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Reverie's Avatar
Join Date: 12 Oct 2004
Location: The Carousel
Posts: 6,774
5 of swords reversed in relationships

Ok, here is another one that just keeps popping up for me about a relationship.

Sometimes in the advice position, sometimes in their feelings... just pretty much everywhere. The deck I'm looking at is the VR.

I'm thinking that, concerning a relationship it means a 'fight' or a battle where both parties lost. No one gained anything. Perhaps one person wanted something from the other but didn't get it. It's a lost battle.

As advice, I guess it might be saying to let the fight go. It's not worth fighting over anymore

Pretty nasty card I would say. Thoughts?
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #1
Sophie's Avatar
Join Date: 10 Oct 2004
Location: moving again
Posts: 20,323

Nasty, yes. Pretty, no.

It's not only nasty, it tastes nasty, and the parties are bloody bad winners and loosers.

Reversed, it's manipulative and underhand too

All generalizations are false, including this one.
Mark Twain
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #2
Join Date: 28 Aug 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 416

Hi Cutie,

I remembered this one because I was looking at the thread a week or so ago so I had a search for it.

I'm quoting Umbrae here - that sometimes it can mean "I'm sorry". I remembered because I thought it was a great interpretation of a 5 of Swords reversed. I've put the link to it below.

Hope that helps!
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #3
Reverie's Avatar
Join Date: 12 Oct 2004
Location: The Carousel
Posts: 6,774

Hello Fudugazi and MsCW, and thank you for the thoughts.

"I'm sorry"? Like feeling sorry... wow. How? I guess that does make sense in a way... because the people aren't fighting for what is wanted anymore? Am I right? Or they feel like they've done something bad?

So if the person is feeling "5 of swords" about me... they feel that they've wronged me badly. And maybe they feel sorry about this.

And guess what? I also got this in the position of what a person tells someone about me. Like maybe they felt they were manipulative? Or that I was?

So I'm guessing this is much worse then the 5 of swords upright.

Oh and finally... what can it mean as an action in a relationship? An action someone should take?
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #4
Join Date: 28 Mar 2005
Location: Smack In The Middle, USA
Posts: 1,389

Well, when it's reversed (and depending upon the surrounding cards), it can mean that the nasty, manipulative situation was avoided -- i.e.,

"I'm sorry I was a jerk, and instead of acting like it's all your fault and manipulating you into thinking you're more defeated and all to blame, -- making you feel worse than you should feel -- I'm just going to own up to how stupid I've been. I'm sorry."

It can also mean, "I know I was being manipulative and underhanded. I'm sorry for that..."

But Fudugazi is also right -- it can be very nasty, especially if accompanied by other cards indicating trickery (the Magician, for example) or lies (7 of Swords). Just depends...

I've seen both of these in relationship readings. But it does depend upon some of the cards around it. So... Have either another card, or a particular number (that you can connect to a trump) come up as well? Either of these might give you a clue as to what it might mean...

Oh, and there's a spread in the Spread's Thread to help you find the meaning of a repeater -- if you do the throw, you might consider posting it.

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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #5
Join Date: 28 Aug 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 416

I've had this card a few times myself but upright and its not one of my favourites but it hasnt always been as dramatic as that. Sometimes it has just meant someone being in a bad mood and taking it out on me for no good reason!

I think this card covers everything from being a bit out of order to the issues Fudugazi has mentioned, which I've also seen.

So reversed in the "i'm sorry" way (and I've never had this card reversed so I cant comment personally) could just be someone being a bit rude with you and then feeling bad about it afterwards.
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #6
Join Date: 28 Aug 2006
Location: UK
Posts: 416

Think we said that at the same time Julien!
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #7
willowfox's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Mar 2007
Location: Standing on the edge of time
Posts: 32,754

5 swords Rx stopping the conflict, to stop being so domineering and be prepared to listen to others, like giving up the desire to be right all the time or have the last word in any situation. The need to meet people half way and stop being so hostile. It could also mean that whoever is attacking you has stopped.

As an action, I suppose it could mean for the person to stop trying to cause trouble because there is no reason to fight.
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Old 17-10-2007     Top   #8
Join Date: 21 Apr 2007
Location: Portland, Maine
Posts: 2,744
5sw rx

I read it as "remorse", "regret" - so 'I'm Sorry' makes sense. What it relates to specifically depends on the spread and on surrounding cards.
Since it is also reversed, it can be an interior feeling someone holds, not spoken; the person can be thinking that they feel bad about whatever happened. You would have to look to the other cards to see if the person takes action to speak or make these thoughts known to you, like with a page as a message.
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Old 18-10-2007     Top   #9
obsidian_queen's Avatar
Join Date: 20 Dec 2002
Location: Toronto, Canada
Posts: 329

I get this card reversed a lot when I'm the one who's been wronged. Like someone left a bad taste in my mouth for whatever reason, but I may not necessarily have severed the relationship and still deal with the person on some level. Upright, I'M the one who's happy as hell because somebody else is miserable.

You must be the change that you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi.
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