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Originally Posted by Onyx View Post
Still plugging away with my Isis oracle and the Gods and Titans deck. But yesterday at the used book store I saw a copy of the Goddess Inspirational Oracle pretty darn cheap so I picked it up.

Now there are some serious reservations I have about the deck but overall I think I really like. It is a packed deck with loads of ideas and the feel of the card is just great. I wish there were more picture on the deck and less border but still it is something that I tried to use right off the bat with a few little quick questions and I thought I was getting a pretty good reading.

I agree about the borders. I am still plugging away with it.

I am in the Creativity section of her book.
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How appropriate, that today I pulled Selene, a Moon Goddess.
this prompted me to go through the deck and pull out all the Moon Goddesses and compare and contrast them.
Happy Full Moon to all of you!
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