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A few thoughts

He's beautiful this guy, isn't he.

He's also a bit of a puzzle.

He looks as though he's saluting or toasting something or someone and so does his pony.
There's a sadness about both pony and rider, more so than in any other Prince / Knight of Cups card I can think of. To me he looks as though he's saying goodbye, maybe about to embark on his quest yet this is where the puzzle arises: His clothes are tattered, he's barefoot as though he's been through a lot yet he's clean, not battle worn or battle scarred.

Maybe he's so locked into his own little dream world that he hasn't noticed that his once beautiful garments are now in rags. Maybe he's forgotten to put his shoes on.

He looks so sensitive and caring. I really like the way his ponys' mane is blonde and flowing and so is the hair of the prince. Maybe this shows a sensitivity, an awareness and connection to animals.

I agree with Wolfspirit that the sky is very strange and adds to the dreamy quality of the whole image.

The moon is waxing and is quite new, indicating that his quest is beginning.

I haven't read what the book says about this guy - I'll go off and read it; maybe then I'll add some more.


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