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Originally Posted by All Is One
Let me get this straight.....the Touchstone is only your second deck???

Let me say that I commend your excellent taste and also that I'm quite jealous in that your tarot experience will surely be strongly influenced by this deck in so many ways!

I do agree with Faunabay, however, and would say that you might really get more out of the Touchstone tarot by plunging right in!

I do understand your fears, as I ordered a second limited edition and I'm leaving that one sealed. I've already spilled 7up on the Fool card and had to wipe it off (it was fine.)

I'm with Faunabay on the riffle shuffle too. (That's what you call the shuffle you do with playing cards?) I also feel I get a better shuffle that way. There is another way to clear a deck, and you might not know this one....

You lay out the first seven cards in a row, then go back to the start of the row and lay another seven cards on top of those and then keep doing that until all cards are down in seven piles. Then pick up the piles in order or at random, and you have cleared the deck of cards sticking or of cards doing their own little tricks.

This would give you a very good shuffle without beating up your cards. This was from RJ Stewart, in his book to accompany the Merlin.

Wellll...not exactly my second deck, but close. A little over two weeks ago, I got my first deck at Barnes and Noble...the Universal Waite...and some books on tarot. I started learning, found AT, subscribed, and then realized wait a second...there are hundreds of amazing decks out there! Having a very "collecting" personality, I decided to start a collection. My fiancee joined me in this. Now, I have the following:

Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot (Gold Edition)
Bohemian Gothic Tarot (Silver Edition)
Celtic Tarot (Davis)
Dark Grimoire Tarot
Deviant Moon Tarot
Gendron Tarot
Gothic Tarot (Vargo)
Haindl Tarot
Le Tarot des Templiers
Manga Tarot (Lo Scarabeo)
Nefertari's Tarots
Renaissance Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot (w/ signed companion book)
Spiral Tarot
Stairs of Gold Tarot
Tarocco di Colombo
Tarot of Prague (First Edition)
Tarot of the Master
Touchstone Tarot (LE 418/500)
Universal Fantasy Tarot
Universal Waite Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot (Gold Edition)
Visconti Tarots

With the Archeon (signed), Illuminated (medium, double-painted), Tarot of Trees, Star Tarot, Buckland Romani 2nd edition, Favole, DruidCraft, Tarocchi delle Stelle, and Il Tarocco Delle Vetrate on the way... and an empty bank account.

One might call it an obsession...I call it enthusiasm. The Touchstone, though, is one of my absolute -favorites- of all I've gotten so far, for sure. It's an amazingly nice deck that I will treasure for a long time to come.

There are two additional reasons I started out so enthusiastically! 1) I want to get all the -existing- decks that I want so I only have to concern myself with ones yet to come out, and 2) the closest new age/occult/metaphysical store to me is over an hour away and very very expensive, so it's makes more sense for me to buy a lot of decks and then trade (or sell for just a little loss) the ones that I don't fall in love with right away. Just a note, though...the Touchstone is not one I plan to ever sell or trade.

Whew, what a month...
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