August Oracle of the Month Study Group: Mythology Based


Can't believe we are already in August. I must pull my head out of the clouds....

This month is gods and goddess, Greek mythology, etc.

I am planning to pull out my old Odin's Journey deck and give it a go....never really bonded with it so maybe at this point it will resonant.


Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr

This month I have been doing daily draws from my Goddess Inspiration Oracle for study of a mythology based deck. I also was able to get Kris Waldherr's book "The Book of Goddesses: A Celebration of the Divine Feminine; anniversary edition" which features over 100 goddesses. I am enjoying reading this book in conjunction with the mythology study this month.

While I am reading her book I realize how many of the traditions and ceremonies associated with some of these goddesses have been lost, even in the Greek and Roman pantheons. You would think it would not be so with both of those dominant cultures of the ancient world. I am in the middle of the book at the moment, which section details the aspects of the mother.

I keep going back to the Goddess I drew the other day, a day I was heavy on working with my aunt's genealogy, and my friend's genealogy asking me to translate Italian for her and a day she was working on translating German for me from a distant cousin. Also on that day I was relaxing doing calm, meditative yarn work with my needles. Spiderwoman. She connects people together. Some Native Americans believe she invented weaving as well. By far, she is a Goddess I am favoring this week.


I chose to use the Goddess knowledge cards with paintings from my favourite artist, Susan Seddon Bulet.
But somehow, as much as I love the art, the goddesses somehow do not "fill the hollow in my Soul" this month.
there is a same-ness in the card discriptions of the ones I happened to draw - they were all "mother goddesses and Moon goddesses and very powerful....
Sure! Of course, they are goddesses - after all...

I think, I might drag out the Animal Spirit Cards from the same artist and see, iffff it is just me = my mood, or if I for some reason right now am not open to the Goddess theme.
I will report back.


Mi Shell...I know what you mean...some decks/themes I can really get into and others not at all....sometimes it is a timing thing...or perhaps I am just not open to the messages...for I might get out a deck that didn't work for me six months ago and discover it does speak to me now.

Glass Owl

I have the Isis Oracle and I think it would be a great deck for me to really explore this month. I love Jimmy Manton's art work. I have his God and Titans and Goddesses and Sirens decks too but I think the Isis is calling me more.


I have evidence, that I am befallen by "Catitis"! :(
With the Goddess deck I was for some reasons drawing almost all the goddesses associated with Cat - or felines!!!!
Yes, that happened in spite of shuffling every day....
It should tell me something...
Then in the Animal myth deck - guess, what I am drawing the last few days??
Felines are not realllly my "special Animals" - apart from Snow Leopard, who is an Ancestral Guardian of All the Clans in our tribe in Siberia....
So could all of you please take out YOUR decks and divine, WHY I am befallen by Catitis!??
I could use your input!


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Hmm - the Elements deck gives the Lanthanides - a whole load of elements (57 - 71) "especially notorious for being chemically similar to each other", while the Solar System card is Saturn which says that after first being observed through a telescope "it took 50 years before anyone could make the slightest sense of what they were seeing" :confused:.


Thanks, 2dogs!
I can see the matter of the similar element here.....
I will have to think some more on the other meanings you mentioned, especially the fact, that you have pulled out Saturn....
Cat energy right now does not realllly help me with a demanding task, that fell into my lap yesterday.: Trying to raise first 1 then 2 orphaned baby mice :bugeyed:
we discovered them crawling through the larder - I think we caught their mom in a life trap and removed her - 3 km across the river....
One of the babies looks OK , but the other will not eat the formula -or the electrolyte solution we try to feed via syringe - and paintbrush.....
And this morning I - yet again - drew Bast, the Cat Goddess :(


Oh the poor mice. Still, it is good you are trying to help them :thumbsup:.

If it's any help, the Lanthanides' chemical similarity is caused by having the same arrangement of outermost electrons but differences at a deeper level give them varied magnetic or optical properties, and the mystery of what appeared to be ears on Saturn that disappeared was revealed by the different orientations of the planet over time to be rings.

Maybe it's suggesting you should start a comparative study of these cat goddess cards - what they have in common and what less obvious differences they contain.


Still plugging away with my Isis oracle and the Gods and Titans deck. But yesterday at the used book store I saw a copy of the Goddess Inspirational Oracle pretty darn cheap so I picked it up.

Now there are some serious reservations I have about the deck but overall I think I really like. It is a packed deck with loads of ideas and the feel of the card is just great. I wish there were more picture on the deck and less border but still it is something that I tried to use right off the bat with a few little quick questions and I thought I was getting a pretty good reading.