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3 of Swords

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Hello guys,
I did'nt realise this thread had had a revival, until mdr told me in a pm.
Anyway, I don't really have anything to add, except I want to say two, no three, things;that all of your thoughts have added to my understanding of this particular card (that goes for the thread too), that it pleases me to learn my thoughts had resonance with so many of you, and that you wanted to reply to my thread, and more generally, how fantastic and many facetted Tarot is, that so many different layers and meanings can be symbolised by just one of the cards.

Yours truly,

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This thread is great. I just today got that someone "desires/needs" the 10 of Swords and his "Best Advice/Action" was the 3 of swords.

Clearly, in line with what many of you have mentioned in this thread, this person desires to leave a comfortable lie to work through the uncomfortable truth. I love that. In this case, I see the 3 of Swords as the action needed in order to bring about the open acknowledgment of the 10 of swords. I don't think anyone would desire the kind of pain suggested by the 10 of Swords, but if you are lying on the ground in that situation, I believe you at least want to be noticed, acknowledged... You don't want people to continue to pretend things are great, that they don't see the 10 swords sticking out of your back. ha. You want to fresh start that goes with hitting rock bottom; it's the payoff of things getting that bad, you might say. But you don't ever get theree through the 2 of Swords, where you just remain in denial. You get there by being strong enough to work through the 3 of Swords. Interestingly, in the reading I just mentioned where one person needed and desired the 10 of Swords, the other person needs and desired the 2 of cups. Very intriguing dynamic, because in this case the 2 of cups seems almost like the 2 of swords... a happy la-la land "everything is great" attitude while the other person is clearly suffering in some way. Does that sound right?
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