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Originally Posted by stormdancer339
HoKay...I'm here cause i need help.

I am thinking of a buy/trade for this deck. What do I need to know that will change my mind??? I seem to be doing more collecting rather than reading, but the idea that the book is in Polish is attractive. Then I won't be bogged down...and can use the deck intuitively...just as soon as I start actually READING...LOL. I am fascinated by what I've seen of the artwork in this deck. Take a look at my profile....those of you who are more experienced will probably see a pattern that illustrates what I like and feel I can use.

UM---*GULP*-- help?

It's a beautiful deck and the art is unlike any deck I've seen, but it's not exactly traditional. If you're willing to take the time to explore it, I think it would be a very intriguing deck. I have to admit that it's not my style - I prefer esoteric symbolism decks and decks like the Magic Realist variety, personally. I can't read Polish so I can't attest to the quality of the text, but the book is of comparable heft to the Magic Realist kit books (perhaps slightly bigger).

While the art is unique, it's not everyone's style - the all black backgrounds do take an element of depth away. At the same time, it has a rather primitive feel, almost like the art is etched in an onyx plate. Again, it's a matter of tastes.

The deck itself comes in a very cheap plastic case that cracks extremely easily - in fact I'm not sure one can find one that isn't cracked (mine came that way brand new). The box is not suitable for putting on a shelf, so I would recommend keeping the deck in a bag. That's one area in which I was a bit disappointed - the packaging belies the value and cost of the deck. Still, the cardstock is very nice, it's not obnoxiously overlaminated, and the art is of high quality.

Overall, I think it could make a good reading deck if you have time to explore the slightly different symbolism from standard decks (and especially if you can read the Polish companion book!) If you like decks with dark backgrounds, this would appeal to you much more than if you like flowery, happy-go-fairy decks. Still, it's not an angry or depressing deck, nor does it specifically appeal to the shadow side (in my opinion).

Despite the fact that you're considering this deck from me, I hope I've given my fair first impressions. I hope others with more experience using the deck will help you come to an informed decision!
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