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Originally Posted by MercyMe
The New Testament Bible speaks of the angel of the Judgement trumpet as "the seventh angel" in Revelation, and since there are numbered seven archangels (highest ranking angels), it may be neither Gabriel or Michael, but Israfil after all.
And in Jewish lore, it is Archangel Jophiel who blows the trumpet...

...but given the Christian origin of the deck & the long association of Michael with the Judgment Day in Christian myth, I rather think it is Michael represented on the tarot card.

Temperance is also a cardinal virtue, an abstract virtue represented by an angel.

MercyMe - re: The Devil - Lucifer does not mean "the adversary" - it means simply, "the light-bearer" (from the latin lux & ferus). He is the angel of light, though fallen. In the tarot, his iconography is thought to come from carvings of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who was demonised by Christians (and Jews in Babylon, before them).
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