12/02 Kn. of Coins (Jacky)


I drew Jacky in the "mind" position today, and indeed a lot of what is on my mind has to do with managing money (I also drew the Emperor and the Fool; structured risk taking?:)
I think Jacky looks like one of those old time cartoon characters. I can hear him saying "Oooooh!" as the cards turn over or the wheel turns, I can feel the frisson as the results of his bet unfold. The question-mark shirt, white gloved hands and his name being taken from the "Jack" in a regular playing card deck add both to his cartoony aspect and the games of risk theme. I've always thought of this Knight as the tortoise: "slow and steady wins the race", but Jacky adds a shrewdness to this cards energy that I like; he is willing to take a calculated risk. Perhaps he plays with money that he saved for just this purpose, or maybe he trusts in the bounty of the Universe- if this money is lost he can always earn more. The Knight of Wands might play until he has lost all, but Jacky can quit when he is ahead. He is more interested in how much he will take home than in the excitement of the game itself.

Graham's booklet says: "This is Jacky, the Knight of Coins, a talented player at the table, a character of continuous inspiration, always keen to develop his skills. Jacky is a true professional.
Divinitory Meaning: Jacky the Knight is persistent and represents creative enthusiasm.
Reverse Meaning: ideas that are quickly evaporating."