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You;ve got to have heart, miles and miles and miles of heart

Originally posted by retrokat
[B]I've just heard from USGS that release is now scheduled for October 2003. Sorry it's a month later than I said previously..
Book Publishers often do this, I'm still waiting for a computer book that was supposed to be released in November. You may find other delays crop up during the year. The important thing is that they ARE publishing it, I still find that exciting. <g> Do you know how many people submit work and are refused publication? Of course you do!

Then lied to people who asked her about the source, saying she got it on a CD in Europe - when in fact I still have the email she sent me last year.

I feel all the more infringed that it was done in full knowledge of who I am and what I've already gone through. At least the first piracy in Germany was done by strangers. *sigh*

Having been betrayed by similar falseness in online "friends" myself, I can understand your feelings. This sort of betrayal is a consequence of the predictability and lack of imagination that drips off certain manipulators. They delight in "pulling one off" and feel a kind of pseudo omniscience that has nothing to do with any legitimate work or talent, as they don't possess the ability for such things.

The more they see of people who DO have ability and talent, the more cynical and bitter they get. It eats them, it destroys their intellect and creativity and swallows their ethics and conscience.

So, we let them be eaten. They cannot truly touch us, or anyone else, and they may not get what they deserve but they get what they pay for, which is an empty parody of life.

You have other loyal fans and supporters, and you are a positive influence and example for creativity, even through these piracy troubles.

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