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thank you for the warm welcome, sun chariot! :-)

And thank you for the links too, but i must admit i don't care for the soul cards very much. i find the art depressing, such dark colors and agonized faces, i dont have a good reaction to it, and my channeling is affected by that. one of the reasons i love the dreaming in color so much is because even the 'negative' cards are lovely and uplifting. i agree with the creators that there is beauty even in the so called darker emotions, and the deck illustrates that so well. i also love the absence of people in DIC, i find it one of the decks many strengths.

but, to each his own :-) we all need to work with the tools that work best for us and we are not going to be the same! :-)

may i ask where are you from, sun chariot?
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