Phantasmagoric Theater - Grand Master / Hierophant 5


I see the Star above the Grand Master's head as being symbolic of a repository of faith and teachings that stretch back for centuries. The card looks to be in levels. The Star is level one, the spiritual message. The Grand Master's head is next, with his "angel wing" hair, spiral eyes and bubbles floating about; he looks as though he has either imbibed of the heady connection with the Divine, or one too many of the mushrooms that grow about him. The next level is his body, which is above, yet still connected to, the ground, and which is very still and encased in purple- presently sacrificing the sensations of the flesh so the that the mind can move beyond them. Then the "Taurus" stool on which he sits- he will be able to bring down to earth and share the experience he is engaged in for our potential enlightenment. Personally, I'm quite suspicious as to whether he is really in touch with that Star, or is tripping out and is only projecting his egotistic fantasies. This card makes me think that it is wise to take a hard look at the source of any purported wisdom and to question it's validity.

Graham's booklet says: "The Grand Master is a discreet and silent man. He works behind the scenes of the theater. To find him, one must seek him. As the Grand Master sits meditating, he understands many esoteric secrets. It is his role in life to reveal them to us.
The Grand Master is our link. We wish for guidance and he shows us the way, helping us to grow spiritually. We feel enlightened. He teaches us without wishing to benefit himself. A six-pointed star hovers above his head symbolizing his challange to the powers of black magic. You have met the teacher who will interpret your dreams. The Grand Master wishes you to listen and practice what he teaches.
Divinitory Meaning: Confidence in one's efforts, spiritual guidance, teacher, duty, philisophical.
Reverse Meaning: Suspicious, conspiritorial, hypocritical, intolerant, rebellious."


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The grand master on his mushroom make me think of that one caracter in the alice in wonderland story.
he is big and over sees it all..thats why he is wise but his high position has a dowsite..he does not see the little things going on. He focusses on the big picture...missing the little joy's
all the mushrooms also make me think of mind altering substances...but i think that taurus you say...a grounding factor for him her.