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The Quest Tarot - The Hermit

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The Quest Tarot - The Hermit

The Hermit is Nude standing behind rocks. Is he holding a lantern in his hands or is it an energy coming out of his hands?
There is an Owl, a beetle and a spider in the picture. He is in deep dark woods. Nobody can come there or reach him without his wish or permission. What is he seeking in the middle of the forest?

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A nude personality with a well groomed and tied hair standing behind the tree & rocks. Thats a funny way to depict the hermit. But I like it.
The owl is sitting there contently of who he is and wherever he is. Why does the hermit have go in to the forest to find himself or to know more? I think he is not hungry or driven by something to know more (as most of us tend to do).
He is content with what he is and what he knows. But, he also knows that there is so much in the Universe to explore and learn. Its more like a child experiencing and learning from the world. For the hermit, gaining wisdom & knowledge is similar to a child playing with his toys and parents. Both of them do it for the fun of doing, not as a means to recieve something else.

He is taking one step at a time & illuminating one aspect of the Universe at a time by examing, exploring and experiencing it. To do this, he needs to be alone where the energy allows him to internalize & explore himself along with the universe rather than trying to live life & experience in a world of rat-race and survival.
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The never seen before!

Instead of an older, bearded man in a gray cloak holding a lantern in front of him, we see a younger man who appears to be nude...looking through the opening of a strange cave. Actually, I am not quite sure if he is inside a cave or standing out in the open. My first thought was a cave, because you can see a tiny "opening" in the distance with blue sky...

The Hermit's lantern in the Quest is simply a bright globe of light... he is finding his way through the cave (or forest) and directly in front of him are some greenish, speckled rocks (?)... does anyone else notice that these "spots" almost look like human figures??? Strange....I can almost see these figures--heads, legs--yet they also look like clouds or smoke....very interesting!!!

I love the owl in this card....he is almost completely camouflaged by the darkness...wisdom, vision. I see the spider, again, hidden by darkness, and a large, spotted beetle which looks very spider-like to me (*shiver*). The spider traditionally represents patience, skill, because of its weaving works diligently at crafting its web, and then waits patiently to capture its prey.....

I think that this Hermit is in search of something, finding his way toward the blue sky opening ahead of him....and will need patience as he continues on his journey....

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Which of the Runes goes with The Hermit?
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"Is" is the rune that accompanies The Hermit.
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