21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step TWENTYONE


It is done

On to the Adept. Yahoo!!!



Congratulations for pursuing your card-theme so exhaustively and putting so much of your heart and soul into it. I believe that you have made a great self-impression on yourself relative to understanding power and influence over others and understanding and compassion within yourself.

So, you deserve and get a sort of imaginary but very real certificate of accomplishment and gained knowledge. And, you don't get a speeding ticket for making such rapid progress through the list steps. See you on the ADEPT level. Dave



Thank you for your comments Dave, they are supportive and encouraging. This has been quite a learning experience. I’m so glad that I made this workshop a priority and it still is.

Reading the groups’ posts help tremendously it was like listening in on a group discussion.

I can’t wait to begin the Adept level although I know it will be harder. I am up for the challenge!!

I did learn a lot about myself; most importantly, I learned how I interact with others. One thing that was driven home to me was that a lack of confidence and fear of being who I am revealed my shadows, which was caused by repressed self-hatred that I subsequently projected on to others. (long loud sigh), what a download.

I'm putting the imaginary certificate in an imaginary frame and hanging it on my wall where I can pretend to see it everyday. Smiling lots, actually grinning

Thank you for your leadership, I know it's been said before but you deserve it.


A little late, but . . .


Many, many congratulations! I'm glad you got to enjoy this amazing experience!

I'll see you over at the adept level, but I might be a while. I'm stalled there while I work on my Thoth IDS. I'm sure you'll zoom right by me!

See you round the boards!


Great job!

SistaSpirit said:
On to the Adept. Yahoo!!!
Congrats SistaSpirit, and welcome to the next level:)



Thanks Squeakmo, I would appreciate your critique of my Adept level 2 about the K/Cs


21 ways - step 21 - crow's magick page of cups


healing and teaching others
a force to be reckoned with
unbound enthusiasm and energy
fearless curiosity


i am a force to be reckoned with, with unbound enthusiasm and energy!


Step 21~The Empress~Vampyres Tarot

describe qualities within the card that we most want to develop (find again, maintain, improve) within ourselves: serenity, inner strength, being instead of doing, inner vision, listening.

Then, expand on one or two of those qualities.
INNER STRENGTH: Don´t block away the evil Vampyress within but integrate it into the whole. You need to develop a strong enough ego to carry the whole personality including that Vampyress within.
LISTENING: Tune your ears to listen to your inner voice, hunches, intuitions etc. better.

Write an affirmation about yourself using the phrases you created so far. Keep this short and concise. Then rewrite it using action-oriented words and avoid "I will, I would, I should, I can, etc."
I continue to work with tarot in order to develop my intuition and sharpen my psychic instincts. I will tune my ears even more to listen to my intuition and instincts. I should develop a daily tarot ritual.