Phantasmagoric Fave and Least Fave Cards

Little Baron

So, since the action is starting to hot up a little, I thought it was time to find out who we like and who we don't.

What's your fave Phantasmagoric card/character and who isn't? Is this because you want to be around their influences or because you see yourself to be like them?
Do you not like the card because it has a personal significance from a reading or is it because the art work isn't up to the scratch of the other 77?

Favourite card - has to be Tom Tom (I know I have expressed this view on more than one occasion). I do love naughty souls. Especially when they have those big cow-eyes. I love the pinks and reds in this card. It has always stood out from the rest of the deck for me. It's like he is smiling right into me.
I also like The Knight of Wands, The High Priestess, The Sun and The Three of Cups. Oh and how could I forget The Lunatic of Negativity, Judgement and the Nine of cups (I love those little beige mouthless people).

Least favourite - Death. Just doesn't fit in so well with the others for me. Too slim amongst all of those big pudgy heads. I am sure that Tom Tom has a bigger skull than that guy LOL.

Best wishes and look forward to your responses.



Loves and Duds

Not too many duds in this deck.

Several of the Coins cards seem to have duck lips which I find unattractive (the Knight and the Nine and a bit on the Page.)

I don't like the Empress, she looks more like a dominatrix. The 7 of Swords I don't like, he's scary, but then that's the point.

Temperance reminds me a bit of a maple syrup bottle with the rings, or the housekeeper on the Jetsons, so I'm iffy on her. I'm iffy on Death and The Hanged Man too.

I LOVE Bundie as I mentioned before. The Moon is great as is The World. I love the Bertie, 8 of Cups, and Doctor Lock, the Page of Wands. Nardia on the 5 of Cups was different but I liked the LWB on that.


I love the wto of cups, six of cups, ace of cups, empress, high priestes, devil, world, star,chariot, ten of swords,seven of swords, four of cups, and lots lost more ;)

I did not like the moon card at first. Seemed to focus only on the negative aspects of the moon. But it has grown on me in time

The two cards that i'm still looking into are the queen and the king of disc's. But i'm sure i will learn a lot form them and eventually like them.


Right, let's see.

The ones I'm not crazy about are:

-Page & knight of coins: just don't like the way these fellows look, rather bland, not nearly as much personality as the rest of the cast.
-High Priestess: a nice enough card in itself, but it looks more like an Empress to me, with all the green and the stars and the venus signs.
-The Empress: Nothing creative about her, whigh I think is an essential part of that card. I can live without the 'mothering, nurturing' part, but I want some sense of creativity/fertility/growing things. Also a rather ugly card, IMHO.
-7 of Swords: That clown is a little too scary for me!
-The Moon: Nope. This just isn't the Moon, for me. It seems to mean something totally different than what the Moon is supposed to mean, in my mind.

The ones I particularly like are:

-The queen of cups: I love how she looks at her hand, that she has just magically put throught that tiny hole.
-7 of coins: imagine, sowing carrots and waking up to find that huge, gold coins have sprouted in your garden!
-3 of Swords: I love the way those 2 cats put a comforting paw on his arm.
-The Fool: visually very nice, with the dark background and the long, pointy hat. I like his expression, too.
-The Lovers: most Lovers annoy me a bit (I'm probably just jealous...:D), they are generally not my favourite cards, but I think these two are just adorable.
-The Chariot: both my soul- and personality card and usually not one of my favourites, due to all the guys with facial hair you often get. But this chariot looks fun,cheerful, slightly mad, I love colours and I adore sea horses.
-The Star: Visually very nice and I think that little girl pouring water into the ocean is *so* cute!

Little Baron

I love the girl pouring water into the ocean in the star as well; you just want to scoop her up and put her in your pocket.



I don't have the deck yet, but from the scanned one's I've seen I'll just comment on a couple. I'm also a Chariot soul/personaity, and a double Picses, as well, so that Chaiot card was immediately my favorite of any Chariot card I've seen. I wasn't too sure about the Moon until I laughed at it. Then it clicked; when the Moon is about fears and illusions, I usually get escapist and self-indulgent, and the best cure for that is to be able to laugh at myself. Sometimes I need that elbow in the ribs that says to get real- this is what you look like! I agree that the High Priestess is too "Empress-y". I prefer decks that show her in a more Maiden, unconcious realm mode; this one looks too Mother and fertile.

edited to add: I'm thinking that the Moon, in a positive light, could be ready to pontificate in his slightly slurred speach- dreams, significant coincidences, etc. I think that swirly eye is not induced by alcohol, but is shows he is in touch with his intuitive/psychic unconcious. If he told me he had a feeling I shouldn't take that plane, I think I would do well to not be put off by his appearance and to take another flight.


I'm glad that i'm not the only one having some troubles with the moon
And thank you Galadrial for you postive comments on this moon cards..he sure needs them ;)

All that talking about personality cards makes me want to talk about the empress
My personality and soul card is the empress....and i like the fact that this empress is not such a 'wimp' as in most decks. I need to learn to love my self some more and the empress in this deck seems to help me with this.
I really like this empress. She knows who she is and is proud of it!


Little Baron

I agree with you Maan on this one!

I can see why some people don't like the Empress in this deck and why they don't warm to her. They are a lot of the reasons why I do because I have often found the more 'mumsy' Empresses to have little character. The essense is still there, just different. She reminds me of my friend Charlotte, who is a very maternal lady. It's funny how so many characters here remind me of people I know.


I just got this deck two days ago and I am loving it :)

I have picked out a few favourites and not so favourites but I will mention two just now.

One of my favourites is the three of coins; Mr. Dimp who has mastered the art of fixing clocks. I have worked with clocks and watches for years and have just always felt an affinity for clocks that is a bit weird to describe. I can understand why Mr. Dimp would be so devoted to his work. I feel at home with Mr. Dimp and the clocks surrounding him.

One of my least favourites so far is The Devil. I just don't like the look of her, she's too red with a too orange background. I wish that she had a darker background. Just too much red and orange hurts my eyes!! Or maybe it's the green eyes and wings, whatever it is I don't like the colours.



Welcome, Ruby7! I'm glad to hear you've got the deck now, too!

I just realized that I never posted my own favorites to this thread, yet. It's a little difficult, though, since I love so many of the cards!

The 3 of Cups makes me truly happy when I see it. It's so touching to see those three friends sharing a 'moment'.

The 8 of Swords is definitely a bit unsettling. It seems so prickly to me.

The one that touches me the most is the 5 of Cups. I just picture poor Nardia thinking, "Oh sh1t." I've been there myself, so I have to say, "Awwwwww!" when I see this card. Kinda sweet, yet tragic.