Druidcraft study group: Princess of Wands


Hello Lovers of the Druidcraft. I'm opening this thread to start our study of the deck and "reserve" some space for it. I sent a PM to Moonbow & I'm sure when she gets the time she'll scan in the card for those of you who don't have the deck yet. I think it's safe to send her big {{{HUGS}}} on behalf of everyone for offering to do this. I can't wait to dig into the card a little later & read your impressions if you jump right in now! :eek:)


Princess Of Wands



I just realized our deckless friends actually need the type-up now. I'll be back w/ that as soon as I get it down. :eek:) Oops, I mean done while I'm downing my tea!


Key Words: Enthusiastic * Energetic * Inventive

The Princess of Wands is likely to be a lively, playful person who is eager to experience life and to try out new things. She loves life and is a loyal friend and lover, and often exhibit’s a burning desire to achieve. Her enthusiasm is infectious, but she may sometimes act theatrically or selfishly, using either people or circumstances (or both) to achieve her own ends.

If you have drawn this card it can either refer to that part of you which is outgoing and full of life, or to someone you know or will know in the future, whose dynamic enthusiasm will inspire you to get involved in creative projects. When not signifying a person, this card may represent the initial spark of interest in a project or a relationship, or it can indicate a message or communication, particularly one conveying news about the beginning of a venture. It may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life - a new phase of activity just starting.

The Princess of Wands reversed indicates a person who has become confused or indecisive. There is an interruption in the easy flow of energy, and this may also manifest in disrupted communications, or delayed or postponed journeys. If this card refers to you, look at how you can reconnect to your sources of energy, and whether it is possible to resolve whatever difficulties are causing confusion or blockages. When indicating a person, the card can represent a child who has literacy problems or difficulty with their energy, resulting perhaps in hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder.


Here we see the Princess of Wands holding her Wand like a Staff as she strides along a road. Her dress is crimson and the front, trim and belt are decorated with celtic designs. Her cloak is fastened with a golden clasp and her auburn hair flows freely in the breeze behind her.

From her stance you can tell that this Princess has energy and enthusiasm. She is bursting for something to happen and to be a part of it. I think the reason we see her walking along a road is to show that she is keen to get going and start something new. She does not sit back and wait for others to take the lead but gets on with it herself. She is looking forward with purpose and has an air of anticipation about her. Freedom and expression are words to describe her. This also means that she has a tendancy at times to dive in without thinking.

Before I had this deck, a friend of mine did a reading for me and this was one of the cards that cropped up. I have an affinity with this card now for that reason.

I may post more later if something else comes to mind.


TygrEyes said:
Key Words: Enthusiastic * Energetic * Inventive

When indicating a person, the card can represent a child who has literacy problems or difficulty with their energy, resulting perhaps in hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder.

I like this fresh intake on the reverse princess of wands. I had actually placed her picture(s) on my desk top ( thank you moonbow).

I like to read whatever I can lay my hands on pertaining to this deck here and on any thread, before I receive my very own deck, within a week or so.


Nice scan Moonbow* ;)

Well I tried to be the first DruidCraft lover.. stepping up to the plate :D but, I am at work, and acutally had to do some :(

I love this card.. ok so I am partital because she is a beautiful redhead.
My impression of her is she exudes strength and confidence. She seems daring and vibriant un-afraid to move forward in life. Her forceful character imposes the impression of beauty upon the beholder.
I think she is stunning,one of my favorite cards. (I have a lot of favorites in this deck).

Having scans is great since I am mostly posting from work, study groups are sometimes difficult for me. I may post more on this later.

(Americans do not wait for April...buy now you will not regret it!)


I see her as Princess of Fire...

The green sigils or designs on her dress look like salamandars to me.

The book has a wheel of the year and her card position might be considered the bottom apex/point during the summer soltice. Each page/princess is positioned as a point in an imaginary compass, to me: the page/princess of swords being at the spring equinox, on the right side of the wheel; the page/princess of pentacles at top winter solstice, and the page/princess of cups at the autumn equinox on the left side of the wheel.

I noticed a helpful discussion in the RWS forum about salamandars...

What a lovely lead in to the Druidcraft!



Ah... Salamandars

I have been trying to work out what that design is, thank you Cerulean.

Even better theme for the card now!


Princess of Wands, Druid Craft..

I noticed the staff the Princess is holding. We can see the bottom but not the top. Around the bottom is some brilliant yellow fiery light. This seemed to suggest she is trying to ground this inspirational energy, but the fact that the top of the staff is not seen could suggest she is yet unaware of the source of her inspiration...

the grounding of inspiration is also suggested by the inverted triangular breastplate on her dress

I love that beautiful red dress with green salamanders and cape.:)..her long red hair spirals out behind her in a pattern similar to the tails of the salamanders..

The red connects with will and energy; the green with the earth and humanity.

I’m not as familiar as I’d like to be with Celtic Knot patterns like the one around the hem of her dress. It could mean something specific..it looks like a series of 3 knots connecting with another series of 3...maybe someone here knows? 3 is definitely a creative number

I LOVE this deck, look forward to discussing it here..and have enjoyed the comments so far. Moonbow, if you ever need a break from scanning., I’d be happy to do a few too.

Cerulean, thanks for the great link!!