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What's the Postman Bringing You? - Part 5

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What's the Postman Bringing You? - Part 5

Guidelines for this thread – Please read before posting

In an effort to refresh these sticky threads each year and/or to stop them from becoming too long and rambling, we have closed the old thread and opened this new one.

We would like to ensure that this thread stays on topic and doesn't become a 'Chat' thread with many off-topic posts.

If you would like to list the decks you already have in your collection, you may do so here.

Please make sure that you stick to the title of the thread and just list the decks, books or other tarot-related items you have recently ordered or are waiting for in trades.

It's also OK to post when decks are delivered but discussion about decks should be done in a new or existing thread in Tarot Decks about the specific deck.

Any off-topic ‘Chat’ style discussions, whether about decks or not will be removed.

Thank you

Sulis and rwcarter – Moderators – Tarot Decks
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The Paulina Tarot. So happy
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Solleone and Creative Whack Pack!
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Location: Toronto, ON
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The Rumi finally.
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Le Fanu 

At last! The postman has brung my Twilight Realms Tarot! I was begining to give up...

Now just a vintage Thoth on the way.
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Postal carrier brought me....

The Ship of Fools piloted by the Navigators of the Mystic SEA as they went to the Tarot of the Dead...

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got confirmation my Wildwood and my Tarot for Your Self has been shipped!
Should be here by Friday!!!
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XII. The Hanging Cat
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It's accessories day! I'm awaiting:

2 black chiffon squares for reading cloths (I hope they're not too sheer . . .),
2 lovely Tarot Totes bags (Celestial Goddess for my Law of Attraction and Splendor for ??), and
30 ruby and 30 black satin bags from Paper Mart.

My decks will be so spoiled!
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The postman has at last delivered the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination that I bought last week, and I'm so glad he did.

Now I'm awaiting the Crystal Tarots ( The art captured my attention the moment I saw it, and I just had to have it.
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Tanjamuse  Tanjamuse is offline
Join Date: 22 Feb 2010
Location: Gesten, Denmark
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I'm waiting on Shadowscapes and Radiant Rider Waite + two books.
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