05/02 Qn. of Wands (Maggie)


There's so much to like about this card. Her red hair, "Jester's" collar and Mad Hatter hat make her look as though she is ready to try something offbeat, to break away from the conventional. There is an 11 on her hat. In "Numerology: Key to the Tarot", Sandor Konraad has this to say about the number 11, which he associtates with the Strength card (it's interesting that Graham gives "compelling control, physical presence and psychic strength" as traits for this Queen): "What should be noted is that the woman has the strength to do something that needs to be done, and does what she has to do in confidence and apparent tranquility. Also important is that the card is associated with the sign of Leo, the single sign ruled by the Sun. Leo's workshop is the world. One part of Leo is content to bask in the Sun of the backyard, but the higher self of Leo knows that the true place in the Sun is on the world's stage, serving as a leading actor in the human drama. Considering the association with Leo and the Sun, 11's may be considered Messengers of Light. The world may not always be ready for their message, but their task is to let their light shine forth- whatever the consequences might be." The 11 person has the choice whether to stay at the lower 2 path or rise to the 11. Konraad's KEY for 11 is: "2 sweeps the stage; 11 performs on it."
Maggie looks ready to grab a brush and let the (paint) chips fall where they may. This fiery Queen has the what it takes to rise to the 11 path.

Graham's booklet says: "Here is Maggie, a strong and independent woman, who is supportive and friendly. Maggie is the charismatic Queen of Wands. The Queen will not wait for others; she makes things happen. Maggie has compelling control, great physical presence and psychic strength.
Divintitory Meaning: Maggie represents a warm and active person who is a true initiator.
Reverse Meaning: Bossy, obstinate."