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Originally Posted by BodhiSeed View Post
I started out with just a bed tray with a few items on it hidden under the bed when all three kids were still at home.
I have little Altars around the house. . Two are "working" ones - where I change stuff on them and leave spells (prayers) to mature.
Windowsills are good.
And I have a Tarot Altar tacked to my bedroom wall (cut out plastic pockets that I can slip cards into) - opposite the Kung Fu (3rd form) poster.
My tiny back yard has 4 quarter Altars in it. The South Quarter is the "working" one.

If I plan an indoor ritual - I may put together a specific Altar for it (I have a collection of
props), locking myself in the office space, and "drawing" the circle on the floor.

Out in the coppice (behind my tiny back yard) I have a little corner set up where I go and
sit at full moon and do ritual or contemplate the night. I sometimes bring and set up an Altar - sometimes not. .

(I'm currently not in a ritual group - outdoor groups meet in the woods and do the same space clear and Altar set up stuff - take it all away when done. Indoor groups will have quarter Altars in the appropriate corners of the room that is their current "Temple/Sacred Space".).
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