and then the gastrointestinal organs. Symptoms range from a loss of appetite to increased nausea and vomiting when smelling food.

It also recommends 1 drop of pure essential Ginger oil (or even shaved fresh ginger will do) to each one pint of boiling water. Place in a bowl. Cover head with towel and and inhale for five minutes with eyes closed.

Hope she's feeling better soon :) and remains healthy and happy full term!

Elven x

27-05-2006, 02:57
Just saw this~
First congratulations!
There is a great book available through Amazon called Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years by Susun Weed. Covers all things pre pregnancy through post natal.
A great book for every woman to own.
And again, best wishes!

29-05-2006, 19:43
Thanks for the tip Catti.
I've checked out some reviews on the book and will be getting a copy. My fave online bookstore has it at a pretty good prize so an order is going out today. :)

Little sister is still stuffy-nosed.
Aside from that though, she's showing a little bit more and seems to be feeling better overall.