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I thought that since every one is busy doing holiday stuff and I am stuck here at work with really nothing to do (shhhh…don’t tell anyone) that I would go ahead and post the next card for our group, The Prince of Cups. TygrEyes hope you do not mind

In looking at the Prince of Cups, he really kind of reminds me of a Holy Grail Knight. He has a dreamer quality about him, as though he has been on a Quest for some time and still believes in the mission. The way he sits easily on his steed, relaxed and comfortable, it is almost as if he allows the horse to choose his own path. He seems as if he is holding his chalice before him as if to ask for guidance.

His clothes are of quality but have obviously seen better days, and are frayed. I love the richness of his clothes, the vibrant red of his tunic and the green of his cape. I cannot tell if that is sunset reflecting on his cape or if it just worn and dirty for his journey.

His expression seems very gentle, even perhaps a bit sad. It is a little hard to tell with his helmet on.

I notice that he has only one armband on his left arm. It is jeweled, and unlike the rest of his clothes, much better maintained. I was a bit surprised at his lack of footwear however, I would have thought that a Prince of his quality would have sported some sort of footwear, and not have been barefooted on his horse. He does not give the impression of being just on an evening ride; I would have thought boots would have been in order for a journey.

I may post more on this later.

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At first I thought the Prince looked sad but looking at the card again I think he's more sensitive, he seems deep in though looking at the Cup. He's the only Prince who isn't armed and ready for battle. I layed all the Princes out in a row just to check this. I haven't read what the book says for this card yet, I wanted to see what impressions I got first. Even the horse looks deep in thought.

I'm going to spend more time with this card and then I'll post again. The deck only came yesterday and I'm still getting to know them. :)


I agree that he looks deep in thought or solemn. I wonder if he's just coming home from a long campaign? His clothes are tattered, but they look clean to me. He may have lost a gauntlet in battle or just from completing a long arduous journey. That could be how he lost his shoes as well. Maybe we're seeing him after his task, as warrior or messenger, has been completed & he's now very close to home. The chainmail, helmet & gauntlet has me leaning towards warrior, though. He could be stopping to pay respect to his homeland, general area, before he gets to his actual home. Maybe this is his favorite spot & he's stopping to rest & reflect before all the excitement sure to greet him at home. His poor steed looks tired as well. I'll bet the horse remembers the rest of the way home & the Prince just let's him take him there at a leisurely pace. Thanks for starting the new thread, Majecot! :eek:)


My impressions:

wherever the prince is travelling to, it looks like he is having a break now. He is not on a path, but he is standing close to the water, near a big tree: the tree fills the top of the card. So maybe the prince is standing in a bit of a secluded area, protected by the tree. He could have taken off his shoes and long trousers because he wants to refresh his feet in the water :) He looks at ease and relaxing. He does look a bit tired so he really needs to rest here; however, this has not stopped him from thinking about the cup he is firmly holding in front of him.
This prince has very long hair, and so does his horse (his manes). Man and horse look a lot alike, in a way.

One of the most striking things about this card is the sky in the background: it is pink high up and close to the ground it is yellow. This is weird: when the sky is pink this is usually when the sun is rising or setting, but then the air close to the ground would have to be red from the setting or rising sun, not yellow. It makes a beautiful sky, but also a bit surreal, which enhances the dreamy impression of the card. The sky is also mirrored in the water, so the effect becomes even bigger.
Maybe the prince is taking a well-deserved rest from pursuing his dreams, but he could also be dreaming too much (there is a danger of that in the prince of cups as well, I think). Depending on the reading it could be either.


Both the prince and his horse look very tired. I think they just came from a long trip. In my eyes the prince is very tirsty as well and that's why he's focussed on his cup so much. He is so caught up with the idea of some water that he doesn't notice that his horse is passing a water pool. The prince thinks to much. He has the right ideas, but should look more around him. Even when you are tired or don't know what to do, you should stay in the reality. Dreams are fun, but they get you no where. In the end you really have to do it yourself. If you dream to much about things without taking action, you get others caught up in your dream as well. That's why the horse looks tired as well.


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A few thoughts

He's beautiful this guy, isn't he.

He's also a bit of a puzzle.

He looks as though he's saluting or toasting something or someone and so does his pony.
There's a sadness about both pony and rider, more so than in any other Prince / Knight of Cups card I can think of. To me he looks as though he's saying goodbye, maybe about to embark on his quest yet this is where the puzzle arises: His clothes are tattered, he's barefoot as though he's been through a lot yet he's clean, not battle worn or battle scarred.

Maybe he's so locked into his own little dream world that he hasn't noticed that his once beautiful garments are now in rags. Maybe he's forgotten to put his shoes on.

He looks so sensitive and caring. I really like the way his ponys' mane is blonde and flowing and so is the hair of the prince. Maybe this shows a sensitivity, an awareness and connection to animals.

I agree with Wolfspirit that the sky is very strange and adds to the dreamy quality of the whole image.

The moon is waxing and is quite new, indicating that his quest is beginning.

I haven't read what the book says about this guy - I'll go off and read it; maybe then I'll add some more.


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I've been hibernating........
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The Prince of Cups well!


To me he seems lost in thought. His horse seems sad or perhaps just tired. His clothes are nice, however they are fraying at the edges, and his cloak may be dirty or just cast in shadow. He has lost his shoes!

I love the way the sun is setting, and the moon is already out. Perhaps this signifies the end of something? I think maybe he is toasting his cup to a new begining!


There is definately a dreamlike quality to this card but I wouldn't say tored, maybe far-and-away.

The horse's mane seems to echo the watre motif and I think deep water is usually a reference to the unconcious (a la Jung). In paganism dreams are associated with the element of water ina big way. Our prince here is somewhere else astrally. He is also not in control right nw, merely an observer he is being pulled (as the moon controls tides). Also, for me, the moon in the opening in the clouds seems to connote a moment of clarity and of truth, of being overtaken by the essense of te goddess.

In full moon rituals I have stood facing a cloudshouded moon and waited as the winds created an opening for a moment where the light seemed to consume me. It is, for me, a brief moment of revelation.