10/02 5 of Cups (Nardia)


The cups around Nardia are all upright, it is Nardia herself who seems to be "spilled". She surely must tower over the Sandwitchers and be physically stronger than they are, but emotionally she was overly dependent on them. She let them chain her down and when they wandered off, as Sandwitchers do, she realizes that the foundation of her relationship with them should have been based on equality and mutual respect. She could easily snap those chains, but right now she is focusing on the cups of tea that the Sandwitchers promised to share with her and she is too upset with them to move. But she may yet ponder that the bookstore is still open, and decide that she may as well break the chains and take herself off to enjoy some solitary browsing as to hang there brooding. Then she can come home, put her feet up, and perhaps decide to invite the Sandwitchers over for tea again; without letting them hang her in suspension.

Graham's booklet says: "This is Nardia who has allowed herself to be shackled. She has relied upon the Sandwitchers to undo her; they have promised to return in one hour. Nardia always clings too much to promises. She feels lost and betrayed because the Sandwitchers have not returned. It doesn't mean they don't care, they simply promised more than they could deliver.
Divinitory Meaning: The Five of Cups encourages us to look ahead and not rely too heavily on others. Be more rational.
Reverse Meaning: Dependent, disillusioned , and disappointed."