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Pearls of Wisdom - The Sun

This is one card that I struggle with.

A woman with a Klingon forehead ... Ok, it's a head-dress ....sits on a throne surrounded by a blue-white haze. From behind the throne there are yellow light beams and blue sky. The sun above the throne has a counter-clockwise sworl. This sun doesn't feel as hot as the sun on the Seven or Eight of Cups. The throne looks to be made from red-gold and the lady's outfit is golden all the way down to her shoes. There is a small sun resting on her Crown Chakra. It looks to be part of her head-dress and there is a string of those green beads I saw in on the wrists of the lady in the Seven of Cups.

For all her shining glory, she holds a pair of plain sticks in her hand, similar to the sticks that are at the top of the card. The sticks are attached to puppets at her feet - three children riding a unicorn. The sticks at the top of the card seem to be attached to the lady - is she a puppet, too?

There are three pairs of hands along the border of this card. One set with the puppet sticks; one set with a red and white rose; one holding a filled wine glass while the other hand is open and welcoming.

There is a jar of paint brushes and a climbing vine with flow buds on one side of the card; a key on a hook, a four leaf clover and an upturned horse shoe on the other.

This is the creepiest card in the Pearls of Wisdom deck for me. The Sun really isn't the Sun? It's manipulated by an outside force (the disembodied hands) just as the Sun Lady manipulates the puppets in front of her. It's a player in Life's drama like everything/everyone else? I could use some help with this one.

The Rune Berkano is on the upper left-hand column. Berkano is the Rune of the Birch Goddess, a painful task mistress if the situation calls for it. It is also the Rune of Liberation and Becoming (ref. The Nine Doors of Midgard by Edred Thorsson).
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