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Beebs_94's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Nov 2008
Location: Snowville
Posts: 625
The Empress and the Emperor...the happy family!

I decided to play around with my Tarot cards last night before i went to bed. I decided to ask a single question and draw a single card.

The deck i used is my trusty Raider-Waite deck, no reversals and my question was, "What does T think/feel when he sees me?" I'm using both the think/feel because when i wrote down the question, i wrote think but when i said the question out loud i said feel....

So i got the Empress. After looking at it for a while, i decided to see what the shadow card was, i took the bottom card and low and behold there was the Emperor. I couldnt help but laugh a bit as i set the two cards next to eachother.

I guess that when he sees me, he feels/thinks that i'm caring, loving, nurturing. Mabey also sees that there is potential if the situation is nurtured or cared for. Then with the Emperor as the shadowcard, well....i guess he feels like he's the typical guy, i.e. the provider, the figurehead of the family, etc.

Mabey i'm completely off with the meanings of the two cards, but i found it quite amusing looking at both cards side by side cause it looked like the mom and dad of a family, or the king and queen of a kingdom. Mabey thats how he feels when he sees me...i dont know lol.

Anyways, thanks for any insight on the reading

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The Thirteenth Moon
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Join Date: 17 Sep 2001
Location: Pluto
Posts: 8,614

I'd say you're right in that the Empress is a universal mother archetype and the Emperor a universal father archetype, but I'm interested to know why you assumed that the Shadow card referred to how he viewed himself.

You asked "How does he think/feel when he sees me?" And, with the Empress, it's clear he not only finds you nurturing and all that other good stuff, but he views you as his ultimate "queen," Empress of his heart, etc. Wouldn't the Emperor Shadow card also be about you as that was the question and that is what the reading is about? How he views you? And wouldn't both Empress and Emperor say that he sees you as the one who is in charge of the relationship, both inside and outside the household?

On the surface you are the Empress, the one who he presents gifts to, creates for, and nurtures him to be all he can be. He sees you and views you as soft and gentle and patient. But underneath, subconsciously, he also sees you as the Emperor, one who can make hard decisions and lead troops into battle to conquer empires. Able to make snap decision and be firm. If I'd been doing the reading, my immediate response would be, this man has a very, very high opinion of you.
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Intolerance intolerant
starrystarrynight's Avatar
Join Date: 13 Feb 2006
Location: The Quiet Corner...Connecticut USA
Posts: 19,371

What Thirteen said...which also follows that he may not see you two as the ultimate couple (the mom and dad of the situation) as you are taking from the throw and the shadow. Only that he may see you as a fully integrated person in yourself--the "master of your domain" (!) as it were.

(Which doesn't mean he can't see you two as a couple...only that may not be what this particular throw is saying, if you can see the difference.)

I never bend, fold, or mutilate. Unless I'm in a hurry.
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Join Date: 21 Apr 2007
Location: Portland, Maine
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This may not apply to you, but I pull the empress when the woman is "older". Also for mothers. Emperors as fathers or authority figures. And together as a couple, parents or old timers, an older couple, parental figures, old fuddy-duddies
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Join Date: 03 Feb 2007
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Posts: 2,266

I'm curious about the think/feel question. They don't always match. For example he might think you're pregnant but necessarily 'feel' that you're pregnant. I'm not guessing that you are or aren't pregnant, just that the think/feel approach isn't kosher.

Or maybe he 'thinks' you are the Empress but he 'feels' you behave like an Emperor. That kind of question creates more questions because it isn't succinct.

I see the Empress as mature, but I wouldn't call her a fuddy-duddy. And I don't see many pregnant old timers around.

To learn as we grow old // the secrets of our soul. Moody Blues
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nisaba's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Jan 2009
Location: Proudly Australian
Posts: 60,512

Originally Posted by Seafra
I see the Empress as mature, but I wouldn't call her a fuddy-duddy. And I don't see many pregnant old timers around.
So many people are hung up on the pregnant thing! The decks I respect most show her as a middle-aged or older woman. So many fresh-faced pregnant youngsters don't have a handle on fertility or on life at all, let alone a fitting aura of authority suited to an Empress and a nature goddess. An older woman may be post-menopausal, but in having already given birth to AND REARED many children, not to mention grandchildren, she will; have a better handle on fertility and a *much* better handle on maturity and raising children than the usual image of a rosy, pregnant teenager with no personal control or maturity.
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Join Date: 03 Feb 2007
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Posts: 2,266

Originally Posted by nisaba
So many people are hung up on the pregnant thing!
No hangup. Was using that aspect of the card as an example. I wasn't exactly pregnant with ideas at the time so when that one popped it gave birth to a creative way of expressing my point. OMG this post is full of horrible puns lol

To learn as we grow old // the secrets of our soul. Moody Blues
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