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jungian tarot study group

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jungian tarot study group

alright :O)
first of all let us recall that robert wang has changed some of his meanings in this deck.
in this deck .

aces are pluto are crown
twos are uranus are wisdom
threes are neptune, are understanding
four are jupiter are mercy
five are mars, are severity
six are suns are beuty
sevens are venus are victory
eights are merucy splendor
nines are moon foundations
and 10 are saturn . kindom
he kept the 4 to 9 plant assocations of the golden dawn , yet transposed the three from saturn to neptune and transferred saturn to number ten. and he then added in the planets pluto and urnaus and neptune.
where from what i found, modern astrology as the planets order (planet order , not set to any numbers )
it is clear that he wanted to stay true to much of the golden dawn basis as possible.

wands are aries
cups are cancer
swords are libra
pentacles are capicorn
these are the cardinal signs, considered to be the root of each of the respective signs looking at the information i downloaded a while ago , cardinal signs show you where in your life you will take action.

the courts cards are done astrology (which i supposed uses jung and psychology given the title )

king of cups sun in cancer, moon in aries
knight of cups sun in cancer ,moon in libra
queen of cups sun in cancer moon in cancer
page of cups sun in cancer ,moon in capicorn

king of wands sun in aries, moon in aries
knight of wands, sun in aries, moon in libra,
queen of wands, sun in aries moon in cancer
page of wands, suns in aries moon in capicorn

king of swords sun in libra moon in aries
knight of swords sun in libra moon in libra
queen of swords , sun in libra moon in cancer
page of swords sun in libra moon in capicorn

king of pentacles sun in capicorn moon in aries
knight of pentacles sun in capicorn moon in libra
queen of pentacles sun in capicorn moon in cancer
page of pentacles sun in capicorn moon in capicorn

the court cards are determined by the sun and moon in natal charts, robert wang believed this lead to more human qualities
still if you look at the king of wands, which is traditionally fire/fire
you still see fire/fire , yet as defined by the sun and moon nodes(if that is the correct term. )

onward to next post

edited to add, this is intriguing for me at this time,
he says the minors are "pure numbers under differnt influences."
or is it possible that the it is infuences like planets, and elements under or defined by pure numbers that allow us to see the minor pips as a kind of binocular effect. the numbers become our teloscope ?
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the major arcanas

the fool is the source,
the magican is the son
the highpriestress is the daughter,
the emperess is the mother,
the emperor is the father
the hierophant is the father as law giver
the lovers is the son as collector of experience
the chariot is the all present father
the strenght is the daughter as collector of experience,
the hermit is the grandfather as teacher
the wheel of fortune is the mother who determines experiences
the justice card is the mother who punishes and rewards
the hanged man is the son self sacfriced
the death card is the mother as gateway
the temperance card is the concillatory daughter
the devil is the dark son
the tower is the father as avenger/protector
the star is the virgin daughter
the moon is grandmother/the deadly mother
the sun card is the child
the judgement is the son who judges
the world card is the daughter who conceals itself

i do not see any astrological assocaitons mentioned nor kabalistic paths (yet given that he wrote the qabalistic tarot before that, he must of undoubtedly use that as a basis for his jung assocociations to be sure )
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some psychology used.

archtypes are the contents of the collective unconscious
quoted from the tarot psychology handbookf or the jungian tarot
"these are the "cultural imprints" images and thoughts build by the thoughts of mankind through history"
and he says over the years these have built up the generalized concepts such as "mother"
"it is a cross-cultural idea seen in mythologies, fairy tales, and world religions "

and he says the great mother or "mother earth" appears in various foms especially in dreams. "she can be nurturing, or a sort of medusa, a hag whose very glance destroys"

"following jungs suggestion of a relationship between archtypes and the tarot, " says robert wang.
that the 78 images of the jungian tarot as been created as
"archetypal images"

he says the idea of one of jung is that everything is based on opposites , male and female and that every other card but for the fool shows one aspect of male or female.

