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Originally Posted by Essjay
I collected my TT from the post office and am enchanted by it. I got a black velvet bag with red interior and a greeny bluey red ribbon. The label is a lovely touch and the size of the bag is great - nice and snug (thank you Kat's Mum).

I love the card size; I don't have small hands but like smaller decks and this fits in the palm of the hand really well. Having looked through a few times now I have many favourites - The Moon, Temperance, 9 Wands. The Pages (like all courts!) have always been difficult for me but by their expressions and belongings I get more of an idea.

The little extras in each card work brilliantly to jog my memory or just to give more depth to the card. The oysters in the Queen of Coins (and the half-peeled orange!) give you the impression that she puts on a great spread when you visit her home; her parties must be great. And the half eaten pie!

Thank you Kat and Leisa for this limited edition, I feel very priviledged.
That was quite the post! I knew you would love this deck.

I spent all afternoon trying to read about the Tudors (and I THOUGHT I knew them) on my computer.

I do love a Wikpedia entrie, normally, but on the

Not enough sanely presented information.

But the things that I thought I knew and was SO SO SO wrong about were funny.

My husband is obsessed with Stalin and such.....I am obsessed with the Russian Czars (Tzars....whatever) and between the two of us....

I guess we equal obsessed.

I'm working on a Stalin Deck.

He sealed the people he thought were against him into a submarine.....and sunk it.

Why does that impress me?

Am I a Tudor WannaBe

Or has my deck gone to my head?
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