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I am a bit rebellious I'm afraid, but I figure the world would be pretty boring if we all had the same brain and processed things the same.

We've had some discussion at Aeclectic about digital art in tarot and everybody has different opinions. Two of my favourite decks are digital ones: The Portal Tarot, and the Golden Tarot (which is digitally assembled and scanned and very beautifully too.) I use both digital and regular art mediums and I understand both sides. They are all terrific, and expand the mind and one's use of colour and composition. There is a lot of junk in regular as well as digital art, but the trick is finding the right artist who can use the medium with skill.

Originally posted by peapodgrrl
How would you like to review Dreaming in Color for my site? I would be honored. I can send you direct urls to all of the cards, plus send you the meanings via email (Microsoft Word text).
Yes, I'd love to, but would you prefer I wait to have the deck in-hand? It's important to make time for things that delight you, and man, I rocketed off with this baby! Isn't it funny how people's art hits you? I tend to be overwhelmingly enthusiastic about everything though--part of the joy of life.

(p.s. the Ampersands picture is one of my favourites--the picture on the web is not the final picture, as I tend to be a bit wary of putting "good" stuff up on the web.)
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