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My newest books on Tarot, etc. are Tarot Beyond the Basics, Tarot and Lenormand and The Essential Lenormand. I haven't read them all completely, but they're all very good.
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Currently "The Ultimate Guide To Tarot" by Liz Dean.
It's simple, yet filled with lots of helpful info on the tarot!
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Currently 'The Fool's Journey' by Robert M. Place

A little pricey on Lulu, but I got it with a 20% off coupon, and am really happy with it. Interesting book, and the color illustrations are really good.
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Just finished Jodorowsky/Costa - Way of the Tarot: the Spirtual Teacher in the Cards. I enjoyed it, and I think I learned a lot from it, though I think I'll build my own approach on these principles, rather than follow them exactly as articulated, but it was a thoughtful book.
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I'm reading The Heart of the Tarot by Sandra Thomson, Robert Mueller, and Signe Echols. Their Spiritual Tarot is one of my favorites. I wish both were available on Kindle.
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I am re-reading 'The Truth About The Tarot' by Gerald Suster. Excellent little book!
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Babalon Jones 

Originally Posted by sapienza View Post
I am re-reading 'The Truth About The Tarot' by Gerald Suster. Excellent little book!
I love that book!

Right now, just have a stack of library books, all fiction, as I am trying to distract myself from severe bronchitis and the horrors of US politics.

But I have Gareth Knight books in my Amazon cart just begging me to pick at least one of them.
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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
I love that book!.
It's a little treasure, isn't it?
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Tarot for One by Courtney Webber. She is a Tarot blogger and just released her first book on November 1st. I got it a few days ago and I love it.

I've been reading tarot for myself for over 13 years and I was intrigued to see a book dedicated to the subject. Her section on the fools journey really meshed with my own beliefs but brought a lot of nuance to the surface.

Her exercises were some of the few I have actually done. Most of the time I skip them in books, tarot especially, I just get bored, but hers were helpful to me.
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Spreads Galore

I'm reading Pollack's The New Tarot Handbook, less for card meanings and more for the spreads she outlines. Each card has a special spread, and I've been working my way through them as a meditative journaling exercise; good fun!

Curious about Holistic Tarot; might have to get that one soon!
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