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My deck (157/200) was waiting for me in the mailbox when I returned from my vacation this afternoon. I finally had time to look at it and was definitely not disappointed. And the extras were pretty cool too. Thank you so much.
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Can anyone post any scans? Please?

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Happy Squirrel card

I'd be hoping people don't post scans before the MM version comes out - I don't mind showing a few cards, but given the problems I have had with piracy in the past I don't want to make the pirates' job any easier!

Here's one card to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who doesn't buy the LE but is interested in what the Happy Squirrel card looks like
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Laws - how stupid of me Retrokat. I know all about the problems you had with the Golden and just didn't think in my eager need for cards! Sorry.

The Happy Squirrel card is gorgeous - delightfully quirky - thank you for showing it.

eta - the HS card has swung it for me. If there are any left by Friday one will be mine.
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Pagan X 

Greggiboo and I opened our package last night. My gosh. In addition to a wonderful deck, the Mum-made bags are top-notch. I got up this morning and Greggiboo was wearing his talisman to soothe himself throughout the day. This week's been stressful, work, family, you know the drill, and getting the care package was wonderful.

The cards are so expressive...and yes, that is a pun, but it's true in all senses. They all look ready to give wise counsel.
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Kudos to Kat!


I just got my copy of the LE, and it is fantastic! (I am, of course, going to have to have a copy of the MM version also!) As you have noted, the coloring is dark - but that so fits in with the time period (and I am a Sun/Moon Cappie anyway, so earth colors suit me just fine!). This deck is elegance and grace personified.

The extra's were such a nice addition - the incense is actualy something that I am NOT allergic to, and I love the touchstone - this is something that I will definitely work with. The pen (in its lovely earh colors) is much appreciated.

The HS - well, he/she speaks for him/her self! What a joyful card - such a nice touch of whimsey! (My sister's squirrels sit up in the cherry tree and toss things into her and her guests drinks.)

I love the card size, the card stock, the card backs - this is a well put together product - and please let your mother know that the bag that I received is so well done - and so incredibly beautiful!

Those who hesitate will need to wait for the MM version!

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still no news about mine
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Don't feel bad, La-Luna! Mine has been shipped, but has not arrived yet, so I am just riding it out, enjoying other decks and letting the anticipation build and build! I am very excited about this deck!!
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For glimpses of the cards

You can see glimpses of many of these wonderful cards on the mass market published deck page for Kat's Touchstone deck.

I should tease, here, that although we've been calling the published deck "mass market" published decks, they go a good step beyond extraordinary in quality. They're full-sized cards (but not cumbersome in size) gilt edged, with very rich offset quality printing and lamination for a truly brilliant and rich experience. They come in a permanent hinged box that is easy to carry and beautiful for storage, with a custom fit perfect-bound book written by Kat Black. Well worth the wait, and very nicely priced.

You'll catch glimpses of the cards in the flash animation on this link:

Best, Derek Armstrong, Kunati Books
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lol - doesn't it sound gorgeous? So the decision to buy the LE or wait for the MM just got even harder

No wonder I did a happy dance when I signed with Kunati, eh?
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