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O. of the Dreamtime

I am hoping to shortly acquire an Oracle of the Dreamtime deck, so I am delighted to find this revived study group. I'm part-English, part-Scottish, have never yet been to Australia but feel drawn to its animal and plant energies. I think this deck will suit just fine.

Donni, now the kids are all in school, this is YOUR time ! Enjoy !



The Happy Squirrel

This thread is from about a decade ago so I suspect it is no longer alive. I have the OOP Oracle of the Dreamtime on its way to me and I would love to see if there are some out there who would be interested to go through the deck again this time around. I normally do not feel that there is ever enough in an 'oracle' deck to chew on but this one seems different. I will need time to study it first, but I thought I scout around now if there is a potential for a study group for the deck :)


Happy, you might ask a mod to fix the title as now Dreamtime Oracle refers to a totally different deck. Or start a renamed thread that includes Donni Hakanson in the title?

The Happy Squirrel

That is a good idea! Once I get my deck I might start a thread :) Thanks for the suggestion!

The Happy Squirrel

Mod, would we be able to change the title of this thread to Oracle of the Dreamtime please? There is a new deck which came out recently called the Dreamtime Reading Cards and they are two completely different decks :) Do I have to PM?


FYI, the name of the moderator(s) for each forum are listed at the bottom of the forum's "home page" (list of threads.)

Yes, it would be preferable to send a PM if you need moderator service as that will notify me immediately.

Do be aware that the actual study group for the Oracle of the Dreamtime is listed in the Oracles study group index and can be found here: Always check the main index ( before starting a new study group. It is a sticky at the top of the forum list.

I will rename this as "Oracle of the Dreamtime Discussion" and will add it to the main Oracle of the Dreamtime Index.

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The Happy Squirrel

Thanks Chiska!