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This may be jus the thing . . .

I have been looking at what I want to do as a commitment to my tarot study this year. I wanted something challenging but attainable. I wanted to undergo a journey of some sort with a deck but while IDS is great it leaves me lacking. I am all fire for two to three months and then I am drained.

My ever growing collection is one thing but a couple of nights ago I came to a startling realization that scared me a bit. I have been studying tarot for a couple of years now and I am doing really well. I have learned many things about the structure and meanings for the cards. and gained an invaluable amount of insight from the cards as well. I am getting to understand Tarot and that is great. But while in bed trying desperate to get to sleep early because of an early morning I decided to work on a bit of a mental exercise which would help me relax and fall asleep. The question was "How many decks can I visualize in order from memory?" Well the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was easy but I don't use it. I then became stumped. I muddled through the Hanson Roberts pretty well but I have not used it in years.

What about my current decks? I could think of my favorite cards, some cards I didn't like much but that was it. It was disturbing. Instead of falling asleep I began to wonder why I couldn't at least picture the cards of the decks I was currently raving about online. A bit two-faced maybe. Sure I was tired but I began to consider if I needed to pick one and use it exclusively. But that is an unrealistic fantasy.

I was left with two decks. I am currently studying the Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn in the IDS thread. Love it because it is new, shiny and has me considering the legacy of the Golden Dawn on modern Tarot. After that trouble night I quickly took up my Liber T which after about six-months of rest after an intense spring IDS I abandoned. This PDR exercise is perfect for me! I will study the one and with the Liber T I will continue to spend time with it in weekly in readings and blog postings.

Also this will give me something to do with my blog that I have struggled to build. Add me to the list! Looking forward to a very interesting year!

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