"when we mediate on a particular card we deal with a specifc aspect of ourselves"

the cards were intended to be used as personal use as well as between therapist and client.

the mandala at the bottom of each card is a mandala to give further mediatve thougths the circles upon the minor arcana 1 to 10 represent their sephiroth

this isn't in the jungian handbook but here is four jungian archtypes from the mystical tarot book by rosemary guiley

persona the public mask a person adopts according to the expectations of society ,

the shadow the repressed, inferior , rejected aspects of a person that exists in the personal unconscious it is uncivilized and rebels agaisnt the persona,
as long as it is repressed, and rejected it is split off from the rest of psyhe only when it is accepted and reintegrated can one become whole a process jung called individuation

the anima and the animus
the male and female parts of the pysche that exists in us all
one part is usally undevloped (or both could be ) due to our persona in society and the culture conditioning that encourages and discourages certain behaviours of the sex.

the self
the organizing personality of the self, and the archetypal of the collective unsconcious forming a central archetype
(am i society or am myself question come to mind )
the self unites the unsconscious, and the conscious and forms the super conscious connection by fostering an awareness of the connection between all things in the universe.
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the 34 week course.

22 weeks on the major arcana (one week a major arcana 2 times mediating on the card to face yourself ) as set out in the book
4 weeks on the court cards,
and 8 weeks on the minor arcana.

i feel that if we are going to mediate on the other cards , that just as much time should be given to each card.
yet i dont' feel like giving 78 weeks of my life to a course.

let us modify it :O)
one medition per card , giving us 78 meditions , about 90 days with a rest break in between ,
of course it is flexible :O) some may want to go the weeks approach it is personal taste at this point.
i will now start talkign about the first card in the medition cycle of the major arcana and then sharing what i recieve :O )

(for those who are doing with this with me , make a new thread with the card so other can add to it, i like to keep my information on one thread as to be the blueprint for anyone else who would like to learn :O)

(one can not be a study group by himself,
i am doing this mostley to learn, to share, and i dont' know how many actually have the deck (i think there is like 5 closest jung keepers :O)
so until we get a large number of people i will do it this way :O)

edited to add as well
i would recomend mediating on the univer mother for example for the emperess card rather then the personal mother for we will be sharing. then again if you are ok with sharing your personal experiences it is well :O)
for myself i will try to do universal concepts but i know personal things will pop up :O)
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restarting the group.

*i noticed that other study groups had linkes in the source thread to the other threads so i made the changes with kaz help *.

starting the 34 week tarot course (which isn't stuck to rigidly by yours truly )
here is what has been done so far.

the mother/emperess

the father/emperor

the son/the magican

the daughter/high priestress

the father who creates rules/the hierophant

the son who gathers experience/the lovers

the father who presence you feel/the chariot

the daughter who gains experience/the strenght card

and hopefully by the middle of the week i will be publishing the next card. *please if you reply on the individual cards , reply in those thread,
as well if any questions pm me *
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I just got this deck and I am reading as many of your posts as I can (I have alot of catching up to do). Just to let you know I am here (reading) and will join in when I think I know a bit!!

Thanks, without all your posts it would take me so much longer to get into the deck otherwise (I don't have the book)

Gotta go - sooo much reading to do

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continuing on

i now have the jungian tarot and archtypal imagery book, however it is much more on each card.
that i have decided to continue on with the handbook to get the whole skelton down and then i will come back and add the meat with the archtypal imagery book.
also i am hoping by the time i am done the third book in the series will be announced.

next in the reccomended lessons from the jungian tarot handbook is
the wheel of fortune, the mother who determines experience

the tower, the father who protects and avenges
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Hum, I wasn't sure about buying this tarot. But the posts/thread on it are very instructive...
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The Court Cards questions

I lost the book I have to my deck. I read it, but it was a while ago and I've forgotten most of what I read. What is the symbol of the hanging ball-sphere in each of the court cards?
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