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Originally Posted by SilverClaw
I once used RB runes and found that some of his work is not really historically accurate, but it was at least a start for me and my journey with runes. Wish you all the best with your journey.
Thanks SilverClaw...

I am enjoying my exploration of the runes and slowly learning their meanings and symbolism. I really started practicing with them in earnest after Christmas. I now incorporate them into my daily routine along with my 3 card daily draw, which I journal with my interpretation each day. I haven't done anything too "technical' other than a three rune cast. Although I was bold one night and tried the past, present, future life spread; which kinda' scared me (still not really sure why), but undoubtedly part of the reason was I'm much too new to the runes to be practicing such a reading.

I'm very happy this thread is here to help guide me that's for sure!
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