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de lurking :-)

i have been a long - time lurker and i just wanted to add my tuppence to this thread and a couple of others :-)

my name is stacie, i live in new york city and am a channel medium and a collector of beautiful decks. i probably have around five hundred decks in my collection. an addict, yes ;-)

i love the dreaming in color deck, it is my very favorite deck (my second favorite is ironwing for reasons i will go into another time if you indulge me) and not because of its beauty. it has a depth and accuracy that comes through each and every time i use it. the cards are so intuitive i feel like they are speaking to me. they are so freeing, i just gaze into the images and the answers drift up from somewhere deep inside.

another beautiful and intuitive deck is ironwing. what a refreshing approach! it is so exciting to see such innovative new artists share their visions.

namaste, and nice to meet you all,
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