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Originally Posted by contrascarpe
I picked this deck up directly from peapodgrrl thru eBay (by the way, I know Putney, Vermont very well!) for Gardener for Xmas. We looked through the deck this morning.

First thing I noticed is that I was drawn to the images on many of the cards. Unfortunately, the keywords to ALL of them were the negative ones. Not to bring gender into the mix, but has anyone else experienced this? To me the most beautiful cards were negative, while to Gardener the most beautiful ones were positive.

Hi Dan

It's no accident that people perceive the negative cards as beautiful, too. That was purposeful, so it's interesting you brought this up.

I am not a man, yet some of my own favorite images are the "darkest", too: hate, avarice, withdrawal, upheaval, and a couple of others are ones that resonate with me, and the ones I felt most content with when I first created them. I don't consider these "negative" per se, since the deck was designed with releasing these darker energies, the ones that prevent us from living happy lives. So, with that in mind, there really *aren't* any negative cards, as they are all parts of the human experience and there is joy in all of it...whether it's experiencing it, mastering it, transcending it, etc. For example, sometimes anger is *good*, sometimes it's healthy, and there's no negativity in that. Conversely, an emotion like joy can be negative if it's superficial, mindless or as the result of self-destructive behavior.

Thanks for posting, Dan. I love reading about people's experiences with the deck.

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