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I have started a study group in 'Study Groups' for the Oracle of the Dreamtime.
I have already checked with Moderator last week to make sure an oracle deck study group is ok there :)
(I get paranoid about putting things in the right forums ;) )

Hope to see a few of you over there



Hey there :))

Anyone reading this, pop over and have a look - especially if you are interested in Aboriginal (Koori) spirituality - the oldest surviving culture on the planet! ALSO, this is an Australian based site (BIG kudos to Solandia!) so I hope some of you Aussies dawdle over to put your two bob's in.... :))

Many of the cards are universal, (like Butterfly, Moon, Opal) and some also apply to Tarot meanings.

I am actually the author of the book that accompanies the cards, and I also did the base design behind many of them. I love symbols/archetypes and treasure an opportunity to share & learn with others in this area.

My reality has been that of mother (five kids & lots of animals!) and my creative (and even spiritual) expression has been through the medium of glass.... I feel I have "lost touch" with the Oracle... what it represents.... and so the study group is already proving a means for me to feel more in tune with the universal values this deck addresses. It is my hope, and I am sure part of Red Earth's intention, to learn more from a personal, self-development standpoint using the deck as a springboard. Isn't that what divination decks are for, anyway?

I guess, what I am saying, is the study group that Red Earth has initiated, is more than reading a deck of cards, but about what the cards mean (archetypes they represent) and perhaps how to apply their meanings in our lifes as real energies. Explore them further.

Thankyou if you got this far! (It is late at night well almost 1am and I was making beautiful glass beads but I burnt my fingers and can't make anymore... so I get to babble on here instead!!!!!!)

~Brolga ~ Donni~


I finally got my Oracle of the Dreamtime today. It has been on my wishlist for ages, and when I realised it is getting harder to get I decided to order it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the original English edition anymore, so I got the Dutch edition, which seems to be all over the place (it's one of the few oracles that is available in practically every regular bookshop).

The translation of the book is not great, but it's ok (being a translator myself, I'm very picky about translations... ;) ).

The cards are absolutely beautiful! And they bring back memories from my trips to Australia... *sigh*

I'm not going to promise that I'll join the study group, because I don't know whether I'll have the time. But I will definitely pop in every now and then! ;)


what happened to the study group? I just went looking for it.


look under the study groups board called 'general'. the last post for the group was july 14. (currently on the second page).


VioletLotus said:
what happened to the study group? I just went looking for it.
In this post you'll find an outline of what has already been posted in the study group. ;)


Thank you, Zorya and TarotLady.
I just won the deck on ebay last night, for a ridiculously low price, so I thought I'd check out the study group (days before it arrives LOL).



Hi Violet lotus,
Have you received your Oracle of the Dreamtime deck yet?
What do you think of it?I have posted another topic on the study group section, re Crocodile.
It is here:

Hope you enjoy your deck, and feel free to ask any questions and we can discuss thingsas I do love the deck so much!

Warm blessings


Have received it, but haven't opened it yet. I'm glad there's a new topic. I'll check it out!


I am emerging from some kind of spiritual desert & thought I would post to see if anyone had any questions, comments, whaatever, about "Oracle of the Dreamtime."

My mission for 2005 is to completre my manuscript for a revised and edited and vastly expanded version of "Native Symbols - A Guide to the Energies of the Australian Bush" so if anyone wants to start another thread if they have any query about a particular Aussie symbol (animal to plant to cosmos) please do! I will gladly post what I have here for feedback and comment. :)

I also have a new website since last posting here: [link removed by moderator]

I see 2005 being my year of making lots more art glass beads and expanding my writing as this will be my first year in twelve I will have all children at school!!!!!!

Brite Blessings