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Hi Mindy.

Lovely BIG cards. I live for colour myself and often do a lot of hand dyeing to get colours right. This strikes me as the sort of deck one could use for artistic inspiration in fabric art, mixed media or watercolour painting.

You know how you keep using the same colours because they are your favourites? Well, picking one of these cards for a meditative art exercise, might push you in a new, exciting direction if you use the colours within the card.

I also like that you have 60 of them--a huge big whacking lot of colourful, succulent cards to reflect on.

Very uplifting work, such vibrancy! I think I'll send you an e-mail for notification, I don't often see oracles that I'd like to work with but this one really pops and the colours are wet and mouth-watering. Really, really neat, but plain enough to allow the mind to come up with its own reaction and action to them.

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