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Originally Posted by vger
But but but... my beloved Thoth never picks on the other decks. Or perhaps it does it when I'm not around to see it and just looks innocent when I'm around?

But what happens when I need a replacement for my Thoth that has worn out if it's OOP?
Your other decks will feel safe and loved at last. Not that it is capable of wearing out. Bad things have a way of lasting. Look how well bullies get along in the playground. OK they have no friends - but they have everyone else's chocolate, bus money etc.....

Oh. But you people should seriously try to talk me out of the Quantum Tarot. I've recently began obsessing about it, as it perfectly combines my two interests (or obsessions), tarot and modern physics. Help!
Modern physics has no place in tarot. Where is the mystery, the absolute impossibility of proof that we get with tarot. Where the symbolism ? Quantums are just there. They don't get symbolic or magickal or anything.

And can you see yourself reading with a 4 of - well, anything - that looks exactly like temperance - loads of swirly bits with glitter.... how do you tell which is which ?

Actually I don't understand any of this - which is another good reason not to get it. It makes no sense. It just fries your brain.

*gregory goes away for ice cubes, feeling a bit overblown here*
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