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The Game of Lifetime

from"Tarot Of The Journey To The Orient"

Separate the Major Arcana from the Minor Arcana and shuffle the latter. Cut the deck and choose 8 cards which you will unite with the Major Arcana. You will therefore have a deck of 30 cards which you will shuffle again and have the Querient cut. Create 6 parallel vertical rows of five cards.


Row 1: Personality, family & the past
Row 2: Studies, work, excapes, areer
Row 3: Family, loved ones, friendships, love
Row 4: Income, inheritance, strokes of luck
Row 5: The future as a general prospect for evolution
Row 6: The Querient's long-term expectations and satisfactions.

Just thought someone may like to try this.I like how they have mixed the Major & Minor together this way.
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