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Originally Posted by Seafra
No, it is fear of the unknown. It takes people out of their comfort zone and people don't like that.

The oldest synagogue in the US is down the road from the hotel and many Hasidic Jews stay with us for holy days. I've seen kids stare in horror at them. They are afraid. No phobia over Jews, fear of what is unknown.
I agree that it is fear of the unknown... but that's a cureable problem - once something is known the fear fades if that is what it is. Hiding from the unknown only increases the fear because then most things are in the fearsome category.

In such a situation, do you ask the Hasidic Jew to stay out of the lobby to avoid upsetting children? Or to cut their hair to better fit in? Or is ... sometimes... discomfort, even in children, something to sympathise with but not protect from?

btw - my response would be the same as fudugazi (although I'm more likely to pre-emptively avoid the situation) - if a business does not welcome my presence while I am causing no harm, I will simply quietly leave.. obviously, I am not the customer they're catering to. No harm no foul, but like everyone else I like to feel welcome where I am spending money.
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