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Cool Rune Study Group: Elhaz

Warning: This is a difficult Rune to discuss.

"ale-hawz" ( Elk, protection.) Looks like a hawks footprint (several of the gods use the hawk shape when traveling between worlds).

Elhaz rules the conduit between the gods and man, and the sending (downward) of holy might. It is said to represent a human reaching towards the heavens in prayer (and mutual communication, a connection with divine forces).

It is a rune of purification and warding. Its shape also denotes the protective horns of the elk (a sign of defense). It is the rune that indicates communication between ones personal valkrja (also known as the fetch or fylgia), the messenger between the gods and humans.

It is a ward of and for a person or place, and as both a shield and spear, brings anguish to enemies.

It is a divine weapon that bodes danger.

Do not seize or try to utilize…you must become the weapon.

Only then may you be capable of using it to protect and/or bring change for a positive outcome. When the gods speak, or send to us, few are ready or able to use such power. As mortals we tend toward thought. When the gods speak to you, best not think-react. However, do not barge in like a warrior. Wisdom is required to use a double-edged sword. It spells extreme risk for the ill equipped.

As a merkstave it indicates extreme danger, risk of injury.

As a person, it indicates divine forces.

I have a personal attachment to this rune. It was my day draw on 9-11. I listened to the voices. I did not question. I am here to write this.
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Re: Rune Study Group: Elhaz

Originally posted by Umbrae
It is the rune that indicates communication between ones personal valkrja (also known as the fetch or fylgia), the messenger between the gods and humans.
Valkrja, Fetch or Fylgia. Forgive me, I'm not familiar with these terms. Could you explain further? Or tell me where to look for further definitions?

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This was my daily draw for today. I'm thinking that it may indicate communication with the gods, due to my preperation for my Samhain festivities. Or maybe it relates to my recent dream in which I received the Staff?

I'm not exactly sure what else this could be pointing to right now. A friend had a car accident on Saturday and I've been helping her out... could it mean helping her to change things for herself? I'm a bit confused as to how to interpret this one. I can't for the life of me think of why I could be in any danger at the present time. But if I hear any voices in my head saying "look out!" or "duck!" I'll be sure to listen!

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Rune related to another dream?

Yes, Yes, I know... me and my dreams. But this wasn't really a dream, it was a vision I had during a meditation.

The night of 11/25 I began meditating. During the meditation I entered a very crude circular hut. The inside was very rustic, something you'd find during the feudal period, sort of a peasant's hut. Lots of wood furniture, herbs drying by the central fireplace, wooden bowls and spoons, stuff like that. The hut had a thatched roof. It was VERY dim and dusty/smoky inside. I took my staff and pushed against the thatch in the roof, and a portion of it fell off outside. Sunlight streamed into the hut.

That's when I noticed the old woman. She had long, white hair, braided. She was bent over, stooped if you know what I mean. She reminded me of Callieach or maybe Cerridwen, but there was no cauldron that I remember. She said "now, isn't that better? It's always good to shed a little light on the subject."

I know she invited me to sit down for tea (strange in that kind of place) and I kept refering to her as "mother", but it was more a term of respect, than as if I thought she was my real mother. She made me think of Mother Groa from the Norse myths.

Anyway, getting to the point with the rune: I drew this rune (Elhaz) yesterday 11/26 and again today 11/27. I tried contacting her again last night but could not get deep enough into a meditative state. I'm hoping to see her again, it was lovely! And since Elhaz has to do with divine communication I thought it was significant. It was such a cool vision that I just had to share it!

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essentially the old-germanic version of the spirit-guide.

a fylgia is the invisible friend you may or may not have had as a child, or an elder voice that guides your steps.
you may hear them in the wind, see them in the shape of a totem animal, or feel them wake you on a cold and frosty morning.
They may lead you to your gods, or help you find yourself.
Where you are, they are there at your side.

sorry, but i like mine. (but i'm still not sure of her name...)
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Elhaz itself

The first reading I ever found about Elhaz was its signifance as 'Self-Defence'.
The icon can be seen as that of a thorn, the fabric from which the hedges of many ancient farmsteads and strongholds were woven.
This rune to me marks times of stress, when i should step back behind my thorny shields, and wait until i can come out all-guns-blazing to get back into the flow of things...
Umbrae:...never saw the hawks-foot before...I like it! I might change it to the ravens of Odhin and the Valkryja, but hey!

The shape can also be seen as the antlers and head of the elk, hence the name, although to be honest, the signf. of this escapes me at the mo, so I'll consult Thorsson, and come back..
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I'm glad we're doing these

Also known as Algiz - it is an Air element and its shape resembles that of a splayed hand. Also the Yggdrasil stretching into the sky and humankind stretching up in an attempt to communicate with a higher consciousness. This rune can refer to protection Eolh-Secg - Elk-Sedge which is a plant with very sharp leaves used as a form of protection:

"The Eolh-sedge is mostly to be found in a marsh;
it grows in the water and makes a ghastly wound,
covering with blood every warrior who touches it"

From the Anglo Saxon Rune Poem

This rune can also refer to the sun which according to Norse tradtion, was a warm, gentle life giving force. It has a connection to Frey, a solar god, who fought with a deer antler. Because of its connection to the sun through Frey (and Freya) it also has a connection to Sowilo.

Unlike some Christian religions, the gods Asgard and Vanaheim, didn't want humanity prostated in front of them begging forgiveness for original sin but stretched up and joyful. It can therefore represent self worth and a freedom from mental scars. A reaching up to the divine, a connection to the gods.

On a spiritual level, it can act as a guide to a higher level of consciousness. A cleansing of the old in order to bring in the new.

An indication in a reading to follow your instincts. To keep hold of success and maintain a position won or earned.

Merkstave (I'm still deliberating the value of merkstave) Hidden danger, loss of a divine link a warning and failing health. Personal vulnerability or sacrifice without gain.

One may be being misled or taken advantage of by others. One may be being deceived by oneself. Subconscious fears may block ones' rational or clarity. Decisions may be based on fear instead of honesty. Algiz warns against making important decisions at this time. Thoughfulness and care are needed and one should not take on extra burdens.
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I was assigned this rune when my coven was doingan in-depth study. I described it as the "I'm really really big" rune. It looks a bit like a person raising ther hands in the air to appear large and scare away predators. And that is how I have worked with it. I see it as the connection and communcation with the gods and as the paradox of standing with your feet on the earth and your hands in heaven. It is one of the easier runes to imitate with the human body, although the Runes of Elfland has suggestions for all of them.
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crystal dawn 

of all the runes in all the futharks and futhorks this is my favourite one. i always see it as representing the horns of the elk, which i have long believed is one of my animal guides. Sedge grass has also been connected with this rune. If touched sedge grass stings you rather like a nettle in some ways. This is how i see the elhaz rune working. I see elhaz as a rune of boundaries creating your own personal space and nipping any problems in the bud before they can get out of control. This rune speaks to me about personal/ spititual defense as well as physical and material defense. Its all about channelling power into defense so that if you come under attack you have the adequate defenses in place. I often include this rune when making protective bindrunes for others. Also the protective amulet the healm of awe uses this rune. The healm awe is said to be a very powerful talisman as it incorporates eight elhaz runes.


crystal dawn
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