Should we continue?


Hi Phantas. Phans,

as you may have noticed, the last six cards introduced for study have generated no responses. So, I hesitate to introduce any more without first seeking your opinions. Do you think we should continue: 1. At the same rate? That would, on my part, be two a week, and, of course, anyone can introduce a card or spread or whatever anytime they like. I would be willing to continue with even one response per card. 2. More slowly? If two a week is too many, what would be a better rate for you? 3. After a break? If this is really not a good time for you, but later would be, when should we restart? 4. At all? If it is time to say farewell, I want you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this deck with all of you and hope to continue to hear your voices on other parts of the forum.

Blessings, galadrial


Hi Galadrial

I hope this will not be the end. I have a lot of cathing up to do with this study group but i would hate it gone.
On monday i will start a new job for three months its has regulair hours so i will probebly be able to catch up..lately all have had time for was modertaing much to read :(
So from than of it will be three of us..seeing Molly reply.
maybe that will be enough?




I would like to join you if you continue.


Please don't quit


There are a lot of times when I cannot participate in a study group becaus I lack the knowledge, BUT I DO READ THEM..

and I know I am not alone.

Please never stop sharing your knowledge..



Thanks so much for your replies (my server was down yesterday, or I would have seen them sooner), and of course your input counts, Molly:) I was really hoping some of you would want to go on, as I am still enjoying studying this deck immensely. Your replies have renewed my enthusiasm and I'll be happy to continue.
Hope you enjoy your new job Maan; it's rough having quirky hours.
Welcome aboard, lark! There's still almost half the deck to go and we would love your input.
Nice to hear from you cjtarot:) I'm not sure my ramblings qualify as knowledge, but I do my best to introduce the cards now that Yaboot has gone back to University.


Thursday is my last nightshift!!! I'm going to enjoy that one ;)

Welcome Lark nice to see an other fan! Do lack of time i did not post much but the phantasmagoric theater remains my number one deck! I just love it!
Nice to see that your read it CJtarot


Kyrea Gold

I recently got the Phantasmagoric deck and I am falling madly in love! I was inspired to get the deck due to this study group and I hope it continues!!



yeah!!! got an other one hooked!
Nice to see you here Kyrea Gold


That's fantastic, Kyrea Gold! It's exciting to have you and lark join us. And please don't be shy about bumping up any of the "already done" cards you might want to comment on- I'd love to hear your takes on any of the cards in the deck.

Little Baron

Kyrea Gold and Lark!!! Hi there!!!

As you probably know, I havn't been around much since the Summer. I don't have an internet connection in my house in London and lets face it, if I did, I would get even less work done than I have this term!

I am glad that you are both enjoying this deck. What are your favourite cards? What other decks do you read with and how to they compare to this unique little gem?

And Galadrial, your ramblings definitely qualify as knowledge! You introduce the cards beautifully; I love all of the extra slants and angles you bring to them; not to mention the extra information about things related to the images that are not connected exclusively to the deck.

I hope that you all continue to work with the Phantasmagoric. I will try and contribute as much as I can.

Did Maan ever hear any more about interviewing Cameron???

Best wishes always