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Tarot and Gender Prediction

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Tarot and Gender Prediction


I am 25 weeks pregnant and thought that it might be fun to try to use my cards to determine the gender of my little one. I do not have a lot of experience and still rely on books to help aid me with my readings.

What I am not sure about is what kind of spread I should use to do this.
Also, should I remove all of the cards that do not signify gender and leave cards that may be an indication - such as court cards.

If I were to use a Celtic Cross spread - or other, what would be a suitable card for the Querent/Significator?

Any help/insight would be appreciated!


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I, personally, don't use a signifactor in any spread. sometimes you are more 4 of pentacles about something than say Queen of cups.

now for the gender of the baby. I have actually been able to do this with some accuracy. of course there is a 50/50 chance so the odds are good anyway. I usually just ask the question tell me about the baby's gender. then I draw three cards. If a page or other court card shows up it's great that helps. if there is a dominate suit that could point to gender.
cups and pentacles are considered female energy
wands and swords are male energy.
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I personally never use spreads (unless I am forced to in a reading circle), but why not take only the Minors 1-10 and pull a card...and let even numbers represent a boy and odd numbers represent a girl. Or vice versa if you prefer

I also never use significators. Tried it a few times and discontinued it.

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i think you have to have your own method ready before you start the read and i would stick to 1-3 cards. Look at the card and see if it looks like a boy or girl, some male cards can pass for female. If you get the world, then your a bit stuck as thats a hermapradite:-)
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My method which has worked all but once is that cups and pents are girl and swords and wands are boy. Most majors will have one or the other too but if not I pull until I get one of the minors.
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not to open a can of worms, but ultrasound image might make a cool custom card for a deck.

Also, are you looking for general gender identity,
or anatomical base gender defined by chromosomes?

You might want to specify, but then again I have never done this.
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Jay and I decided that we were going to let the gender be a surprise. We thought it would be fun to guess using the various "predictors" out there such as the Chinese Gender Chart, The spinning ring, Wives tales. I thought I would throw Tarot in the mix. I enjoy using my cards and felt that this would be a fun exercise. We know that an ultrasound is the surefire way to determine gender but it would take the fun out of guessing.

Preferably we would like to ask about the anatomical base gender. We are not concerned with its general gender identity, the child will be free to identify with any gender it chooses.
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Shuffle your deck well. Then thumb through it, looking at the images as you go. When you get to teh first "Page", stop.

If it is a Page Cups or Pentacles, it'll be 75% likely to be a girl, 25% likely to be a fairly quiet boy.

If it is a Page Swords or Wands, it'll be 75% likely to be a boy, 25% likely to be a tomboyish girl.

(I have been known to be wrong).
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